And Its Dubious Social Scientific Origins

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The term “white supremacy” so prevalent in recent news and political events has been decades in the making. Its origins lie in 1940s-era social scientific research targeting conservative American culture and values.

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11 thought on “Oct. 18 MHB Report: Manufacturing “White Supremacy” (Video)”
      1. Hah! That would inversely contrast with the number of gentiles central to the firing, specifically my Irish Catholic soul brothers, FAU President John Kelly, and the university’s lead corporate attorney, G. Joseph Curley, who was tasked with ripping me apart, yet one who over time I developed a great admiration for.

        1. First, many thanks for this video — of course it’s obvious to some, and should be to more, that ‘white supremacy’ is a smear used by the media to demonize white people and white identity.

          “G. Joseph Curley, who was tasked with ripping me apart, yet one who over time I developed a great admiration for”

          You were unjustly dismissed by FAU on an absurd pretext, something which must have been clear to all involved, whether they were (or are) willing to admit it or not — did Curley attempt to carry out his ‘task’ of ‘ripping you apart’ under the aforementioned dishonorable circumstances? — if so, why do you now admire him?

        2. For a number of reasons that I can only speculate on, FAU hired the best corporate law firm in the state to take us on. Much of the litigation took place pretrial as the legal teams and I convened for dozens of hours over the course of several months. All involved developed a rapport, if an often uneasy one, to get through the process.

          Curley was expert at his craft and also quite personable. I am of the mind that there’s a difference between “liking” someone and giving them credit for their manner and technique. I don’t believe what FAU and the judge ultimately did to me was honest or morally sound, particularly in hindsight. Yet as I’ve come to learn in a legal battle of this magnitude morality goes out the window very early on. FAU’s attorneys had a job to do in terms of getting a positive verdict at a very public trial and that’s what they did.

        3. Thanks for replying — sorry I cannot share your general sentiment, i.e. I would definitely NOT have any charitable feelings whatsoever for anyone who participated in carrying through such an injustice against me.

          “… morality goes out the window very early on. ”

          Most people would say there is a strong moral aspect to justice; also basic decency and fairness — hence this can be seen as saying justice goes out the window — sad.

          I assume you are to some degree following the Fetzer case in Wisconsin.

        4. In this case opposing attorneys were vicious toward each other in terms of correspondences and procedure. There is indeed a relationship between morality and justice, to the extent of the given court’s true integrity.

          “… according to the Talmud, in a case between a Christian and a Hebrew, the Jewish judge must always, as far as possible, let his fellow Jew win.”-La Civilta Cattolica, “The Jewish Question in Europe,” 1890.

          We pray for the judge. Vengeance belongs to God.

          I have followed the case. From the start, Prof. Fetzer approached his defense somewhat unconventionally.

        5. Thankyou James for your recent videos, I appreciate your willingness to say things that need to be said and in a very scholarly tone- excellent. So much great work going on in independent media even with the censorship… I’m sure you’re aware of thelastamericanvagabond, Whitney Webb’s articles etc.?…

  1. I find it very odd that there are neo-Nazi groups that have sprung up only AFTER the left started to use that word during the Trump admnistration). Let me name them and give you the year of their inception:
    The Proud Boys (named after an Aladdin movie) 2018
    Rise Above Movement (2017) named after a Spider Man movie
    The Alt Right (started bySpencer in 2017)
    Unite the Right (2017 – Spencer’s Group at Charlottesville)
    The Base (2018)
    Here’s another bit of information. Members of the Rise Above Movement who were arrested for acts during Charlottesville were arrested after traveling to the Ukraine to meet with and get training from the neo-Nazis there, the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis who were funded by George Soros and supported by the US in the overthrow of the Ukrainian govt. Here is what I found in court documents:

    Quote: “Finally, evidence at trial will establish that in the months following Charlottesville,
    Defendants travelled internationally to meet other white nationalist groups, including the neo-Nazi
    Ukrainian National Guard group known as the Azov Battalion. Defendants travelled to Ukraine,
    among other places, to train with such organizations and engage in mixed-martial arts tournaments.
    When stopped at the border returning from these trips abroad, Defendants wiped data from their
    computers and mobile devices when pulled for secondary screening.”

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