Wolfgang Halbig Presents Stunning Evidence that Sandy Hook School Was Closed Months Before ‘Massacre’

Dr. Eowyn
(June 18, 2018)

We are told that on December 14, 2012, a lone gunman, Adam Lanza, went to Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) in Newtown, Connecticut, where in the space of 11 minutes, shot and killed 20 first-graders and 6 adults.

We are also told that after the massacre, SHES relocated to an empty school in neighboring Monroe, CT — Chalk Hill Middle School at 375 Fan Hill Rd.— until a new swanky SHES was rebuilt with the $50 million from the state of Connecticut as a result of the shooting massacre.

It turns out that SHES had moved to Chalk Hill months before the alleged massacre, which leads to this question:

Since SHES had moved to Monroe, who, then, were the students and teachers whom Lanza shot to death at SHES on December 14, 2012?

The evidence of SHES’s move to Chalk Hill comes from Wolfgang W. Halbig, a humble straight-talking 71-year-old man with an impressive professional record as a law enforcement officer (U.S. Customs inspector and Florida state trooper), an educator (public school coach, teacher, assistant principal and principal), and a nationally-recognized school safety consultant who was an expert witness in the Columbine and other school shootings.

Below is his biographical sketch:

On Feb. 13, 2014, Halbig became a public face of Sandy Hook skeptics when, in a radio interview with Dave Gahary of American Free Press, he called the school shooting a “contrived event,” i.e., fake.

For publicly questioning the authenticity of the official Sandy Hook narrative, Halbig is targeted with harassment, physical threats, and civil lawsuits.

Last year, Halbig was sued by Leonard Pozner, the father of Sandy Hook victim, 6-year-old Noah Pozner. Curiously, at the very point in the lawsuit when Leonard was supposed to present a video deposition, he dropped the lawsuit. (Source: Olive Branch Report)

Note: That may be because “Leonard Pozner” doesn’t actually exist, according to marriage and family therapist Mona Alexis, who maintainsthat “Leonard Pozner” is the alias of a man named Reuben Vabner, and that pics of the 6-year-old Noah Pozner are actually the younger pics of now grown-up Michael Vabner. A search on two paid-subscription people-search engines, Spokeo and TruthFinder, indicates that there is no “Leonard Pozner” in Florida, Connecticut, or the entire U.S. of A. Nor is there a “Leonard Pozner” or a “Noah Pozner” among the family members of Leonard’s ex-wife and mother of Noah, Veronique Patricia Pozner, who is also known as Veronique Vabner. Interestingly, on September 11, 2012, three months before the SHES massacre, Veronique had filed for bankruptcy.

The latest lawsuit against Halbig is a civil lawsuit by six Sandy Hook families.

A major contention of Sandy Hook skeptics is that Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) had been closed for some time before the alleged massacre on December 14, 2012. The skeptics point to the following evidence (see “Sandy Hook hoax: 6 signs that school was closed before massacre”):

  1. Years before the “massacre,” the school was reported to be in disrepair and contaminated with environmental toxins, including the deadly asbestos.
  2. Absence of legally-required designated handicapped parking spaces and signage in the many aerial photographic and video images of the school’s parking lot taken by news media on the day of the “massacre”.
  3. Testimony from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine of the school’s lack of Internet activity from the beginning of 2008 through all of 2012.
  4. Refusal on the part of the State of Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission to provide Halbig with documents he’d requested, invoking the Freedom of Information Act: SHES maintenance orders and emails from SHES principal Dawn Hochsprung to food services providerin the months immediately preceding the “massacre” — remember this!
  5. Photographic evidence of an abandoned school from the State of Connecticut’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection — of a dangerous, exposed metal rod on an exterior staircase; and classrooms and hallways jammed with furniture and office supplies in clear violation of the fire safety code. Below is one example:

All of which would explain why aerial footage and police dash-cam videos curiously show no hundreds of students being evacuated from SHES on the day of the “massacre”.

Now, Halbig has received stunning evidence of SHES’s closure and the removal of its teachers and students to Chalk Hill School in Monroe, CT, months before the “massacre”. The evidence consists of:

  1. An email exchange between SHES’s principal and school custodian on moving the school.
  2. An invoice from Dean Foods of a food delivery to SHES at Chalk Hill Middle School in Monroe, CT.
  3. A spreadsheet listing invoices of Dean Foods deliveries to SHES in Monroe.
  4. An email from an employee of Dean Foods confirming that the food deliveries were sent to SHES in Monroe.
  5. A USAC form indicating that services were provided Chalk Hill Middle School although that school hasn’t been used by the Monroe school district since June 2011.


On July 19, 2012, SHES principal Dawn Hochsprung exchanged conspiratorial-toned (“mum’s the word”) email with school custodian Kevin Anzellotti, bemoaning the moving of SHES:

Hochsprung: “How does this look? NOT set in stone! I have to notify teachersafter we meet next Thursday, then we can get moving. Of course, they will need to come in and pack…. This is going to be really hard!”

Anzellotti: “I got it and it is what it is it’s bad for us but I would not what [sic] to be in your shoes as your [sic] telling them but all still have jobs I guess that’s a good thing mums the word.”

Below is a screenshot of the exchange:


Dean Foods is a national food and beverage company and the largest dairy company in the United States. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the company has 66 manufacturing facilities and distributes its products across all 50 states. Here is Dean Foods’ website.

On April 26, 2012, 8 months before the alleged massacre, Dean Foods prepared an invoice of an order from Sandy Hook Elementary School for “American/Continental” style cuisine. Strangely, the food was to be sent not to SHES’s address at 12 Dickinson Drive, Sandy Hook, CT 06482, but to the address of Chalk Hill Middle School at 375 Fan Hill Rd., Monroe, CT.

Below is a screenshot of the invoice (click image to enlarge):


Below is a screenshot of the Spreadsheet listing 15 invoices from September 1, 2012 to December 15, 2012, for food deliveries to SHES at 375 Fan Hill Road in Monroe:


Halbig received the invoice and spreadsheet from X, an employee of Dean Foods. I have verified the identity of X on LinkedIn, but I’m not revealing X’s name to protect his/her life. Halbig fully intends to introduce X’s emails, the invoice and spreadsheet as evidence should the malicious lawsuit against him goes to trial.

Below is the email from X, confirming that the food orders from SHES were all delivered to the Chalk Hill Middle School address in Monroe, CT. I’ve blacked out the sender’s name:

(5) USAC FORM 471

After reading the above, the alert reader might ask: “If Sandy Hook Elementary School was moved to Chalk Hill Middle School in Monroe, what happened to Chalk Hill’s own teachers and students?”

Here’s the answer: Chalk Hill Middle School has been empty since June 2011!

From a news report in CTPost on April 30, 2017:

Chalk Hill Middle School opened in the fall of 1969 to about 900 students. Now it sits forlorn and locked up with no apparent plan for its future…. Ideas range from the wrecking ball to recasting it as a community center to using it as offices for various town agencies. It hasn’t been used by the Monroe school district since the end of the 2010-11 school year.

Though officially empty since June 2011, Chalk Hill Middle School curiously applied for broadband and Internet connectivity services from Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), as indicated in an USAC Application Form 471 on March 13, 2012 (see screenshot below). All U.S. public schools and libraries are required by the FCC to use USAC Form 471.

Fellowship of the Minds thanks Mr. Wolfgang Halbig for his permission to use the screenshots in the above Items 1-5 for this post.

Please keep Mr. Halbig in your prayers.

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21 thoughts on “Wolfgang Halbig Presents Stunning Evidence that Sandy Hook School Was Closed Months Before ‘Massacre’”

  1. It still boggles the mind that anybody believes this absolute lie so many years ago! And to think I still get into debates and attacked constantly when I mention the simple fact that all the media does is lie, and all the government does is direct and support them!!! My stomach turns!!!

  2. Outstanding research as always. One humongous question continues to plague me, though:

    Why aren’t ANY of the parents of the real Sandy Hook students, or the real teachers, saying anything publicly about any of this? Of course the fake news media wouldn’t publicize their statements anyway; but certainly people like Halbig and you, Jim, would immediately spread them far and wide.

    Have these people been threatened–and if so, with what? Or were they all paid off? Are we dealing here with an entire district of CT where public-school parents/teachers are quietly living in fear? Why doesn’t ONE of them tell somebody that yes, my little Johnny was attending Sandy Hook until that year, when they were actually moved over to Chalk Hill?

    Please don’t think I’m challenging your or Halbig’s narrative. I have been completely convinced that this was a scam from the earliest days. It’s just that I can’t figure out how such a large number of unrelated people–the real parents of real students–have been successfully muzzled for so long, with no leaks. Thoughts?

    1. Bear in mind that Wolfgang’s evidence, which is sensational, has to do with setting things up for moving the kids to Chalk Hill in response to the staged shooting that would be conducted on 14 December 2012. It supplements what we already know, which is that SHES was abandoned by 2008 because it was loaded with asbestos and other bio-hazards, damaged by hurricanes and a major flood in the area in 2007. So this is fine-tuning the case.

      Remember, too, that Lt. Paul Vance of the CT State Police issued a warning that anyone who challenged the “official narrative” would be prosecuted. That reflected gross naivete on his part, in retrospect, since why would anyone have made such a threat if the “official narrative” were true? Wolfgang himself, of course, would be similarly questioned for raising simple questions about the delivery of the Porta-Potties, of all things, because the date of their delivery would have blown the whole charade wide open.

      Local residents initially were observing that they thought it was odd any students would have been there, since the school had been closed for years. I suspect the threat of prosecution and (I speculate) the use of National Security Letters that gag them, which they are not even allowed to acknowledge having received. It’s a stunning situation and the question is entirely appropriate. I expect more revelations will be forthcoming from residents and participants themselves (some of the kids). On these letters, see https://epic.org/privacy/nsl/

      1. “…and (I speculate) the use of National Security Letters that gag them, which they are not even allowed to acknowledge having received. ”

        From reading


        it is my understanding that the recipients of national security letters are “banks, telephone companies, Internet Service Providers, and others.” and those are the entities that are legally under nondisclosure orders, i.e., “gag orders.”

        “National Security Letters (NSLs) are an extraordinary search procedure that gives the FBI the power to compel the disclosure of customer records held by banks, telephone companies, Internet Service Providers, and others. These entities are prohibited, or “gagged,” from telling anyone about their receipt of the NSL, which makes oversight difficult. The Number of NSLs issued has grown dramatically since the Patriot Act expanded the FBI’s authority to issue them.”

        I am not understanding so far that National Security Letters or “gag orders” are issued directly to “customers” of those entities, or ordinary individuals in the community.

        I think individuals may have become indirectly aware that their account records and activities with those companies were / are being surveiiled and caused them to be cautious in their spoken and written and electronic communications.

        There probably were and are other activities of governmental operatives in the daily personal lives of the Sandy Hook / Newtown, community residents that caused them to feel threatened and afraid and caused them to gag themselves.

        It is my understanding that the entire local area residents were operating in suspiciousness and distrust of each for years prior to the event. There was a false unreal positive facade being constructed that was not in congruence with the real day -to-day lives and expediencies of the residents, hence a Potemkin village was gradually set in place years prior. SHES event may well have been in the planning for several years, as also was 9-11.

        1. MHB February 13, 2015


          Sandy Hook Elementary school is where the (alleged) “Biggest School Shooting in US History” happened.

          The infamous Firehouse is where the Sandy Hook “Memorial Service” was held — and Crisis Actors wandered in circles through the parking lot.

          Driveway blocked by orange cones is “Dickenson Drive,” the entrance to the now-bulldozed Sandy Hook Elementary school. It runs adjacent to the Firehouse parking lot.

          Newtown is clearly a Potemkin Village. Many buildings are abandoned – and homes look neglected.

          Sandy Hook “proper” feels like a one-horse town.

        2. One can say there could be numbers of ways to gag citizens. However, let’s say a person had a terminal illness with little to live for and little time to live, period. Is there not a heightened sense of awareness of this gag order situation whereby the individual senses the jig is up and why not spill the beans?
          There is likely to be a few individuals that get their dander up and say, “hey, I think I can do the deed and I think I can get away with disclosure”.
          Do we assume every citizen in Newtown knew the story about the event? Wrong! Perhaps only a small percentage of citizens knew the story in toto, the rest knew bits and pieces. How was the rank and file prepared for this event? Was it the parallel Capstone event that took the sharp edges off their curiosities? I don’t see gagging 30k citizens, less the children. Fetzer et al. have uncovered scads of overt evidences, enough to see the skeleton of skulduggery. Can you see other evidence that would spill the beans totally and make the event plain for all to see?
          Or, has incessant propaganda via the bought and paid for media taken the sharp edges off peoples’ desires to dig deeper? Could anybody be indicted with what evidence is present at this time?
          Or, is the judicidary so rotten and dysfunctional that regardless of the evidence, nobody can pass the rigors of a deep state court system? Hence, no convictions, no incarcerations.

      2. There’re a couple glitches in saying SHES was abandoned by 2008. The first is the email from Dawn Hochsprung to Kevin Anzellotti talking about the move in July 2012, presumably the move from SHES to Chalk Hill–which means SHES was a functioning school in July 2012. The second is the food delivery records Halbig has been provided, which show deliveries to the Chalk Hill School in March and April 2012.

        Maybe yet a third school was being called Sandy Hook Elementary between 2008 and 2012, but we don’t have any evidence of that.

    2. Marie, these are excellent questions you raise. Professor Jim Fetzer, the world authority on this subject has provided a partial excellent reply below. Many videos are being scrubbed and censored by the controllers of our media today. This is shameful. I have provided a few links but they are not adequate. Here is my two cents worth for what it is worth:
      Read this powerful statement by Wolfgang W. Halbig published here on Memory Hole.com January 25, 2014 threatened by two police officers sent to his home for simply questioning the official narrative which has not been supported by any scientific, forensic or physical evidence or facts as is customary in any and all crime scene investigations. He was also stonewalled and obstructed in his quest to simply obtain public information from the Newtown School Board along with a paid attorney. This behavior is totally disgraceful and was obviously intended to shut down any criticism of this massive fraud and scam on a duped public in Connecticut. Unfortunately this event began under the Obama administration so both the State and Federal government are involved in serious crimes against their citizens. What are Americans to do in such a circumstance of total government sell out and corruption against its own citizens? The last I knew anyone has a fundamental and basic right to question anything in the United States of America and this right has been defended with the blood and death of many good U.S. Servicemen and Servicewomen for over 200 years. America is full of lawyers. Why the deafening silence you thousands of lawyers to this gross improper conduct by government against citizens of the United States of America? What happened to the U.S. “Justice Department”? Should its name be changed to “Injustice Department”? People have the basic right to believe and say anything they want without fear of police arrest period. If people want to believe the Earth is flat they are free to so believe. If people want to believe objects fall up instead of down they are free to so believe. If people want to believe they can fly they are free to so believe but don’t try it lest you might kill yourself because you violated the laws of physics. Perhaps some of the officials in Connecticut should read a copy of the United States Constitution for a change. And perhaps they should return to high school and take some basic physics classes too. Evidence and facts prove, as developed by distinguished professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., et al, retired chaired professor from the University of Minnesota, this was a fake, staged false flag event with massive criminal involvement by both State of Connecticut and our Federal Governments for the sole purpose of advancing the gun control agenda to abridge our basic constitutional rights to possess guns for self defense and other purposes as provided by the 2nd Amendment of the precious U.S. Constitution as defended with the blood and deaths of thousands of U.S. Servicemen and Servicewomen for over 200 years. Perhaps officials of the “Constitution State” should read the U.S. Constitution and understand it for a change or change the nick name of their State. A new person from New York is now the president. His name is Donald J. Trump. Someone should ask him what he believes about the reported events allegedly at Sandy Hook School December 14, 2012 and if he has read the free book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” by professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., et al. Will any of the media finally do any investigative journalism on this alleged event and stop repeating and regurgitating all the lies we have been fed from day one? What has happened to this country? Why was the crime scene demolished with the wrecking crew sworn to silence under criminal penalties? Obviously they have plenty to hide don’t they? Otherwise all citizens would have been welcomed to view all “blood splattered walls” and “ all the “empty shells” from the rifles all over the crime scene and the pictures of all the “dead victims” as they were discovered by the crime scene investigators. Yet not one iota of physical or forensic or scientific evidence was provided to the duped and gullible public by the lying cowards in the controlled media today. America today is a shameful disgrace to every good U.S. Soldier who took the oath to “protect and defend” the U.S. Constitution, which was gang raped by government itself. Talk about Chutzpah! Isn’t this event Chutzpah at its Max? The Founders are rolling over and over and over and over again in their graves! All this shows again why the “sympathy scam” which is exactly what this staged fake event was, is the most powerful of all frauds or swindles or cons or deceits or deceptions…. Sympathy for the victims diverts attention of the human senses and emotions from the truth and that is what has happened here on a massive scale. Government itself pulled off the greatest scam and con on its own citizens for the sole evil purpose of depriving them of their most basic rights under their own Constitution!! Polite words are not adequate to describe this massive obscenity by Government against its own citizens in America today. All controls to prevent this dastardly act failed.
      Americans are the biggest duped fools on planet Earth. Shame on them. Public and Private Education are both a total dismal FAILURE! Every citizen should boycott every institution of “higher learning” in the country. What good are they if they failed to provide ordinary “educated” citizens the tools and warnings to beware this kind of old fashioned fraud? They even had the gall and chutzpah to fire one of the few professors with the intelligence and courage to speak up to lies Professor James Tracy, Ph.D.!
      Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

      P.S. The silence of the National Rifle Association regarding the massive fraud of the alleged Sandy Hook School Shooting is also DEAFENING! Shame, shame, shame,…. on you.
      Professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. deserves the Medal of Freedom for his unpaid free efforts to reach the truth of the Sandy Hook Scam on the United States Public. Please President Trump award him this honor he so deserves. This would be an appropriate time to acknowledge all the government lies about Sandy Hook. Let’s return to honesty in government for a change. No good American Citizen deserves to be lied to by their own government do they?

      1. The lack of questioning and the U.S. Citizens being duped is the same as it was in Germany before Hitler came to power.

      2. “Many videos are being scrubbed and censored by the controllers of our media today. This is shameful. I have provided a few links but they are not adequate. Here is my two cents worth for what it is worth:”

        Content providers are like Charlie Brown allowing Lucy (Google/YT) to pull the ball away at will – time and time again. Until content providers and researchers start using alternative options like Bitchute, the problem will continue. Bitchute only gets eyeballs in the dozens/hundreds because people don’t use and promote it. It does no good complaining about Google censorship while sitting in their gulag.

        1. I agree with the basic idea that content creators must get out of the Google gulag. Well said!

          However, while BitChute is good to an extent, there are serious problems, perhaps deliberate deficiencies, with their search function. If there is a channel that you want to visit regularly, watch their videos and comment upon, you must hold the Bitchute channel page link somewhere handy to your desktop or top in your email that you continually bump to most recent visibility.

          Let’s say I want to visit Activist-News Bitchute channel to see what his latest videos are. I cannot just type in Activist-News channel in the Bitchute search bar. That will not take to you where you want to go. Therefore people who are good about posting all of their YouTube videos promptly also on to their Bitchute channel cannot get the traffic their work deserves. There are other problems with the BitChute program.

          I would not mind paying a quarterly fee, not automatically recurring credit card charge, for a quality video platform, where there are trained honest and fair moderators.

  3. “It’s just that I can’t figure out how such a large number of unrelated people–the real parents of real students–have been successfully muzzled for so long, with no leaks. Thoughts?”

    There were some very enlightening discussions of this very question on MHB back in 2015 / 2016, with Lophatt, our astute participant at the helm.

    Do not know if these old MHB conversations are accessible, but searching on the term “Potemkin village” should find it.

    It explained a good deal to me in trying to understand how all of this darkness can work.

    1. Hi DachsieLady, I am also struggling to understand how so many people could have been so completely and so successfully muzzled for so long. After all there are many way to indirectly reveal information without the sourced being traced to oneself.

      My particular concern surrounds the 27 deceased. Is there anything to suggest that they didn’t exist. Presumably enough people – police, medical personnel, reporters, family, funeral organisers, others – would have seen the bodies and have corroborated the killings. This is not something you can hide away.

      There’s no doubt Wolfgang Halbig has done excellent work and his record as a crime enforcement agent in various roles lends him a certain credibility. But it bothers me that much of what he discovered seems circumstantial. And why wasn’t he silenced also. If a while town can be silenced surely it wouldn’t take much to put pressure also on Halbig?

      1. I think it has been well established that the dead children were actually younger versions of living kids. Like you “killing” your first grade self. Why hasn’t anybody proferred a normal resolution scan of the class photos? The ones appearing in the media are blurry monstrosities. Show me a regular class photograph of these children all together.

        And why wasn’t he silenced also. If a while town can be silenced surely it wouldn’t take much to put pressure also on Halbig?

        You obviously are not up to speed on this subject. Suggest watching the excellent Dear Wolfgang when you get time. Cryptic threats to his grandchildren have been delivered. His family have been put through incredible stress. He is a patriot – that is the difference.

      2. Just to answer one part of Michael Dugdale’s question– the police were in on it, were at the very heart of it. In fact they were paid off afterward.

        They “were so traumatized” that they were given early PAID retirement.

        Many people would go along w such a hoax. Here’s why:
        –No one was actually harmed.
        –It was for the “good cause” of gun control.
        –Police is a paramilitary organization. Think a lower-echelon officer wd be promoted if he refused to participate?
        –Think nothing wd happen to him or family members if he tried to blow the whistle, inform the public?

    2. Dachsiel Lady, Isn’t the answer that most people who live right there don’t know more than we do? They get their info from the media too. If the media told you there was a mass shooting 5 miles from your home, would you know it didn’t occur? Wouldn’t you pass the police cars, ambulances, etc & go home to turn on the TV “to find out what happened”?

      The real parents of real students were at OTHER schools, not at Sandy Hook– cuz Sandy Hook had long been closed. What occurred there was theatre. Of course when one schedules such a drama, all present are paid actors, etc.

  4. What everyone has seemed to have missed in those invoices Halbig posted. On the order shown on the right iit shows “modified 1/2/13”. The students started at Chalk Hill on 1/3. It means that they simply changed the database to have the food deliveries go to the Chalk Hill school instead of Sandy Hook.

    The Hochsprung emails have the subject “room changes”. So they were about rooms changing in SHES, not changing schools.

    1. You don’t require moving vans to change rooms at an elementary school. Hardly a major event that would need secrecy.
      “At least they still have jobs” no doubt refers to the fact that they would now have to commute to Monroe daily, but you go ahead and keep telling yourself “just so” stories. Many cocoons have been constructed thusly.

  5. The motivation for all the players was money! There were huge Go Fund scams which the honorable? Joe Lieberman stepped right up after retiring from the senate to manage the loot with his new cushy lawyer’s job. They persisted for many anniversaries after with various healing fund raisers.

    This was actually the beginning of the GoFundMe concept and it exploded with the Boston bombing!

    It was probably reported on this site a ridiculous number of large lottery winners in this small geographical area. And the $50 million dollar school and the parks and of course a number of strange deaths after in the community..

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