By James F. Tracy

Following the February 14, 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman High School a seemingly spontaneous student movement against gun control emerged from Broward County Florida. The students involved in this movement received widespread coverage via major US media outlets. A March 14 “National School Walkout” received national news coverage as school districts across the US effectively compelled their student constituencies to demonstrate for gun control. None of the overwhelmingly positive reportage hinted at the fact that this “movement” has been cultivated and steered by the highest ranking Democratic Party operatives.

On March 21 independent journalist Laura Loomer obtained further confirmation of the astro-turf roots of “Parkland Strong” when leaked audio of a meeting emerged where Broward public school teacher Laura Miller can be heard jovially coaching MarchForOurLives student participants on Democratic Party gun control “talking points”, planned secret meetings with Democratic Party leaders Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, encouraging the students to “raise hell” with President Donald Trump, and suggesting that “Jews” control the nation’s capitol.

As this author noted weeks ago, from the start the allegedly spontaneous student movement that arose shortly after the tragic Parkland shooting appeared to be influenced by powerful Democratic Party operatives, including Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, in addition to lower-ranking Dems like Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who advocated for gun control in a February 22 “Town Hall” event televised by CNN.

Loomer’s story reveals how a public school district and their employees are directly involved in coaching their students to partake in political lobbying and public demonstrations for one of the Democratic Party’s foremost campaign issues. Parents entrust their children to teachers who are expected to have expertise in their fields. Parents further expect all educators to be role models for their children.

With the above in mind the revelation of a major school district and their teachers inculcating students with political beliefs and motivating them to advocate on policies they have limited understanding of constitutes a major scandal–indeed one that any competent journalist would recognize and report on as widely as her editors would allow.

Yet web searches reveal the exact opposite: a far-reaching blackout of Loomer’s March 21 story, the circulation of which was limited to the alternative news media, regularly disparaged as “fake news” by their mainstream commercial counterparts.


On the other hand, as of this writing there is an abundance of coverage on the March 24, 2018 “March For Our Lives” event coordinated by Democratic Party operatives and enthusiasts, including Broward County school teachers.

Web searches conducted on March 24, 2018, 8:40AM EST

By blacking out Loomer’s bombshell story major US news media further prove their censorial nature and continued decline as mere functionaries carrying out promotional maneuvers that comport with their owners’ political projects and whims. Such media simply cannot be trusted to report objectively on a variety of political issues. These include not only US foreign policy, but also domestic and public safety concerns involving terrorism and mass shootings. Beginning in 2012 with the Aurora Colorado theater shooting and Sandy Hook school massacre, and continuing to the present, real journalism is almost non-existent–in fact not permitted–in corporate-controlled media, which have willingly become  central components of at once publicizing and politicizing tragedy.

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8 thought on “Media Blackout on School Teachers Organizing Gun Control Putsch”
  1. Test comment here to see if this works… As I wrote to you by email, Dr. Tracy, we are overjoyed that you are back online. I’ve been left of skeptical on all shootings since Sandy Hoax. The second I heard the news in 2012 I had a gut certainty that it was fake. But now six years down the road, it appears they are agitating for civil war. I was born/raised in Montana/Wyoming – the former having the distinction of being the state with the most guns per capita. And I can imagine those people rising up against any attempt to regulate firearms. The creep finance echelon really are satanic and vicious enough to chum the factions into battle using the nation’s children as bait. The only weapon against all this is the truth. People need to see past factions and become cognizant of what is being done to the media. You are doing a fantastic service to the people of this atrociously misguided and poisoned nation. Your work is an answer to prayer.

  2. Kudos to your kourage, Professor Tracy! So many times I wished I could bounce things off you regarding Sandy Hook lies and scams during your hiatus from the Internet. We are puffingly proud to welcome you back, we’ll use your inspiration to get us closer to the finish line. Let’s all join hands and crack this nut wide open.

  3. What a comfort it is to be superior: Morally, financially, intelligence, degrees, position, looks, race, region, religion, church, school, car, spouse, dress, jewelry, dog, house, and a mover and shaker in the Democratic Party ——- aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

    The end justifies the means – process does not matter.

    The only drawback to moral superiority? Smell – I can pick up the scent through a screen!

  4. I regret having just eaten dinner before reading this posting. Anyone here ever raise a teen? (Good luck to all of the mental health evaluators lining up to label and drug our school children!) Just in case others have had a similar reaction – I will bring some amusing developments to this organic and spontaneous teen outcry against liberty:
    Bloomberg/Wasserman/Pelosi et al may have some major regrets about having hitched their agenda to a wagonload of adolescents. Hogg’s story is falling apart, and he has a lot to learn about winning friends and influencing people. Even CNN can’t stand him.

    1. We can call Hogg whatever we want. So what? Are we effective in throttling him? Can we call out his lies? Are people interested in the truth or is Hogg the star they’ve longed for? Will the MSM print the truth about Hogg?

      So few people are aware of our conclusions and truths. A handful of people can’t accomplish much. Stillborn again.

  5. Fetzer’s latest on Parkland. Looks like simulated terror to manipulate the collective mind of America. There’s something called simunition, different than blanks. Instead of no bullets like with blanks, this gun fires a non-lethal projectile that is said to be like being stung like a bee. Definitely more realistic than blanks. Many students and teachers would be convinced there was shooting, without anyone getting seriously hurt.

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