Doug Billings
Right Side Broadcasting

January 14, 2021

Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward provide information on the following:
FEMA camps for the treasonous
Chad Wolf
Child traficking
Janet Ossebaard and the Dasara Club
BlackRock Financial and the world currencies
How to spot disinformation
Where is Sydney Powell?
Where is Lin Wood?
Will Trump pardon Julian Assange and Eric Snowden?
What will Martial law look like?
The letter from the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Is there British involvement?

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2 thought on “Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes, Interviewed by Doug Billings”
  1. Now what say you…’s over and Trump is gone and Biden is in the White House
    It appears as though it was all lies…. nothing came true and now we are headed for a socialist nation with criminals running the USA

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