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It’s being billed as “the deadliest transportation accident” in almost a decade. Over the past two days major media outlets descended on the small upstate New York community of Schoharie to report on the tragic deaths of 20 twenty and thirty-somethings–many of them newlyweds with newborn children.

Albany’s Times Union reports:

They were young adults — sisters, brothers, old friends and newlyweds — who were celebrating one of their birthday’s in a rented SUV limousine on a drive through rural Schoharie County.

They are now victims of the nation’s deadliest transportation disaster in nine years.

Twenty people died Saturday afternoon in the horrific wreck at the intersection of state routes 30 and 30A in the town of Schoharie. The stretch limo, packed with 18 people, drove through a stop sign at the notorious intersection and fatally struck two people in the parking lot of a popular country store, before slamming into an earthen embankment and killing all of the oversized vehicle’s occupants.

What’s odd about this event is the fact that there are very few photos of the vehicles involved in the collision. Coverage states most of the victims were traveling in an oversized SUV-style limousine that was illegally modified and owned by a Pakistani-born FBI informant.

Out of 129 photos the Times Union published, most of which were comprised of attending law enforcement, reporters, grieving onlookers and relatives, and the swiftly organized candlelight vigil, only one is included of the purported limousine, and this image shows the vehicle deeply immersed in foliage and therefore barely visible.

In this Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018 photo, a limousine, left, has landed in the woods following a fatal crash in Schoharie, N.Y. (Tom Heffernan Sr. via AP)

Photographs of the limousine are sparse in other news outlets as well. Those that have emerged appear to show different SUV type limousines, and a pickup truck in the woods that doesn’t even remotely resemble the limo in question.

10/10 Update. As Life the Veil observes, CNN may have doctored the above photograph to make the would be limousine appear to be an emergency response vehicle. The unaltered photo above indeed shows a lighting fixture on the truck’s cab, yet it is clearly not illuminated.

The limousine allegedly struck a 2015 Toyota Highlander SUV in a nearby parking lot before traveling in to the woods, yet the autos in the photographs are clearly not that make, and with differing numbers of side windows look as if they are three entirely different vehicles. In fact, there are no photos of the damaged Toyota Highlander in any of the coverage, which seems odd given the major news media’s attention to the lurid details of such events.

Below are several images of a 2001 Ford Excusion limousine, most of which have five or more side windows or a very long one.

Video news stories of the crash aftermath online are sparse. Yet Rochester New York’s NBC affiliate WROC ran a brief report on October 7 with the image of a demolished black, sedan style limousine on a roadway that apparently never even descended into the nearby wooded area the white Ford Excursion was allegedly recovered from. Could this have been stock footage of an accident? If so the viewer is led to believe the image was taken at the scene, yet according to the white SUV Ford Excursion limo recovery storyline it was not.

Another aforementioned peculiar (though now commonplace) element of this story is the profuse amount of coverage afforded the victim profiles, mourning and vigils in contrast to concrete evidence of the tragic event itself and its aftermath, which photos of the damaged vehicles would have surely provided.

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27 thought on “Schoharie Tragedy: The Strange Case of the Shape-Shifting Limousine”
  1. The limited photographs of the alleged actual vehicle or limo involved are a clear red flag to this story. Obviously the authorities went out of their way to prevent close ups. Why have the NTSB here? These are State investigated and regulated. As the Governor has reported New York already has laws governing rental limos which were not followed or enforced anyway. Would the corrupt authorities go to all this trouble just to get more strict laws passed? What would be their motive for faking this if it was faked? They also claim all the bodies were being autopsied. Did they invite the former Connecticut Medical Examiner Wayne Carver out of retirement to perform this unpleasant task? The image shown showing four side windows with a door open appears to be a section removed from a missing front part. No windows even broken or other visible damage other than a small crack appearing on the rear deck lid. The NTSB director claimed two were in the front seat separated by a divider. Then there was a full seat turned backward followed by another full seat turned forward. These could hold two persons in the front followed by 6 persons in these two seats. In the image shown there would be no room for an additional 10 passengers if this were all of the alleged limo. Something stinks here. But why go to all this trouble for a false flag in this case? Surely not to get tougher laws in New York for limos! Could the corrupt NY authorities have cooked up this false flag just to aid a struggling country restaurant? Who knows? How will they cover up the live “dead” bodies if this was a staged event?

    1. Dear Winfield: The tire shown all by itself in a ditch by the NEWS is rich!… could be a random wheel from anywhere on Earth. Kind of reminds me of the CNN coverage of a riot in Moscow. Only problem was a viewer called in to say it was riot footage was from Anthens, not Moscow. Since he was from Athens and recognized the buildings in the background. I wondered how many people stopped to think, hey… maybe the Moscow riot never happened at all, as opposed to thinking CNN just got their riot footage mixed up. Simply mistake. I would make the same observation on this limo accident. I can’t spend too much more time… Winfield.. Other than to say , if real, only the Highway Patrol should be in charge, not a sheriff or town police who might bungle the investigation. Having driven 5 different Stretch Limos, loading 18 passengers would require the skills of a sardine packing plant. The interior would get really damaged overloading it, even if possible. Not to mention the suspension. You would really not care at all if you allowed this in your limo. Not care about safety, wear and tear, heavy damage, broken glass wear, liability for negligence… blah blah blah. I hope MHB covers the DEW attacks passed off as wildfires. I am really digging into it, since it also happened here in Colorado’s Waldo Canyon “wild-fire”. I put it in quotes since wildfires now have compassionate consideration for nature while devastating man made objects and turning them to dust. Picture after picture shows houses turned to dust, cars sand blasted with melted wheels while trees surrounding the devastation are untouched in all directions!!! Materials that should melt long before they combust like metal roofs, are clearly shown on fire as are terra-cotta roofs. Picture 100 year old bone dry cedar burning… that’s what these roofs like like. There was a news helicopter hovering over massive barns on fire at a horse center. The horse center is surrounded by drought starved trees. And the trees are as cool as a room full of Fonzies. While the metal barn roof they surround burns like magnesium. Ever seen a magnesium strip on fire? It was like watching that in slow motion. Farms build massive roofs out of metal for many reasons. They last a long time and resist heavy damage by severe weather events. Oh by the way , they don’t catch fire! Or so you would think. A K-Mart was fried to a crisp like a magnifying glass aimed at an ant. The K-Mart was no where near a propagating flame source like burning woods or structure fires. It was surrounded by an interstate sized highway, asphalt parking lot and islands of untouched decorative trees that should have burned like cordwood compared to a spinkler equipped modern fireproofed structure. What happened to the sprinkler system? Those things gets inspected once a year minimum. People fill in the gaps in logic to avoid discomfort associated with accepting a new concept. Engineered Population Displacement on a massive scale. Don’t be so paranoid. Watch a 50 year local to the area sum it up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-YUXS49mHk

      1. That’s very interesting in reference to the “wildfires.”
        There’s another aspect besides just the population displacement.
        Property needs to be purchased. For pennies on the dollar, presumably.
        Bank loans need to be made or restructured.
        Contractors need to contract for rebuilding purposes.
        It all adds up to Profit From Destruction.
        It’s best explained in this short movie clip from the Fifth Element. Ignore the title…doesn’t have much to do with graffiti but it’s very instructive.

    2. Excellent MHB article/points re this accident.

      Winfield re “No windows even broken”:

      I was in an accident decades ago, not even high impact, yet the first things that blew were the side windows which shattered into a zillion little pieces, even filling the suit-coat pockets of one of the occupants with little pieces of glass. (Everyone was fine, all walked away from accident.)

      Are limo side windows stronger/thicker than car windows?

    3. They will cover up the “live ‘dead ‘ bodies” the same way they did after 9/11. Pulse hoax, Ft. Lauderdale hoax, Chattanooga school bus hoax, Boston marathon hoax, Sandy Hook hoax, Parkland hoax, etc.,.

  2. Occam’s Razor obliges us to consider a simpler explanation before resorting to a more complicated and contrived explanation for a phenomenon.

    As shown in the Sandy Hook hoax, the media simply make stuff up. As an example, CNN’s supposed “live” video coverage of Sandy Hook had first responders running into an entirely different school than Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    In this case, the lazy media may have used convenient images of limousines, instead of the actual limousine.

    If Schoharie is a false flag, what would be the purpose? Ban limousines?

    1. Yes, I agree that it’s certainly important to look at this from various angles and use past events for context. Such a post is intended to prompt such consideration and discussion.

      In response to the concern on “purpose” also asked by Dr. Abbe, a potential motive might simply be to aid in redirecting/controlling the news cycle from the tumult in DC, as with the mass shooting event in SC a short while ago, since one of the most tumultuous political scandals involving any presidential administration (previous incumbent Obama) is in the process of unfolding.

  3. Where is security camera footage from the apple barrel? A ring door bell? Somewhere this whole incident exists, probably in 4k. I realize we don’t need to witness the recorded moment 20 people lost their lives but if it’s too “shocking or graphic” it still exists. And in 2018 it’s not gonna look like the footage from the Pentagon… Plus the victims. Half of them had their phones out if this is the way it is being claimed. You’re in the shittiest limo to ever touch pavement, you’re gonna Snapchat how rediculously bombed out your “safe” ride is. I’m sure they recovered all their electronics but… Where is security camera footage? Who has it. The business surely has this on DVR but the ntsb probably threw a magnet on it. What also is off is I’ve been in this exact same limo. 2000ish stretch excursion. How the hell do you put 17 people in the limo seen being pulled out supposedly cut apart by first responders to gain access… 18 people… 18. From running a stop sign. Supposedly about 60 mph. All dead… Supposedly one survivor but they died in route via medivac. All dead? How… I can handle the gruesome details and the security camera footage. Make this all add up and RIP to the victims.

    1. Indeed. Press reports suggest that there were in fact no eyewitnesses willing to go on the record.

      That many people in a limo seems like a stretch, no pun intended, which may explain the object’s changing dimensions.

  4. I’m not sure what I am supposed to do with this story. But I did drive a few different stretch limos. I can tell you that they vary greatly in quality since none are made at the original manufacturer’s factory. All that extra weight with no extra engine power or braking power, you should see the way they perform in Colorado’s mountains. Lots of pedal to the metal signifying nothing. Braking leaves much to be desired. I always wondered what would happen if they got T-boned with passengers sitting sideways never buckled in. I have driven a Cadillac and Lincoln sedan style stretch and a GMC Yukon SUV style. The depreciation is like a rock kicked off a cliff. The upkeep and wear and tear are traumatic. Inside of couple years they become high mileage rattle traps. I wonder how any body makes money, they are toast within a couple of years and the resale value is a joke . Lots of limo companies here don’t bother with them here anymore. They use custom Sprinter vans and stock Escalades for small groups.

  5. Shape-shifting (aka Photoshopped) limousine, which appears to be in rather good condition, considering all the people who are supposed to have died therein. No photos of the Toyota SUV that the limo allegedly struck, and which then allegedly ran over and killed two more people. Strangely unaffected eye witnesses. And immediate GoFundMe pages, touted in the print and TV coverage. What the agenda was remains to be seen.

    1. Recently heard the suggestion that GoFundMe is used to funnel payoffs to would be criminal participants of an incident. Of course, this is rather prima facie in the cases of Peter Strzok and Blasey Ford.

  6. Whatdoesitmean.com was reporting the owner of the limo is Pakistani who flew to Pakistan just preceding. Pakistan is angry with POTUS over cut off of aid so wdim site believes that deep state & Pakistan colluded to try to impair midterm elections

  7. Fake News is its own reward. That is, there does not need to be a “reason”, or policy change, behind the faked news item. Debating the possible purpose of a fake media event is a complete waste of time. Most of the time these drills are concocted by local authorities along with the local media, and generally following HSEEP protocol. From time to time the mass media outlets, NGO’s and politicians may decide that your local drama fits into their larger campaign, in which case they will invade en masse, but the vast majority of fake news is designed to stay on the back pages.

    HSEEP drills do not require that Homeland Security is present. HSEEP training teaches everyone how to run a professional drill suitable for broadcast as real news. HSEEP, when run often, will train the police how to protect a crime scene, guide the media how to best present a crime scene, and advise the local authorities how to best suppress the investigation. All these skills are required to successfully complete a HSEEP drill. If the drill is not newsworthy then it was not a real drill.

    Of course there will be mistakes. That’s why you run the drills. The first run is bound to be sloppy. There will be plot holes. There will be unauthorized observers. There will be bloopers, blunders and contradicting evidence. But there is nothing that can’t be explained away to an obliging and cooperative public. The cranks can be ignored or threatened as the case may be. The whole point of HSEEP is that each drill is unique, using local scenery, local authorities, local personalities and their relatives.

    The most successful HSEEP communities will have drills on a weekly basis, and larger cities will be able to run HSEEP drills routinely on a daily basis. HSEEP funding will ensure that no HSEEP community has to suffer to fulfill their HSEEP duties. Federal contacts for siting larger government installations now require that HSEEP protocol be implemented in the surrounding towns and cities. Any state interested in attracting federal investment will have to prove their competence with HSEEP protocol.

    Run HSEEP often and attract federal funding for parks, infrastructure improvements, whatever your community needs. HSEEP communities capable of coordinating interlocking drills is a longterm Homeland Security goal. Every community eventually will be forced to run drills, as state and federal funding will be contingent upon active participation with HSEEP methodologies. Early adopters will benefit from additional guidance and funding. Latecomers may find themselves underfunded and under-rewarded.

    1. Yes – this could be it. NYT has already advanced a few suggestions as to how to fix the obvious blunder of the expanding limousine in perfect condition shown in photos from the scene:

      “Robert L. Sumwalt, the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said that his agency’s inquiry was focusing on mechanical and human causes for the accident [what other types could there be?] and that there was extensive damage to the front and left side of the limousine [the parts not visible in the photos of the pristine vehicle]. He suggested that the engine of the Excursion had been thrust backward into the driver’s compartment, saying the evidence indicated a ‘high-energy impact.'” [Yes, there must have been SOME cause for all those alleged deaths.]


  8. Thank you Memory Hole – always an intriguing, sometimes compelling look at the world!

    (The police car in the black limousine photo has “Southold” – yes, in July 2015 there was a horrific limo DWI crash involving a black limo in Southold NY). Apologies if this was already stated somewhere.

  9. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/dec/12/newburgh-four-fbi-entrapment-terror
    “Imam Salahuddin Muhammad could hardly miss Shahed Hussain when he first appeared three years ago at his mosque in the dilapidated town of Newburgh, just 60 miles up the Hudson River from New York.”

    The same Shahed Hussain is reported as the owner of the old limo that allegedly crashed and killed 20 people in upstate New York. Mr. Hussain was an FBI informant (a criminal himself before that) and part of an FBI sting to frame four black, poor men from Newburgh, NY. The story became known as “The Newburgh Four” and a documentary was made about it. Much was written about it too.


  10. https://nypost.com/2018/10/09/dot-ordered-limo-kept-off-road-before-deadly-crash/ Quote:
    “The owner of the upstate death limo was ordered to keep it off the road after it failed a safety inspection last month, the state Department of Transportation said Tuesday.
    “The vehicle was subject to inspections, and the owner was warned not to operate the vehicle,” DOT spokesman Joseph Morrissey said in a statement. “The vehicle was placed out of service.”
    Morrissey’s comments countered claims by Prestige Limousine earlier in the day that all the problems with the customized 2001 Ford Excursion had been fixedahead of Saturday’s crash — with the DOT spokesman calling the assertion “categorically false.””
    Already the lawyers for different interests in this alleged crash are arguing over who is to blame for the accident. No one has mentioned the liability insurance limits of the insurance policy, if any, of the limo company. I would bet the lawyer for the owners are now in the process of declaring bankruptcy. The State of New York should begin having about $ 1 billion or more of public tax money set aside to aid the families of the many 20 victims if they are really serious about the welfare of them, because it is very unlikely one dime will be recovered from the company or its insurance company if any. Perhaps Trump will also kick in $1 million.

  11. Shahed Hussain reminds me of Imran Awan, the Pakistani IT worker who supplied computers and services to congressmen.
    Imran Awan was probably working for the Democratic National Committee, who used the computers to spy on congress. Awan was involved with various inside shady political operations, car dealerships, money laundering, fraud, bankruptcy and so on.

    Shahed Hussain was also Pakistani, an FBI informant used as a tool, had a car dealership (which could have been used for money-laundering), and had questionable finances in the past (he went bankrupt 15 years ago).

    My guess would be that someone on the inside, probably the FBI, wants to get rid of Hussain because of what he knows, but without killing him. If he gets charged with manslaughter, he will simply escape to Pakistan and will never bother anybody. The government and the DNC had great problems, and suffered some negative publicity, in order to shut Awan up and eliminate him (eventually Awan pled guilty to a minor charge). This is possible blackmail-exposure, and counter-blackmail.

    Also, the FBI-DHS has been working on these fake victim incidents, and so would not turn down another opportunity, especially one that won’t be exposed.

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