#FakeNewsMedia’s Rearguard Sandy Hook Propaganda

YouTube content providers can no longer publish videos deemed controversial by owners of the Youtube platform without experiencing financial censorship or outright banning. This has been experienced most recently by the popular YouTube channel, Lift the Veil.

Thus user dissent has been relegated to the Comments sections of videos, where vibrant discussion of government-endorsed propaganda still thrives, at least for the moment.

As we’ve repeatedly demonstrated at MHB (i.e. here, here, and here) GoogleGestapo, Youtube, Facebook, PayPal and even WordPress.com are today’s thought police, actively suppressing many ideas or expressions disputing government-endorsed official narratives of complex events. Content that is trivial or reinforces such storylines, on the other hand, are placed on a pedestal and receive wide distribution.

One of the places where dissent has not yet been entirely stifled is in the comments sections of YouTube videos themselves, such as the one below produced by the CBS broadcast network, which has historical links to the CIA. Such videos together comprise a rearguard action by fake news outlets to bolster a narratives including Sandy Hook that cannot bear the overwhelming weight of evidence calling it into question.

(Click images for enlarged view.)

In full Orwellian style YouTube now accompanies videos that even examine events like Sandy Hook with links to Wikipedia or Encyclopedia Britannica that echo the provably false government account.

Note that one third of viewers choosing to rate the piece give it a “thumbs down,” while the number of critical comments–over four hundred as of this posting–clearly outweigh those affirming the official storyline authored either by subcontracted trolls or misinformed viewers.

YouTube content creators and users have grown accustomed to using the platform for exchanging almost any material that challenges viewers to think twice about complex issues and events. This was permissible when an Obama regime, favored by Google and YouTube owners, held the reins of power.

Through such actions it’s clear that these same entities now view themselves as the “resistance” to the present political incumbent and use their outlets to punish and suppress any speech or information calling out Obama’s many crimes.



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2 thought on “Disputing Gov’t Narratives Now Limited to YouTube Comments Section”
  1. Every time they do shite like this it validates the information in spades. I am not sure why the PTB give a crap about keeping Sandy hook under wraps anymore. The cat escaped the sack years ago. I wonder how much doe Wolf has pissed away to date? My guess is $20,000 minimum, it’s probably twice that. I appreciate what he is doing and it shows how the system is designed to thwart the redress of grievances guaranteed under the Constitution. Part of that is the Law Profession convincing us that we have no chance defending ourselves in court. Eustace Mullins has given lectures on how to do it, still available on you tube. Eustace wrote Secrets of the Federal Reserve long before G. Edward Griffin wrote Creature of Jekyl Island. Eustace talks about going on the offensive and never being the defendant. And that if you are ever sued, immediately file a counter suit. You don’t need a lawyer and it’s cheap. This is the last thing the Law Profession will tell you because their bread and butter relies on you not knowing. Eustace talks about how invigorating defending your interests in court can be. One of his greatest achievements was getting a million dollar judgement against the FBI. Collecting is always another matter. Check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duRrhWF5ou4

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