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In 3 separate videos shot at 3 different events in 3 different cities, the main architect of Obamacare – MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber – said the American people are stupid, and had to be lied to for Obamacare to pass.

After the videos of Gruber’s statements went viral he appeared on MSNBC to explain.

Here’s the first video:

Here’s the second:

Here’s the third (at 29:20):


“I was speaking off the cuff and I basically spoke inappropriately and I regret having made those comments” [sic] Gruber remarked in a November 10 appearance on MSNBC.

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57 thought on “Obamacare Architect Says American People Are Stupid, Easily Fooled”
  1. & he would be correct when he says this statement , They have been ‘trained’ to listen to their TV & what ever it says is gospel, if their TV tells them its true or false – well they believe what ever that brain washing box tells them , pretty dumb. No research , No second guessing the actors on the TV set, THAT isnt very smart . Meanwhile with little research skills of a 3rd grader can look up that the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations) organized around 1921 and this corrupt organization has used the TV as a piece of brain washing equipment since it was invented in the 1920’s , a method to ‘condition’ the people . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJNgm4kM24s – all members of the CFR have owned the TV since its inception http://www.whoownsthenews.com/

  2. Townhall has done great work on this. Here is an article with an embedded clip of Charles Krauthammer, speaking reason, as usual:


    it ends with these words:

    I’ll leave you with Ed Morrissey’s smart analysis: Namely, when Gruber dismisses “stupid Americans” for buying into—and ultimately supporting—the president’s healthcare reform law, he’s not talking about conservatives:

    Let’s not forget that when Gruber calls voters stupid, it can’t be applied to those who opposed ObamaCare on the very same grounds as he states in these videos. Critics had made these arguments all along about the deceptive structure of the bill, and the lies being told to cover it up. Gruber’s talking about the Obama coalition in these remarks.

    And this one has a fantastic clip of Megyn Kelly, brilliant as always:


    1. AMEN, Krauthammer! Let’s remember, it’s only Obama’s supporters to whom Gruber refers.

      Of, course, that’s cold comfort, since they put him back in office and we all got stick with Obamacare, Obama-pen and Obama-phone, Obama-ruption, Oba-ma-lfeasance, and Obam-incompotence.

      “Obam-“. It’s the new superlative for the highest degree of something negative.

      1. The article helpfully provides a transcript of some of Dr. K’s comments:

        “This is exactly what conservatives have been saying for four years. What we’re hearing now is the true voice of liberal arrogance. [T]hey believe they know the right way—they have to lead the masses to the Promised Land, and they can only do it by deception. And that’s what he said openly…[they] lied about everything.”

        If you don’t acknowledge that this is truth in its purist form, you are not someone worth talking to.

        And what does Iraq have to do with it?

        Obamacare is not Kabuki Theatre. It is the destruction of what was left of the private practice of allopathic medicine in this country, as anyone with sense could see from the start. Now that enough time has passed the guy who contrived the Rube Goldberg monstrosity feels free to strut around like a bantam rooster, smirking, laughing and mocking all the morons not in the technocratic class. It is exactly as Dr. K says: liberal arrogance. Conservatives did not contrive this, to further the charade of modern politics. This fell into their laps, like mana from Heaven. Since Obamacare was hated by the majority of Americans from the moment it was proposed, and since it was criminally stuffed down our throats by the most devious, disingenuous, arrogant means, having its architect out himself on repeated occasions simply demonstrates how the technocrats live in a bubble. They live in that echo chamber long enough and they start to forget the hoi palloi can hear them; that we react with outrage comes as a shock to them, as if they forgot we are not simply zoo animals and they are our keepers.

        Now, we can revel in the spectacle of San Fran Nan lying about having no idea who Gruber is:


        To see these “progressives” squirm in abject embarrassment has to be the most delightful thing to come along in these last six horrible years. They thought they had finally set us on the unalterable path to 1984, and laughed in all our faces, year after year, because there was nothing we could do to stop them. Well, there IS nothing we could do to stop them, but it’s a consolation when we see that mirth wiped off their corrupt faces.

      2. Love Krauthammer and how he speaks the truth. Was stunned to know he was paralyzed as a teenager and went on to be a doctor of psychiatry.

        It is hysterical watching them squirm as was the election with the left wing media stuttering in disbelieve as the polls were all wrong. Today San Fran Nan went on a tyrant on how she is being picked on for being [an old] woman and never got the cover of Time Magazine as McConnell and Boehner did, it was very funny.

        There will be a new word added to the dictionary – we have been gubersized!

        Here he has used his bean counting machine to prove there is a lot of money for the government to save by eliminating the ‘marginalized’ unborn. Of course we already knew it was all about money, those liberals certainly are very racist aren’t they?


  3. I can’t understand what the guy is saying, at the beginning, because he swallows his words.

    The American people didn’t even GET to vote on this, so the comments don’t make much sense to me.

    While the comments are mildly insulting, and I don’t like Obama or Obamacare either, this FOX News “reporter,” Megyn Kelly, is unprofessional, with her sneers and emphases. She’s not reporting news, she’s pushing an agenda. FOX News itself presumes the American people are stupid, in other words. Pick your poison.

    1. They (The now neutered faux News) keep emphasizing the part where he states the voters are stupid when in fact no one every voted on this bill.

      Because the Real story is he admits to deceiving the CBO which is clear fraud. So they must avoid this to keep their FCC license.

      I think the reason this tape just emerged is because there are cracks in Obamy’s dam. The dems have know about this tape for a long time.

    2. Dino, I completely agree. That struck me too. That’s a common ploy. They speak of these things they engineer as if “we the people” actually chose it.

      The whole thing is a circus. Forced purchases of private insurance, under threat of “takings” if you don’t comply. I love how these so-called “capitalists” have no problem using government to extort sales.

      There are no parties, or government for that matter. There are only a gaggle of parasites following orders and a sham media trying to convince us that the thing still works.

    1. Why only now? Well, we all know the news is ‘managed’ by the administration in charge. So since it’s all ‘old’ news, dating from a few years back, and the same team is in the White House, I think you can probably guess why ‘only now’. It was kept canned until it somehow got rolled out after the election. ‘How’ would be a more appropriate question, IMO.

      The only ‘why’ questions are 1)Why it was rolled out at all, after being kept under wraps for so long? and 2) Why now instead of the GOP finally releasing it just before the next POTUS election?

    2. Why now? The Republicans made a clear decision to campaign on what was the most important issues to Americans – jobs and the economy. They did not shy away from stating the obvious – this law is a jobs killer. Now that they are poised at least to pass corrective laws to this boon daggle, it is the perfect time to gain public support.

      This comic book author, not too insulting to our intelligence heh? did not blatantly come out with his stupid remarks until 2013. after the election. The 2012 long, boring propaganda speech, only had a hint of his insults and his pompous audience probably would of agreed. It was right before the election as they speak of Hurricane Sandy and if o wins this Tuesday.

      “The clips of the panel discussion were uncovered by Rich Weinstein, a Philadelphia-area investment adviser who said Tuesday he had begun watching hours of footage featuring the experts behind the Affordable Care Act late last year, after his health insurance plan was canceled because it did not meet the requirements of the law.

      “These people were showing up on the shows, calling themselves architects of the law,” Weinstein said in an interview with Bloomberg News, pointing to David Cutler, Zeke Emanuel and Gruber, health-care policy experts who had all been involved in the development of the legislation. “I wondered if these guys had some type of paper trail. So I looked into what Dr. Cutler had said and written, and it was generally all about cost control. After I finished with Cutler, I went to Dr. Gruber. I assume I went through every video, every radio interview, every podcast. Every everything.”


  4. […] By Washington’s Blog In 3 separate videos shot at 3 different events in 3 different cities, the main architect of Obamacare – MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber – said the American people are stupid, and had to be lied to for Obamacare to pass. After the videos of Gruber’s statements went viral he appeared on MSNBC to explain. Here’s the first video: Here’s the second: Here’s the third (at 29:20): “I was speaking off the cuff and I basically spoke inappropriately and I regret having made those comments” [sic] Gruber remarked in a November 10 appearance More… […]

  5. There are plenty of written transcriptions for you to review exactly what this highly paid author of the unaffordable health care act from Mass. has admitted to and even bragged about in 2013. He readily admits they wrote it in such a way that the CBO would never be able to understand it, that should be criminal.

    I share Megyn Kelly’s and many other Americans rage on all the lies surrounding this government takeover of our health care system. The stupid people are those who voted in the liars again, in 2012.

    This bill has attacked Freedom of Religion and the Supreme Court has already ruled the gov. cannot force corporations or the Sisters of Mercy to pay for abortions.

    The left mocked Sarah Palin for pointing out the death panels of non-elected officials whose job it is to deny medical care from those unworthy

    The costs for those actually paying are out of this world, with impossible deductibles and virtually no catastrophic coverage.

    They are never going to get enough payers to make it work, you cannot keep your doctors, your hospitals, your health or believe anything they declare about it.

    The stupid people are those who did not pay attention to this rationing of health care and yes there are death panels.


  6. It does not appear this ‘law’ is even legal. Dirty Harry took another bill approved by congress, stripped out of it what they had passed and replaced it with the unaffordable hca. Sixty democratic senators approved it, 29 are no longer in office, and not one had time to read what was crafted by unelected officials.

    What rocket scientist figured it would be a good idea to reduce the hours of full time workers from 40 to 30 to increase the tax revenues of the bill? Of course employers would reduce hours to 29 in order to avoid penalties, that was a brilliant move to help the citizens.

    Betraying the unions, who were initially promised exemptions for their Cadillac plans, was probably the biggest reason for the election wave that sent the left wing media in to total shock.

    Here’s a union leader, ““We thought that if we made the case to the agencies dealing with regulations to correct problems that hurt, really destroy, self-funded nonprofit health plans, it would be resolved,” Taylor said. “That clearly was naive or stupid.”


    1. And when Reid sent the bill back to House, Pelosi and majority Dems at the time just voted for it not realizing it had actually contained a new Mandate”Tax” which is illegal. But Gruber now admits he “fooled” the CBO which is another fraud.

      Obama’s friend the Bald Headed Communist stated right on camera
      ” the right keep saying this is a ploy to destroy the insurance companies and force a single payer system. The are right! And after we shut down all the insurance companies we are are coming after your Farms.”

      They always eventually come after the farms. History 101.

  7. we didnt even have a chance to vote on it…its the idiots in congress that voted it in…even polosi said we have to pass it to know whats in it…who is the stupid public???sure the public was stupid to even think of voting obama in in the first place but in regards to this healthcare illegal act it was congress- specifically dems who passed it so they are the ones who are stupid idiots.

  8. Gowdy: “What difference does it make?” None, obviously. The law remains and has paved the way for future, oppressive legislation to pass. So we are going to abide by the laws and take it like a good citizen because there’s nothing else we can do, anyway!

  9. Those at the ping-pong table of republicans versus democrats are watching a game for which they do not understand the rules. But they keep watching. Ping pong. Ping pong. The “winner” doesn’t matter. The outcome is the same regardless of winner and loser.

  10. Heather , that is because republican – democrat – all are one & the SAME – all take their orders from the same master – this ‘party’ thing is all a dog & pony show meant to distract the TV watching public same as everything on the idiot box . The democrat -republican broad way show even has some of the most ‘awake’ people fooled still , because the TV is the greatest brain washing tool ever made . it is time to smash your sets people, everything on the boob tube is meant to and produced as a distraction . all are actors ,nothing more . the politicians are ACTORS in reality . I know this is hard to understand , but it is true . smash your sets , its all fantasy , voting is all rigged – no receipt ? we get a receipt for a piece of gum , no receipt for who we vote into an empty black box , think people . .

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with lexi63’s assessment. A couple of days ago, someone made this analogy about people who believe there is validity to the two party system:

      “Once you get on the plane, whether you sit on the left side, the right side or smack in the middle… you’re all going to the same location no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise.”

    2. Lexi that was my point. But some still feel the need to label and divide as though there is a choice. There is no choice.

      It is one of the core distractions. I like the plane analogy: Republicans are the right wing, democrats are the left wing, vote however you want, but the flight plan NEVER changes.

        1. I’m surprised by your response; I didn’t read Heather and Lexi’s responses the way it seems you did. Just because a person rejects the Right/Left paradigm doesn’t mean they’ve given up…in fact, I think they might just be getting started!

          This Gruber thing is interesting (if insulting), but it’s not really news. Politicians and policy makers have lied to us? What a shocker! Like others posted earlier, the only REAL news is that the MSM (and like it or not, that’s what Fox News is: MSM) has chosen this particular lie to share with the public. I think the same thing about Snowden: the NSA has been spying on us? Really? That required a newsflash?

          Don’t you ever suspect Fox News of being controlled opposition? Don’t you ever get the feeling that each of these crises is just one more distraction to deflect our attention away from somewhere else? How can we possibly win a wholly defensive battle? When one has to fight this hard only to maintain a (fairly crappy) status quo, perhaps we need to re-examine what we’re fighting for. This isn’t “giving up”, it’s “waking up”.

      1. This is not just an American dilemma. It seems when something is thrown out here for consumption, pretty much the same happens across the pond as well. It is not a rightwing or leftwing issue, it is a global agenda. On the other side of the Atlantic they are now discussing who should be the first in line for sick care and who should be the last. Eugenics is recommended for people over 90 with dementia. It may be 90 this year, perhaps 80 next year and downwards it slides.

        1. Yes Anne, this is GLOBAL – Agenda 21, all nato nations are under the same rule . there is no more America, the Uk ,we are all one & the same, very difficult for people to understand, everything on the TV is fictional, produced theatrics for the brain washed population to keep them working & slaving for their global masters. everyone needs to research Agenda 21, America, no longer exists, so this is not a matter of giving up ,it is a matter of waking up as Recynd77 says, We must keep trying to wake up the brain dead population & awaken more people that don’t fully understand what actually is going on here. A complete revolution is the only way & this might not be possible as we are devoid of a U.S military, they too are all controlled by the CFR ( all military leaders are members of the NWO/CFR) , those boys obviously have no plans to stand down or revolt to any illegal orders, they are generations of oath breakers who have shown turning on their own country & poisoning their own families is not a problem for them. So we are pretty much doomed unless we can wake up a lot more of the brain dead . http://agenda21news.com/2014/07/agenda-21-dummies-new-world-order-depopulation-exposed/

      2. I am so tired of hearing everyone calling each other “Controlled Opposition”, or “Gate Keepers” . This is why they are winning. They are united, we are are too busy calling each other Trolls and Spies……

        Does the system system suck? Yes. Read between the lines. Some people are trying.

        I blogged and tried to tell the AJ/Beck/Alt Media/Disillusioned crowd in 2012 to please at least vote, and please vote for the staged Republican ticket because that’s all we have(not by our choice) and we can hold them accountable. (You can’t hold the Dem’s accountable because they don’t care).

        I got my butt handed to me bruised and battered, insulted, called a troll. And their answer was to just not vote and let the Dem’s have their way.

        So, who was the troll? Obama won, even if you don’t believe your vote counts it does in big numbers. That’s why the Dem’s lie and try to make the race too close to count. That’s when the fraud works.

        The staged hanging chads incident between Bush and Al Global Warming in 2000 was just to get the Vote from hand delivered ink votes from small local precincts to Electronic Voting Booths counted in Spain and Canada all controlled by the controllers.

        I don’t know what to say….

      3. Of course, Heather. The “left/right” paradigm is pure theater. It is intended to capture the sports enthusiasts. Left, right, up, down, they attempt to define the limits of discourse. Meanwhile, here in the ZOG, (or elsewhere as Anne says), the plan continues.

        Does anyone actually believe they would allow a candidate to run who wanted to do a one-eighty? They wouldn’t stand a chance. If they couldn’t be removed they would ensure that they got “depressed”.

        It isn’t worth the anxiety to follow politics on TEE VEE. It means nothing. Less than nothing. It means that those who watch it don’t know what is going on.

        1. touche’ lophatt – exactly correct , if more people could only understand that the 2 party system was designed to DIVIDE & CONQUER, just another system engineered by the banking system to have the public pitted against each other. Rep. Dem nonsense all made for the TV ( mind control box) viewing audience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eInuuLp1Dw

        2. Once again.. lophatt wisdom pearls.
          If you are funding the Hoodwinkers then you are clicking on the creative headlines MSN, FOX (to name a few). So doing emboldens the engineered crap that is being sold as gospel and sporting entertainment. Continuing to do so will reward you with persistent warping of your reality and that of your next generation.
          Simple advice- Unsubscribe and stop clicking…the negative energy will stop its propagation.

    3. I think it is important for Americans, especially, to begin to understand the nature of global agenda. I recently took an online law course on British common law and its relationship to the EU mandates. What I learned was the word “supreme”, in that the sovereignty of Britain is only allowable to the extent that it falls within acceptable limits of the EU. I am not sure what all the legal areas are – perhaps criminal law, with executions disallowed, certainly a lot to do with trade regulations, perhaps employment discrimination. Not sure how deeply it affects British life, but that word “supreme” (as in the Supreme Court of the US being the ultimate arbiter of state laws and the laws passed by the Congress, as to constitutionality).

      As we know, we have a written Constitution (which is constantly violated without sanctions placed on the violations for some – drone killings without due process upon American targets would be an example, NSA spying would be another). The British have only their legal precedents and their cultural sense of what it right and proper, and they seem to have turned over this to the EU.

      I would imagine that international bodies with the kind of clout which can decide how British people go about their lives, might be attractive to some of our leaders, of both parties, who have certain agendas in mind. Remember, submitting to power is sometimes a way of holding power over others. It is not a subject which is easy to sum up, but awareness that our sovereignty isn’t exactly as we think it is, behind closed doors, might be a start.

      The two parties do take differing approaches, have a different superficial feel to them. But they are both money-driven, and their members have taken privileges for themselves which put them at odds with most of their constituents. We can start with NSA spying, move onto the drone craze, printing money to fight stupid wars, and see the debates over net neutrality … some partisans may differ, but the trends just keep on, no matter what wing of the plane is tipped up.

  11. Have always said, anytime all the news outlets cover a ‘story’ 24 7, it is a clear indication it is a false flag, and perhaps an indication of government mandated programing.

    News flash! As much as some commenters want to discredit Fox News, they are the only outlet covering this trashing of the electric. Tried to link a liberal biased article to this conversation, but my computer froze, not by co-incidence I believe.

    Often cringe when the fair and balanced discussion spews lies such as 50 million are enrolled, when the ‘truth’ of what they admit to is 9 million maybe, short of the 13 million the cbo declared is the minimum needed to pay the bill. Why is there never discussion of how many are payers and receivers of our tax dollars?

    No, I will not give up, and not pay attention and put my head in the sand and hope someone has my butt covered. That is exactly what they are banking on, we are too stupid to care or voice an opinion.

    We may be in limbo for the next two years if our ‘leader’ decides to veto everything that would benefit our country, but even the brain dead may wake up when they have to pay thousands of dollars in fines for not buying a ‘health care’ plan they could not afford.

    Peace and love.


  12. Wow my entire comment just went straight into the NSA data base. It always says waiting for Democrat approval. This one just upped and was gone. Ohh well, it was good.

  13. The missing part of this discussion is the fact that the “medical” system in the US alone kills 860,000+ people a year, with properly dispensed drugs and properly executed surgery, all according to the “standard of care”. This figure comes from the “medical” industry themselves, and get this, they stopped publishing the data in 2012, and the figure is likely to have gotten much larger.

    People who still participate in this charade are, indeed, stupid. If you still own a TV to watch and hear this lunacy, you too have a huge awakening before you, probably on your deathbed.

    1. Certainly, allopathic medicine is not the best way to go, but because of rent-seeking on the part of its practitioners and the drug and insurance companies, it is essentially the only option most people have. Medicare and Medicaid pretty much doomed what was left of that system, twisting the cost structure into a godson knot. Decades ago, doctors spent time with patients. The television show Marcus Welby, M.D. could not be made today; no one would believe it.

      Yes, it’s terrible that doctors are trained to think every condition should be treated with toxic chemicals, and that the combined effects of multiple drugs are never studied. And it’s terrible that genuine, non-harmful, cures are banned because the rent-seekers have captured the “regulators.” But if your kid breaks his arm, or a robber shoots you, or you fall off your roof cleaning out the gutters, or if you have a heart attack, you are going to go to the emergency room. The question is: what happens after that? What remains of the system once obamacare has destroyed it?

      Obviously, all the ruin the rent-seekers have wrought should be undone, and all government involvement in health care should be ended: health care should be precisely as private as the internet has been (until so-called “net-neutrality” hands it over to the state, God forbid). That is, we should return to a state of freedom. But obamacare is the utter destruction of whatever freedom the common man still had. You might still be able to pay cash to have your broken leg put in a cast, but if all the private doctors have left the business in disgust, a lot of good it will do you.

  14. Physicians must follow standard of care, even if standard of care kills people. This is why they cannot offer alternatives/supplements/TRUE nutrition advice/etc. These are NOT part of standard of care.

    If the standard of care kills people, the doctors/hospitals are fully covered under the law and CANNOT be sued. Because, hey, they did their jobs just like they were told to do. They followed the rules. It’s not their fault somebody died.

    If doctors start counseling patients for wellness, offering alternatives to drugs/surgery and make their patients healthier, they can STILL lose their license. Doesn’t matter that patients health improved. The docs did not follow the law.

      1. Wow! Have a few comments caught in the spam bin, which am convinced are orchestrated by the nsa or other look a likes. Am pretty much shocked at the commenters here who declare, do not pay attention to the news, it is all fake. Will agree to some extent, but if we do not expose ourselves to all available outlets, aren’t we all bowing down to the evil doers beckon call? Keep your head in the sand, Uncle Sam will come along and cover your cold a$$!

  15. If you logically follow the statements made by Gruber , he is saying that the Tea party folks are smart! They knew what the law was all about ! All the probelms that he spoke of, they tried to warn the ” stupid Americans ” .

  16. It is true that Americans are easily fooled, but this is not because we are not stupid; it’s because we’re crazy. Rather, we are stupid BECAUSE we are crazy. In crucial ways we are ideological insane, having our consciousness deranged and our souls perverted historically by the ideological untruth of American power. The media, universities, and other truth institutions have ideologically instilled a contempt for people in order to legitimate the despotism of American power.

    The discussion of the medical care of the American people is an obvious example of this truth perversion. It is perhaps twice as expensive and less good than that of the national medical care of more civilized countries, which is prevented in the US by the drug industry, insurance agencies, and medical professions. National medical care is branded as a form of socialized medicine which , as an agent of the government, is conceived ideologically as a minion of Satan.

    It is quite true, national medical care IS a form of socialized medicine. It is a better form of medical care than that under Free Enterprise. But socialism has been so stigmatized under the War on Communism that it is ideologically conceived as the devil’s handwork. And when the War on Communism of the 20th century segued into the War on Terrorism of the 21st, liberalism was also stigmatized. So many of the American people are ideologically deluded by the drivel of Fox News, etc, and the manufacture of dissent has been influence decisively by the power delusions of the NY Times, etc.

    Instead of rejecting both, the two mainstream sides are encouraged to fight each other, instead of the people fighting the oppression of power. The ideological delusion creates a gridlock in our political culture which is transported to a gridlock in American government. But the gridlock is only for policies that empower the American people, like national medical care, not policies that empower the oligarchy and the ideology that legitimates them. So the US sinks further into decay until the people can unite around an ideology that supports their interests and power. This requires at least an element of ideological reason and sanity.

  17. “When President Truman put forward his national health insurance program in the late 1940’s, which seemed likely to pass, the American Medical Association paid Whitaker and Baxter [public relations consultants] $350,000 to defeat it. The pair, who had thwarted a similar plan proposed by Governor [Earl] Warren [a Republican], dubbed the Truman proposal “socialized medicine.” They distributed over a 100 million pieces of literature…..Congress failed to pass the measure, virtually burying the idea for forty years.” (p. 571) THE CAMPAIGN OF THE CENTURY [Upton Sinclair’s 1934 race for Governor and the birth of media politics]

  18. That was perfect Patrick!! This whole attempted government over throw of our health care system is the perfect case study on how the media frames the story.

    The networks have basically not covered it, and now CNN is tripping over them selves blaming the Republicans for this non story that is years old. And of course the ends does justify their lying means.


    Back in January, 2014 Gruber was CNN’s expert on how great this monstrosity was, wonder if he was paid for that too? Time for an IRS audit on those millions awarded this “genius”!


  19. How strange is it that our leader would invite Sharpton to the wh after the election and arrange for a secret meeting with the Ferguson radicals shortly there after and advise them to stay the course. What the he!! does that mean?

    The MO governor has declared a state of emergency, in anticipation of the grand jury’s decision, homeland security is set to ponce, and a multitude of major cities are on high alert for the coming race war?


      1. Just in case there was any doubt the criminals are in charge, here the NYT reports that Sharpton owes 4..5 million in taxes and routinely does not pay his hotel, restaurant, rent, and other bills.

        We would be in jail for a small fraction of those crimes. Knew a small time restaurant owner who was behind in paying payroll taxes for a few thousand, their place was promptly raided and seized.


  20. Let’s see, “healthy people pay in, sick people get money out,” in other words, just like regular health insurance works.
    I’m now retired, and see what a mess American healthcare is, witness the pile of mail I got soliciting my business just for registering for medicare supplemental insurance the year I turned 65.
    Yea for socialized medicine! Then all that money going to insurance companies would just go to medical care. Countries with socialized medicine have longer life expectancy, lower infant mortality and pay MUCH LESS for care then does the U. S.

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