On this edition we are joined by attorney Keith Labella, editor of gangstalkingismurder.wordpress.com. Mr. Labella has researched gangstalking (also known as “mobbing”) for over a decade after his own experience with the phenomenon while working for a Wall Street securities firm in the late 1990s.

gang stalkingA graduate of Baruch College and Fordham Law School, Labella was admitted to the New York Bar but has withdrawn from practice and is presently living in Southern California. He has used his legal training to successfully file numerous Freedom of Information Act requests with federal agencies, including the FBI, that confirm government knowledge and complicity in various gangstalking programs.

In 2010 Labella successfully petitioned the Department of Justice with FOIA requests, eliciting research results on crime reports that confirms about 3.4 million Americans report having been victims of gangstalking. Of these reports 447,000 (13%) were stalked by three or more individuals, suggesting coordinated government and/or corporate efforts.


Labella argues that these programs are intimately tied to US military and government agencies, and that gangstalking can involve targeting of families who have military or intelligence ties over several generations.

Additional links below are referenced and discussed in the broadcast.

Response received by Mr. Labella from CAPRA request to Santa Cruz P.D.:


Article from Virginia-based private investigator and former military veteran John Lopes:


Ted Gunderson affidavit:


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52 thought on “Gangstalking is Murder”
  1. Thanks again, Dr. Tracy for helping me to bring attention to this subject. About the 447,000 gang stalking victims figure (13% of stalking victims), I believe that the report itself evidences that this figure is an underestimate.

    On page 9 of the stalking report there is a table showing that there are almost 2.2 million victims that are left out of the stalking victim numbers and characterized as “harassment” victims.

    Here is how the government defines the “harassment victims”, and, explains why almost two-thirds of all stalking victims reported were simply left out of the statistics and labeled as “harassment” victims:

    “Victims of harassment met all the requirements for stalking
    victimization except those associated with induced fear or the
    commission of additional associated crimes.”-Stalking Report at page 11.

    Firstly, there is an admission that all 2.2 million reported “harassment victims” met all of the requirements for being stalking victims bar 2: (1) no induced (i.e., subjective fear); and (2) no reporting of an “associated” crime accompanying the stalking.

    Subjective fear for life or safety varies greatly among individuals, and is a poor measure to define individuals out of the stalking victim class. The report notes on the very first page that 11 percent of all stalking victims are stalked for 5 or more years. It is possible that fear for life develops once a victim realizes that this system is set up for years, decades or perhaps indefinite duration.

    The very fact that gang stalking is characterized by years of victimization suggests that other crimes committed (assaults, burglaries, destruction of property, etc.) may or may not be associated by the gang stalking victim with their targeting.

    The true number of gang stalking victims, per the data provided in this report, if we simply include the victims labeled as “harassment ” victims, is close to 750,000.

    Here is a link to the Stalking Report:


  2. I was subjected to gang stalking (related to my political activism) in the late 80s. As a psychiatrist, I worked with several dozen patients who were subjected to gang stalking – usually due to their knowledge of criminal activities on the part of the Reagan-Bush administration.

    It eventually led me to emigrate to New Zealand. I write about it in my memoir: The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee.

    1. Lots of it went on. About 4 days before Porter Goss resigned, helicopters flew over and xrayed my house. It burned my leg. My wife went into depression and the people at the clinic told here you would be surprised how many people are saying the same thing around the Orlando, Florida area. Bush and Cheney were bringing in fascism with a bang.

  3. I’ve listened to the interview a couple of times, once after all the docs were included here, and altogether it presents a broad overview of this horrid problem. Thanks to you both for putting it together.

    I was thinking about the distribution of victims and how it ranges from generationally in families to loose relationships like living someplace a previous target lived. It seems to run from the deliberate to the random. The underlying theme, though, that ties them together is the injustice of it. It’s not fair to be targeted, whether for some relative’s situation, or a previous tenant’s, or because you spoke up about criminal behavior.

    And I wonder if that may be one of the objectives, in light of the fact that the victims are not criminals. In the absence of guilt, an inchoate emotional response to injustice may be a way to reinforce the helplessness gang stalkers want their targets to feel.

  4. Is there a way to read the entire Gunderson affidavit? I can only see the first two pages; I tried going to the source, but still no luck.

    This is really a horrifying topic, and the fact that victims are generally portrayed as loonies in the media (the victims I’ve seen on, say, Dr. Phil, both turned out to be quite heavy meth users) doesn’t help. However, that kind of “public face” put on the issue makes me very suspicious, and suggests to me that gangstalking actually goes very deep.

    1. Recynd and PeaceFrog,
      One way to look at this document is to roll up each page and right click on it. Do a “View Image” and it should open in a window where you can zoom in on it.

      Alternatively, the same process will allow you to “Save image as” so you can have your own copy. Doubleclick to open it as an image.

  5. I made a lengthy comment about 6 hours ago that is still in moderation. It is important because the Stalking Report itself reveals that the number of gang stalking victims are grossly underestimated by arbitrarily defining out a similarly situated class of “harassment victims numbering almost 2.2 million.

  6. It is all perfectly clear now, the purpose of all these fear mongering planned events is to make us all crazy, compliant and afraid for our lives. Content people tend to whine about government over reach and fearful people just want to be taken care of.

    The ‘social security’ system actually asks if you are able to pay your bills, if you are not there is an executive order that you should not have guns.

    Most of the population was victimized by the staged mass shootings or smoke bomb events. Those who attempt to expose the fraud are treated worse than convicted criminals. Ask Mark Stein if all the money in the world will ever be able to obtain justice in this current corrupted faux system.

    The good news is that heroes like James Tracey will be better off jumping or being forced off the machine that proudly boasts 85% of their young squids voted for the 75 year old socialist.


    1. Yes. That and using your neighbors against you. They want fear to use as an excuse to grab more power. They want your neighbors to hate anyone who resists those efforts. One way to deal with that is to say that you are “crazy”.

      I wish I could say that it isn’t effective. I have certain people that I use as test gauges. I see them ratcheting up the fear scale by the day. They know something’s wrong. They are fearful, angry and hair-trigger emotionally. They want to direct that unease at someone.

      They didn’t go to all of that trouble studying the dark side of psychology for nothing. Whether they are selling cheeseburgers or ideologies, it is marketing based on psychology.

      1. Mr. Labella seems to lump a variety of things under the umbrella of “gang stalking”.

        It’s a government Program. Gang stalking, or whatever you want to call it has to be funded by the feds. The states are going bankrupt, and yet there is money to surveill almost half a million Americans with fixed and mobile surveillance 24/7? No private group has these resources. Manpower alone requires 4 full time jobs for each target- 168 hours a week. And who could move the perps into apartments surrounding the targets (a COINTELPRO tactic), and provide newer model trucks to perps who seem to have no other job or source of income? It seems to me that those who want to avoid the elephant in the room probably work for the elephant.

        1. Well, I don’t believe that I said that it wasn’t a government program. I do not, however, believe that the desire to do these things or the authors of these actions originate with “the government”, (wherever one lives).

          When one invents money from thin air the amount is insignificant. You can call it an elephant if you wish, I just think it goes a bit deeper than that. In fact, I didn’t disagree with you or criticize you. I simply commented.

          But, if you have the absolute final irrefutable understanding of this, that’s fine with me. From now on when I think I’m being manipulated I’ll say I’m being “gang stalked”.

          As to “working for the elephant”, don’t make me laugh.

        2. “I do not, however, believe that the desire to do these things or the authors of these actions originate with “the government”, (wherever one lives).”
          You can say the same thing about 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Mumbai bombing attacks, the Russian apartment bombings, etc. The government can always find a useful idiot to do its bidding wittingly or not, or, better yet, hijack a useful idiot’s plan for its own agenda.

        3. I think what lophatt’s getting at, Peace, is the question: What is “the government”?

          I think he would say that certainly in many cases observable agencies of government can be identified as being behind these projects, but there are deeper, darker entities that we know exist but cannot know their names, but they have governmental assets fully at their disposal. At the almost-visible level, we tend to classify them as CIA “black budget” sections. But deeper down, someone in “the government” builds Deep Underground Military Bases; these are entities impossible to learn anything about.

          Have you ever looked into the Supreme Court building in Jerusalem? It chills the blood: http://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/sinister-sites-israel-supreme-court/

          There is much spoken about the idea that the highest degrees of Masonry emanate out of a lodge beneath the Temple Mount. I wouldn’t doubt it. The evil that entwines the world has to emanate from somewhere.

          When we contemplate secret societies, and the system of mysteries they have cultivated for thousands of years, it becomes clear that “government’ is a charade, eyewash for the rubes, an arbitrary maze we rats are forced to negotiate. Sometimes it is a useful tool of those who would control everything in the world, and sometimes they use other agencies.

          Of course, lophatt is free to correct me if I am guessing his meaning incorrectly.

          Many times here I have directed the reader’s attention to Kubrick’s Eyes Wide shut, pointing out that the men who put on the parties (which were filmed in a genuine Rothschild estate!) go nameless. As do our true overlords: if we know their names, I always say, they are not at the top of the pyramid.

          Anyway, in this context, consider the fact that Tom Cruise sneaked in, and witnessed something no uninitiated is allowed to know exists. When he returns to the estate’s gates the next day, after some wait, a car approaches down the long drive, a mysterious man emerges and walks to the gate and hands Tom an envelope. Having said not a word, he returns to the car and leaves the scene. Very ominous. If Tom became a victim of gang stalking after that, would it be “the government” he needed to blame?

          No. These men do not work for the government. Government is to them what our cars are for us. They do not need it to accomplish their goals.

  7. How very interesting. I am currently witnessing gang stalking. Apparently, the local community radio station is the battleground for a coordinated effort to intimidate members of the community. They are using a combination of symbolic use of existing material in narrative pattern, or more obviously at other times, Hollywood production techniques to embed threatening messages in songs by fake artists with fake profiles who just released new material on their own labels. It sounds so bad, it’s torture to listen. Here’s a page with some of the crap on it for evidence:



    You have to understand that the context is that our little community is doing an ongoing intervention into the sex slavery business that masquerades as entertainment in our town. Some of those girls have gone on the run and this is being done to target them and those helping them. This use of the radio is quite pervasive and seems to extend to Steven King’s radio stations as well.

  8. One of the key players in this gangstalking operation is NSA PRISM, whose apparent presence is usually announced by the use of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” Album cover art, which is of course a prism/pyramid. Notice how gangstalker “Immortus X” (a gay, masonic comic book character name reference) has a show on WERU which is a play on words of that title, “Dark Side of the Tune”.

    And here, WKIT (Steven King’s station) prominently displays the Prism symbol on their header, next to a guy giving the “666” hand gesture:


    Hopefully this will aid in detection of PRISM activity.

  9. Greg Johnson, a young guy who told off GHWB in a Houston pizza place, described how he was gang stalked after the event; but he didn’t seem to know the term for it; he just described events which perfectly described the gang stalking harassment stories I’ve heard before. GJ was on with KBarrett a year ago, where I heard this.

    “Greg Johnson: Why I cussed out Bush to his face – and don’t like Ron or Rand much either ”

  10. Very interesting. Thank you, Dr. Tracy and Keith Labella. However, let’s not lose sight of the fact that, whether the San Bernadino “shooter” was gang stalked or not, the entire San Bernadino “shooting” and “shooters” are completely fabricated. Etc.

  11. This is a difficult subject to discuss objectively because it is so clearly Satanic evil. I believe in even approaching the study of these matters one is foolish not to pray for protection.

    As a Christian, I believe we are provided Help and Instruction from the inerrant word of God and inspired teaching.

    I pray that there will develop Christian support groups for victims and that the groups are led by truly holy people.

    “For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.”
    Ephesians 6:12

    I try to think of what a victim experiences in their personal life and can see that their family and friends, their support system, fade away.

    Psychiatry and psychology is immersed in evil forces. The government intelligence agencies capitalize on the knowledge of how the human mind works and use it to effectuate the evil system.

    I listened to a guest named Russ Dizdar for many years on the Radio Liberty show. Dizdar ( http://www.shatterthedarkness.net/ ) spoke much about young girl children being inducted into Satanic ritual abuse.

    I worked in a medical clinical setting for many years and read medical records, charts, of the patients. There are some evil parents who do very evil things to their young children to control and split the child’s mind. It is indistinguishable whether these parents are more connected with occult Satanic groups or the government intelligence agencies.

    These subjects are clearly related to gang stalking and mobbing.

    1. “It is indistinguishable whether these parents are more connected with occult Satanic groups or the government intelligence agencies.”

      Good point. Your observation finds support in the works of David McGowan, Ted Gunderson, Alston Chase and others.

        1. In the second video, John DeCamp says:

          “You have to, if you want to protect yourself, and your life and your family’s life, both now and particularly in the future, is to use the institutions of government that have been set up to protect you and make them work.”

        2. I agree. Ultimately, it is a civic obligation to reform government through existing institutions. I also believe that the tort system can be useful in holding both government and corporations accountable for their actions.

        3. Yes, but it’s scary though. I guess the best thing is to document, document, document. Then if you are killed, the evidence remains for others to follow, like in the Lang case.

          I hate to think of the personal destruction that will be wreaked in the struggle to expose these programs. Tragic.

        4. Yes, I’ve seen this before. I think my problem in expressing my views on this phenomena, variously labeled, is that elements of it are both indicative of and useful to, the perpetrators.

          Mr. Labella seems to lump a variety of things under the umbrella of “gang stalking”. Perhaps it is the term that throws me off, somewhat, as I don’t disagree that these things happen, I just see them as an outgrowth of those in power’s obsession with control and manipulation.

          The religious aspects are apparent to me, but some have difficulty in recognizing the source of the problem. When Satanic influence is not countered it flourishes.

          It is easy to see an individual who may have run afoul of one of these petty tyrants being targeted. It is more difficult to understand someone being targeted for no apparent reason and trying to understand the purpose.

          The tape mentions “Project Longevity” as an example. Mr. Labella apparently would see that as another example of “gang stalking” and I would see it as another marketing campaign. I understand all of the subtle (and not so subtle) manipulation, group pressure, harassment, etc., that is employed.

          I would add Project Longevity to a long list of such initiatives. Collectively they are designed to create a world in which most are cattle and easily controlled. Many techniques are utilized to that end.

          This is a lot like the subject of “mind control”. It means various things to various people. Perhaps the most frightening aspect would be one in which we would be powerless to resist. Many believe that the means to do that exist and are employed.

          Ultimately, what are we looking at? As Anne”s recent attachment to the old SciFi film, “Attack of the Body Snatchers” so appropriately eludes, I think that is very close to the end game of all such efforts.

          You can see the results of this virtually everywhere you turn. In the recent standoff in Oregon I was struck by the level of hatred displayed by the goons. What were they so annoyed at? They were annoyed that the protestors refused to obey.

          So, as your clip suggests, perversions are used to secure the cooperation of those in positions of power. This can either take ritualistic form or simply be a blackmail insurance policy to ensure cooperation.

          The 9-11 production, just like the JFK assassination, was a ritual. It was deliberately played out in plain sight as a sacrifice. They are not worried about being caught. They are trying to obtain more power.

          I think the challenge for all of us is to learn to live our own lives and to constantly check our reality. When we abdicate our responsibilities to live meaningful lives in order to seek acceptance we’re at risk.

          Evil is not difficult to spot. In fact, it is a faculty that grows in sensitivity with use. We are armed with the power to reject evil. While this may have grown “hi tech” over time, it is the same dynamic as “The Temptation”.

          No matter what label we affix, the solution is not “out there”. No government entity is going to stop because they’ve been caught. No leader is going to ride in on a white stallion and save the day.

          In the end they will lose. The question remains as to whether we will become victims in their bloody sacrifices. I certainly don’t intend to be. We must be attuned and creative to avoid it.

        5. Pretty Heavy Video and subject Recynd.

          These “things” that call themselves human, are out of sync with the natural universe and will get handled according to their deeds.

          This happens on All levels, It doesn’t even matter whether an or Old or Young Victim of any sex or race, these scum bags are scum bags.

          Lophatt’s comment was very good describing the true situation.

          PS: This has been going on since the beginning of time.

    2. Mr. LaBella spoke briefly at the end of this interview about the importance of taking a proactive stance. He said to document everything and report everything even if you think it will do no good. I would think that that stance and strategy would serve one’s own mental health very well. You would be directing your woundedness toward positive, proactions. Our souls can be taken over and murdered gradually by fear and anger.

      I very much respect Mr. LaBella for modeling true courage. I also respect that he has apparently surrendered his law license and no longer participates in the practice of law.

      The battle is over every individual human soul. Murder is what happens to human beings, not animals.

      Satan simply wants to “count coup.” Satan knows what his end is.

      Christians have protection for their souls if they give their life and soul to God.

      Just as 9-11 was a ritual sacrifice so also are the little boys and girls aborted every day.

      For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?

      1. Another reason to document everything is that eventually some of your efforts will pay off. They might not be the breakthroughs you expect, but, if you try and try again again, you will have successes. The targets face a long psychological war, and, surrender equals death.

  12. The gangstalking phenomenon is well known. There is wide scale participation and awareness. There is little consciousness about it however. A satellite communication system directs civilians and authorities to attack targeted persons. I can attest to the song lyrics targeting people on the radio. I’m not a religious person, but have been driven to pray due to my targeting. Perpetual psychological abuse is inhumane.

  13. Hi my name is Mona and I’m positive I’m being gangstalked and my spouse is responsible. I have not done anything to bring this on. I had no idea what WS going o n until I googled some things that were not right. I am not employed I had three children 2of whiched past away. Some days it takes everything I have to deal with this too. Its unfair to be treated like an animal like I’m being hunted and watched everyday in my home. My spouse and his girlfriend are behind it. There has to be a lot of money because he’s brought people here to help. What do I do who do I go to. I’ve been put in a psych ward 6 times and treated like I’m crazy. So I don’t talk Bout it to drs. I’m scared every waking moment. Any advice please share.God Bless us all and keep us safe

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