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Monsignor Robert Weiss has been at St. Rose of Lima Parish since 1999, the same time child predator John J. Castaldo was assigned there and when the Diocese of Bridgeport was embroiled in a high profile child sex abuse scandal. In early July 2015 the parish claimed Wolfgang Halbig was trespassing and issued a formal “cease and desist” order. [Image Credit: Carol Kaliff/Connecticut Post]
Wolfgang Halbig’s most recent visit to Newtown in early July included a stop by the St. Rose of Lima Parish to pay Monsignor Weiss a visit. A church employee directed the former Florida State Trooper into the church upon his arrival. “Go on inside,”
he directed.

Upon entering the worship area Halbig, a lifelong Catholic, lit a candle for his mother who passed away several years ago. “My family belonged to one of the biggest Catholic churches in Germany,” before emigrating to the United States, he told MHB via telephone on July 23.

Shortly after being invited into the church, Halbig was informed that St. Rose officials had called 911 and police were on their way to confront the alleged trespasser. “I mean, can you say ‘entrapment’?”

Screenshot from 2015-07-17 11_03_30

Halbig has since been furnished with a formal “cease and desist” order (left) from the Bridgeport Diocese’s attorney. The notice reads in part:

… I write to serve you notice that you are to cease and desist any activity on or in the vicinity of St. Rose of Lima Parish, including the church, rectory, school and any other ancillary buildings on or near the parish grounds. Your presence will be considered a trespass and a nuisance.

The fact that Halbig was making a sincere  attempt to speak with Weiss is entirely overlooked, as is parish officials’ clear maneuver to place Halbig in a compromised position. The subsequent issuance of such an order alongside the fact that an operating school exists on parish premises incorrectly suggests that Halbig’s presence may have somehow posed a threat.

This is particularly ironic since the Diocese of Bridgeport has developed a history of child sex abuse that dates to the 1960s. Weiss served in the Diocese since 1976. In 1997, a few years before Weiss was assigned as Pastor of St. Rose of Lima Parish, the Bridgeport Diocese paid $36 million in settlements to 64 victims who brought suit for abuses they claimed to have suffered at the hands of its priests.

Despite these substantial payouts the child sex abuse reports continued. “The people have been asked to pay, pray and obey,” one critic of the Diocese observed in 2009.

If you go by the numbers, the Diocese of Bridgeport has 450,000 people and has spent almost $40 million in settlements. Boston, by contrast, has 2.5 million people and spent around $85 million in settlements. Per capita the Catholics sitting in the pews of the Bridgeport diocese have spent more with less information or satisfaction.

Among the Diocese of Bridgeport’s most notorious sexual predators was John J. Cataldo, who was active at St. Rose of Lima alongside Monsignor Weiss in the late 1990s, at the same time Adam Lanza was in grade school there. Cataldo also served as a chaplain for the Connecticut State Police

As Monsignor Weiss is well aware, Newtown and Connecticut more broadly consist of certain very tightly knit enclaves, always delighted to cooperate in parochial projects while warding off potential interlopers and the light of accountability.

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115 thought on “St. Rose of Lima Parish Calls 911 on Wolfgang Halbig”
  1. The Catholic Church, and from what I can, see all major religious institutions are ‘in’ on ‘it.’ There is no traditional authority of any kind who hasn’t been co-opted. The Catholic Church was probably an agent in the Irish Genocide. Their hierarchy exists to keep the majority of people poor and a small elite rich and powerful. All levels or individuals of their hierarchy may not act this out directly, but the core of them do. I’m not the slightest bit surprised at this entrapment and think Halbig should have known better. It’s best to only engage ‘authority’ figures with a witness or investigating partner.

      1. Hmm…so maybe exposing the Catholic Church and this priest is the point…forcing them to do something absurd, ‘show their hand’ in an indirect way. It’s a third possibility after just dumb or double agent.

    1. From what I can determine, this particular parish (and maybe the diocese), is compromised. Being compromised makes one susceptible.

      The Church is made up of the faithful and the clergy. It is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints. It is sad when a member of the clergy is involved in evil deeds as it tarnishes the whole church.

      Each parish is largely autonomous. They answer to a local bishop. The bishop has a lot of authority over the general direction of parishes. They do not micro-manage them, however.

      If someone is a parishioner they may have no knowledge whatsoever of what their clergy is involved with. The fact that he is a monsignor, means that he has distinguished himself in some way. Without knowing more about him I couldn’t guess just what that was.

      Some may remember that Veronique’s brother, Haller, was supposed to be representing the Church in a pedophile matter. I found that rather odd on its surface. He is a Jewish lawyer from Seattle (allegedly). Some may be aware of the fact that we have no shortage of Catholic lawyers, probably in the Northeast as well.

      I have no trouble believing that St. Rose is somehow involved. Just what that is and the extent of it is unclear. I certainly would not define the Catholic Church by the monsignor or any other priest or lay member. It isn’t a monolith and it isn’t legalistic and dictatorial.

      It appears to me that St. Rose is pretty representative of that area. That’s a shame as it should be a force for good.

      1. It’s not a monolith but it is a dictatorship. I lived under it. It’s awful. The catholic church hierarchy hate women totally. Because you’re a wasp man you may not realize this, but as a catholic-raised woman I’m comfortable saying it. They also worship death and suffering, in my opinion, with their idols of suffering tortured Christ’s body. Even as a little girl I thought this practice was shameful and backwards. I was sure god resided in nature, and couldn’t possibly have a male voice. I guess I was transdeist.

        1. Sue, I’m sorry to hear that. I converted as an adult in my thirties and have never regretted it. Everyone is entitled to think what they will. My experience has been that how one relates to the Church usually says more about their expectations than it does the Church’s actions.

          I was raised as a Protestant. My mother changed denominations like some change their underwear. I’m very familiar with the vagaries of a lot of those. I can categorically state that being a Catholic I’ve been subjected to less pressure and advice than in any other Christian group.

          But, I have my beliefs and my experience. I’m sorry you had such a hard time.

        2. lophatt, I started going back to church (Catholic) a few years back, because I liked the Jesuit priest who was the pastor. He seemed much younger than his 80+ years, but then he up and retired on me. Like a Protestant, I guess, I shop for pastors. Catholics never used to be inclined to do that – it was Hobson’s choice.

          But as you say, the Catholic church does not pressure you. You can duck in and out and nobody questions your right to attend mass. In fact many Catholics prefer it that way. Even the Unitarians try to take you aside and get you to DO things: Contribute to the annual upkeep of the minister (“Some of our parishioners contribute 4% of their salary” – “Oh do they now? I’m out of here.”) I guess the Catholic church is just a lot richer – in spite of the clergy sex abuse pay-outs, I suspect the pockets are still deep.

        3. Musings, Catholic bashing is the last “acceptable” bigoted practice. Frankly, I know what I think and believe and if others have misconceptions, that’s too bad.

          What I’ve found is that every complaint I’ve heard is based on misconceptions. Just like the complaints about “wealth”. Priests get around $1,000/mo. and room and board. The treasures in the Vatican and in other holdings are held for everyone, not the clergy.

          I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with precious art being held by the Church, for example. Would people rather it hung in a rich bankster’s mansion?

          My primary reason (one of MANY), is that I believe that orthodoxy is utterly important. I have seen what has resulted from the breach and it isn’t pretty. I do not find that the Church worships death and suffering. It is a help for those who wish to avail themselves of it.

          Anyone who comes to the Church expecting it to change into an entertainment center or to produce a product they’re shopping for will be disappointed. We are all individually trying to grow in grace. To do that we must die to the things that prevent us from attaining grace. There are many ways to do this and the Church is there to help with that.

          People are free to do whatever they like. I just have problems with misconceptions arising from misunderstandings of what they think they see. I have heard a lot of them, both as a Protestant and as a Catholic. I am completely satisfied. People make mistakes. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be people. Whether they are in the Church or not, there is no magic elixir that prevents error. The other cults and sects do not possess that either.

          I didn’t join a club of perfect people. There is no such thing. We don’t make that claim. I could tell stories of many “inquirers” who asked “what sort of softball team do you have?”, or “is there day care?”. I completely understand these people. That’s why I left them. They are looking for a cheeseburger, not faith.

          Anyway, to those who are disappointed, maybe they are shopping at the wrong store.

      2. The Vatican is not what it appears to be. Imagine, some experts say the Vatican runs the Rothschilds……I’ve always had trouble with that, I must be too sensitive.

        1. Gil, I’m afraid I would laugh at that suggestion. I’m always puzzled as to “why” the Vatican would want that sort of control. I haven’t seen any evidence of it.

          It is not a business. It is not a government. It has its own “government” to take care of its own needs without outside interference.

          Those who believe that “church” should be a rough hewn building in a wheat field will always have problems. My mother had some of that. I was raised with it. It didn’t stick.

          It is obvious that the Church is infiltrated. EVERYTHING is infiltrated. The Church would be the number one target for that. It always has been and it is likely to continue. But the Church is NOT the Vatican. I don’t get up each day and consult my links to the Holy See to get my daily instructions. It doesn’t work that way.

          The Church has dealt with good people and bad for over two thousand years. Why? Because potentates and paupers alike are Christian. On balance I have to say that they’ve been a positive influence. Not perfect, but positive.

          The Rothschilds are not Christian. They are not really Jewish either. I think I know who and what they are. So does the Church.

  2. The Catholic Church has long surpassed a billion dollars in total lawsuit payments to its sex victims (mainly children with some notable adults). This makes them an easy target for the government to compromise and control. It is no more of a coincidence that an infamous psychiatric hospital, with government ties, was Newtown’s main dark historical pre-Sandy Hook attraction, than it is that a notorious pedophile priest was positioned there.

    1. If you think the Catholic priests are bad, you should google “Rabbis accused of child abuse”. Somehow those stories don’t get much corporate media coverage. And in some other countries it’s not even considered “abuse”, it’s just plain old normal everyday life.

  3. Reblogged this on Today,s Thought and commented:
    This event, however contrived, for the intellectual minds that understand what is going on with the whole Sandy Hook event and the obvious sickness and traitorous mind set of all those involved should read George Orwell’s, Animal Farm that he wrote in 1945. These sub humans, are very, very ill, and I fear for society as a whole since they all believe they have the ticket to the bunker, money, power, and immunity from justice, not realizing that they are being used in the giant charade of 9/11, Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, and all the other false flags and will end up as chaff, blowing in the wind when all is said and done. Unfortunately, since most of the population seems to be uncaring, about the outcome of these events and the darkness that we are headed towards, I can only prepare as best I can for what lies ahead.

  4. This episode can fully describe just how desperate things are getting for corollary and complicit individuals and agencies that have resisted all efforts to give up what is likely very, very debauched information. I wonder if the devout Irish Catholic, Dannel Malloy, Connecticut governor, is even aware of these facts emanating from the Bridgeport diocese.
    I had emailed the governor approximately 6 weeks ago and asked him if he was aware of CIA complicity in smuggling drugs into the US and subsequent distribution to key agents of dissemination. No answer, none. At the time, the state of Connecticut was pining away at the fact that we “had virtually intractable drug usage/sales issues and, woe is us, what are we going to do about it”???
    Halbig has to be a strong candidate for “our” Man of the Year. He’s gone the extra mile many times, he’s been threatened with arrest while in Florida by the messenger Conn. State Police.
    Remember, also, that one alleged Major William Podgorski, alleged major crime squad leader for western Connecticut was shown to be a DHS member and allegedly died a very sudden death, unknown etiology, of course. He was, according to some fine sleuth work, reassigned to the western United States under his DHS job description.
    It obviously takes little imagination to realize that enormous strains are beginning to appear in the resistance fabric of the Sandy Hook participants and instigators. FOIA rules have been trampled several times, Halbig has basically been spit on and laughed at by this kangaroo court. Just like the farcical mess at the Federal level, notably the highly illegal rape of established immigration laws by the president, the coterie of participants in Sandy Hook know the wolves are on their heels as we speak. Obama and Malloy are of the mindset that stupid citizens will be easy to bluff and lie to, so these sterling individuals are running roughshod over Americans, craven as these Americans have become, that is. Our new education commissioner is apparently a Common Core afficionado, oh joy of joys!
    Can anything more go wrong? Are we doomed or do we finally start to feel our oats and strike back in whatever ways we can?
    It’s ironic in that this page and diatribe by me shows a photo of Greenspan, Dubya Bush, and Bernanke on the right margin. Imagine, 3 destroyers of this nations banking system laughing it up!! Makes you feel good, you say?
    We are under severe attack and the Trojans are at the gate. Do all you can to increase consciousness of these dastardly events and individuals. It’s really a matter of life and death and I’m not into the finality game just yet.

  5. Where is Wolfgang Halbig’s counsel, Kay Wilson, when you need her. A good attorney would have advised and cautioned WH against making such an impromptu visit to St. Rose of Lima School.

    1. Indeed, if this school was directly involved in the Sandy Hook production, then Halbig’s attempt to go there in person, alone, was either very ill informed or a sign of something more sinister. Some say he’s a set up and this latest might suggest that, but I haven’t followed him closely at all so I offer no conclusion.

      1. Your reply resonates with my current thinking in regard to this story.

        There are many questions that come to my mind in regard to this story.

        I think it would be most interesting to know how Monsignor Weiss’s resume reads prior to his advent at St. Rose of Lima.

        The “lifelong Catholic” descriptor of WH surprised me. I spoke to him on the phone one day and he said he attended Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. Even Catholics-In-Name-Only would be counted of the probably less than five enrolled Catholic students in the history of that Protestant College, which as I understand it is sort of a breakaway but related “Church of Christ” entity.

        The SAME truly evil spirit that took over Newtown area many many years ago is one and the same spirit that infiltrated the Catholic church over fifty years ago, and some would say much longer ago.

        1. I can’t say I could salvage any respect for the Church, based on my experience and on common sense. Men who purport to mediate the word of god to lowly females who can only ‘receive’ them are just sick and demented by definition. The tradition is rooted in medieval land inheritance practices, which sought to maintain huge parcels of land and dispatch of younger brothers through the priesthood. It’s perverted and anti-middle class and always has been. Maybe Jesus was a real reformer, but if he was things went awry pretty quick after his followers ‘resurrected’ him. I don’t even know if Jesus’ egalitarian teachings were for anyone besides jews.

          The Potenza family home invasion/gang rape psy op had an Indiana catholic priest involved in shepherding ‘white’ raped women into the loving State and Church. USSA it is!

        2. Monsignor Robert Weiss traces his heritage to Germany, as does Wolfgang Halbig.

          April 14, 2008

          Msgr. Robert E. Weiss, Pastor of Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Newtown, has been named Chaplain to His Holiness.

          Msgr. Weiss, 61, grew up in Florida. He completed his seminary studies at Saint Bernard Seminary in Rochester, NY, and was ordained in Saint Christopher Church, North Chili, NY, in 1973. Coming to the Diocese of Bridgeport in 1976, he served as parochial vicar at Saint Andrew Parish in Bridgeport, Saint Leo Parish in Stamford, and Saint Jude Parish in Monroe, before becoming Pastor of Saint Joseph Parish in Shelton in 1990.

          Msgr. Weiss was Spiritual Director for Stamford Catholic High School (now Trinity Catholic), has been a member of the college of Consultors, and was Territorial Vicar of Vicariate V. He was appointed Pastor of Saint Rose in 1999.

        3. Newtown Pastor and Knights of Columbus Council Receive Inaugural Caritas Awards

          Supreme Knight Carl Anderson conferred the awards Tuesday night, Aug. 6, with the first going to Msgr. Robert Weiss, pastor of St. Rose of Lima Church, and the second to St. Virgilius Knights of Columbus Council 185. The council, located at St. Rose of Lima in Newtown was represented by Grand Knight Timothy Haas. The awards were announced at a dinner gathering in San Antonio that included approximately 90 members of the Catholic hierarchy, including Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley, OFM, Cap., who delivered a keynote address.

        4. Anne B., and whoever else, consider the likelihood of someone having such a distinctively unusual ethnic name. It’s another oddity. Possible suggestion of germans as violent or imbalanced when challenging authoritarian government? I don’t know of any major nationalist organization rising up in Germany, but who knows what such a name might signify in a psy op.

        5. Sue : With the German heritage I was referring to Weiss and Halbig having a common bond that may assist Halbig in getting an audience with the Monsignor. I guess not.

      2. Has anybody followed the disposition of the William Shanley court case in New London, Conn.? Do most MHB readers consider him a shill? I personally had very great suspicions about him PRIOR to his involvement with a few key operators of this website and I asked, out loud, “how could you accept him so rapidly, without careful, detailed scrutiny? He appeared to talk the talk and walk the walk, and when he was accepted as “one of us”, I felt that was very premature and cursory. Shanley blew up at me before he blew up at the policeman who arrested him for DUI and ruffling the patrolman’s feathers, thus justifying arrest and adjudication. I do not know how that case turned out but I’m guessing the results are obtainable.Of course, were WH to be complicit or anyone else, that would certainly upset the apple cart now, wouldn’t it?
        However, it would not be the biggest and slickest trickery the world has ever seen. Everybody has a price, people do strange things for money. Anything is possible. Beware.

      3. Did you follow the William B. Shanley incident? Shanley, thanks to some fast talk and ingratiating verbiage, was taken into some peoples’ confidence in a fashion I felt was too slick and facile. A few super sleuths, notably, did not show any initial reluctance to welcoming him in as a brother. I felt that was very premature and very naive. Has this happened with Halbig? Patrick has doubts about WH already. If these doubts are meritorious, I’d gladly lay all the praise on Pat’s shoulders. I have not had this feeling yet, but I’m sure Wolf has seen some of these preliminary comments in WHB and IF he were tainted, it would show in his manner of speech. Also, Kay Wilson would have doubts, too. Or, is she suspect, too?
        Is Pat a plant?
        Things can get out of hand handily, have they here?

        1. When William B. Shanley appeared on the scene I did some research on his background. He comes from a solid and respected family with deep Connecticut roots. His father was a local politician (a good one) and his mother worked for a Waterbury newspaper. They say every family has a black sheep.

        2. Gil, when Wolf first burst on the scene, we had quite a lively discussion about him, primarily concerning his illiteracy. The FOIA requests he produced were seemingly written by a 5th grader. Some made ugly sport of him. I was not one of those, but, as you no doubt have noticed, I consider grammar, spelling, punctuation and style to be essential when you are writing to persuade and make yourself understood. Wolf, considering the credentials he claims to have, seemed, incongruously, completely oblivious to this obvious reality. His written documents made him sound stupid, and the fact that he DELIVERED them in that illiterate form tended to reinforce that idea.

          Much of his approach to this matter has all along indeed seemed to be evidence of stupidity. It could be that, like most stupid people, he doesn’t know he’s dumb, and is entirely innocent, like a naive child. I don’t know.

          I must say I was surprised by his getting to the hearing stage in his appeal regarding the FOIA stonewalling. I handed THAT to him. But his behavior in that room was not helpful. Anyone who has watched courtroom dramas on television and in movies knows that how you present yourself, and how you structure your case, has a very great deal to do with your chances of success. Wolf, it seems, has never watched those shows.

          Even when you know you will lose in a rigged game, you can “win” by forcing the conspirators to appear corrupt, if you play it right. Wolf seems to have partially accomplished that–but only by accident. With his antics, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had been forcibly removed from the hearing, and it would look to all the world to be perfectly justified.

          I could go on, but I won’t.

          All I can say is that I have always been very restrained in my critique of Wolf in these pages. Recently, I linked to a clip from the fantastic movie The Guard, where Don Cheadle tells Brendan Gleeson he can’t figure out if he’s really dumb or really smart. Wolf doesn’t seem aware of the grave danger he has put himself in–but maybe he’s bumbled around so visibly in the hopes that it’s the only way to protect himself from assassination. I don’t know.

      1. If you read what I wrote you would know that I was not commenting on or purporting to know the “ramifications” of his actions.

        It often looks like WH goes off half cocked or shoots from the hip to use some worn expressions.

        I personally have not a clue what went down or why it went down. On the fact of it, however, the visit looked very unwise to me, regardless of the ramifications. Common sense dictates, especially in his circumstances of the time, that he get advice about that action.

        I have always been supportive of his efforts and think he is the only person who brought fruitful actions and confronted the CT / Newtown legal system. When I say fruitful, I mean that he showed what a pathetic, dishonest farce the Ct. / Newtown schtick is.

        1. People are convinced that WH is crazy, but have left out crazy as a fox. Losing the FOIA decision was not a terminal event. In fact, this is solid evidence that can likely be used later. He was jobbed there, I’d guess that he expected just that. He know the FOIA hearing was not going to go his way, and Kay Wilson uttered the same thing as they were talking to some reporters after the last hearing. It ain’t over until it’s over and I don’t think by any means WH suffered some game ending defeat. Not by a long shot. Had he “won” the case, does anybody feel that evidence would be proudly and happily turned over to him and his attorney in toto? Ya gotta be kidding, this is Connecticut, remember?
          Still, we’ve all got to keep our eyes open and our ears to the ground. We are being challenged severely on this issue and we have to fight many illegalities. Hang tough, amigos.

        2. I’ve not seen accurate labeling of WH yet. People are giving themselves lots of credit for truly being able to “look into Wolf’s life and character” without the benefit of solid research into HIS life, not his family’s life and times. This appears to be a way of dealing with the fear of being wrong about him. Hedging bets is one thing, but spraying bird shot all over the sky fails to enumerate the complex and numerous aspects of his life and beliefs. Patrick feels WH is a dimwit, but from watching one of his rather long tapes about the SH event, I would definitely say WH is anything but a dimwit. Look at how the state of Connecticut has shunted aside the inquiries of some pretty smart people. Malloy thinks he’s fooling everybody, but in actuality, he’s running scared and realizes that the dogs are on his scent and won’t quit. His arrogance is out of this world, but overreactions to peoples’ queries is a clear sign of genuine worry. Obama is the same type of tyrant, he always tries to blow the fastball by us but more and more people are wiseing up to him.
          A bull in the China shop may describe WH, but I believe that we share a lot of the blame for our failures at penetrating the carapace of this foul government’s putrid legal structure, oxymoron noted. If more American patriots hounded these louts, we might see a better result.

          Laugh if you wish at Trump. Pick apart his National Inquirer life and existence. Shower him with your envy if you want. Until we find somebody who does what WE all know must be done, we are just part of the scam called representative government. Trump or a reasonable facsimile thereof must occupy the White House if we are to stand a chance at starting the onerous trek up the Sisyphean backbreaker once again. If we lack courage and heart, how can we be critical of Trump et al?

        1. I posted a reply to this comment by Gil Favor as I took it as addressed to me. My reply was never posted which is certainly odd. Even though Favor was rather combative in tone, and I might add somewhat irrational sounding, my reply was brief and fact based and not of a retaliatory tone.

        2. It went to the spam folder, dachsie. I wish James checked that section of his site regularly, but I’m guessing that’s a bridge to far for a busy man. If he reads this, he might recover it for you.

          We all hate it when we go to the trouble of composing our thoughts, and it goes POOF!; moderation, at least means the thing will probably show up pretty soon. Spam means probably lost forever (unless you ask him pretty-please).

        3. When composing a lengthy comment, it is best to write it in a e-mail draft, then copy and paste to MHB. If it goes to moderation it will show up eventually. If it goes poof, as the longer ones usually do, copy and paste again. I have noticed that spending too much time composing in the MHB comment submission box, often leads to a “poof” situation.

        4. Are you saying, Rich, that when you compose lengthier emails on here that they sometimes or often disappear somehow, before you even ‘post comment?’ James is moderating some of our comments, apparently, but could there be a shadow moderator? My sense is that mine are just under James’ moderation, at least as of late. Last summer we did seem to all notice that comments were disappearing outside of James’ control. It could begin happening again now that the season is in full sway…

        5. After I click the post comment button is when things go POOF!, when it does happen. It hasn’t happened in quite a while though. I have had things disappear as I typed (before clicking “post comment”), but that is not limited to MHB. Ultra sensitive touch pad is probably the culprit.

    2. I would not want to be his lawyer. As I’ve said many times, being adult sometimes means accepting that things are as they are, not as we wish them to be.

      If he showed up with a film crew I’m not at all surprised he encountered some resistance. It isn’t a public space. They are not obligated to speak with him.

      I used to be very involved with a parish for several years. I had the key to the rectory and would often get calls from priests who asked me for help. You might be surprised how many crank calls a rectory receives. Sometimes they are from drunks who are in a revery and decide to threaten a priest. Other times they are from people who are suicidal and want to talk to someone.

      In any event, given the history here I’m quite certain they know who Wolfgang is. For what its worth, I don’t get a warm fuzzy from the monsignor either. I have no affiliation with St. Rose and have been critical of them in the past. I have also been critical of WH’s judgement.

      I am saying that, being a Catholic in good standing, I could not demand an audience there and expect to be invited in. It doesn’t work like that.

      I note with empathy how difficult he’s been to control for his lawyer. He clearly does not understand the implications of what he’s doing. I’m very sure his lawyer has advised him as she seems competent.

      I can make guesses as to what this was all about. I won’t do so here. I’m not necessarily defending St. Rose or the Monsignor either. The legal proceedings, while unlikely to produce anything, are at least interesting in the sense that they make the usual suspects nervous. This episode is at best unwise.

      I’m pretty sure he didn’t ask his attorney before he decided to pay a visit.

  6. Halbig should appeal to the Diocese. The higher up he goes, in appealing to the Church, the more media attention it will get:

    Diocese of Bridgeport
    238 Jewett Ave
    Bridgeport, CT
    (203) 372-4301

      1. What exactly was WH trying to get out of this monsignor? Without an express purpose for the visit, like some email agreeing to have an interview, WH is left looking like he’s the bad guy or interloper. ‘Stuff”s not adding up’ here. Patrick suggests there’s some stealth ‘smart’ agenda being played here, but all I see, upon further reflection, is someone either being very sloppy or very double agent.

  7. Beautiful writing:

    “As Monsignor Weiss is well aware, Newtown and Connecticut more broadly consist of certain very tightly knit enclaves, always delighted to cooperate in parochial projects while warding off potential interlopers and the light of accountability.”

  8. Angelo Gage’s National Youth Front put up flyers on Boston University’s campus that merely questioned Saida Grundy’s anti-white male (which is just plain anti-white) posture. They were harmless and civilly phrased, and distributed. Now Gage is banned from the campus, although they didn’t get a restraining order:

    Most universities probably require stamping before allowing flyers to be posted on their boards (I think). I don’t know about city schools, however. The timing of these two cease and desist type letters is another interesting element.

  9. What a cult of personality running the psyops of the NWO. From Francis to Soetoro, their power to win over sheeple is truly astounding. Poor Wolf, he’s a real man but he needs to get a little deeper into the whole and larger conspiracy. It’s not an advantage to be trusting but better to be wise as a serpent. The Joo-joo-bees running this operation are.

  10. Without having sufficient knowledge to confidently conclude one way or another if the Sandy Hook affair was a false flag or not, if people are 100% certain it WAS a false flag then legal action is warranted and long overdue. In any instances of this type, where deception has resulted in any of a variety of harms to innocent citizens, there is no other remedy but the courts. If Sandy Hook was a false flag the crime is state-sponsored terrorism – so, if the evidence is there, start the lawsuits and get on with it.

    1. The late MCPiper, a pro Official Sandy Hoax Story Key Opinion Leader (KOL) like Delphi-Deanna Spingola, once “threw down the gauntlet” to SH skeptics, demanding something similar to your reply in one of his shows. MCP “played dumb” re the de facto Judeo-Masonic temples which the US courts are. We’ve already seen “them” throw up every BS roadblock to Halbig’s “proper legal recourse” efforts.

      KBarrett: Mobbed-up US “justice” system delivers 9/11 injustice

    2. Jerry, please consider the nature of this event. Is it not clear to you that those behind this event would fight to the death to protect their secrets? If you had inside info, it might do you good to realize that you could be on their hit list. As of this date, if you still harbor doubts as to whether SH was a hoax, well, you might take some basic courses in crime theory.
      Prosecution is not a fun, easy thing to do. One does not just start arresting people quite so easily. Remember, our justice system is rotten to the core, from top to bottom and our seeking of justice would be incredibly difficult. Remember, the Clintons alone have been given credit for rendering horizontal nearly 80 people who were bystanders of various aspects of the smuggling of dope into the Mena, Ark. airport while Bubba was governor. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape and get away with it so easily.
      Then again, we could be underestimating you.

    3. “no other remedy but the courts”…..hmmmm- you mean courts as in the Conn. FOIA type of court? Shirley, you jest…..

      Not sure why you interjected this notion that courts are somehow places of honesty, integrity and the Amurrican way. Maybe somewhere else, surely not in Connecticut.

      Just as WH might have been premature or mistaken on his mission to SROL, trying to make a court case out of this event can easily be construed as hasty pudding at the very least. Just imagine what it would mean to “our side” should such a suit get thrown out, ridiculed, or considered a waste of the court’s time. It would mean we’ve shot our last bullet and are now down to mere fisticuffs.

  11. A couple of years ago, when this story first broke and people got suspicious, someone posted an explanation of what happened, but it soon disappeared. But not before I had passed the link on to several recipients via email. Within a day that link was DEAD. It had to do with a hidden camera set up in the school. And that someone has a recording of what that camera captured. Expect that some day it will be made public ! Keep an eye out for the suicide reports.

      1. Like I said, the link was up and running for one day. I read the story and forwarded it to a couple of recipients, one of which was my local police dept. The next day the link was dead. Shortly afterwards, I sent the dead link to WH, hoping that he might be able to access it with help from resources I don’t have. IF there was a hidden camera there, whoever has the recording must be very very careful, because the perps would kill to keep the contents hidden, if the story was true.

        1. There’s no doubt the camera at SHE filmed the whole event on to a time lapse recording device.

          We will never see it. The Press has never, and will never, ask to see the “Tapes” either.

          We’re still waiting to the tapes from OKC and 911….

        2. The movie theater in Aurora, Holmes shooting, had at least 8 cameras in each showing room and probably 20 more between the lounge and outside areas.

          Have seen any of that footage?

          I’m sure it would show Holmes exiting the back door, 2 ATF agents with mask’s enter, You know the rest.

          No, you won’t see that footage either. And the Press hasn’t demanded it be released either. Coincidence?

  12. And to make things more confusing is the “suicide” of officer Michael Compare of the Milford Conn. Police dept. It is reported that he filled in for Officers doing the initial Sandy Hook school shootings. In other words, he had some first hand knowledge of the scene.

    1. Leo Maz: sounds like you’re referring to “St. Rose of Lima 911 Call Released – Hoaxers reportedly filmingchildren at school”

      ^ Isn’t that (one of) the blog(s) maintained by of one of the anti Sandy Hoax Truth cabal characters; perhaps “CW Wade” aka “Anonymous-Wade” ?? Whoever owns it, it’s the typical “HOAXERS Yada Yada” spew they generate.

      It appears they’ve fabricated their own “chilling 911 recording” about which Wade claims “Newtown Police Department has released the 911 call that prompted the response, and it is chilling.” But Wade doesn’t link to any “Official Newtown Police” release website; he only links to his own YT vid purporting to contain the official 911 recording.

      Of course, since this 911 call from St. Rose’s was made out of sight of WH’s camera crew, he’s in no position to refute the authenticity of the call Wade cites, without another ~1.5 year FOIA request runaround to get the authentic call recording… which the SH perps can then just hoax up and present Wade’s (fabricated) version as being real.

      Wade’s (?) blog above does graciously advise readers of the persecuted SH Truth activist Jonathan Reich’s response video, calling Wade’s supposed 911 call recording a fabrication. But in this instance, Wade didn’t link to Reich’s response video; he only provided a screencap of it. I did a couple YT searches, but found nothing, not even Reich’s YT channel. Memory-Holed, by google’s YT? Anyone?

      Wade also advises of, but doesn’t conveniently link to, WH’s June 9th appearance on the Richie Allen Show where WH described this incident. Anne B already linked to that show, see:

      Charming bloke, that Anonymous-Wade is!

      1. How did this third party obtain a 911 call from St. Rose of Lima? The caller says his name is Mike. I believe the dispatcher would need a full name. There is no one by the name of Mike on the church’s staff roster. The phone number he gives is muffled, but sounds like 203-323-4598. Maybe someone high tech can help out with the sound. The church lists eight different phone numbers and this one is not on the list, not even close. The prefix for all of Newtown is 203-426.

        Phone Number: 203-323-4598
        Phone Type: Landline
        Country: USA – United States
        City: STAMFORD
        State: Connecticut – CT

        1. Anne, I’m working on something that involves Mr. Wade. It may become more clear when I’m finished. I think its safe to say that he has an agenda.

      2. The NPD incident report re. Halbig from 6/2/15 lists Jennifer Barocsi as the dispatcher taking the 911 call from St. Rose of Lima Church. I don’t know how CW Wade obtained this report if it’s real. Copy of the report is in the link provided by zeetip. This must be the Jennifer of ‘Jen get off the line” fame, allegedly on 12/14/12.

        Jennifer is mentioned in a comment by Zephyranthus on 7/17/14 to the MHB article below. (The big award show with Malloy took place on 7/8/14.)

        Excerpts from comment:
        ~Governor Malloy honored 300+ dispatchers, first responders, and second responders who were (in his words) “at work that day,” to include FBI personnel. Not one, single Newtown dispatcher was there. Nor were the very first men to arrive on scene: McGowan, Kullgren, Chapman, Smith, Bahamonde, Vanghele, Kehoe, Rios, Penna, et al. Nor was a single member of Newtown fire or EMS–not one.~

        ~In addition, Jenn Barocsi, the Newtown ECC dispatcher who provided the only link between CSP and NPD in the early moments of the response via her phone call with CSP dispatcher Timmy Loomis, was not honored. As literally the only conduit of information between local and state police, who stayed on the phone with CSP while simultaneously trying to field numerous 911 calls and other duties, she should have been at the top of the list of honorees.~

        However, Jennifer Barocsi had already received an reward on April 17, 2013 as reported here:

        ~APCO presented the award to dispatchers Jennifer Barocsi, Elizabeth Cain, Jason Chickos, Sheri Citrone, Daniel McDermott, Jamie Nisbet, Robert Nute, Thomas Ramsdell, Wesley Yllanes, and Director of Emergency Communications Maureen Will.~

    1. Wow, Michael.
      Great Post. There’s enough here to at least open an investigation.
      There’s no way out of this.

      Oh, I forget. The criminals are running the DOJ..sorry

      1. At the end of this video, Mr. Powell told Jim F. that SHE was not a school, but it was being used for some purpose. I think he mentioned data collection, judging from the equipment being housed there. He also said that the Lanza house and even the others on that street were not the images that we were shown. Does anyone know what he was getting at, or did I mishear him?

        1. I know I have seen that video because I have seen and read everything Dr. Fetzer has written on Sandy Hook and most other major events over the last several years.

          I cannot comment specifically on the data collection function that may have been still taking place at SHE right up to time of the event, but I do recall, and I am almost positive it was Wolfgang Halbig speaking, it being said that there was on the SHE premises up to the event an extra outbuilding, forget what these extra buildings at public schools are called, that possibly was being used to teach some small number of students. I think he also mentioned this building had brand new carpet.

          It seems that they wanted to preserve at least the strong appearance of some activity and appropriate school function at Sandy Hill Elementary School possibly and perhaps probably for the reason that they anticipated that after the event there would be those who would claim SHE was not a functioning school and this appearance and evidence of activity would render those claims wrong.

    2. Oh my gosh, this is an incredible video! The Australian gentleman that Jim interviews is eagle-eyed, to say the least…he doesn’t miss a single detail. He has really studied these photos, just like he said you have to do, to see what is really going on. He is able to get past the foreground to see very revealing details in the background. He doesn’t say what his profession is, but I am guessing he is or was involved somehow in the line of investigative/detective work. I sure hope Jim has him back on soon.

      He also makes some very sobering statements about the state we find our country in right now. Everyone needs to watch this and forward it to anyone and everyone they know.

      1. The Australian man makes a number of suppositions and hunches, I might add. To those who feel WH might be a plant, I say it’s possible the Aussie could be, too. Remember William B. Shanley? Was he a plant? Where is he now? Anybody had contact with him the last 6 months or so? I would have guessed that had he cleared himself of his alleged DUI and roughhousing with the copz, that he’d be back here with us digging in with renewed vigor. Such is not the case, why? It is clear to many that the plotters behind SH interject various people along the way in response to our sleuthing and analysis, and they also try to create new themes with their plants, some of which are very well blended into the woodwork. We are not up against rank amateurs, for sure.

    3. Many of these photos could be greatly enhanced by boosting light in the shadows. This would reveal details no one has seen yet. Especially the one with men drilling holes to simulate bullet damage. It’s too dark. It would be really telling to see exposure and low level light boosted. The most damning new evidence is the before and after pictures of the shot out classroom windows with decorative Christmas candles. The idea being the shooting damage was after forensics arrived on the scene. How does that happen at a real crime scene?

      1. I agree about the classroom windows with the cut out white paper candles. These photos are supposedly taken after the crime of the century. They appear perfectly intact in one photo and in another they are shot out. Only in a Twilight Zone does this happen.

        The suggestion that many scenes we saw on 12/14/12 were taken beforehand is reasonable. Don’t think I have ever seen such green grass in Connecticut in the middle of December. Must be due to global warming.

        Also the Meyer moving trucks are incriminating. We were told they were there in the aftermath to move furnishings from SHES to Monroe to set up identical classrooms. Identical to the hooks on the wall and pencils on the desks. Photos shown previously to the public of these trucks may very well have been taken beforehand when they delivered the stage props to be photographed at SHES. The Meyer employees surely have gag orders too.

        The real action on 12/14/12 was the drill at St. Rose of Lima Church and the lockdown there. There are photos to prove that and the photographer is dead.

        1. Yes Anne, I haven’t seen the pictures before, but we certainly spoke of them doing this previously and presenting it as if it is happening in real time. What he’s done is deliver proof of what we’ve been discussing.

          We mentioned the photos being taken at different times of the year. I spoke of them bringing in the vehicles with the bullet holes. This is confirmation of our suspicions.

          Early on there was a “local” who claimed to have seen them both on the 13th and very early (before the alleged event) at the site. He also said that about a month previous they had been there as well.

          As to the use of the building I have other ideas. It certainly was not a “school’ in the normal sense. I do think its use included children. I agree with them that when they were doing the initial setup I doubt that any of them knew that they would “go live” and play this the way they did.

          We know that they are not allergic to confidentiality agreements. We know we’ve had deaths and disappearances. It isn’t as hard to keep the lid on as one may think. There is no one for whistleblowers to go to. At least not an agency who could protect them.

          They delivered the supplies and they took them back to where they got them. The nutty story that they wanted everything identical is ridiculous any way one looks at it. To me it is more amazing that they would actually make statements like that than to carry them out.

        2. Anne,

          Well, I can think of some ways they could make a buck off kids. I think that the props were necessary because what the kids were doing there didn’t involve education.

          My ideas tend to be too “radical” for some, I fear. I’ve said continuously from the beginning that the footage designed to sell their story could have been taken at any time.

          The Aussie has the right idea. It isn’t what they want you to look at that’s important. I’ve been going back over Columbine recently and there are similarities. With that one it is also what they don’t show that matters.

          I don’t know about St. Rose. “Their” story is that they had a drill some months previous. I know that they used footage of that. It could have been the same day.

          There was a local who reported driving past the firehouse that morning and seeing all of the emergency vehicles and unmarked cars prior to 8:00 A.M.. His story had the ring of truth. He mentioned that they had conducted drills before and he assumed they were getting ready for another.

          It’s pretty obvious that they decided the photographer had to go. He sounded like an upright sort of man and he probably wouldn’t cooperate.

          There are several levels to this. There is the government level with the gun confiscation and mental health initiatives agenda. There is a Satanic level with the cult activity and the sacrificial element. They didn’t decide on this location on a whim. Just like with Columbine, they were at the planning for years.

          When you plan a mega event you call on your connections. Each group has a particular bent, and there is some overlap. Everything that the researchers have found is useful. Sometimes people reach the wrong conclusions.

          In some ways this wasn’t as difficult to pull off as it seems. They had the best possible cover. They had total cooperation. Besides the obvious modeling the drill continues with the obfuscation phase. Basically they are saying “we’ll decide what you are “allowed” to see and hear”. So far, its working.

          Those who were considered loose ends have died or disappeared. The myth has become the reality. Calling attention to the implausibilities does not phase them.

          You have certainly been one of the most intelligent and insightful researchers since the beginning. I consider everything you say ver carefully. I’m a “pattern guy”. I let the puzzle pieces float until something comes along that looks like the right shape.

  13. I’ll get to reading these comments, but I am going to make a few of my own, relevant I hope to the topic here of Halbig being set up for arrest by a Catholic priest.

    During the Marathon bombing event, a genuinely concerned Catholic priest asked to be shown the way to the injured so that he could give extreme unction to those who wanted it. He truly believed there were dying people who needed him. He was summarily turned away, as were other clergymen. Of course it would not do to have him in on that masquerade. That this was reported (by whom I do not remember – perhaps he reported it himself) means that there is no monolith in any church about this.

    But that said, it is clear from the implication of the above article that one particular parish priest (raised to Monsignor) had a long association with a known sex abuse offender, his brother priest in the parish. If I have this right, then it is clear something could definitely be hanging over his head to get him to participate in the charade of Sandy Hook. I could imagine his convincing himself that it was all to the good – using a fake story to bring about gun control. But at the back of this carrot, there is the stick of prosecution or even accusation and scandal which could ruin his security.

    Recently, I was in the area of the Sean Collier memorial which is on a scale that photographs do not do justice to. Think Vietnam War Memorial’s little brother. Surrounding it in a brutalist and tasteless array are chunks of harsh gray granite for seats, the kind of thing you could imagine some primitive brute in Game of Thrones might use as headrests for an execution. It is THAT creepy. Nearby is the Koch Lab and ever-vigilant a police vehicle like the one alleged to be Collier’s, also on the campus.

    I’m looking at this and I’m saying – someone there is that does not love free-wheeling genius students getting the idea they can relate to each other in a friendly, trusting way. No, it’s all property, and the axe can come down at any time.

    I could go into detail, but suffice it to say the area is lousy with not very undercover cops who stick out like sore thumbs. Just plain weird. And deliberately intimidating. You could call it the post-Big Bang world.

    1. ” If I have this right, then it is clear something could definitely be hanging over his head to get him to participate in the charade of Sandy Hook. ”

      That is one of the major ways all of the people around the Sandy Hook can be kept so quiet. I sometimes use the idea that “it’s a blackmail, extortion, bribery grid” to understand how these big false events can be gotten away with.

      But back to the original story as reported here, and only here as best I can tell, regarding Wolfgang Halbig deciding he needed to pay an impromptu visit to the pastor of the church who seemed to be not only participating in but actively covering up the Sandy Hook hoax.

      It sounds as thought WH called Dr. Tracy and reported the incident to him. I do not know if WH shared this story with anyone else.

      It seemed so contrary to common sense for WH to make that visit, if he did. One has to wonder what WH felt he needed to speak with Monsignor Weiss about.

      We have discussed Msgr. Wiess on this blog before and I listened to a “sermon” he gave after the Sandy Hook event, wherein he seemed to be employing something similar to the “thousand points of light” meme, a New Age, GHWB idea, and the entire sermon seemed like pure “Church of Nice” anti-Christ nonsense.

      I have always strongly supported Wolfgang Halbig and admire him very much for carrying through on his promise to follow through on multiple FOIA requests and to seek answers to his very good “sixteen questions.” As far as I am concerned he accomplished his mission. We learned much from the manner in which the CT. FOIA Commission “responded” to WH’s records requests. It showed us how false the whole legal system is regarding this event and how virtually all of the major players of the entire CT / Newtown bureaucratic apparatus can be co-opted and compromised.

      I do not speculate on “the ramifications” of WH’s visit to Msgr. Weiss. I only marvel at its appearance of impulsiveness and lack of good judgment.

      1. Can you tell us why you feel his visit to Msgr. Weiss was a key mistake? Remember, some people have the hunch, though nascent, that Wolf is collaborating with the SH players. Is this what you feel, too?

        Some people also feel Kay Wilson is too wimpy and not forceful enough in representing Wolf at the now infamous FOIA meetings. They feel she was too easily cowed and failed to raise a major stink with the commissioners. Yes, she knew the outcome of those tribunals and she was right on. It has been painfully clear that there was no way Wolf could ever get fair shake in this sweepstakes of judicial detritus. Don’t come to Connecticut and expect the law to be followed. In fact, how dare you expect justice here anyway? Our well deserved reputation is now distributed throughout the nation.
        Wolf is under surveillance and this incident did not sink his boat lower in the water. He’s got to be careful, Malloy and his cronies are spoiling for a fight. Lt. Vance was displaced for obvious reasons, I’d say Malloy and company are meeting quite frequently deciding how they can stay ahead of those that are chasing them. They would do well to remember that “those guys are good”.

        1. this long comment probably won’t make it past moderation but here goes

          In reply to Gil Favor
          “Can you tell us why you feel his visit to Msgr. Weiss was a key mistake?”

          When I first read this article posted by Dr. Tracy here about this July visit of Wolfgang to the SROL school, the whole article and its posting struck me initially as strange.

          This SROL visit took place when WH was in Ct. for the third and I guess last of his Ct FOIA Commission hearings. At the point of this SROL visit, whether before or after the actual third hearing, WH was fully aware of the corruption of the CT. FOIA Commission as well as the Newtown officials and establishment locals. WH was fully cognizant that he was being surveilled all during his Sandy Hook truth endeavors. Given this set of circumstances, it would seem most logical, most common sensical, and most prudent for WH to be careful about his every action. Yet if he had legal counsel in the person of Kay Wilson, he should have counsulted her before taking the action of visiting SROL in July. Just plain common sense.

          Then we have to ask why WH departed from common sense, notwithstanding many of our observations to the effect that WH often appears to act on impulse and without thinking first.

          Now, with Anne B.’s comment here that WH also had a prior visit to the Saint Rose of Lima school/parish church in JUNE of 2015, presumably at the same time of his second Ct. FOIA Commission hearing, I am left even more puzzled regarding WH’s SROL visits.

          Lophatt offered helpful insights on that second SROL visit.

          Certainly WH has a right to do his own sleuthing and is under no obligation to consult any legal counsel he may employ, but for heavens sake, what does WH gain toward finding Sandy Hook truth by such ostensible rash actions? He was already a “target under surveillance” by these nasty folk who think nothing of disappearing people who ask too many questions.

          As I said, I think WH admirably accomplished what he set out to do and we are indebted to him for his steadfast courageous actions in searching for truth. I also personally wanted very much for someone to make some kind of confrontation with the Ct. legal system regarding Sandy Hook and that also WH accomplished. I knew pretty much how it would all come out, but I think there is value in shining the light on the Ct. FOIA Commission actors and their actions. But that said, I now just wonder if WH is simply acting impulsively or if he is playing a role and is scripted, basically because of the TWO ostensible visits by him to the SROL facility.

          Kay Wilson, according to an earlier MHB article received credible threats against her person and that of her family regarding her taking on the legal case of Wolfgang Halbig and that she had decided to not take WH’s case with her as his representative.

          Then shortly after that, we find that suddenly she just decided to represent WH. The more I think about that, the more odd that looks to me. Was the threat as real and severe as first presented and if so, why would she suddenly change her mind.

          Many of us who have been amateur researchers of these many “false events” for many years are well aware that there are fake lawyers and fake courtroom trials and hearings. We cannot pretend such possible scenarios do not happen.

        2. Gil, I replied to your questions but my reply is in moderation. If it does not make it out fairly soon, I will take the time to write an abridged reply.

        3. According to Wolfgang Halbig he went to St. Rose of Lima Church on June 2nd. The FOIA hearing in Hartford was on June 3rd.

  14. I am a little confused. Halbig went to St. Rose of Lima Church in June and again in July?

    On June 2, 2015 Halbig went with a film crew to St. Rose of Lima to ask about the names of the two nuns present during the SH production. In this interview with Richie Allen of UK on June 8, 2015 Halbig speaks of the incident. Upon exiting the church they were met with six Newtown police cars.

  15. “State Trooper” William Podgorski “dropped dead” on 6/17/2014. He was the lead investigator for the CT State Police (into Sandy Hoax).

    Podgorski “used to work for DHS.” In other words, he was DHS the whole time, and he’s still alive. DHS relocated him to avoid him being compelled to testify (which would reveal the Hoax):

    There are ZERO Death Certificates for any Sandy Hook “victims” or missing police officers.

    Sandy Hook = Gun Grab Treason.

    1. Kellan, your comment about “State Trooper” William Podgorski rings true to me. Another strong point showing Federal agency deep involvement throughout Sandy Hook performance.

      In all of these “false events” of the last 15 or 20 years, 2e have a growing number of “real people” who are said to be dead but we suspect are still alive. We have no way to follow up on any of this. Reminds me of the “vicsims” in the Twin Towers and how all web “researchers” like us could never find any historical info on any of these people that would indicate they were a real person living in the area before 9-11. Almost all of what they found came up “no last known address.”

      The SSDI, Social Security Death Index, is a private entity and relies solely on information fed via the Social Security Administration and there are many reasons why a death may have happened but not recorded with SSA or SSDI.

      Still, some real people are killed in these often very violent and brutal false events. I think of the little children burned to death in the Koresh Waco, Tx, “compound” by Janet Reno and Bill Clinton and their team of bottom dwelling slugs. Some people were real people before the event and some were created, manufactured fake identities people.

      I just reviewed the manuscript of a friend who just had this his fourth book published on the airline passengers of the four planes of 9-11. There are no death certificates on any of those vicsims either.

      Your posting brought to mind my personal “Sandy Hook The Disappeared” file. I found today where the “friend” of Dawn Hochspring, Gerald Stomski, that, after SH event, was first charged in a sexual harassment case [per Anne B’s comment], then was in an accident in a garage that left him in critical condition with life threatening burns, has died.

      This appears to be a real person who knew too much or was asking too many questions about Sandy Hook who had to be disappeared.

        1. Just a couple of comments on the missing Hoagland update. First, I think it’s strange that his wife goes by “Ms”. I’m sure people do it, but it’s odd…she must have directed the newspaper to do it, don’t you all think?

          Second, the police seriously have spent 1,000-2,000 man hours investigating a missing persons?? Why? If it were my husband, I’d have hired a PI to investigate…as I should. It’s not the taxpayers’ job to pay for this.

          Weird story.

        2. Anne, his disappearance is strange, and I still wonder if he is “Dan Holmes”, the man who, along with that woman that was interviewed for Sandy Hook and then multiple times at the Boston Firecracker, claimed to be friends of Nancy Lanza. He sure looks a lot like him. Ironically, he was supposedly Nancy’s landscaper and was last seen mowing his grass. There were other strange deaths surrounding Mr. Hoagland’s disappearance. You can’t make this stuff up!

        3. Ray – The information that came out so handily in regards to Robert Hoagland’s disappearance now seems just too tidy. His doings minute by minute that morning were a little too well packed. The last person to see him is supposedly a nameless neighbor who witnessed him pushing a lawn mower. Perhaps Mr. Hoagland vanished on his own accord.

          The timing was certainly perfect. From what we have been told his wife (now referred to as Ms. Hoagland) was still out of the country, one son in Amsterdam, another working on Hilton Head in SC and the third arrested by Bridgeport Police on the same day Hoagland vanished.

          Perhaps he was one of the few sane persons in and around Sandy Hook. He looks like a decent man from the photo taken at the gas station the morning of his disappearance, nothing like the cast of shady characters in the SH event. He may have had too much information for his own good and saw only one way out. What could be worse under the circumstances than being a real estate appraiser and married to a Newtown teacher?

      1. The sexual harassment charge was a ridiculous one made to discredit Gerald Stomski and further make him “unreliable”. So he moved with his family down south and was alone in his garage in the new location when the lawnmower blew up.

        Interestingly, the last time Robert Hoagland was seen he was pushing lawnmower.

        1. What was the specific sex harassment charges on Stomski ? His death was a totally freak accident almost beyond belief. Perhaps he leaked out too much information on Hochsprung ?

          Like Langlois the photographer that was found drowned at Lovers leap ? It took them days to find his body just a few hundred feet from where he went in the water ?

          Alex Jones said that he received more threats about reporting on Sandy Hook than any other subject? What should that tell us ?

          The lies are so obvious but will th etruth prevail on this ?

        2. Gerald Stomski was accused of calling a town woman “attractive”. She is not the one pictured here with Stomski.

          The body of Eric Langlois was found about 4 miles from where he went missing. It took a whole week. Lake Lillinonah stretches for 12 miles from New Milford to Newtown and Southbury, passing through Brookfield and Bridgewater on the way.

          From Litchfield County Times June 20, 2013:
          “At this point we have made a recovery from Lake Lillinonah,” said Captain Camejo on the scene, explaining that no confirmation of identity was made on the scene, located on the Bridgewater side of a lake that begins at Lovers Leap State Park in New Milford and stretches to the Newtown/Southbury area.

          If anyone is interested in a look at Lake Lillinonah, here is my favorite video taken by a local realtor from his boat. I lived on this lake for many years.

        3. Ann my understanding is that Langlois went in the water at Lovers Leap and they found him just a few hundred feet away days later. If that is not the case then where 4 miles away did they find him ? It is inconceivable to me that he could not be found for 4 days when his body remained in the immediate vicinity of where he was last seen.

          They did have a helicopter searching the entire lake all day long but in the end he was found where he ostensibly went in to water to retrieve his bike.

        4. Hi Ann , this article indicates that Langlois was indeed found almost exactly in the place where he was last seen.

          Also you are correct in that the sex harassment complaint on Stomski was frivolous indeed. He apparently said that one woman at a town meeting was “attractive” and she made a massive case out of it. I highly doubt that motivated him to move south though.

        5. To Ray777,

          “EnCon police found the body in an area off Lake Lillinonah Road North, and the recovery site was established at Bridgewater Town Park on Lake Lillinonah Road South.”

          In other words, he was found way south of Lovers Leap. Bridgewater is on the opposite side of the lake from New Milford. I have not read anywhere if and where the bike was recovered.

          “The search was concentrated Wednesday in the 4-mile stretch of Lake Lillinonah between Lovers Leap State Park and the state boat launch on Route 133 in Bridgewater. The section — the northern third of the state’s second-largest lake — has steep, wooded hills running down to the narrow lake.”

          The Hartford Courant reported the following:
          “Authorities recovered a body from the lake on Tuesday, not far from the area where authorities had been searching for the missing photographer, a state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection spokesman said.”

          Authorities had been searching a 4 mile stretch of the lake. That must be what the Courant refers to as “not far” from where they had been searching, not bothering to specify the exact location.

        6. Thanks Ann- yes I understand now where the “4 mile” allusion comes from now. However that reference is the search area that stretched from Lovers Leap to the Bridgewater Bridge. He was found by the boat launch on Lake Lilinonah North which is virtually right at Lovers Leap.

          At that section of the lake there is a narrow channel where the river feeds into the lake and when there is a storm the normally calm channel becomes dangerously turbulent. My initial suspicion is that perhaps the turbulence dragged Langlois under and he was stuck under debris and days later became dislodged.

          However after hearing about his involvement at St Rose I cannot help but wonder if other elements were involved.

        7. Hi Ray777, it sounds like you know the area well. Some reports have it that the body was found by residents and others that he was found by the official search team. If he indeed was found close to where he vanished, I wonder why they set up the recovery site at Bridgewater Town Park which is about two miles south of Lovers Leap. Why not closer to where he was found?

          Everything about anything to do with the school, church, SH and people involved is a mismatch of conflicting information – by design.

        8. Ray777, if you live in the New Milford/Bridgewater area can you confirm if there is a boat launch on Lake Lillinonah Road North. Searching the Internet I have not been able to find one unless it is private. The state has two boat launches on Lake Lillinonah, one in Bridgewater and one in Newtown.

          I decided to take a look back at the drowning of Eric Langlois and found so many conflicting stories that it almost seemed deliberate. So, the state was leading the investigation, not local authorities.

          Maybe it’s just me, but if I had a husband in the condition described below, I would not allow him to go back alone looking for the bike. If I could not go myself, I would find someone who could.

          She went on to describe her husband as having a “badly scraped left shoulder” and cracked helmet after his initial crash. “Looking back, he did seem a little unusual,” she said. “My sister noted his pupils were dilated and his balance was a little off.”

          From the Internet:
          Responders on the scene Wednesday had said the search Thursday would likely move south toward the Newtown/Southbury area from the area near the Route 133 bridge over the lake in Bridgewater. But on Thursday morning, New Milford Police Lt. Ash announced that the search would not continue because of the inclement weather.

          In a phone interview Thursday afternoon, DEEP spokesman Dennis Schain said the state was leading the investigation, rather than local authorities, because the report of Mr. Langlois going missing was tied to a state park, Lovers Leap.

        9. Hi Ann – I can tell you there is a small launch at the intersection of Lake Lilinonah rd North and Lovers Leap Rd and. There is also a launch at Bridgewater Town Park. Sandy Hook is very close by just further down the lake.

        10. Hi Ray, thank you. I lived on Lake Lillinonah for many years on the Brookfield side in the cove not far from the Bridgewater bridge. I am aware of the two major state boat launches. Many lakefront properties have their own docks on the lake.

          Going back next year for an extended stay I’ll be doing a lot of sleuthing. Entering the domain of Newtown/Sandy Hook I believe it’s wise to have a friend with a CT license plate take me. I understand that out of state license places do not attract the local Welcome Wagon.

        11. Regarding Hoagland it is my understanding that he was last seen on camera at the Mobil station at exit 10 early in the am. That would suggest to me that he was fueling up and driving away to get out of dodge.

  16. The “Lanza house” and Sandy Hook Elementary were bulldozed because NEITHER PLACE contained fingerprints/DNA of the (fictional) occupants. Anyone sneaking inside would find zero trace of the Lanza family who “lived there,” or the 26 dead students who “attended Sandy Hook Elementary.”

    DHS had to demolish the house and school before some thrill-seeker (or foreign intel agent) broke in and swabbed the place or dusted for prints — and found NO TRACE of Lanza or those dead kids.

    Sandy Hook = Gun Grab Hoax.

    This pattern of “Destroy the Crime Scene” happens a lot. For example, they loaded the WTC debris into trucks as fast as they could — and “shipped the steel to China.”

    The Regime also BURNED 3 support buildings at the Shanksville, PA 9/11 Memorial. Supposedly, those buildings contained boarding passes and other personal belongings from FLIGHT 93 that crashed there. But after burning the Memorial buildings, the Regime can say, “We can’t provide that evidence in the courtroom since it was destroyed in the fire.”

    1. Interesting insightful comment, however I would suggest one slight change.


      Supposedly, those buildings contained boarding passes and other personal belongings from FLIGHT 93 that crashed there.


      Supposedly, those buildings contained boarding passes and other personal belongings from “FLIGHT 93 that crashed there.”

  17. Has anybody looked into this Accomando guy ? I winder if he played a significant role behind the scenes. At the town hearing when they were discussing splitting up the money he was a very conspicuous presence wearing a suit and tie.

    Also I was told Jerry Stomski was motivated to move after being very discouraged after losing his political office. There was alot of negative atmosphere from his political efforts. I don’t think the sex harassment issue was significant.


      ~The Accomandos, Sandy Hook residents whose children go to Hawley Elementary School, for the past several years have worked together in a health care consulting business out of their home. But “after the tragedy, we decided to use the energy and the emotions that we were feeling to do something positive,” Deb Accomando said.~

      Gerald Stomski reportedly was a friend of Dawn Hochsprung. He was first selectman of Woodbury and Hochsprung a teacher there. Together they had discussed security issues since Stomski owned a security business. It is not uncommon to trump up unfounded sexual harassment charges against someone tptb want out of the way for obvious reasons. Stomski had family where he moved to. Down south fewer people would ask fewer questions. He, like Hoagland, seemed like a decent man.

      By the way, if anyone has seen the object of the “harassment” it becomes clear that Stomski needed an urgent eye exam.

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