Peshawar school attack victimsBy James F. Tracy

“We owe it to our coming generations to eliminate this scourge of terror, for once and for all.”.-Pakistani Army Chief of Staff, General Raheel Sharif

Several photographs of children allegedly killed in a December 16, 2014 Taliban attack on the Pakistani Army Public School and Degree College in Peshawar include a familiar image of one “Noah Pozner,” the youth who was also purportedly shot to death on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

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The above photo collage appeared at public memorials for the children and circulated thereafter in several foreign media outlets, including the BBC[2]. In the assemblage (bottom center) the Sandy Hook massacre’s Noah Pozner is the Pakistani Army Public School massacre’s “Huzaifa Huxaifa.” Another photo in the array (upper left), supposedly of Army School victim “Rubab Khan,” resembles “Carlos Matthew Soto,” the brother of slain Sandy Hook heroine Victoria Soto, who struggled valiantly during the shooting to save the lives of her students.

“By the time the hours-long siege at Army Public School and Degree College ended early Tuesday evening,” CNN reported on Wednesday, December 17, “at least 145 people — 132 children, 10 school staff members and three soldiers — were dead, military spokesman Gen. Asim Bajwa said. More than 100 were injured, many with gunshot wounds, according to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Information Minister Mushtaq Ghani. ‘They started shooting indiscriminately,’ Bajwa said, ‘and that’s where maximum damage was caused.'”[3]

CNN also played a central role in publicizing the Sandy Hook massacre. The emergence and apparent use of the well-known photo to memorialize the December 16 Taliban school attack victims calls into question the authenticity of both events.

The photos of Pozner and Soto also appear on the Pakistani Army Public School Peshawar Massacre Memorial Facebook page, which has received over 18,000 “Likes” as of January 2.

[The image has been removed following a March 22, 2015 DMCA complaint filed by Lenny Pozner for alleged copyright infringement.-JFT]

Pakistan’s political and military leaders have seized upon the mid-December incident to force through drastic measures targeting political prisoners and anti-government militants. One day after the massacre event the Pakistani government led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif cited the event as it lifted a six-year moratorium on capital punishment in a vow “to eliminate terrorists in Pakistan irrespective of whether they targeted it or neighboring Afghanistan or India,” McClatchey News reports. “Officials said those 23 terrorists would be executed within days, and they’re likely to be followed by dozens more hangings at prisons around the country.” Pakistan presently has over 3,000 prisoners on death row.[4]

On December 26 Pakistan’s politicians lifted formal constraints on the army to pursue a two year military campaign against “Islamist terrorists.” “We owe it to our coming generations to eliminate this scourge of terror, for once and for all,” army chief of staff General Raheel Shariftold advised political leaders gathered at the prime minster’s residence. Almost immediately following the December 16 massacre, Shariftold advised “unchallengeable powers for the military to pursue, detain and pass verdict on Islamist militants and their abettors.”[5]


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[2] “Busted: BBC Taliban Report Contain’s Sandy Hook’s ‘Noah,'” Jay’s Analysis, January 1, 2015.

[3] Sophia Saifi and Grego Botelho, “In Pakistan School Attack, Taliban Terrorists Kills 145, Mostly Children,” CNN, December 17, 2014.

[4] Tom Hussain, “Pakistan’s Gallows Await 3,000 Convicted Terrorists; First Will Hang Within Days,” McClatchy News, December 18, 2014.

[5] Tom Hussain, “Pakistan Military Wins Free Reign Against Terrorists,” McClatchy News, December 26, 2014.

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251 thought on “Sandy Hook’s Noah Pozner Dead in December 16 Taliban Attack”
  1. I am still not entirely clear on the details of this.

    Several questions:
    1) Who or what was the original source of this grouping of photos which includes the Noah Pozner image?
    2) Why did no one in the school administration, or in the Pakistani media or BBC not catch the mistake?
    3) Is this being intentionally dangled, as bait, to further confuse, perplex, and possibly discredit researchers later on with the old “It was all just a comedy of errors type of thing. Nothing conspiratorial after all folks!”
    4) Is someone on the inside (Pakistani Intelligence?) attempting to blow the whistle on these hoaxes?

    Something very odd is going on here. No doubt about that.

    1. I posted a link recently to the BBC. That link got broken somehow, but I saw it at the BBC’s website on an article from the end of December (28 or so) about this event, with a memory board and a woman announcer. It’s in the text here where I respond to the Halbig story.

    2. Do you know what else this implies? If this is some kind of joint operation of CIA and ISI (Pakistan’s), then of course they were cooperating in the “killing” of bin Laden. They had to be.

      So all this fraud is intelligence stuff, and it doesn’t even matter that it is playing out in the US or outside of it. There is no more boundary. The Rubicon was crossed, probably on 9/11, but perhaps long before.

      Just read a great article by Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept, where in the last two paragraphs he describes journalists as willing government mouthpieces in all official stories, with zero incentive to investigate on their own because that would bring them nothing but grief, and all the prizes and perks go to those who repeat what they are told to repeat. So it attracts people like that, who understand that to get the goodies you have to go along. His article is in regard to the Obama administration’s exploitation of what is most probably an insider hack at Sony (though proving this has not happened, and the FBI is happy to say it was North Korea with negative evidence, but a lot of incentive from the administration).

      1. Musings, that is entirely possible. When I say “there are no countries” this is largely what I mean. The functionaries of this globalist push do not consider themselves “members” of a particular country. They follow orders and advance the agenda.

        As we have seen in the recent past, lies are not embarrassing for them any longer. They say whatever they find useful and measure the effects.

        We use the acronyms associated with these various spook agencies for convenience. In reality, there isn’t much division. When you add them up, estimate the personnel numbers, and realize that we’re talking about a significant number of operatives, not to mention “helpers”.

        It’s hard to know what the intent is. We’ve mention “Gladio” and controlled chaos, as one element. We’ve also noted that, when they have a purpose there is a theme. The simplest of those is “its scary out there and you need us for your safety”. The corollary of that is; “we have to DO SOMETHING, let’s pass a law”.

        I’m not sure yet what we have here. I have a feeling that time will tell.

        1. I think you’ll recall all those discussions after Sept 11 in which the lament was that agencies just didn’t cooperate enough to “connect the dots” and stop the terror attacks.

          This is of course a laughable proposition if one believes that it was largely a sham with probably as many casualties as Sandy Hook, involving a lot of “stage magic” (to use the phrase of former Scientific American math games columnist, Key Dewdney, author of “The Turing Omnibus” and total debunker of the phone-calls from planes solution to who did the attacks).

          The problem created by that attack had as its partial solution the reorganization of government agencies to “share” information (now laughable given what we know about NSA’s surveillance of everything).

          They tell us they are going to do something, and then they do something worse while we are debating about the proposal. Child’s play. We play, they burn Rome.

        2. Musings, yes, “they just don’t cooperate” is right up there with “they are resisting Israel on ……”. Yeah, sure!

          The “Patriot Act” and its provisions were written long in advance of the “9-11 Movie”. You might say they go together like a horse and carriage.

          Remember what Karl Rove (ugh!), said; “while you’re studying that reality, we’ll create another; and, while you’re looking at that, yet another…..”. For once he was being honest, and imperious.

        3. musings says:
          JANUARY 2, 2015 AT 8:55 PM
          I think you’ll recall all those discussions after Sept 11 in which the lament was that agencies just didn’t cooperate enough to “connect the dots” and stop the terror attacks.

          When these agencies were separate from each other we had kind of a “Built-In” Separation of Powers if you will.

          The “Patriot Act” created a very dangerous situation to American Liberty when they consolidated all this Power under one roof.

          This is how they can pull these false flags off so easy. They all answer to the Head of DHS whereas before there was an infighting, competition if you will, between the Agencies which in turn kept them a little more honest and transparent.

          DHS is Un-American in principle and one of our biggest threats to people of America,

          The Executive Branch wields way too much power and Obama has all “his”people in place and there’s no stopping them. He was handpicked by the Progressive’s who pretend to be Republican’s and Democrat’s.

          The President, Attorney “Top Cop” General, and DHS has full control over every facet of this nation from the Borders to the Courts.

          And yes, The Patriot Act and DHS was supposed be fully implemented by Clinton after the OKC Bombing. IMO

    3. Very valid questions, thank you. In fact, should this be a real hoax and should its awareness become widespread, Plato’s cave will activate its usual drill and raise these questions from its innumerable bully pulpits, diverting the issue into a conflict between political activists.

      It increasingly look like activists who want to inform humanity of the systematic malevolent disinformation it has been living under will have to content themselves with the video match between Building 7’s destruction and a controlled demolition.


      1. Most of us have seen the elementary psychology drawing of the figure-ground where you have both a profile of a face and vase. There are countless other examples. One slightly more complex one involved a close-up photograph of something which looked like tree branches in a random pattern, but which turned out to be a head and eye of a spotted Holstein cow.

        Once you can flip back and forth between the figure-ground image, you understand that one single perspective cannot tell the tale. But neither is correct.

        In the case of the Holstein there is one right solution.

        The intelligence people might play that this is a figure-ground situation, always subject to interpretation. Perhaps one day it looks one way, the next day another.

        But the cow is a cow and is not a tree branch. It is harmless to the various enterprises to think these events are merely subject to interpretation, so that one can flip back and forth from one day to the next. Seeing the cow at last brings certainty and closure. Their job is to keep up from seeing the cow for as long as it takes to accomplish what they want. The “mighty Wurlitzer” of the press lets them do that, as the organist plays before the curtain goes up – probably on some war or another.

    4. Answers:
      1. The Us Govt.
      2,Because they are in on it. It’s a Pysop to bring out the people who are awake out in the open.
      3.YES. No Comedy Here, but, “they” get a laugh at us Lemmings.
      4. Yes. You just won a Quippy Doll. and it’s a Pysop.

      Side Note: Many peoples from all around the the world in high Govt. positions in their respective countries have wanted to state their true opinion on 911 and all these false flags but fear the US Govt. and losing their positions and incomes.

      1. Ric wrote: “It’s a Pysop to bring out the people who are awake out in the open”

        I sometimes can’t decide which of the blatant or subliminal messages gotten from images/news ‘stories’/TV programming is part of the programming, or someone trying to wake us up, or a mixture of both. I do think, however, “they” are interested in who’s woken up and how close probers are getting to the truth. I imagine “they” monitor certain discussions, such as here in the MHB comment section where serious discussion and sharing of information takes place among researchers still probing past events.

        Cause and effect: a lengthy documentary video comes out reminding people “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook”. Then announcement of a proposed trillion dollar lawsuit re: Sandy Hook. First, You-tube starts disappearing the video, so the discussion becomes all about censorship. Then, with the lawsuit, researchers talk mostly about Shanley, Halbig and Fetzger, or the lawsuit’s chances. Then comes the Noah Pozner sighting in Pakistan, redirecting everyone to yet another Fake-istan. However well-intentioned our trying to wake *others* up to manufactured fakery, that message is getting diluted precisely because of its “now normalcy”. (Kind of a “There you go again” collective ho-hum response.) Because with every instance of fakery that’s noted and called attention to, those (who haven’tnoticed, and aren’t really looking, simply label the ones who do as paranoid conspiracy theorists who think EVERYTHING is fake, while the PTB sit back and chuckle. Talk all you want, they seem to say. Even if 50% of the population believes it is fake …. “So what?” How do you combat the “So what?” phenomenon?

        I stumbled on a study done in 2007 by some Europeans discussing artificial intelligence, algorithms and computational social choice design and analysis, using examples from intentional manipulation of voting results to predicting ways to aggregate individual belief bases into a collective one, where reference was made to “distance-based belief-merging operators.” (social engineering?) Maybe not related but I think there might be some of that going on vis-a-vis the proliferation of certain events where the reaction is being studied for ways to predict (or manipulate?) future desired social outcome.s I could be wrong, …

        Researchers often point to the difference between Aurora and Sandy Hook, etc. Maybe Aurora was a practice run and SH the full-blown “Let’s just see what happens and who notices” exercise. Followed by the BMB. Just saying, the blatant disappearance of videos or news articles itself may be a distraction. (It’s the disappearances no one ever notices that are far more telling (e.g. on Wikipedia, where most people usually go first for info), or real estate transactions normally cited but omitted in some instances but not in others, or you google House A and get redirected to House B instead. That sort of thing.. I have found some very strange things while researching SH that could raise eyebrows, except, no one seems to have noticed, it all looks ‘normal’ in context. Some things just seem to jump right out at you.

        We need to talk about not just SH & Newtown but some of those other Connecticut towns, where the manipulation of information by media predates SH. It is like a Pandora’s box. There may be more players than we imagined, of whom some might just be pawns but I see certain patterns.

        1. Good points. How big is Plato’s cave? What pieces of information are Platonic shadows? Who are the Platonic con artists? What is the most promising process to lead humanity out of the Platonic cave? All alleged and real instances of grand obfuscation is that they yield these same overarching questions.


        2. rsrchr4 wrote: “We need to talk about not just SH & Newtown but some of those other Connecticut towns, where the manipulation of information by media predates SH. It is like a Pandora’s box. There may be more players than we imagined, of whom some might just be pawns but I see certain patterns.”

          Right you are, a Pandora’s box predating Sandy Hook. The state is compact with enormously wealthy and influential people within its borders, both past and present. It makes sleuthing a bit easier, but also lots of fun.

          During my years living in Fairfield County, Connecticut I met a number of interesting people, mostly due to the close proximity of places within the state and to my work with certain individuals there. I was asked to contribute my knowledge to a book by a local author. I also found out that you do not go against established norms unpunished. I found a way around that though.

          Are we being studied? You bet. We have become focus groups for the intelligence industry. As long as we are fully aware of that, we can have as much fun with them as they have with us. Sort of a mutual relationship.

        3. Anne, absolutely. Most are not familiar with having “the World as their oyster”. Some of us have been around those who assume “entitlement”. By most people’s standards they are quite insane. By theirs, we are only a problem when we “leave our place”.

          Recently, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about that. My circumstances have forced me into daily contact, again, with people such as these. It can drive one mad if you let it. I have to remind myself that they operate on a completely different set of morals and ethics. The World exists to serve them.

          They are the source of most of the intrigue. The serve others but do so in order to serve themselves. They are rewarded for their service and allowed to run their own scams so long as they do not interfere with the overall plan.

          In an area like Connecticut, they are conglomerated. In other places, more disbursed. The whole enterprise runs on “connections”. Their phonebooks are full of names but divided into purposes. None of them truly like each other. They simply all acknowledge their individual usefulness to whatever scheme is in play.

          It only works because people are conditioned to “know their place”. Nothing spurs their ire more than an uppity eater.

  2. One of the motives for this fake event – which could be controlled very well since it appears to have taken place at a military base in Pakistan – is that it now permits the government to execute 500 “terrorists” it has in custody as part of the plot. I imagine someone can find that announcement. Clearly, Pakistan was looking for an excuse.

    This shows how these things work. Consider too that although India is independent of Britain and wants nothing to do with the old imperialism (not to say they don’t have hang-ups of their own), Pakistan is still, as an ex-colony, a Commonwealth nation.

    Now here’s the big question. Are we?

    1. Hello musings

      Im British and Im delighted to inform you that the answer to your question is..”yes, of course, as one of our ex colonies, you are still subject to the control of our Empire..” we only pretended to lose our Empire, our shadowy financiers and psycho plutocrats still control the planet, with a little help from our off world allies now and then…

      On topic… the Pozner kid is probably a stock image that the poster maker lifted off the internet, same way the same kid was a poster child for Sandy Hook

      1. Thank you for clearing that up. It’s no accident that the former banking capital of America was Philadelphia, and that it had an huge British presence where upper classes intermarried. The other place, which had far less of an objection to Britain and was full of Tories was New York. That Nathan Hale was caught and hanged as a spy in that city is all of a piece with the reality that some parts of the colonies never actually broke with the Mother Country, and never will. The revolution was brief blip in relations. I say this as someone with a lot of that heritage myself, and if the sun never set on the British Empire, it wasn’t just Canada that made it so.

      2. Steven, that is certainly true. I always laugh when someone tells me “the Queen is merely a figurehead”. At some point it simply dawned on them that allowing them to “think” they had a democracy was preferable to spending “their” money on warfare.

        The Obongo group have been raining destruction on parts of Pakistan for years, much to the dismay of the local government. With all the other chaos currently ongoing the world over, I haven’t made much of a study of this particular operation.

        Who is doing what, if they are actually doing it, and for what purpose, will likely be defined by what follows. At a minimum it appears that there are a number of people they want eliminated.

        I do, however, believe that they take some pleasure in rubbing our collective noses in it. It is certain to cause a stir and, by pushing it out there for all the world to see, they are basically saying “yeah, we know you’ll notice, so what?”.

        1. I agree with you lophatt. If this was a stock picture of “Noah” that someone used by mistake then why is the Sandy Hook School in the background? If it was an SOS from someone on the inside, as Musings suggests, then what about the picture of the Carlos Soto look-alike? How would they get that picture? I think that we have to assume that the pictures were put there deliberately, as a taunt to Sandy Hook “truthers”.
          Later it will be claimed that someone hacked into the facebook page at the school and inserted this photo of “Noah” in order to make the connection to the SHES shooting. What did Kerry say- “Where ever you live, where ever you are, those are our children.” This is their new slogan.
          The problem with all this is that the Pakistani Taliban have no reason to carry out a school shooting on the anniversary of the SHES event. So the bottom line is that this little “slip up” is supposed to make people like us feel powerless. “Why can’t we get the MSM to notice this?!!” we are supposed to ask.
          Personally, I think this little episode will backfire on them. It is absurd and fascinating and just the sort of thing that people with a short attention span will glom onto. It is already all over the internet.

        1. The Queen owns A WHOLE BUNCH, period! She is most definitely what I’m referring to when I say that the real powers behind what we see are “invisible”. Some things never change, they just get “rebranded”.

          Christo, I’m not sure its a “mistake”. Nothing makes it on the screen that hasn’t been carefully vetted, that includes the wire services. If it got through “by accident” it would be re-released in edited form later.

          I agree that it has to do with pushing the “you are powerless” meme. For the moment it appears that they want an excuse to eliminate a large group. Musings keeps drawing allusions to Rome. I tend to agree. Who did Nero blame when Rome burned?

          These devils may be evil but they’re not creative.

      1. That is true…isn’t she from another country and works for the UN gun grabbers or something along those lines? There is a guy that makes a lot of YouTube videos about SH, and Lenny Pozner gives him total hell about it. Then Lenny complains and YT takes down the videos. The fake families of the fake SH children are raking in way too much money to let someone endanger their livelihoods.

    1. I think I agree with James that that picture on the upper left is young Mr. Soto. Even has a “Newtown Green” sweater on. What’s he doing in Pakistan?

      I can’t wait for the velvet editions to come out. I’m assuming that the perpetrators weren’t 400 recluses with Aspergers?

      Do they have “Go Fund Me” in Pakistan?

  3. I suppose one has to look to the purpose of these productions. At one time “media” was mostly involved with projecting calm and restoring order. Lately it is the opposite.

    There are so many of these that we find ourselves mimicking those sleuths who used to pour over the “Sgt. Peper’s” album covers looking for clues. In this case, that may be the question. Are these “clues”?

    We know that they will seize any event and spin it to their use. We know that, in the absence of an event, they will create one. We know that it usually takes time to assemble supporting material for a production. The graphics have to be designed, created and produced.

    It is unclear whether this is designed to draw a correlation to SHES or simply an example of laziness. For something symbolic to work it must send a clear message. If the photos had been of Scandinavian kids it would have seemed out of place. Since they are dark complected maybe the designer thought no one would notice.

    It is, at a minimum, strange. If we keep looking maybe we’ll find a photo of Johnny Gosch.

  4. So two years and two days after being killed at the Sandy Hook school, Noah Pozner, aka Huzaifa Huxifa, is again killed in Pakistan under similar circumstances. How’s that for bad luck. For some reason the only available picture of Pakistani Noah shows him standing in the Sandy Hook Elementary School with the Newtown “character tree” behind him. Hmmm. Someone has some ‘splainin to do. Maybe Carlos Soto can help illuminate this mystery. Light a candle for them all.

      1. What’s the big deal?

        Osama Bin Laden died twice. Once from kidney failure and then the Navy Seals re-killed him again in 2011.

        The MSM and all the Blue Piller’s didn’t notice or seem to care.

        Haha. It’s the NEW Normal.

        I just want to know where Rick Thorne is hiding.

        1. Yeah, and where are the amputees? Rick is probably translating for the Governor. One of the links had a picture of what was purported to be a Pakistani lady lighting candles in front of a shrine in the US. It had a blown up picture of the “victims’, including Noah.

          I wondered how these things were produced and distributed so quickly. I mean, this is a fair distance away. Of course, in this age I imagine you could do it electronically. Anybody check the donations sites yet?

        2. We (Dr. Doom) were not supposed to find the Noah Pic..haha

          These people are so crazy this just might be a Psyop to see who notices and must be eliminated.

          On a serious note. I know I keep harping on Rick Thorne. But he is/was the KEY witness and all of the Lamestream Media never interviewed nor pursued him.?

          Rick Thorne may have said “I’m not doing this” and “they” let him go or he’s scared to death hiding somewhere?

          Anyway, he is the one person that can break this and I’m fearful for his life. Not that MSM would ever put him on National to TV to tell his story if he broke, but he’s in danger either way.

          Obama ain’t going down.
          “He heard about Sandy Hook and saw it just like you on the news and was duped just like you all were”. Ding Dong

          He needs to contact Mr. Tracy and tell the truth and hopefully he can be protected. I know how I’m sounding but I may be correct.

          PS. Lophatt that was very funny. I needed that!

          Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        3. I just discovered wordpress moderation is based on key words like o+bum=er. Like MSN they too must tow the line and report any remarks our King may dislike…

        4. We(Dr. Doom) weren’t supposed to find the Noah Pic..haha

          These people are so crazy this just might be a Psyop to see who notices and must be eliminated.

          On a serious note. I know I keep harping on Rick Thorne. But he is/was the KEY witness and all of the Lamestream Media never interviewed nor pursued him.?

          Rick Thorne may have said “I’m not doing this” and “they” let him go or he’s scared to death hiding somewhere?

          Anyway, he is the one person that can break this and I’m fearful for his life. Not that MSM would ever put him on National to TV to tell his story if he broke, but he’s in danger either way.

          Oh ba mer ain’t going down.
          “He heard about Sandy Hook and saw it just like you on the news and was duped just as you all were”.

          He needs to contact Mr. Tracy and tell the truth and hopefully he can be protected. I know how I’m sounding but I may be correct.

          PS. Lophatt that was very funny. I needed that!

          Lets see how this works omitting the emperor’s name..

        5. Ric, if it helps, I’m not sure there IS a “Rick”. There was a person in Massachusetts that fit the profile, but there were problems with timing.

          Remember that what we have is an alleged recording of 911 calls. Anyone could have read the dialog and helped with the recording. I don’t know this to be true, I just point it out as a possibility.

          On the other hand, it is also possible that some participated in what they thought was a drill, only later finding themselves embroiled in something they would rather have avoided. I simply don’t know.

          For what its worth, IF he participated, and IF he’s real, he COULD certainly be helpful. For that matter several other people could be helpful as well if they were actually witnesses.

          I wouldn’t worry too much about Mr. Thorne. To be honest with you, I have a fixation on bus drivers and cafeteria employees. The Aurora event had genuine, gum-chewing employees interviewed. Not so at SHES.

          The 911 tapes reminded me of the impossible airplane calls in The 9-11 Movie. “Mom, this is your son, Mark……..”. I can only imagine the job of assembling all of that superfluous information, stirring it into an incomprehensible stew, adding redaction labels, and signing it out as a report. Mr. Thorne’s role was minimal.

          He’s probably playing canasta with Babs Olsen as we speak.

        6. Ric,

          I’m sure Andrew Solomon has a Rick Thorne interview in the can. Expect it to pop up out of nowhere any day now.

        7. Lophatt,
          Once again your words of wisdom ring true.

          Rick Thorne may be a fictional character like “Waldo” and a dead end, but they put him in this passion playas the “Lead Role”.

          He saw Adam with his gun, walked over the dead Principle and Teacher’s body’s. Guided Pastor Weiss in to Bless the bodies and identify them, Called 911, and was handcuffed by the Newtown Police then let go and never heard from again.

          I would like to interview (waterboard) him as would any good Journalist such as the likes and stature of Anderson Cooper, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, Brian Williams,Jake Tapper, Wolfie Blitzer would.

          Oh, sorry, NONE of them even tried to interview badd

        8. Ric, you missed the part about scrambling over the two M.D.’s standing in front of the building. So, we have Fr Weise, a state trooper (or FBI agent, you choose), two medical doctors, a stampede of cops entering through a hole in the window (or not, your call), dead principals, and….., Rick, “er, something is happening….”. .

          When editing a film it is always wise to have the storyline nailed prior to filming. This one looks like they did some “on the fly” editing, no doubt based on the rushes. Just look at the amount of footage devoted to Gene. They even did it in Spanish. It was “bi-awful”.

          When you consider that there was really no logical purpose in filming and re-filming alternate versions of this tale, it must have been done by design. Could that design involve obfuscation?

          It is difficult to imagine that someone could do this as poorly as it was done without effort. On the other hand, if you have ever questioned a group of people individually about something that isn’t true you often get a similar result. If you put them together later, they begin to “refine” their collective story.

          I was once in a law office all day and until 1:30 in the morning in D.C. with a guy who was supposed to testify at a hearing the following day. Every time he told his story it grew. No amount of persuasion could deter him. He was actually proud of himself. When asked, he saw nothing unusual in his behavior. I’ll never get it out of my mind. I wanted to strangle him.

          So, when someone who is equally capable of spotting incongruities chooses to just put it out there anyway, one has to wonder. Are they jerking our chains? I think the answer is “yes”.

        9. According to someone by the name of Rick Thorne, teachers had seen shadows running past the gym. Rick had recently arrived from Massachusetts where he declined the large cut in pay at his custodial position there, so we can forgive him (maybe) that he was not aware of the fact that the only windows in the gym were very high up on the wall. No one could look in or out, not unless they were suspended in air.

          The voice of Rick on the phone is of a gentleman past middle age. The Rick presented to us by cameras in Sandy Hook (just for a few seconds) were a younger and fit man, stylishly clothed in white pants and top. Not something a janitor would wear to work. This younger version was seen laughing, but immediately stopped when he noticed the camera.

          Another actor who did his part and probably went on to better and bigger things for his government.

        10. Anne, yes, “Rick” must have been very tall. If you’ll recall, there were another couple of strings to the tale, early on, that were abandoned. One had two teachers escaping out a window and going to “Subway” for sandwiches.

          Another had a group of boys escaping and going to Gene’s. There was an interview with a woman who talked about seeing them sprinting across the grass.

          Then we had the “sister” of “Nancy” who couldn’t remember her own nephew’s names. We had the Canadian teacher (with the bullet-ridden car), who hadn’t “earned” her key as yet. I suppose that’s in a CBA somewhere that non-tenured teachers are expendable.

          “Rick” had to be revisited to account for the bizarre emergency calls. If you followed the Aurora drill you would see similarities. I suppose that’s why they call them “drills”.

        11. Anne,
          I never saw any video with Rick Thorne in it.

          Interesting, because if he was hanging around the Fire house as they all were. He would have been interviewed way before any of the “faux families” Unless of course no one knew it was Thonre or?

          Anyways, who makes a phone call to 911 describing a gun man, dead teachers, broken windows like this?

          911 operator: what your emergency?

          Thorne: (Very Casually)There’s some guy running around here shooting all the kids and teachers.

          911 Operator: Can you describe the shooter?

          Thorne: No, I’m on my lunch break so I’ll check it out after I’m done with sandwhich…

        12. Ric – This Businessweek article is dated Nov. 29, 2012, before the magic day in Sandy Hook. Here we have a Rick Thorne mentioned and he surfaces again in Sandy Hook some two weeks later.

          I recall hearing the voice they claimed to be Rick Thorne. He sounded like a middle aged man or a bit older. In one of the many videos from SH that day was one that for a brief moment in the fire station parking lot showed two men talking. The voice of the video maker referred to one of the men as custodian Rick Thorne who looked quite jovial until he saw the camera and turned his back to it. That was the one and only time I saw this particular shot. It struck me that this person does not match the Rick Thorne voice on the phone. The individual was youngish and dressed in white slacks and a stylish light colored top. He actually looked like he had stepped off his yacht in Greenwich.

          It was one of many odd Sandy Hook images that stick like gum to your brain. I have not been able to find that video again.

  5. “Funny” how the kids are lined up in silhouette on red, all hanging onto each other on the Pakistan Memorial FB page JUST LIKE THE S HOOK KIDS THAT WERE LINED UP WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED LEAVING THE SCHOOL!

    1. They want to awaken those not yet aware, or further agitate those who are, martial law is the only answer to the predicted rioting on the streets. Haven’t pushed enough buttons for that to happen, but perhaps our rock and roll stars told us in advance.

      “In the mornin’ you go gunnin’
      For the man who stole your water
      And you fire till he is done in
      But they catch you at the border
      And the mourners are all singin’
      As they drag you by your feet
      But the hangman isn’t hangin’
      So they put you on the street ”

      1. Hey, thanks for the lyrics! I’ve heard that song a thousand times and never could understand what he was saying. Yeah, I know…I could have looked it up……….. 🙂

        1. You’re welcome Maryaha! Thanks Jack for asking the question.

          Your name prompted me to look at the lyrics, as I too sang along with the chorus thousands of times without really hearing the song.

          The current news cycles with crazy man made weather, shootings of cops, lootings and violence, never ending wars and slaughters, seems like the same story over and over.

          They have appeared to put it in high throttle and keep sending us back to do it again!

    2. I suspect the motive behind this move may be for the journalists covering this story to convey their doubts as to the authenticity of these events, by illustrating the ease with which the media can openly deceive the populace.

      The moment this “siege” began I wondered if it were a CIA operation to reignite the war on “terror” while eliminating a few hundred “undesirable” muslims in the process.

    3. I think I might agree with you if I might speculate. Pakistan is claiming for itself the right to execute prisoners who oppose certain things in their society. They want to slaughter them wholesale, but they don’t want someone coming for them like they did for Saddam. The US was fine with Saddam for a long time, and now it is fine with Pakistan doing this kind of thing too. But someone somewhere in the country may, and this is merely a possibility, understand quite well that this is how they are proceeding. This person may have a partisan interest. This person may simply believe in justice and due process of law. Or it may be a mix-up. But if it is a signal, it may be an S.O.S. to the people who have followed these hoaxes more carefully than the general public. If it is an S.O.S. then are we obligated morally to pursue the cause of those prisoners they are hanging? Isn’t it possible most of them had nothing to do even remotely with the Taliban?

  6. I’m not buying into the conspiracy on this. just pakistan looking for attention and $$ by including an american child also allegedly killed in a school shooting

    1. If you think this is just Pakistan, then I suppose you believe those dummies sat idly by while Navy Seals raptured bin Laden from a house near a Pakistan military compound. It cannot be just Pakistan doing its own thing, not in this global world, not with Pakistan a member of the Commonwealth. It is not allowed to go its own way. Perhaps that is why they are hanging its rebels in wholesale fashion and telling the world they are hanging the Taliban who massacred the school children.
      When an imperial nation wants to put the fear of God into a native population, they do things like that. Welcome to the high tech globalized 19th century, one small step for a country, one giant leap into the abyss for mankind.

      1. Agreed, it’s high tech world wide cooperation to make money on arms, combat, and subdue the populations to thinking they’re being protected or just sat upon and helpless. Ayad Akhtar’s new play The Invisible Hand has an American imprisoned, kidnapped, and making his own 10 million dollar ransom by buying and selling with the help of his British born jailer and an imam’s money “somewhere in Pakistan.” The imam is corrupt and steals from the cash, and eventually the jailer kills the imam in a cleanse, and others, showing his fanaticism and how typical such behavior is in Pakistan. What is so weird is that savvy US born Akhtar has a scene where the imam speaks about the Americans killing Bin Ladin in a town that’s full of Pakistani military whereas Akhtar and anyone who reads the Arab press knows that Bin Ladin died of Marfan’s disease in 2002, widely reported abroad at the time. So the question is why does an influential Pulitzer prize winning playwright put a US propaganda stunt in his play, used in a non-satirical way in a play full of irony and humor? Is he looking to make his own Hollywood propaganda film with US military approved content as they did for Zero Dark Thirty? The Sandy Hook photo of Noah on the Pak site is just a slap in the face to any intelligent person, and like all propaganda intended to show power and disdain.

      2. I imagine that accounts for the “burial at sea” (an old Islamic custom). After digging him up (he’d been in the ground since December 2001), he probably wasn’t suitable for framing.

        I think my personal favorite was the “spontaneous” celebration in front of the White House at midnight. Without special precautions anyone in front of the White House at midnight would be plucked like a chicken.

        Things like this give you some insight into what they think of us.

        1. Yes, I sometimes feel like Livia complaining that the gladiatorial displays (“I, Claudius”) are too obviously fake. You cannot tell if she really believes in them or not. But she says, “I want my money’s worth.” Fortunately for the “makers”, the “takers” are far too content with bread and circuses to mind that they are being shown garbage. There is scarcely a critic among them. Just pass the GMO popcorn.

    2. I was wondering when a troll would try to concoct some sort of explanation for the photo of Noah Pozner on the memorial wall in Pakistan. Let me see if I have this right. Your stated belief is that Pakistan tossed in an American school shooting victim because it would encourage more Pakistani’s to donate money, because they love us, and have even more sympathy for a Jewish American child than a plain old local student?

      I hope that isn’t your best shot, because that doesn’t even make sense.

  7. How can you moderate comments here when our government shows no such restrictions apply to them? Better read that Bill of Rights again. We should be able to go as far as they do unless, of course, you’re also brought & paid for too.

      1. The concern of the Florida courts over the right-of-access-statute was that it inescapably dampens the vigor and limits of public debate. This is why they reversed the state supreme court ruling in its favor. Here is a quote from James’ findlaw article:
        Faced with the penalties that would accrue to any newspaper that published news of commentary arguably within the reach of the right-of-access statute, editors might well conclude that the safe course is to avoid controversy. Therefore, under the operation of the Florida statute, political and electoral coverage would be blunted or reduced. Government-enforced right of access inescapably “dampens the vigor and limits the variety of public debate,”
        But does this judgment really apply here at MHB? For example, it is fine to present the news of this lawsuit brought by Shandly and friends, but by limiting our discussion of the history of those involved while letting these folks sell us their case, you are in fact endorsing it, and endorsing those bringing it as well. How does permitting commenters here to hash out the credibility of people like Shandly, Halbig and Fetzer dampen the vigor and limits of public debate? Doesn’t this depend upon whether we are presenting real facts or simply engaging in ad hominem attacks? The truth here is that the integrity of our debate suffers when real facts are suppressed. This doesn’t really have anything to do with the right of reply.

    1. @Pat Enery:

      Everyone knows that you have a right to control what is said by others in your own home, on your own property. You have the right also, to throw them out., ie., get rid of them, forcibly. While and after doing so, who cares what happens to them? They were guests who misbehaved, didn’t follow your rules of ‘household management’, there is no concern for them, nor should there be.

      Then you, of course, build the biggest home and get as much property as you can. You do this by having the most money, any way you can get it, best done by massive theft, merciless killings, threats and manipulation.

      This is how government and wealth work.

      Poor JFT is very poor. He has only this tiny little house you see, a cottage actually, unheated and bereft of furniture, on the smallest of land holdings, barely the size of a postage stamp. And besides that, he is in debt for it. I think maybe a million dollars or more. Soon he might even become homeless.

      And no well-heeled lawyers to back him up, either, only a tiny little link to FindLaw.

      Poor poor JFT.

      (a gentle two-way sarcasm about the problems of censorship and/or moderation and also of wealth, power and control)

      Ned Lud

    1. That’s a great find. Of course these boys could also as easily be somewhere in England, where there are many Pakistanis – although the grass looks yellow enough to be where they say it is.

        1. Anne has a good point. They didn’t even change the story. Who are they to argue. If they say “you’re dead”, you’re dead.

        2. Thank you for that, Anne B. Although other evidence has since come to light that 9/11 was a hoax, this early indication came in, was seen by the public, and simply absorbed without shaking the main story. Yet we can see it was part of how they create these impressions for the public and how “resilient” the story is even when what should be considered as evidence of fakery is discounted. This shows the level of power over reality that these fictions have.

          The Pakistan massacre story will be backed up by the prior awarding of the Nobel Prize to the girl student who was attacked. It will be believed because of that. But the corrupt evidence of the event – the bloody shoe filmed in Israel and the numerous photos which cannot be of actual victims at the school (associated with Pakistan’s military) – may not work to produce enough doubt about the event to put it over some threshold where we say we were tricked into believing it.

          Each story accomplishes some short term purpose, then gets laid up in lavender as actual history. Years later someone will write a book about the doubts of that historical story, but the evidence of who actually carried out the hoax will have been disposed of. The pristine bullet in the JFK story makes little difference to the general public if both he and Oswald are dead. “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”

      1. Here’s something weird. I put the name “Huzaifa Huxaifa” into Google translate, trying to see if it had meaning in Pashto, Arabic, or Hebrew. I then put the word “Haifa” in–and the the translation from Hebrew to English said, “SB&B.” Very weird. I googled that, and it is a marketing research and consulting firm operating in North America and Pakistan.

        1. In Urdu:
          “The name Hudhaifa is derived from the root word ‘hazaf’, which means to erase something.”

          It fits.

        2. Ooh, very good with the name, lophatt, Sofia, and Anne! I fumbled it, but you guys got it to the goal line.

          It looks like code to tell us at least some part of this is a hoax, eh?

          (The reason I checked “Haifa” in Google Translate, by the way, because I thought maybe the “ux” and “uz” were nonsense inserts.)

      2. Enlarge the photo and check out the top part of Boy #1’s hair. It looks like a poofy addition. And the mustache on Boy #3. The right side of the mustache has gone missing. It kind of stops right beneath his nose. New trend, perhaps.

        1. I see what you see rsrchr. When the photo is enlarged that hair appears fake and the moustache is half there. The pic looks altered/photoshopped.

        2. Maybe they should have given little Noah a mustache in hopes that he wouldn’t be recognized……You’re right, it could be a new trend. 🙂

        3. The woman in the green dress with the long scarf hanging round her neck (in the video), interviewing others and pointing to the posters, reminded me of someone. Jillian Soto, sister of SH vic Victoria Soto!! Slightly older, slightly heavier and with an accent, but if you check Google images of Jillian and compare it with this interviewer, they could almost be sisters.

    1. I agree lachatteniore, the boys look very alike, do you think they have a pool of photos they can use and they ran out and used a few twice…the Pozner photo is very weird, it may have not been noticed to anyone who didn’t follow S/H. the photos of the 4 boys standing in the park looks photo shopped to me. Soto look alike in it..I don’t know what to believe anymore..

      1. The four boys don’t have to have been photoshopped, however. The original purpose of that photo was not to show they had died. It may simply be the source someone used to get that one boy from it. The picture can have been generated in the normal course of things – and then used. Even the “Pozner” kid at “Sandy Hook” can have a normal background. That isn’t the point, imho. It is that they are not dead kids from a terrible event in better times. They are unrelated to the fake events, their images have simply been used. Most likely so many years later, the kid is now an unrecognizable adult or in the case of Pozner, perhaps just a much older child.

        Reminds me of the art of film-making where you can do so many illusionistic things – a house where the rooms are actually miles away from each other –

        1. Yes I understand Musings, using images of people, from another time. Like the S/H pictures of the children in the classroom, wearing 1980’s clothes gave that one away.. The illusions they can portray are endless.

        2. I don’t know why they can’t get that right – the wrong clothing for the era. Perhaps because a mother who dressed a kid in the 80’s can see it, and other people cannot? But it gets the job done.

          I calculated from the family photo of a security guard allegedly shot by the Tsarnaev brothers, just from the clothing, that he had to be in his fifties. It must have come from a family photo of one of the insiders in that story. It seems careless, but I guess they avoid the charge of photoshopping, because they start with a real picture which cannot be taken apart. The fashion statement is subjective to some degree, as kids can be claimed to be wearing hand-me-downs and thrift store items, in a kind of plausible deniability. Perhaps I am giving them this argument because I anticipate their using it if they are cornered and confronted. They have to have an explanation, but unfortunately they are rarely challenged by anyone with authority. It means the perps aren’t really the perps, just the craftsmen working for the perps.

        3. For most, “seeing is believing”. We know, logically, that an image can be doctored. We look for it when we are suspicious. Most are not suspicious of what they’re shown.

          We refer to the one image as “Soto”. That was probably gotten elsewhere as well. They wanted an attractive young man of Hispanic descent. Some have said that he is a “crisis actor”. Could be.

          It is pretty standard for those who would be actors to have a portfolio. So, we can’t make much of the background to a picture. It could have been taken anywhere. It appears to be a school (notice the uniforms), but not necessarily.

          The point being, we have no way to know if what we’re looking at is actually a true representation of events, normally. Think of the uprising in Greece that the media portrayed as Russia. Unless we see something obviously wrong, i.e. “Noah”, we normally assume it to be as advertised.

        4. Musings, now you’ve got me thinking about your question about the use of someone’s photos. If they are old photos, and the person has grown older, they are perhaps not concerned by their use?

          Could it be that they use pictures of people who are no longer among the living? I have read that photo studios can use photos from portraits where the order went unpaid. I’m told that is the source of at least some “stock pictures”.

          It would seem risky to me, however, to do that out of fear that someone might recognize themselves later and say “hey, that’s me”. That apparently happened with at least one of the kids photos in SHES.

          When they plaster these things worldwide, as they are, location matters not. I’m afraid I’ll be thinking this over for a time. It doesn’t make sense.

        1. It is good that we can laugh at it, excellent job on the compilation. These video deserves top billing on the MHB, played it multiple times and kept the clicker on pause, as so much is thrown at you!

          Thanks for sharing and good job 12160!

        2. What struck me as amazing about this video is how many of these little pageants have been packed into so little time; no sooner does society begin to absorb one fake traumatic event than another is presented. We are to be kept breathless, apparently. This is new. It is definitely an experiment in collective mind control.

        3. This is what I call a masterpiece! It even had a little Jack Tripper in it. Gabby Giffords is quite a trip…she deserves an award for her pretend performance. I’ve never seen so many grieving people who were so happy. If it wasn’t for the rivers of tears they were shedding, one might think it was a hoax. Oh wait, not one of them had any tears….hmmmmm?

          Now I have that song stuck in my head.

        4. Just to Illustrate, here’s the front page, all racked up and ready for printing in miraculous time.

          These things come as a set. The operation/drill, and the publishing materials. You don’t have to be a political scientist to reason that as France just recognized Palestine, it is fairly unlikely that a “Muslim” attack is warranted. Cui bono?

        5. Anne, looks like Said was a bit of a “satirist” himself. “Al Quaeda in Yemen”?

          This Algerian neighborhood must be awash in automatic weapons and grenade launchers.

          “Left his passport in the car”? Were there Quarans and instructions on how to fly aircraft as well? The material is really getting dog eared.

          If you studied the footage of the Australian event you may see some similarities here. I hope they don’t make me quote Karl Rove again.

        6. I have a strong suspicion that if this attack is in any way genuine – not the policeman – he obviously wasn’t really shot – but the “journos” – then, well, as the saying goes “even paranoids have enemies.” The fact is that it wasn’t only Muslims who were offended by them. They attacked, for instance, the Catholic church and made a mockery lately (if reports are true) of Christmas and the Christ child, whom they portrayed as a pig, no doubt in hopes of offending every one of the major religions of France in one fell swoop. Juvenile, of course, but perhaps designed to get a reaction.

          I have some French relatives, but have not spoken to them about this. I studied a bit of French and the history of France. One thing I know is that Reims, where they are searching for these guys, is a potent symbol for monarchists, and those who believe in the sacred mission of France itself.

          The kings were said to be anointed by oil somehow brought by the very being of the Holy Ghost. This last sentence should tell you two things – I just looked up Reims (after knowing basically the same story but getting this greasy detail) and people have been believing hoaxes for a very long time, actually being ruled by them.

          There is something playing out right now in Europe. The Euro is looking precarious. The Church (as it is today, with Pope Francis) opposes the traditional blocks with once were its underpinning, and has returned to a message of simple compassion, leaving the angers of the white underclass somewhat chaotic. But the rulers know that. The 1% knows that, and they are hoping to score somehow with this (as well as keep our minds off their brutality and corruption).

          The first impression of some bystanders who took the shooters for “anti-terrorism police” may be right. But on the other hand, I have been in that neighborhood, I had a friend who lived there, and for a sidewalk in Paris, it is mighty deserted. Thus, it seems to be yet another set in yet another government-sponsored drama.

          Watch the falling Euro. That will tell you a lot. And the central role France wants to keep in Europe, especially in Reims where champagne and kings come from.

        7. Oh, yes, and one more thing. French people love puns and double entendres. “Je suis Charlie” says so much in one phrase. It almost reminds me of “Algerie! Algerie!” the words Parisians would shout as the honked their cars.

          “Je suis Charlie” was constructed in a day. But look at it. Charlie of course can hark back to Charlemagne, the first creator of Europe. Jesus – I mean Je suis. Think about it. “I am a Christian European” seems to be the message. “And you aren’t.”

          Et moi, je suis Chevy Chase.

        8. Not only is the Euro falling, but so is the Norwegian kroner drastically.The Canadian dollar too.

        9. As much as the world wants to destroy the dollar, it seems they are afraid to run very far from it. A little QE in the next crash ought to solve that(or will it be a dreaded bail in?). The markets are truly fake these days. Everyone is simply running around trying to steal as much as they can before its over.

        10. Latest from France is that police conducted a massive manhunt all over the country throughout the night looking for suspects. So far seven people have been arrested. Neighbors of one of the Kouachi brothers said he was such a nice man. His apartment in Reims was ransacked for hours. In what police believe is unrelated, two officers were shot Thursday morning by a man with a machine gun and bulletproof vest.

        11. Experts high and low are out in force analyzing the latest event in Paris. Editor of satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, Stephane Charbonnier, was a top target. In 2013 his name and photo were posted as “wanted, dead or alive, for crimes against Islam” in Inspire, a jihadist magazine. Al-Qaida considered it a project of prestige to attack cartoon artists. Their dream of attacking the offices of Charlie Hebob has now been fulfilled, a revenge come true…..this according to a well known European military analyst who does not look a day over 20.

          The Sydney Morning Herald reports on twitter postings where the Al- Qaida (Yemen?) list shows Charbonnier’s face crossed out.

          How did Gladio manage without twitter?

          From San Jose Mercury News:
          ~The small-circulation weekly leans toward the left and takes pride in making acerbic commentary on world affairs through cartoons and spoof reports. The “Charlie” in the newspaper’s name is a reference to Charles Schulz’s Charlie Brown; “Hebdo” is short for “hebdomadaire,” the French word for a weekly publication.~

          “The Onion” should be prepared.

        12. Even while some violence is being directed at innocent French Muslims, and threats are being launched against mosques (which is interesting, because most French Muslims like most French Christians are very secular), the issues are being framed with the Mighty Wurlitzer of the media: “This is about freedom of expression.” Well, one can see that is the way one is supposed to see it, because a gunman allegedly cried “Allahu akbar!” while doing the hit on cartoonists and an economist.

          If the filmed shooting of the policeman were not so unbelievable and the usual and oh-so-necessary dropped ID hadn’t happened, along with a BMB style carjacking after what appeared to be a highly professional hit, one might think this issue was the top one. Vicious primitives treading on the civil rights of blatant racists. Yeah. As somewhat put it either here or elsewhere – would they parade around with posters that said “I am Stormfront” if some other sort of racist publication was involved? I mean an anti-semitic one? Because some of the Arab-hating cartoonists have been fired for also being anti-semitic. That did not fly at Charlie. After all, Charlie preferred to attack the weaker elements in society. Charlie was a bully and they avoided offending anyone who could hit back, apparently. This is supposed to show they were brave. I’m not buying it.

          “Pieds noire” is a term of opprobrium at the bourgeois French dinner table I sat at, referring to North African refugees who entered France because of the Algerian war in the 50’s. The pere de famille had a war record in Algeria and loved to talk about the ears which his superior officer collected during battles. It is perhaps a supreme irony (repeated I am sure throughout French society) that his son, first married in a Catholic ceremony, took as his second wife a head-scarf wearing Muslim, a fellow doctor. The son’s first wife married another African, this one black. “Ca ira.”

        13. I am disappointed, musings, to hear these words from you. Perhaps you think Islam is a good thing. Perhaps you wish Charles Martel should have failed, and everyone in Europe been forced to submit to Allah. I can’t imagine anyone wishing such a thing, and you generally portray a reasonable mind, so I can only hope you are not thinking properly here, and you don’t mean it.

          A core argument of my own book relies upon Samuel Huntington’s argument in his book A Clash of Civilizations: Islam is a civilization that is incompatible with all others. Moslems should never have been invited into the West. Of course, since the people of what once was the West have stopped producing a next generation, the point is moot.

          Still, what we have right now, whether this current event is a hoax or not, in Europe, is a complete collapse, an absolute failure of will. Of civilizational self-defense.

          Islam was, and is, a terrifying thing to Europe, but the Europeans forgot all about it. Santayana is famous for one quote: those who fail to remember history are condemned to repeat it. But this time, there will be no Charles Martels, or Ferdinand and Isabellas, to drive the Moslems out. This time, the Moslems are going to win, because the West is no more. Whatever this new civilization is going to be called, whatever its shape develops into, no one who loved life when grown up in the West is going to like it.

          One thing is absolutely certain, though. Capitulation to the demands of Islamic civilization is absolutely going to be disastrous. And capitulate we will. There is no one to inspire crusades in this new civilization, because we have nothing to believe in, much less fight to defend. We can’t even bother to produce children. Hell, many of the smarties amongst us think that executing our young while still in the womb is positively a GOOD thing. Imagine such a civilization surviving. I wouldn’t take that bet.

        14. Patrick, I could have written just about every word of yours that I just read…in fact I have today, on several post across the web.

          Very little to add other than to point out another crack in the veneer of western ‘democratic civilisation’.
          The protests.
          Not only are the protestors too scared or too self deceiving to actually protest the creed that is slaughtering them; but when they choose a surrogate, they choose ‘free speech’ or ‘freedom of expression’.


          PC was the first and last nail in the coffin of free speech. Free speech died about twenty years ago and we all know it. For them to pretend they are fighting for freedom of expression is hollow and may not be an apposite tribute to the murdered.

          Was the magazine really afraid of attacks from Christians and Buddhists as well?
          Or is that all just a lie?
          Another PC lie to lay with all the rest?

          Do you know it is now a criminal offense in this country (UK) to call your wife ‘fat’? As of January.
          There is an ongoing lobby to equate ‘hate speech’ with the same penalties as violent crime. They will win.

          I don’t welcome the Islamists but I cannot for a second mourn the bloody, painful cowardly death of the West.
          In fact I’m leaving the country.

          Anyway, please tell me about you book you mentioned.

        15. Musings, before “choosing sides” and becoming fully-engulfed in this, we should not forget that it is all part of a larger plan. It is not what it appears to be.

          It is merely a matter of where one decides to grab hold of this. Ultimately, it is more “divide and conquer” and the use of various groups and individuals to accomplish another’s end.

          Whether it’s “blacks” in Fergeson, or cops in NYC, or Moooslems vs. Christians, or….you fill in the blank. There is no doubt that any avenue will be exploited to sow division.

          It isn’t even about whether it is “real” or not. They may have shot people, maybe not, does it matter? They want us separate and weak, at each other’s throats. They want to see people demand that others are forbidden to say what they like.

          They want people to demand that their governments “DO SOMETHING”. That’s the game. It matters not that “moslems” were singled out for this, it could have been “left-handed herniated Hopi indians” for that matter. Any identifiable group will do. Granted, some are more useful than others depending on the desired goal.

          TPTB have deliberately forced diverse groups together for the precise purpose of sowing disunity and, therefore, easing control. They continue to fan the flames at every opportunity. Then they stand back and claim it was “spontaneous”. “We need more control!”.

          The French recognized Palestine. Das est verboten. The more chaos is generated the better progress our controllers make. Let’s not be chumped by this one. They keep at it in the certain hope of hitting at least some group’s “hot button issue”. If someone thinks this is for real let me know your address and I’ll send you a picture of my purple unicorn.

        16. No lophatt, it’s not just you. This new cast of characters should not expect a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. The higher ups will drip with medals and accolades. In this new year I have started on a different approach. Instead of cynicism I’ll turn to humor if possible.

          Le Monde reports the following: They aimed the weapons at Wolinski and Cabu says Corinne Rey, who hid under a desk during the shooting. She reports that the men spoke fluent French and stated they came from the terror network al-Qaida. After shooting several men in the room, one of the terrorists pointed a weapon at Charlie Hebdo employee Sigolène Vinson with these words “You we will not kill because we don’t kill women. However, you shall read the Quran.”

          (Reportedly one woman is among the magazine casualties – Elsa Cayat.)

          “Satire doesn’t stand a chance against reality anymore.”
          ~Jules Feiffer in 1959~

        17. Anne, sounds like a line from one of those old “Prince of the Dessert” movies. “Come with me, mon ami, to the oasis……”. Wow!

          They build this whole mythos around the villain, like your man Breivik. Only a society raised on comic books could buy into this. It’s all so tiresome.

        18. lophatt – you’re funny!

          Ah, Prince in the Desert – those steamy Arabian nights. All kidding aside, this is what they were up to – really!

          Arabia, 1816
          ~For Sheikh Khalid al-Raqam, choosing a bride comes second to the responsibility of ruling his kingdom and protecting its treasures. When he is given a shipwrecked foreign beauty as a tribute gift, he foresees a diplomatic nightmare–until he lays eyes on Juliette de Montignac’s lush curves. His passion is only roused further by her bold and defiant spirit. His inner conqueror awakened, Khalid is determined to tame Juliette….by awakening her own desire for him!~

        19. Anne, are you sure Leo Uris didn’t write that? All it needs is a little juicing up, scenes of old men in white playing camel dung checkers, slaughtering goat kids in the road, etc..

          In the West the image is much like the Cold War Russia image of “Babushka women” driving tractors. Most think of places like Syria as images out of “A Thousand and One Nights”.

          We are kept ignorant by the greedy. Watching this revival of “the other” (think swarthy Arab devils slithering in the moonlight), only proves one thing. The French may be as unsophisticated as the Americans. Who’da thunk?

        20. lophatt, you’re still funny.

          Despite Leon Uris’ fame (and background), he was no match for Marguerite Kaye and her sultry Arabian nights.

          ~Marguerite Kaye writes hot historical romances from her home in cold and usually rainy Scotland. Featuring Regency Rakes, Highlanders and Sheikhs, she has published almost thirty books and novellas. When she’s not writing she enjoys walking, cycling (but only on the level), gardening (but only what she can eat) and cooking. She also likes to knit and occasionally drink martinis (though not at the same time).~

          Many of 1,001 Nights’ tales were folklore from the Caliphate era. Al-Qaida aka ISIS aka ISIL is keeping close watch so that no one messes with those lores. I could not have been more than ten when I read 1,001 Nights (Arabian Nights). Ali Baba and Aladdin’s Lamp impressed me the most. Magical drawings with dark, handsome and mysterious sultans in exotic surroundings. No babushkas on the tundra with tractors. The French are way overrated, their cuisine too. The wine is good.

        21. Oh, Anne, now you’ve got me reminiscing, too! I was also a fan of the Arabian Nights. My mother gave me the version illustrated by Maxfield Parrish when I was a child, and I still find his illustrations ravishing. I even chose the name “Gulnare” for my ebay handle, based on his picture for Gulnare by the Sea. Funnily, around 2000 I communicated with someone selling a Persian rug, and he exclaimed at my name, not knowing about Arabian Nights. He said it meant “pomegranate flower” in Farsi!

  8. The bogus New York Times coverage of the “event” starting on Dec 17 made it clear right from the beginning that this was a fake shooting. Authors “Declan Walsh,” “Ismail Khan,” and “Azam Ahmed.” Fake quotes, fake victims, fake mourning families, fake blood, fake/staged/photoshopped photos.

    Lots of echoes of Sandy Hook, such as a beloved principal who reportedly died trying to save her students, students who hid under their desks and were forced to watch their teachers get shot, a familiar quote from a student (“They killed our teacher”), and soldiers who recovered the bodies (not EMTs). And of course the idea that the tragedy had brought people together, “overcoming their divisions to unite in pain.” This is amazing reading:

  9. Bella’s 4th question swerves close to what’s going on, but in my opinion it’s deeper than that.

    Having made my way through all the comments up to now (45), it strikes me that no one has asked the most important question: who “discovered” Noah’s picture in this pageant? An idiot savant, who spends all day staring at pictures of news stories around the world, and like Rainman instantly made the connection?

    It strikes me that the best solution is that the pageant-master told someone, because it’s a key part of the larger picture, where all these fake traumatic events, combined, have their role to play in a Grand Scheme to shape the global public Mind to accept the New World Order.

    To quote myself, from a comment on the Wolfgang Halbig Shuns Lawsuits thread:

    “lophatt, at this point it looks to me that we are inside a laboratory experiment, and there is no way out of it. It’s like a rat maze where there is no permanent answer: we find the food pellets, but then they reassemble the pathways, and examine our behavior again.

    “The good news is that we are (at least are capable of being) cognizant of our condition, even if we can’t change it. I think you agree with me that our greatest power is that we can look up from the channel they have us in currently and laugh at them. They don’t like that, which is simply delicious–it’s our only tool, really, if we want to hurt them. We can make them uncomfortable, that is, but not ever truly harm them, because we can’t escape the laboratory. It is our free will that truly disturbs them. They can treat us as animals, and structure the world like an experimental maze for animals, but we can choose to look up at them and give them the finger.

    “That is, Winston Smith can never stop coming into being. We are not rats, and thus people will always, occasionally, break out and refuse to cooperate.”

    They are toying with us. The make the events wonderfully traumatic, and include within the physical evidence obvious fakery. The movie and book Dark Moon surmises that all the obvious fakery was planted in the pictorial record of the Apollo missions so that someone, someday, would notice; it was a kind of passive-aggressive whistle-blowing. This, it seems to me, is different. They are winking at us: they WANT us to know it’s all fake. It is part of the experiment. They want to understand how Winston Smith reacts to various patterns of the maze, how delighted he is to discover the food pellet this time (Noah’s picture).

    It seems as simple as that, to me.

    In the movie Dark City, humans have been abducted and taken by a strange, emotionless alien race to an artificial planet. Each night, the vast machine that operates the physical reality of the place is “paused,” and everyone falls unconscious. They are then injected in the brain with a cocktail that completely changes their memories and worldview; the physical city itself is changed, too, and a single, poor, working-class guy might now be a millionaire with a big family in a mansion that did not even exist an hour before. Then, the new experiment set up, the machine is “unappeased,” and the aliens observe how these new conditions play out. They are doing this because they want to understand humanity; they can’t comprehend us, our irrationality and all the rest of it.

    We are the subjects of similarly heartless, alien, minds, people who think the whole world is their very own “Dark City”–for now. Eventually, they will get rid of most of us (see: the Georgia Guide Stones), and operate the planet as it suits them, without us pesky vermin mucking up the place, demanding our “rights” and “liberties.”

    Of course, meanwhile, they also have to identify Winston Smith, wherever he awakens. O’Brian told Winston that he enjoyed conversing with him. I think that’s how our masters feel when observing us debating the meaning of Noah’s picture being “regifted.” But the cat eventually tires of toying with the mouse, and Winston must be disposed of.

    1. Patrick, it is certainly possible to come to feel as you describe. A sense of hopelessness sets in and we perceive these manipulators as all powerful. In reality, they are just men and women, evil perhaps, but flesh and blood.

      A comparatively small group thrives on avarice. In some cases that sense of entitlement is multi-generational. They truly believe that all things exist for their pleasure. They are contemptuous of the vast majority who they view as worthless unless they are serving them in some way.

      Understanding that even these “entitled” ones are servants of others. They may appear “free”, but they are not. They just get more toys. There’s a price for toys, however.

      There is an odd quirk in human nature that inclines people to accept whatever “place” a “superior” chooses to put them in. Those doing the choosing simply assume the attitude of superiority and the subject assumes the role of servant.

      The reason that they seem to “win”, is that they are totally unencumbered by conscience or empathy. They are not thinkers or humanitarians, they are purely and simply concerned with their own individual self-interest.

      Oddly, the thing that makes us attractive as humans, concern for the welfare of others, is what prevents us from denying these greed-driven lifeforms their desires. They are parasites on the human host.

      Lately I’ve been thinking that the real question isn’t so much “what drives them”, it is “what should be our response”? For any of this to work requires that both parties play their respective roles. The two things they cannot tolerate are disobedience and distain. Mocking them is highly effective.

      It is extremely unlikely that the picture was accidentally released. If it were, it would have been removed faster than a Sandy Hook script rewrite. Discussions related to it show that at least some are aware. I do not expect that to bother TPTB in the least. After all, they aren’t the only ones with “middle fingers”.

      So far, I think our response is the correct one. We are pointing these things out and, hopefully, more are becoming aware that they are being hoaxed and manipulated. I suppose the next stage is turning our collective backs to them. A little humor along the way would help alleviate some of the despair and provide a little entertainment value.

      1. I had a comment for this, but it disappeared into La La land as I was writing it, and I’m glad. I think I was reaching a fever pitch and don’t want to come off as hostile. I’m changing the subject completely.

        Anyway, I read as much of the comments as I can, and a lot of you are obviously well read, educated, intellectual, lawyers, professors, you name it. I know you hope for some kind of awakening of the masses, and are doing your best to help achieve that. Now I don’t want to seem hopeless, because I am not. However, I am a blue collar working stiff, as I’m sure most of you have guessed from the word go.

        I’m just here to tell you from the trenches… it ain’t happenin’. At least not from where I stand. The average schmuck can be introduced to the most amazing hoaxes, false flags, and plain old lies, and they instantly glaze over and turn back to something more interesting, like picking their nose. The people are locked into whatever their own form of idolatry is on a level you can’t even imagine, for males its mostly sports, and smart phones(that they can follow sports on). I don’t want to judge too harshly because I had idols of my own once… or twice. They usually involved two legs or two wheels, but that’s neither here nor there.

        So after 10 years of trying to wake people up, the closest I got was a guy who thinks 7 foot reptilians are appearing in his bedroom. This is seriously hard work! Damn you David Icke, for getting to that guy first!

      2. I agree with you Lophatt, life must go on and while they are playing these silly evil games, we must with all our might, and strength, do as much good and believe in the basic inherent good that exists in most people, as we can in our own little part of the world. Most of my friends have stopped listening to MSM, for their own reasons, it’s just really too inert, for all their efforts, they are really doing very little to affect human nature

    2. Excellent analysis, Patrick, really.

      for anyone lost, these were Bela Lugosi’s ghost 4 questions which appear way down below and were excellent also:

      1) Who or what was the original source of this grouping of photos which includes the Noah Pozner image?
      2) Why did no one in the school administration, or in the Pakistani media or BBC not catch the mistake?
      3) Is this being intentionally dangled, as bait, to further confuse, perplex, and possibly discredit researchers later on with the old “It was all just a comedy of errors type of thing. Nothing conspiratorial after all folks!”
      4) Is someone on the inside (Pakistani Intelligence?) attempting to blow the whistle on these hoaxes?

      What perplexes me, given the vast turmoil in the world, is how these small, or large deceptions, depending on how we look at them tie in. Like Patrick says, are we in an experiment. Is it simply so the Masters of the world can get it right after they get their Georgia Guidestone utopia? Certainly it would be more cost effective in their new world to have the rats keep themselves in line instead of using the brute force they do in todays world. Brute force breeds contempt in the masses, but the elite like it so much, I am not sure even they could break their addiction to it. Perhaps Pharma has come up with a pill for them. Of course that would be silly, they are perfect, just ask them.

    3. lophatt, I believe that you and I look at this the same way, at the center of the question. I am not hopeless; I just don’t think we can stop the train speeding down the tracks. Its brakes are failed and it’s going downhill and it IS going to derail at the curve and crash into the mountain, because it’s going too fast, and can’t be stopped.

      But this has all happened before. When Rome (the empire) was in its last phase, and what we today would call the middle class was the last place for the debauched state to tap for funds (sound familiar?), the best option for the tapped-out middle class was to walk north, into Germania, where they did not speak the language, and hope to start a new life using whatever skills they had. That is a terrifying, but hopeful facing of reality.

      My position is that anyone who wishes to reconstruct Western Civilization is embarking upon a hopeless task. It can’t be done. So don’t try. Face reality. Do what CAN be done–even if it is bloody well terrifying.

      It is a different kind of hopefulness than Americans are accustomed to, facing a future that bears no resemblance to the life we have known, but it’s not hopelessness.

      Now, I don’t have any illusions that this philosophy will be widely embraced, and I will somehow become the next Dr. Phil because it will make obvious sense to the teeming masses. Because those roiling throngs will think it is indeed a capitulation to hopelessness. I am reconciled to that.

      Look. If I am right, and I think I am (and you seem to agree), that the picture was not just intentionally planted but the revealing of it was the central element of the game, we know that these people are confident beyond any bit of self-doubt. The painting is complete. This is their signature at the bottom of the picture.

      This might sound like hopelessness, because what I’m saying is that the old order WILL NOT be restored, and this kind of message is proof of it. The hope comes from embracing reality, and facing it, not pretending it’s not so. Those Romans who wandered north and crossed the border did not know what was going to be done to them, but facing reality, and acting, was an expression of faith, of hope. We are just as blind to the conditions that the New World Order has in store for us, but it is far better to prepare ourselves for that uncertainty than it is to pretend that the toothpaste can be put back into the tube.

      NOTE: Thanks to Rich for pointing out that the comment above was originally intended as a reply to a comment near the bottom of this thread. Hopefully, it stands alone well enough, out of place as it landed.

      1. Yes Patrick, I do agree. While some are fond of pointing to the failures of Western Civilization, the successes far outweigh the failures. We should preserve what is good about it and abandon the rest.

        We shouldn’t forget that those far-flung legions at Hadrian’s Wall simply walked away. In fact, it was the Romans in Rome’s bad fortune to so close to the implosion.

        The last act of a failed government is to raid the treasury. The jar contains a vacuum and you can see what that means. It’s one thing to be mugged, quite another for them to ask for a check.

        The last several decades has been an experiment in the power of hubris. The Greeks warned; “those who the Gods would destroy, first they make proud”. That’s wisdom.

        My point is yours. We must focus on what we will do individually after they wreck the car. They are surely headed for a pile up. If they stop for fuel I’d get off.

    4. Off topic….sort of.

      Hello again.

      Reading these comments I couldn’t let a reference to ‘Dark City’ pass without comment.
      Whoever wrote that story/screenplay/script KNOWS a lot more than they are saying (perhaps that’s why you reference it?).

      They are correct about how the entities interact with us…sleep being a very effective cinematic metaphor.

      They are correct that the entities seek; ‘…this thing you call a soul…’.

      They are even correct about the physical appearance of the entities: humanoid; cloaked; white grey pasty flesh; dark/black eyes.
      It’s all there. All it needs is a silver cylindriacl craft!

      From memery, the film was released at the same time as ‘The Matrix’ and was rather overshadowed as a result.
      Forgotten by most of us. Not all of us.


      1. “One of the things that we’re exploring in this film, is what it is that makes us who we are. And, when you strip an individual of his identity, is there some spark, some essence there that keeps them being human, gives them some sort of identity?”

        Alex Proyas- one of the three screenplay writers of Dark City

        A very interesting comment by Proyas given my belief there is a movement to strip us of what makes us human for reasons that go beyond the usual better, stronger, faster, and smarter goals of the transhumanists. Good to see you here.

        1. Thanks for that Rich.

          Very interesting indeed.

          Personally, I’m someone who would agree with your concerns. There does indeed seem to be a (Western) ‘movement’ to de-humanise the human race.
          Remove culture, gender roles, gender itself, debase language, remove historical awareness, poison food etc etc All stuff I’m sure you’re fully aware of.

          Thanks again for the quote….I’ve not gotten through all the posts yet as I’ve been cooking, hopefully I’ll have something to contribute when I’ve read them all.

          Thanks again for the quote.

      2. John, I have never encountered anyone else who knows that movie, and your comment gratifies me. (Of course, I’m not surprised to learn that Rich knows it.)

        If you have any deeper insights to share about it, I would be grateful to hear them. I think the message the movie conveys is quite profound, obviously, as my earlier comment indicates, but it’s only my own thoughts that inform me about it.

        As you can tell, this place is very accommodating to lengthy comments, so long as they are cogent and informative. I think you have something to share, and I thin we’d all love hearing it.

        1. Yet another weird picture about a tragic plane crash (that a girl walks away from). Just after it happened, there was a clip with a long series of shots of the emergency vehicles, with their various slogans, which I found particularly creepy. Their lights were on, but no one was home. If you find it, let me know what you think.

          But here’s the insane picture CNN is running, I guess to remind us that however silly and tacky we are, it is no talisman against an arbitrary grim reaper:
          Well – can’t find it. Mother in a serape and big silly Mexican hat, two children, husband. Who would take this kind of picture? It really screams “stock” to show you vivid color. Perhaps from old Kodak files which demonstrate the film quality?

        2. musings, I hope this shows up in the right place. I’m replying to your comment about the mexican hat photo.

          I followed that story almost from the time that it happened, when the plane couldn’t be located. I saw no reason to be suspicious of it, though when I looked for the photo you mentioned and found it on cnn, I can see how it could look ‘wrong’. I think we just mistrust anything on cnn now, and the photo looks out of place there.

          It came from the mother’s facebook page, it’s from a birthday party.

          Apparently, they flew a private plane to the Florida keys, regularly, I believe.
          The plane went down in a heavily wooded area and couldn’t be found right away.

          Here’s a local news report…

        3. Hello all.

          Thanks for the response Patrick.
          Do I have ‘something to share’ regarding this film?

          I think so….here goes.

          -grow up, all seems normal.
          – go to University. Great fun.
          -return to Leicester.

          See first UFOs (four, flying in formation right over the city center in broad daylight) Very strange. Hard to face really, and I THOUGHT I believed they were real. KNOWING is a totally different thing. Rather scary.

          – a day or two pass, then I see the BIG one (9:08am on my way to work) a cylindrical silver craft. The sight changed my life.*
          -try to read every single book in Leicester book shops on this topic. Succeed, but only 25-35% of these books address my experience.
          -So I read them all again. And again.

          Eventually, one text I had disregarded was fully read. It had a quiz ‘Have YOU Been Abducted by aliens?’ See why I didn’t complete this book?

          -go through checklist with increasing concern.
          -one question ‘Do you remember having a dream that seemed significant to you at the time involving a cloaked figure standing by your bed?’** was especially shocking

          Then I ‘remembered’.
          The memory was indeed ‘compartmentalised’ in the manner you may have read about…..or experienced yourself.
          The entities have black eyes, the appear to have perhaps once been human.They have no hair and do not speak. They wear black robes*
          I know this because ‘all of a sudden’ I recall one standing at the end of my bed when I was a child….along with a whoooshing sound/sensation and being lifted up out of my body. This happened again and again.

          -Go back to work after making a snap decision NOT to walk the Earth seeking answers. I thought about it though.
          -See the film ‘Dark City’ and realise that the manner in which the aliens can slip into and out of ‘our reality’ is identical to the manner in which the real entities can operate.
          -they look physically v similar
          -they are stealthy for a reason
          -it is revealed in the film that the aliens seek,’…this thing you call a soul…’
          -they do, and they serve Evil. The old fashioned horned type of evil. The Serpent type, sorry to be old fashioned but it’s true.

          Two Last Things

          One; when speaking about this subject, lights go off, unexpected visitors arrive, phones ring….anything to interrupt the discussion. Honest. Took me a few years to realise. Talking to a Teacher colleague just before Christmas is one example. I said ‘Something will happen to disrupt this conversation…something unexpected like sudden illness or whatever. Something strange.’ She must have thought me mad. Well, she was off sick the next day and until the end of term. She couldn’t even make it in to give her children their presents. happens all the time. It’s one/the reason the ‘UFO Mystery’ stays out of the public realm to a large extent.
          Some of us who know also understand….we don’t all WANT to know and with good reason.

          Two; at approx 13:38 one Friday afternoon during the above events The Holy Spirit physically entered my body (through the center of my chest, the heart?). Divine love and total power….in that order.

          So, it’s gonna be OK.
          We do have protection here on Earth as someone once promised. Just like he said.

          Not a day passes I don’t think about this….unless I’m really REALLY busy at school and that’s fine. Or in love, as I was recently. Sadly, that’s NOT turned out to be so good. She had a boyfriend. Some guys have all the luck I can tell ya……

          Hope that didn’t bore you.
          Kind regards.

          * A large silve airship advertising ‘Pepsi Max’ appeared in the skies above Leicester at this exact time. It went around and around and around like a concerned SH relative…….
          ** Harder than I thought it would be to type that.
          *** One text ‘The Song of The Greys’ I think it was, suggested the entities wear cloaks to hide their ugly bodies from themselves. It is suggested these are the ones Christ spoke about when he said, ‘They will seek after death.’
          Some believe they are clones who are tied for ever to ‘this plane of existence’, they are here trying to die. They seek to hijack our souls to do this.

        4. Rev 9:6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

          This has been going through my head all day, now I know why. Abduction is too big a phenomenon to ignore. It has a purpose, no doubt. Most likely to discover how to take away ones ability to be saved. I saw “Dark City” quite some time ago. The studio had to know it was going to bomb at the box office. Nonetheless it was released anyway. There is a purpose to that no doubt too.

        5. John R: Are you familiar with the phenomenon “sleep paralysis”? If not, check out Chris White’s work (Google or search YouTube); he has a good perspective on it and has done the most extensive surveys to date. I have his e-book that I would be happy to share, too, if you think it might be of some help to you. I suffered with it for years myself.

          I have not seen Dark City, so I can’t comment on it, but I am intrigued.

        6. it’s unfortunate this topic is buried in this conversation.
          But I too as a child and well into my adult years went through sleep paralysis. I didn’t know what was happening to me nor did anyone else.

          I just wrote a long piece on this but everyone would think I’m nuts so this is all I’m going to say.

          I have NEVER known or heard of anyone experiencing this but myself.

          The internet now has an entire entry on Wiki about this. They don’t describe my experience very well besides full paralysis.

          When I was young, my arm would be draped over both my eyes so I counld not see anything. I could still hear though….

          I don’t believe in little grey’s for the record. The great deception/falling away is right around the corner. 99.44/100% would have failed if the days were not shortened. That’s most of us.

          This is not the place for this discussion…

          Yep, that’s it, I’m bananas and all those secret society people are good..

        7. Thanks, John. Very interesting. You should read Jacobs’ The Threat. If you google it, you can find Youtube videos of him speaking about his work, and the reason the abduction agenda really terrifies him.

          Ric, I appreciate your remarks about this subject. Heiress first novel is called The Facade for just that reason. It is a grand set-up for the Great Deception.

          Both of these books are the result of decades of study by academic scientists. They are unique in that they take this subject deadly seriously, whereas most of their colleagues would not touch it with a ten foot pole.

          I agree with you both that our only protection is the Holy Spirit; the forces of darkness cannot take away that protection, even if they inflict the torments of Job upon us.

          Anne, if you don’t have Netflix, get it, and push Dark City to the top of your queue.

        8. Thanks to all for their intelligent & considered responses.
          Some replies:-

          Rich says:
          January 5, 2015 at 9:16 pm

          Rev 9:6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

          ‘This has been going through my head all day, now I know why. Abduction is too big a phenomenon to ignore. It has a purpose, no doubt. Most likely to discover how to take away ones ability to be saved.’

          If you are referring to a synchronous reflection upon this passage that occurred before you read my post; that is a genuine stamp of this phenomena, time & consciousness become blurred. We remember things before they happen.
          Yes, the subject is far too big to ignore but also simply too big to focus upon most of the time. I man could go mad.
          They certainly DO have a purpose and so do the agencies that put that blimp into the immediate vicinity at that time.

          One aspect of this phenomena is this; the entities ability/inclination to ‘be’ in this world/reality seems to be in some way regulated by our knowledge that they exist. It makes no difference if we BELIEVE that they exist; just that we are told (rather like administering a Holy Oath in a sense).
          I know this as….sigh cos I know how it sounds……as when I TOLD my friends about what I saw they then almost immediately then SAW UFOs THEMSELVES.
          At first I was skeptical (to my shame) but the detail (including very scary phenomenological phenomena I had not told anyone about) demonstrated to me their accounts were accurate (not mistaken, I never thought they were lying).
          Thus, at one point everyone I seemed to tell would come around or telephone me with their testimony. It was as though my account to them somehow opened some door????? Or something????
          All very peculiar and at one point terrifying.
          Then the Holy Spirit put in an appearance and if ever you were glad you had gone to Church…………

          This is why the motivation behind the grey, cylindrical metalic airship is so opaque. Perhaps it was their to provide an alternative, safe, normal explanation for what so many people in Leicester were seeing. Hence, some would be disinclined to think ‘My friend really DID see a UFO’.
          Instead they would think the ‘mystery solved’ meaning less ‘engagement’ from the entities???

          The alternative is that it was there to deceive people in a wicked way; nothing to worry about. Nothing to see. it’s OK, just go back to sleeeeeep…

          I’ll post this then contine my responses…..

        9. ‘Thanks, John. Very interesting. You should read Jacobs’ The Threat. If you google it, you can find Youtube videos of him speaking about his work, and the reason the abduction agenda really terrifies him.

          Ric, I appreciate your remarks about this subject. Heiress first novel is called The Facade for just that reason. It is a grand set-up for the Great Deception.’

          Hi there Patrick.
          Thanks for your advice. As it happens I have read the threat. I concur with your above description. Very sober and professional.
          Most of it I read several times but the chapter on children/hybrids I did not read. Never will. As I mentioned I teach Primary (Elementary) and I can’t read that….
          I’ve seen the (excellent) ‘Youtube’ presentation as well. I think it would be the same one. He concerned about the very future of the human race as I recall.
          He’s looked at the evidence. He’s drawn simple and obvious conclusions. No wonder he’s scared.
          I can’t add anything other than to wonder at what bizarre ‘phenomena’ the writers (two if I recall?) decided would remain unpublished from their work. Not just from the interviewees individual’s accounts but also from their own lives. Stuff anyone would hesitate to tell anyone.
          There is no way a person can become immersed in this subject and meet a significant number of ‘abductees’ without….erm….without finding the unexpected.

          …now I need to go and buy pasta before another couple of replies.

        10. Patrick, I don’t have Netflix but I have Amazon Prime Instant Video. They have a decent inventory. I’ll look for it there. I’m quite a movie buff.

          This is related to everything here on MHB. Yesterday a young man came to replace two smoke detectors. I was listening to John B. Wells’ interview with Wolfgang Halbig and also had the MHB site up on my computer.

          After a few moments high up on the ladder (cathedral ceilings) the young man says “are they talking about Sandy Hook?” I said yes, do you know anything about it. His answer was that he knew all about it and that it was fake. Then he proceeded to name the other fake events and he had such knowledge that I almost tilted over in amazement. Telling him that I was thrilled to meet a young man with such information, perhaps it is more common than believed. Oh no, he said, his friends are glued to their electronic games and have no interest in current events. Politely I asked about his age, he was 19.

          Then the shocker. He had enlisted in the military and was headed for training in three weeks. Carefully I asked if he really thought it was a good idea, knowing what he does. I’m not worried, he responded. He was going to Ft. Benning and he himself said it’s a brainwashing institution. Astounded, I said you must be aware that if they send you to their wars you could come back with no arms, no legs and even in a coffin. I know, he said, but my life is in God’s hands.

          He did walk away with info on how to access MHB. I still have no clue what to make of it.

          Patrick, thanks for mentioning Rollye James a while back. I used to listen to her and then she went away. I had no idea she’s back on the air. Real smart lady.

        11. I feel sorry for a person who has to go through basic training “awake”. The stress of that first six weeks has a way of weeding those ones out. He will need to figure out a way to hide it. Lucky I was still asleep back then. Then again, they may notice it, and give him a ticket to the big show.

        12. It’s always a delight, Anne, when I mention one of these not so well known, but valuable people, and you know about them and tell me so. It’s very encouraging, just as the encounter with the young fellow was to you. There are awake people all around us. Maybe we should create special sunglasses we all can wear, so we know one of us when we see them.

        13. Patrick, I discovered Rollye James while living in Nashville. Her nightly discussions with truck drivers were most educational. Now she lives in southern Arizona, saying she’s in the chemtrail capital of the world.

          Further down in this Wikipedia (I know) information piece on her is an interesting tale from when she worked in Austin, TX for a radio station owned by the LBJ Holding Company.

      3. John and Ric ~ Are either of you familiar with L.A. Marzulli? Check him out for sure at He is a Christian man and deals with this subject from a Christian viewpoint. He has dealt with many people that have been visited during the night by these beings for as long as they can remember, since they were young children. This is something not to be taken lightly. I believe they are identical to the Biblical devils/demons/unclean spirits. As someone else here said, they are part of the great delusion spoken of by the Apostle Paul. Tom Horn is another great resource for this information at

        1. Hi Maryaha….and others.

          I’m going to write here tomorrow I have interviews to prepare for. ie sleep…no, I have to prepare.
          back tom.
          Hope you are still on this thread.

        2. I studied this Sleep Paralysis thing all day for I never knew anyone else had it happen to them. No one I’ve know at least.

          Since I’ve learned now, many have had this experienced.

          I can only say my “journey’s” had nothing to do with demons and aliens or even what some have said austral projection as all seem to have experienced or at least thought they have .

          I know this sounds weird but I believe no demon or alien would even show it’s face to me because I’d make it sit with me an answer some serious questions.

          My experience was more like strange journey’s to the outer limits if you will..haha

          I don’t want to elaborated but I can tell you this, they were more spiritual in nature. No aliens or demons. Just very trippy.

        3. Believe me, there was no sitting these suckers down and asking them questions, serious or otherwise. Whatever it is that goes on during sleep paralysis events, it happens TO you…there’s NO control over it whatsoever. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

        4. I wasn’t sure where to put this. This is in reply to the thread having to do with UFOs, abduction, and manufactured reality.

          In 1992 an Abduction Study Conference was held at MIT (Cambridge, Mass.) A 683-page unabridged version of the proceedings was published in 1994. John Mack was one of its editors. It’s a treasure trove of information, looking at the phenomenon from every conceivable angle. I kind of leaned toward thinking abductions were a product of milabs (military experimental labs), until I read Keith Thompson’s book “Angels and Aliens”.

          I wondered why Jacques Vallee (my then most trusted source) stopped writing about UFOs. One passage in “Angels and Aliens” not only answered that question, but gave me an entirely different take on the phenomenon, applicable, I think, to some events we’ve been discussing in this column.

          p. 118: “Vallee concluded that these modern events . . . were but a formality–a kind of “front”–for a larger, fundamentally disguised interaction between humankind and a parent source engaged in slowly (over a period of centuries) and largely imperceptibly shaping human imagination by offering displays of image-events coherent enough to be noticed but too fundamentally complex to be grasped in their entirety.”

          “The surface phenomena of these domains vary, he [Vallee] said, “as a function of the cultural environment into which they are projected.”

          p. 126: “Reality is what we say it is.”

          I see an alien, you see an angel. I look at it from this perspective, you see it differently. Rather than either convincing the other, discussion could elicit a third possibility neither has considered, out of which an answer could come. I came to consider how much of anything is a matter of …perception. And interpretation. I began looking at philosophical theories, cultural practices, religious beliefs, myths, and universal phenomenon. Not that questions still don’t remain, but I began, as Thompson suggests, “seeking the larger pattern in the small, isolated event.” And once you start seeing a pattern . . . so much of what was formerly bewildering, sometimes suddenly begins making sense.

          I don’t know whether there’s a “parent” entity experimenting on us (there are definitely human, terrestrial ones!) or some Infinite One with a “plan” we’re intended to follow but can decline (at the risk of not reaching enlightenment or whatever) but I do know from experience you don’t have to be religious (or even asking for help sometimes) to get answers, and that many who specifically ask or have need, nevertheless go unaided. (Why do bad things happen to good people, etc.)

          Apologies for another insanely long comment off-topic (what was the original topic? the Pakistani Pozner?) 🙂 but … (okay, I’m gonna say it! 🙂
          I wish the Memory Hole Blog would create a Forum section for researchers specifically to share “finds” and discuss theories because wading through over a hundred comments that touch on various (really important) subjects can be mind boggling (not to mention time-consuming), and going back to re-look up something but forgetting which particular post and who said what where when … is daunting. It would also provide a wealth of material for newcomers to comb through that they might otherwise never have access to or know where to find..

          I would like to share some discoveries that might be of interest to other researchers (including photos), for example, and get an opinion but it’d take up too much space for a comment section. Where can one go where researchers can discuss, on an ongoing basis, new and old material, without having to put up with trolls? (In a perfect world, ha ha). Anyway, just thought I’d ask.

        5. Recynd,

          I was just figuratively saying I’d sit these alien and demons down if I ever encountered one.
          But your right, You have no control over the situation when it happens other than ride it out if it’s interesting or try to fully wake up because your scared

          While I was looking at everybody’s stories from aliens to demons I never put together that all those stories of people were describing what I was going through.

          I ran across some professor who did experiments on this with volunteers.

          Everybody seems to an opinion on this. I think you just find yourself awake in the dream world and if your scared you may encounter your fears.

          Here’s the link. I don’t endorse his theory either, it’s just not based on aliens or demons.

        6. Hi Ric.

          I’m just going to ‘throw this out’ here…….

          You explain we have ‘no control over the events’. From my reading I’m sure you are correct as why would anyone who COULD influence these events not tell the world?

          Anyway, personally I was always unconscious after …er…after ‘whooshing’ up out of my body into the ceiling/air.
          Except once.
          The one time I suddenly ‘awoke’ and sat bolt upright was the one time I saw one and studied it’s ‘face’. Black hood down. Not short or little, tall.
          It looked directly at me and…it sort of, well, it sort of ‘gulped’ and hesitated, almost as if it was embarrassed. I’m not joking.
          I don’t remember anything else and certainly do not want to.
          However, I sometimes wonder if the look on it’s face would not be entirely dissimilar to fear.

          I know it’s weird. The whole shooting match is weird.


          Sorry if my writing tonight is a little disjointed. I’ve been out interviewing and traveling on tubes from 6 ’till 9. Wonderful.

        7. I just had to throw this in. LMAO

          I did the Alien Abduction Quiz..

          There’s a 28% Chance You’ve Been Abducted By Aliens.

          Even though you have a few alien abduction signs, you’re almost certainly in the clear.

          However, if aliens ever do come to your neck of the woods… they’ll probably be coming for you! HaHa. it really says this

          God chose your birthday for a reason. Instantly learn 12 shocking secrets your birthday reveals about your future!

          rsrchr4 says:
          I wish the Memory Hole Blog would create a Forum section for researchers specifically to share “finds” and discuss theories.

          I’ve made the same suggestion. I called it “Free Fridays” where it was a weekly open discussion on any topic.

          The “reply” prompt would automatically segregate the Topics and Conversations

        8. (sorry if this is in the ‘wrong’ place)

          Recynd77 says:
          January 6, 2015 at 12:51 am

          John R: Are you familiar with the phenomenon “sleep paralysis”

          Yes I am.
          Suffered constantly as a child. I do not remembering any connection to my ‘experiences’. I have not experienced it in my adult life. I remember hearing a very plausible and logical explanation for the condition.

          Thanks for the offer to share your e-book.
          That’s very kind of you I’d love to have a look.

          My e-mail address is;

        9. Maryaha says:
          January 6, 2015 at 2:58 pm

          John and Ric ~ Are either of you familiar with L.A. Marzulli? Check him out for sure at He is a Christian man and deals with this subject from a Christian viewpoint.

          Thank you.
          I will.

          ‘rsrchr4 says:
          January 6, 2015 at 8:33 pm

          I wasn’t sure where to put this. This is in reply to the thread having to do with UFOs, abduction, and manufactured reality.’

          I wasn’t sure where to put my reply to your reply to……

          Valee was the first writer to my knowledge to recognise the weird phenomena surrounding UFO sightings was not irrelevant.
          He was right (IMHO) to move toward a view of the situation that posited humanity in a sort of laboratory or cage. Charles fort came to a similar conclusion (‘I’d say we are owned by something or somebody’ from memory).

          Your reference to his observation that the phenomena was socioculturally influenced is timely in this discussion (The ‘Angels of Mons’ would fit neatly into this category for example, further both sides reported the ‘Angels’ helping them) as it does demonstrate the potential limitations of an open discussion betwix the truly religious and their secular friends.
          I suspect that we both might expect any ‘final conclusion’ to be beyond our powers to attain intellectually?

          Our personal experience will be the center of gravity regarding our reflections on this incredible reality.

          Personally, at the time (1997) I regarded any religious factor to the UFO question as being ridiculous.
          Crikey, did I change my mind pronto!

          Experiences I can describe forensically demand that I recognise a sulfur smell around the place…..perhaps you have similar convincing ‘evidence’ of your own?

          I would happily detail one for anyone’s amusement should they ask.

          Regards all.

          ps Didn’t Professor Mack die in a curious car accident after his book was successfully published? That’ll teach him.

          Rich says

          ‘I know you hope for some kind of awakening of the masses, and are doing your best to help achieve that. Now I don’t want to seem hopeless, because I am not. However, I am a blue collar working stiff, as I’m sure most of you have guessed from the word go.

          I’m just here to tell you from the trenches… it ain’t happenin’.

          This comment deserves a thread all on it’s own as it gets to the heart of the very purpose, if any; of our discourse.

          Apologies if regulars here have already explored this crucial theme.

        10. I just went to L.A.’s blog and he thinks this new shooting hoax in France is real. He also believes Boston and Ft. Hood really happened. I love this guy’s videos but he is not so good on current events.

  10. Anybody remember CNN and possibly ABC paying Liberians to act sick back in October for the ebola shtick? There were a couple of skits presented as “news”. If the Pakistanis in these pieces are just as poor, then what’s the difference?

    It shows just what a few “reporters” with a handful of shekels can do when the walk into a “sustainable” neighborhood.

      1. Well, there’s “Bollywood”! I’ve seen countless examples of “Gazans” starring in Israeli productions. “You there, Yousef, we need a larger rock. That’s more like it. Now….., grimace. That’s a wrap.”.

  11. To Bela Lugosi’s ghost: The answer to your first question.

    The link at the top of this (MHB January 2, 2015) article credits the picture of seven students murdered in Peshawar, Pakistan is: with a footnote [1].

    The link to the full article at published on December 19, 2014, which was three days after the Peshawar shooting, appears in the footnotes at the bottom of the article. It is:

    In the CNN World article dated December 17, 2014 [footnote 3], Taliban militants are blamed for the shooting. The report states: “Half a dozen terrorists conducting a systematic massacre of children” and, “The attackers had ammunition and supplies, says the Pakistani military, to last for days.” and, “We want them to feel our pain.”, said a Taliban spokesman. The article appears to be another “cut and paste” puff piece of journalism that CNN has become known for. “…ammunition and supplies, says the Pakistani military, to last for days.” What did the Taliban assassins plan to do, stay at the school for ‘days’? This does not seem plausible.

    At (0:46) in the video portion at the top of this CNN article there is a “Donate to HBL Foundation” sign that appears in a room where one of the surviving students is being treated. The purpose of the HBL Foundation can be found at:

    In this CNN article, as Secretary of State John Kerry begins to speak at [0:48], a student is shown being wheeled on a stretcher with a clean bullet hole in his heart. It is difficult to believe anyone could survive this kind of injury; and why is there no blood on the student’s sweater? Kerry says, “Mothers and fathers send their kids to school to learn…to be safe. Well this morning, wherever you live, wherever you are, those are our children.”

    What the CNN article failed to include in the snippet of Secretary Kerry’s statement is that the school where the alleged shooting occurred was a Military School. Did the bereaved parents of the students not consider what the future held for their children after graduating from this Military School? The ultimate reason of military training is to kill or be killed.

    Secretary Kerry’s full one and a half minute statement can be found at:

  12. Lenny Poz has got some splainin to do … Plus, this is the famous Noah Brown Jacket pic that he uses to take down YouTube videos (his claimed copyright) …

  13. Hey folks, Noah Pozner a.k.a. Huzaifa Huxaifa has now been ERASED TWICE …!

    “One of our brothers/sisters has asked this question:
    i want to know the meaning of my name HUZAIFA plz mail me soon i want immediate reply

    “The name Hudhaifa is derived from the root word ‘hazaf’, which means to erase something.”

      1. Very funny. But who chose it? Some recent Harvard or Fletcher School graduate at CIA? If so, then it would be directed at the English speaking world (which is admittedly big), including Pakistanis educated in England, of course Americans like most of us here, and the snotty little fakes in the media.

        1. It would be consistent with “Al Quiada” = “the base” = “the Western toilet”. It’s very much an Arab joke.

          I used to work with a woman who spoke Arabic. Double entendres are very common, as they are in most languages.

          As Sparky Bush once remarked; “The French have no word for ‘entrepreneur”.

  14. As Musings suggested, the spread of false flags to Pakistan and internationally increases the violence and danger. Pakistan used the school massacre to sentence 500 or so Terrorists to death, which conforms to Washington foreign policy. Previously the sanctions against Russia and the invasion of the rebels was preceded by a false flag, the shooting down of MH17, blamed on Russia and operatively done by Ukraine warplanes. The homicidal violence is increasing in the USA as well.

    That is another reason for investigating the contributions sent to the Sandy Hook parents and others. It makes the investigators and conspiracy truthers more difficult to attack. James, for example, was portrayed as a crazed paranoid by an outrageous piece in the Columbia Journalism Review. Such articles, and other attacks, would be more difficult to project and less credible if the conspiracy truthers were investigating financial fraud.

    Because financial fraud is more credible to the American people, and conspiracy attackers would arouse suspicion as to who or what they are protecting or covering up in opposing it. An investigation into the corrupting surrounding the millions of dollars forms a defensive shield for truthers to allow them more freedom for other investigations.

  15. Maybe what they are trying to say is school is a dangerous place no matter what country your in. And maybe the translation of Noah is Huzaifa Huxaifa.
    This is called government spin, they never claimed he died in this attack, they just said these kids went to school and never came back.

    1. No no, plenty of signs were being held up showing the faces of the supposed victims. Of this particular massacre. And along with the brown skinned victims, there is Noah’s picture.
      This was not just some pictures of a bunch of slain kids from random massacres across the planet. They were specifically at the memorial for these particular kids. His picture should not have been there. There’s no explaining this away.

    2. Lenny Pozner has claimed rights to this particular photo. No one is allowed to use it without his permission. Who gave someone in Pakistan permission? The same photo surfaced during a vigil in Dubai as well. I doubt that ordinary Pakistanis would think of such a stunt. But someone working for three letter agencies would.

      1. From what I understand, there’s some debate as to whether there really IS a Lenny Posner. Who knows, maybe the Pakistanis have a copyright on him.

        There doesn’t seem to be an area of the World these “sons of chaos” haven’t touched. The obvious conclusion is that they are exploiting any divisions they can find, anywhere. The certain hope is that they will beg them to take over to restore order.

        That certainly fits “The Plan” as I understand it. Weren’t we just discussing “empire” in another comment? Do things really change?

        1. If there is a Leonard Pozner, he sure gets around. Intelius lists his age at 47 and related to Veronique Pozner (47). Lenny has lived in 20 places, including 3 that stands out for someone like him (if there is someone like him). His current whereabouts is in Tampa, FL according to Intelius. Same company shows no location in Washington state for Veronique. She was supposedly moving there.

          I have driven through these 3 stand-out places and wonder why in the world Lenny would live here. They are Burns, OR (pop. 2,800 in the middle of nowhere), Moreno Valley, CA (not much going on here, hotter than a pizza oven) and Van Nuys, CA (lotsa of stuff going on here being the porn capital of SoCal).

        2. Anne, been to all of them. So “Intellius” has him in Tampa (volunarily?). It must have been heart wrenching to leave lovely Van Nuys.

          So, by related, I’m assuming they are still married? Do they know where these “take down orders” originate from? I understand there is some sort of “organization” who does the filing?

          This whole thing needs the soundtrack from “The Sting”. Won’t those donors be surprised by this latest turn? I’m assuming this conversion means that those trees will be cedars for Lebanon now? It all makes my head hurt.

        3. Ha-ha. I had to drive through Van Nuys today on Sepulveda Boulevard. All I can say is – we’re not in California anymore – or is it Kansas?

          On a road trip through Oregon I stayed overnight in Burns, one of the sleepiest little towns I have been to. Moreno Valley is where you drive through from Los Angeles to Palm Springs – if you make it through there alive. Way too many fatal “accidents” of all sorts there in Moreno Valley every single day. Something like this: #BREAKINGNEWS: …drug suspects who sped off with deputy hanging onto vehicle in Moreno Valley….

          As for Lenny being gainfully employed, he started this company in 2010 in Bethel which is next door to Newtown. Seems like many things connected to Sandy Hook started around 2009/2010. No other employees, just Lenny.

          TRAXWARE INC.
          45 HAWLEYVILLE RD BETHEL, CT 06801 Get Directions
          Business Info
          • Founded 2010
          • Incorporated
          • Annual Revenue —
          • Employee Count 0
          • Industries Nonclassifiable Establishments
          • Contacts LEONARD POZNER

  16. In Oslo on December 10, 2014 seventeen year old Malala Yousafzai, born in Pakistan, received one half of the Nobel Peace Prize. The other half went to Kailash Satyarthi from India.

    Six days later media all over the world report on a massacre at a school in Pakistan for children of military personnel and with military connections. New York Times reports a student body of around 1,100.
    Norway’s main news rag “Aftenposten” spoke with Rahimullah Yusufzai, editor of “The News International” in Peshawar. According to the editor the school has a total of 500 with students and staff. The ages are between six and seventeen. He also stated that the killings started before military forces arrived. It took a while before they reached the school, he said.

    Taliban spokesperson Muhammad Umar Khorasani reported on orders to only shoot the older students and leave the younger ones alone. He also said there were suicide bombers among the attackers. He added that they chose the military school because of the Pakistani military’s attacks on their families and women.

    ( The slow arrival of help is reminiscent of the Keystone Kops in Oslo on 7/22/11. Noah Pozner is only eight now. He was killed despite orders to kill only the older students. Perhaps he had aged prematurely due to his recent and many ordeals.)

    1. Really nauseating, Anne B. But as we see in the case of Pakistan, it allows them to execute dissidents without the world’s getting up in arms about it. Quite the cover for their own brutality.

  17. There was a discussion on the iconic picture where the boys to the right and left of Pozner appear to be the same person.

    For the sake of clarity, there are four photos on the top, and three on the bottom where Lenny is the center piece – each picture shall be numbered 1-4 on top, and 5-8 below.

    The video indicates that #8 and # 2 are Bebo Princsis, no name is given for #5, but yes they all look alike.

    It also appears that #3 and #4 could also be the same person, although the hair is different, there is the forked nose, do not think #4 actually has a hairstyle that anyone would actually have.

    Would it not be ironic that these are all of the same person? Have heard that you ears, nose and feet continue to grow throughout life!

      1. But there are actually two guys in picture 7, the one in the background I would not have noted without your typo. I thought that was the guy you said was 8, giving you the benefit of the doubt!

      2. We need Dorothy Kilgalen; “Will the real Mr. Erasure please stand up”. Let’s not forget that they actually “named” him. The BBC piece omitted that little piece of information.

        They admit that they recognize him by his “SHES” name, but say nothing about his new “Islamic” identity. Maybe that’s where “Adam Chadan (sp?), made for TV terrorist, (actuall name, Cohen), came from.

        Its hard to sort your characters from your stock photos.

  18. I like how when ‘they’ want us to hate Muslims, ‘they’ show us the pics of old, gray bearded, towel-headed, robe wearing, America hating, ‘suicide bombers.’

    But when ‘they’ want our sympathy, we get to see young, Iphone carrying, attractive, nicely dressed, 21st century kind of folks.


  19. Looking at the differences between Aurora and Sandy Hook does indeed lead us to some interesting questions. For instance, why was there no universal cry for gun control from politicians and the media after the Aurora shooting? The easy answer is that we were in the midst of a presidential election campaign in July of 2012, and Obama didn’t want to alienate gun owners and the NRA. Romney didn’t want to touch the issue either. Nevertheless, the silence did seem a little odd given that the weapon used was the much vilified AR15 “assault weapon”.

    At the time of the Aurora shooting I had a family member visiting from Europe who was shocked at the prevalence of gun violence in America. I countered that Europe had experienced similar kinds of violence in the form of bombings during the eighties. These, I explained, had been perpetrated by right wing elements in the Italian government and blamed on the “red brigades” in order to push the country to the right. I suggested that the Aurora shooting was a similar kind of attack, used to terrify citizens into supporting the status quo, and also to advance the gun control agenda. “They use guns instead of bombs here in America” I explained. “Then why,” my relative asked,” don’t the politicians demand an assault weapons ban, if that’s part of the agenda?” “Just wait”, I said,” there will be another attack with an AR15 after the election, only this time it will involve children.” This was kind of an off thing to say at the time, because I still thought that the Aurora attack was real. My family member was skeptical, but still went home with a copy of Daniel Ganser’s book on Operation Gladio.

    When I first heard about the Newtown shooting, I was surprised that the weapons used were only hand guns. Then, of course, the story morphed into the predicted pattern. This is why James Tracy’s article in Global Research (which no longer opens for me on my computer by the way) immediately caught my eye. It was a great relief to discover that both of these shootings were fake. I consider the silence after the Aurora shooting, followed by universal cries for gun control after Sandy Hook, damning evidence that these two events were part of an orchestrated one-two punch aimed at banning semi-automatic weapons in America.

      1. Yes, they use the same method when they’re caught describing the “collapse” of Bldg. 7 prior to the event. The shoe just inserted itself in the story. “Someone” is responsible for incorrect pictures being used. Not them.

        When the “hijackers” were found to be alive, what did they do. Just carried on with the storyline. Why are we surprised? It isn’t like they actually DO journalism.

        As the “Conan” footage shows, its all scripted. So why do people watch it? That’s the mystery.

    1. It seems a small mercy, does it not, that BBC gives official recognition of these facts which “truthers” have been saying? But perhaps there is a deeper reason. As we know, Pakistan, a member of the Commonwealth, has claimed the right just recently simply to detain and execute large numbers of those who, for one reason or another, oppose its leaders, political and military.

      Perhaps officials in Britain itself object to the scope of this slaughter. Perhaps some of the wrong people are being killed. That can be one possible reason that exposing irregularities in the campaign to basically impose martial law in Pakistan might be going forward.

      Or it may be as some here have surmised that the “mistakes” in posting these old pictures were intentional, in order to frustrate and possibly bring down the current leadership of Pakistan, while its hands are bloody.

      Something about this says intelligence games. The normal curiosity one expects in reporters is nowhere to be seen beyond the admission that the photos are bogus. So let’s look at it another way: without really saying so, the reader is expected to draw the inference that the excuse for the actions of Pakistan may be a false flag. No one says so directly, but it is like other things which came to light a little afterwards, once the original goal was accomplished, in order to stop the reaction of the Pakistan government from getting too ambitious once it made its original point.

      I think we can see that both the incubator baby story in the first Gulf War, and the anthrax/WMD story in the second one, eventually were shown for what they were. Probably the NK hacking case is of the same variety. Some limited goal is accomplished (“Mission Accomplished”) and then the choke chain is applied to the dog. This story may be one of those debunking elements that tamps things down before chaos ensues.

      1. All of that may be true, Musings, but I have to go back to my constant refrain; “nothing gets in the media without careful vetting”. If its there, they want it to be. Many times, it is the “impression” that counts, not the facts.

        A lot of this stuff is designed to simply create an emotional response. Then they follow that up by telling us what they intend to do. They see us like lab rats in a Skinner box.

      1. Face recognition software available to non-professionals is not terribly reliable. There are sometimes family resemblances that come through. But for most of us, it is in its crudest form.

  20. Think of all the possibilities, you copyright the picture of your poor dead child and have a lifetime of revenue. That is exactly what every normal person would do.

    Notice the msm did not touch this, but the likes of Infowars did.

    They also published this link to a Smithsonian article on how the ‘experimenting’ with rain clouds looks promising.

    If you are concerned about the poisoning of our skies and thus all of humanity, please comment on this site.

  21. O/T sort of, but I just watched a video by X-Ultra Brendan Hunt just trashing everyone. I mean everyone.

    I think he does more harm than good.
    He never offers any suggestions to help.

    He may as well be working for Mick or Wade for ALL his videos are about “Debunking” anybody else’s work with nothing to offer.

    He used seem like a really good guy but I could say the same to him about his Visit to Newtown video.

    I would have jumped the chain link fence at SHE and filmed what I could through the windows and if the cops came, I would toss my “mem card” to my buddy who was outside of the fence

      1. What an A-hole! I’m surprised he can tear himself away from a mirror long enough to make a video. What makes him think that anyone is interested in “earning his respect”?

        One thing I can attest to is that the people here have contributed orders of magnitude more information than this knucklehead. He needs to grow up and get a grip.

        1. Thanks Lophatt,
          What does this bung munch want?

          Tracy and Fetzer and ALL the you tubers to shut their web sites/channels down and re-direct to his?

        2. Another O/T but tomorrow they are voting for House Speaker.

          Say a prayer John Bonehead gets replaced with Louie Gohmert.

          Whether you like him or not, it’s our only hope in this Demon-rat/NeoRino-rat Progressive party running Congress.

          Not that I need to tell anyone here, but most people don’t know the Dem’s and Repub’s have formed an illegal off the books 3rd party called the “Progressive” Party on their own that keeps the Banker,Corporate, Secret Society game going while denying any REAL 3rd party to partake in any General Election.

          All the top Dems and Repub’s are in this Progressive Party. All the last 4 Presidents are in this party

          If John Boehner wins House Speaker nothing will change, The Independents, Conservatives and even far right Republicans that won the Senate for them will all go down the drain

          Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton will be OUR only choice for President 2016 if Boehner wins.

      2. I don’t know a lot about Brendan Hunt, but, I do know that many popular SH truthers say he’s a huge shill. I don’t believe SH was real and I don’t know if Hunt is a shill or not, but, I do agree with some of what he says in this and other videos. I’m super skeptical of Halbig and Fetzer. Halbig talks much, but says very little. He much too fond of storytelling and rarely answers questions directly. I do not trust people like that. Fetzer is inconsistent and his behavior and theories can be erratic and bizarre. He often surrounds himself with shady and bizarre characters. Don’t know much about Mr. Tracy other than he made it onto Anderson Cooper’s show, which to me is a big red flag (even if he was portrayed in a negative light). Well, if nothing else, it seems that the mysterious and ever-elusive “powers that be” are doing an excellent job muddying the waters and keeping everyone confused, angry and paranoid. One thing’s for sure in my mind: SH shooting was a simulated and scripted event sold to the gullible public as reality.

  22. in response to rsrchr4…

    Im also a lifelong researcher ( and experiencer ) of alien or at least non terrestrial paranormal phenomena and I also respected Jacques Vallee’s take on the UFO issue. I agree that it seems humans have been interacting with this phenomena in various guises throughout our existence here.
    Ive also reached the point of wanting to exchange views on a serious Forum..if you find somewhere please post it on this thread so I can join you..I will do the same.

    My current view is that there are solar system based, probably non -corporeal , intelligent entities that seek to shape and control individual humans and the perceptions of humanity as a whole,for their own purposes. Some call them Archons…see John Lash on Or the Mexican shaman Don Juan from the Carlos Castaneda books who called them Fliers. I also particularly value the work of Karla Turner, Cameron Day, James Bartlet and Eve Lorgen, among others, who also identify with this assessment.
    We humans seem to have shaped our societies in a way which fails to benefit most of us, but indulges the few…. perhaps these non-terrestrial entities prefer it this way?
    For a daily ( free ) dose of fascinating paranormal phenomena by email newsletter , I would recommend Lon Strickler’s blog called Phantoms and Monsters…. full of true accounts and mind opening explorations…!!

    1. Hi Steven.

      Yes, the Archons.

      Don’t know if you’ve read it but the classic ‘Gods of Eden’ is a useful text in this regard. It’s online.
      A deeper read would be if you search ‘The Hyper stasis of the Archons’, this is a Gnostic source (from memory the Vatican identified these writings from Nag Hammadi a town in Egypt, as being ‘most accurate writings’) it proports to explain the origins of these entities.
      Further, there in the Nag Hammadi Library you will find ‘The Dialogue of The Savior’.
      Here Christ warns us that ‘A single rod/staff will be seen in the sky. Then you know the authorities are….’ it’s either ‘amongst you’ or ‘arrived’ or words to that effect.
      I understand this ‘single rod’ to be the silver cylindrical UFO that I saw.

      Plenty of ‘serious’ reading there.
      Apologies if you’ve already studied these sources.


      1. Hi John and thanks for your response!
        Ive sent a longer reply to the email address you mentioned on here a couple of days ago…hope you receive it
        I am familiar with the Nag Hammadi writings… I think their very important significance has been largely underplayed or misunderstood as they were categorised as gospels, so people saw them as christian or heretical christian writings, but they are not that all,, they can be read as coming from a distinct esoteric tradition…


  23. The photo “mix-up”/anomaly and subsequent MSM “radio silence” on any attempt to explain or retract it, sends a clear signal from the MSM: that they are everywhere and desire complete control. Look past the gun lobby issues and subsequent mental health angles to what agenda is behind it all: that of complete communication system control.

    First, divide and conquer those who question everything. Then, ratchet up the national and international drama, adding more obvious anomalies and inconsistencies along the way. The natural response is to ask, if we cannot trust either the MSM or those independents caught up in the infighting, who on earth is left? To whom does the public go for vital information on which they can rely?

    Those who continue to question, as long as they are allowed the air space to do so, demonstrate their integrity best by their natural, human reactions to these anomalies in the media.

    As long as we can still witness these honest reactions in the alternative independent media, we can judge things for ourselves. The greatest concern is just how long freedom of speech as we know it will even exist.

  24. I think Pakistani’s are just hoping the world pays attention to their own tragedy a little longer than usual. If it weren’t for someone cleverly including Noah’s picture, we wouldn’t be talking about yet another slaughter of Muslim children. I imagine the shoe picture was included for the same reason. That picture (of Noah) wasn’t included only in the montage, btw–it is all over the place, at the Hindu candlelight vigil on a sign saying “the smallest coffins are the heaviest,” as well as having been printed out as a single photo which was then carried around by individual protestors along with other 8×11 single photos of other children.

  25. I don’t have the time right now to research, but I was thinking it might be a good idea to see who is being executed in the wake of the school shooting in Pakistan. They are using military tribunals to try and convict people. This site looks interesting:

    I also saw this posted on Godlike productions this AM: A thread with a link to about someone’s recent visit to Sandy Hook, “HOLY C@#P – this is the CREEPIEST thing I have ever seen.” Pictures and a story of citizen journalist Barry’s November 2014 visit to Sandy Hook. Sorry if someones already posted this. You guys move pretty quick here.

    1. Thanks for that last linked view. I could have done without the supernatural interpretations, which are subjective. In reality, if you get close to one of these covert operations, they have to eject you one way or the other. A bouncer is not out of the question. I liked the observation that people occupied vantage points as security guards, posing as town residents but behaving oddly.

      I imagine there is a protocol somewhere in the bureaucratic literature which shows how it is done when there is an appearance of low security, but actually constant surveillance. You might possibly view it as concentric rings, where the more central ones are off limits, assuming there is something active going on.

      But as Newtown may simply be an abandoned area with a “legend” about its origin and purpose, then keeping alive the legend with seeming activity for the curious tourists is how they do it. Old Sturbridge Village and Knotts Berry Farm Ghost Town for the New American Century. Not quite so wholesome-looking, though the former two cannot possibly reflect real life either.

      All these stories about the State Hospital could well apply to many others, as well as to prisons and poorhouses. If we imagine that only one place is specially “evil” over all others, then we fail to note that there are far more such places, some in active operation. It is an escape from reality to suppose such a thing. We should pay attention to the standards and values our country has and does represent, and is actively pursuing.

      But this visit by this “tourist” was very gutsy and I suppose necessary to fill in some of the picture of the true nature of Newtown, with or without magical spirits. Human power is scary enough.

      1. Hi musings.
        I seem to remember someone saying you were a legal expert (or knew the legal field) and since you live in Boston, I wondered if you’d seen this from 2 days ago. (Jim Fetzer is one of the commenters)(OT but Ric once suggested a “Free Fridays” discussion idea. In any case, it’s timely). 🙂

        Dzhokhar Tsarnayev’s continuing “silence” (and re: SAMS). Am not the first to wonder why he’s never spoken or why people who know him say “That’s not him” (when he’s rarely paraded out. Too many events happening at once but all one has to do is prove just ONE of the BMB deaths was a fraud and that changes everything. Just wondered your take on this.

        1. I have never practiced criminal law. But I do have a contribution to make about the odd trial of this man. You know the normal course of criminal law these days is plea bargaining for the vast majority of cases. You can look it up.

          So I found it unusual that this trial (about an event which I have concluded is bogus and might sooner or later be seen as such by many more people, particularly after a trial which would expose its underpinnings) was going to go forward. Yet at this moment that a trial seems inevitable. Won’t a vigorous trial expose its falsehood? Might actual jurors be persuaded that, with an appropriately vigorous defense, no one could place this man at the scene of the non-crime, and his subsequent behavior was somehow blown out of proportion? What if the jurors concluded that defense had them at the cowboy and the double amputee sitting up in a wheelchair with his false skin getting wrapped in a wheel? Wouldn’t a real trial be a trial of bombing itself, whether or not it happened, and where exactly all those middle aged women were standing who lost one leg each while hanging around long after the winners passed the finish line? I am a middle aged women. We don’t do stuff like that. The marathon is not a baseball game that goes into extra innings. It is a great big bore after the winners and near winners have crossed. Boston people would be expected to know that, in spite of the legends created for a few of the hundreds of spectators said to be injured.

          It’s possible there will be a trial, isn’t it? Yet something in me says “no” – that we are being teased along for now. Such a trial might be a great thing for getting at the truth. That is why it cannot happen.

          Recently a retired federal judge, Nancy Gertner (thought in her day to be quite a leftist) has suggested that this should never go to trial and put Boston through the whole trauma again (a surprisingly weak argument for her to make). No, it should be plea bargained. Her ostensible reason for saying so is also that the federal system can pronounce a death sentence, and the state prohibition against it can be pre-empted in a federal trial.

          We have horrible, monstrous killers in Massachusetts, just like anywhere else. While most of them get life without parole, a few die “mysteriously” by “suicide” in prison soon after being sentenced, so in fact there is capital punishment once in awhile, but it’s informal.

          Nobody would plea bargain himself to be executed, reasons Judge Gertner, so therefore the act of official state killing would not take place to reinforce the revenge mentality in Bostonians. She does not say it would be revenge for nothing, but I do.

          I’ll try to find the link to her op-ed piece in the Boston Globe. She has written widely on sentencing, mainly I would assume against judges being forced to impose mandatory minimums. I haven’t read many of her articles, but I can catch her drift. I think she is concerned about capital punishment finding a back door entrance into Boston. I don’t know what she really thinks about the marathon bombing, but she writes so skillfully, she does not show her cards.

      2. The mini BMB convo — Thanks, musings.
        You may be right. I googled Gertner. (Seems she’s a friend of Bill and Hill, whom she met during her time at Yale.) Odd, one article says Boston is tired (of all things BMB), wants the trial to be over and done with, over with and to “move on”, yet mentions extra security at the harbor when Dzhokhar (who enters the court room, apparently “smirking”)–maybe a boatload of revengers might arrive to undo his smirk, neurolinguistically interesting, no?

        An off-the-wall wondering here, but I wonder about that huge, televised concert/memorial for that slain MIT policeman where James Taylor was one of the guest singers–the over-emphasis on victim Collier’s and Boston’s Irishness and Boston Strong, etc., wondering how far in advance one had to make arrangements for that event, seating for thousands, security, invite and book guest performers, etc., could some of it have been pre-planned, etc.,

        and since then, found an article that not only put forth many of my own questions re this MIT cop shooting (but another, related, as well) and noticed it had over 7,000 people responding with comments. Seven thousand!!! many of whom were local. A researcher’s treasure trove. Wonder if the defense team’s seen this? Interesting.

        Thanks so much again musings, for replying.

  26. […] central role in publicizing the Sandy Hook massacre,” notes Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy. “The emergence and apparent use of the well-known photo to memorialize the December 16 Taliban […]

    1. It does not work for me. Maloney has a longer face, the long upper lip of a lot of Irish people, has Scandinavian forebears probably. Those skinny eyebrows are the bane of many a person of British origin. Dawn Hochsprung looks like a lot of Eastern European Jews that I know. Also, note the deep and pigmented circles under her eyes, which you see in a lot of Mediterranean people – nature’s sunscreen. Maloney’s high cheekbones don’t have room for such a protection. There is definite ethnic/genealogical difference, though superficially their smiles are teacherly and similar.

  27. I ran across this today:

    It is getting little or no coverage in the U.S.. The story, of course, is that the Commissioner was “depressed”. It is always depressing discovering a Mossad operation.

    For me, a dead giveaway in this one is the fact that they are openly pushing the “free speech” meme (including professionally prepared signs in record time), while screaming “anti-semite” at any negative speech related to Jews.

    While I personally find this house’s speech offensive, I would certainly support their right to say anything they like. The same applies to cartoons and comments directed at others.

    The longer this one goes on the more convinced I am of its “bogosity”.

    1. lophatt, someone over at Nodisinfo did a search on the police chief and they said he cannot be found ANYWHERE. Like maybe it is just another rabbit hole for us?

      1. Weird. I sure don’t know. They had a whole bio on him since he joined the police.

        There’s a lot out there about “Charlie Hebdo”. They fired a “journalist” for antisemitism recently. How do they square that with this virulent anti-musim rhetoric? “Free speech cuts both ways.

        As to the cop, who knows? Sometimes people who know too much get “depressed”.

  28. Best documentary about Sandy Hook (Newtown) hoax. See clips of Sandy Hook parents (Crisis Actors) doing their Acting in other productions.

    The government must really want your AR15 rifles to stage a hoax this big.

    Check out the Sandy Hook documentary HERE (tell a friend):

    Francine Wheeler and Veronique Pozner (aka Haller) are the best actors of Sandy Hoax. Gene Rosen is the worst actor.

    The oddest part is, Noah Pozner DIED TWICE. Noah Pozner died at Sandy Hook, then DIED AGAIN (2 yrs later) in Pakistan at another (fake) school shooting.

    Noah’s mother (Veronique Haller) should keep him home from school — since every time he goes there, he dies.

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