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By James F. Tracy

The transnational pharmaceutical cartel will be positioning itself to profit handsomely if a federally-mandated adult immunization program becomes law. The proposed US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) policy will be implemented alongside the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), thereby becoming a standard component of US national healthcare policy.

Published on February 6, 2015 amid the “measles outbreak” media frenzy, the HHS is accepting “public comment” on its Draft National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) until March 9, 2015. Under the NAIP, all adult American citizens will be compelled to receive current and retroactive vaccination regimens that may amount to several dozen “shots” per individual during their “catch-up” phase. Under the federally-mandated immunization schedule children presently receive 49 vaccines before the age of six.

The NAIP underscores how

[t]he adult schedule … includes catch-up vaccinations for those adults who never initiated or did not complete a multi-dose series when vaccination was first recommended during childhood. Catch-up vaccinations include vaccines such as measles, mumps, rubella and varicella, which are routinely recommended for administration during childhood (p. 1).

The NAIP is intended to supplement the National Vaccine Plan (NVP), published in conjunction with the ACA. The HHS describes the NVP as “a guiding vision for vaccination for the decade 2010-2020 and strategic direction for coordination of the immunization enterprise in the United States” (NAIP, p. 9), by highlighting the alleged public health problem posed by the low vaccination rates of US adults.

“[T]he NAIP is intended to promote coordinated planning and action across all stakeholder groups,” the 52-page document reads, “[i]ncluding those within and outside of the federal government” (p. 6). In addition to the health and personnel-related agencies within HHS’ purview, such as the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration, other government and “stakeholder groups” include the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the “vaccine industry” and “academic/research organizations” (p. 7).

Given the frequent and serious side effects of vaccines routinely documented in the inserts accompanying them, the government appears to be waging a high stakes game with public health under the guise of prevention that will soon extend to the entire US adult population.

The NAIP is unambiguous in its ambition and intent. “The vision for adult immunization is to protect the public health and achieve optimal prevention of infectious diseases and their consequences through vaccination of all adults” (emphasis retained, p. 6).

The NAIP was developed in coordination with the RAND Corporation, whose services were “enlisted to review historic literature, interview stakeholders, and collect plan date to identify plan priorities and key indicators” (p. 8).

Specific “subgroups of adults” will be particularly targeted for vaccination, “such as healthcare workers and pregnant women.”

HHS lists four specific objectives in its NAIP policy. The subpoint strategies of each goal are summarized below, although it should be noted that the original document contains highly detailed strategies for achieving each (pp. 11-25) .

1: Strengthen the adult immunization infrastructure.

Objective 1.1: Monitor and report trends in adult vaccine-preventable disease levels and vaccination coverage data for all ACIP-recommended vaccines. In cases where there are associated Healthy People 2020 goals, measure progress toward established targets.

Objective 1.2: Enhance current vaccine safety monitoring systems and develop new methods to accurately and more rapidly assess vaccine safety and effectiveness in adult populations (e.g., pregnant women).

Objective 1.3: Continue to analyze claims filed as part of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) to identify potential causal links between vaccines and adverse events.

Objective 1.4: Increase the use of electronic health records (EHRs) and immunization information systems (IIS) to collect and track adult immunization data.

Objective 1.5: Evaluate and advance targeted quality improvement initiatives.

Objective 1.6: Generate and disseminate evidence about the health and economic impact of adult immunization, including potential disease burden averted and cost-effectiveness with the use of current vaccines.

2: Improve access to adult vaccines.

Objective 2.1: Reduce financial barriers for individuals who receive vaccines routinely recommended for adults.

Objective 2.2: Assess and improve understanding of providers’ financial barriers to delivering vaccinations, including to stocking and administering vaccines.

Objective 2.3: Expand the adult immunization provider network.

Objective 2.4: Ensure a reliable supply of vaccines and the ability to track vaccine inventories, including during public health emergencies.

3. Increase community demand for adult immunizations.

Objective 3.1: Educate and encourage individuals to be aware of and receive recommended adult immunizations.

Objective 3.2: Educate, encourage, and motivate health care professionals to recommend and/or deliver adult vaccinations.

Objective 3.3: Educate and encourage other groups (e.g., community and faith-based groups, tribal organizations)to promote the importance of adult immunization.

4: Foster innovation in adult vaccine development and vaccination-related technologies.

Objective 4.1: Develop new vaccines and improve the effectiveness of existing vaccines for adults.

Objective 4.2: Encourage new technologies to improve the distribution, storage, and delivery of adult vaccines.

Despite religious and philosophical exemptions from vaccines offered in almost every state, not to mention the abundant side effects–including possible carcinogenesis–associated with such substances, roughly 95% of American families subject their children to the federally-mandated immunization schedule. Under the NAIP, government bureaucrats and the vaccine industry are now poised to foist a similarly intensive yet scientifically dubious program on the entire US population.

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77 thought on “US Government Moves on Nationwide Adult Vaccination”
  1. I’d venture to guess this is part of the Kabbalistic goal to fabricate the Golem as well as to continue to tamper with the human genome and eliminate considerably more numbers of undesirables. Of course, vaccine waivers will be granted to the VIPs.

    1. This interview may be of interest to you. It is Daniel Duval interviewing Dr. Michael Lake about his book The Shiner Directive. Dr. Lake comes on at around the 8 minute mark. (it is also available as an iTunes podcast.):

      It is a wide-ranging conversation, but a key element is transumanism, specifically the possibility that the Mark of the Beast may well involve a transformation of one’s DNA, making one a “gibbowr” (Hebrew; Strong’s number 1638), just like the nephilim did in Genesis 6:4.

      The interview is not about vaccines.

      What vaccines do to us in general is a fascinating and completely unresearched question.

      One little contemplated question, it seems to me, is how all of this “trans” business appeared so suddenly, and seemingly all at once saturated our culture. It is so bizarre in itself, but the widespread assumption that it’s a perfectly reasonable feature of human life is even more so, considering it never existed throughout human history. It came upon us as suddenly as the autism epidemic. While it’s true that in the case of autism many people became suspicious at the suddenness of the explosion of an until recently unknown condition, the same does not appear to be true of the insane idea that “gender” and “sex” are two different things, and that little boys can in truth be girls in the wrong body. The whole topic seems to have appeared full-blown, and no one seems to reflect on the strangeness of that occurrence.

      I, of course, am not the first one to suspect that it’s the cocktail of vaccines that are causing widespread gender confusion, but you don’t hear the possibility talked about very much. But it certainly should be investigated–if these poisons are fundamentally reshaping core aspects of human identity, they should be banned.

        1. More Talmudic pilpullism. We need a “Goy Rights Party”. This only works because, as they say in the Talmud “the cattle are stupid”.

      1. It the goal is that an androgynous being is closest to God and transgendered people are a step toward this awesomeness or “sefirot” of the balance of male and female… they ought to check that whole theory with one look at Bruce Jenner. He does not look peaceful or balanced.

        There once was a being who believed he held powers equal to God and he was cast out of heaven. It appears to this day that this force/being strives to create in ways that challenge God’s plan. Interestingly, God granted free will to choose his plan, or not.

    2. I think you’re on to something there. Don’t forget all the research lately on various racial susceptibility and developing targeted chemical weapons. Recently there was another episode involving Gates and his “foundation” passing out free vaccines that were found to contain sterilants.

      The simple fact that we can be discussing something as outrageous as this should be troubling. It is quite clear that the government is the enemy. That they believe they have the right to do with our bodies as they wish is the ultimate hubris.

      I can only think of the word chutzpah, odd, isn’t it?

  2. Seems like I remember a guy some years ago talking about hopey changey…..makes one wonder when the hammer will come down on all the amendments to the Constitution.
    The sore lack of education and common sense is what makes the population so susceptible to these incursions into a person’s privacy. All over the Net, we read where writers notice and mention how ignorant Americans are as a whole. Credit our dumbed down schools and school administrators.
    We are simply being keelhauled by the forces of communism. Putin must be laughing at us now. Never in my life would I have expected such a drastic downturn in our quality of life.
    And, we owe it all to avarice and dollar worship. Dollar power leads to political power, the rest is so well established.
    Is the jig up? Or, is there some wiggle room left? That’s the 64 dollar question.

    1. DH– I’m a recently retired RN from a large midwestern children’s hospital. If you work in a healthcare institution they started making flu vax mandatory or get fired around 2012. Prior to 2012 you could easily get a medical,religious or philosophical waiver by checking a box on the annual ‘flu’ education module. In 2012 the philosophical reason was abolished and all that remained was a religious and medical waiver.

      Although I consider myself a ‘spiritual’ person, I don’t belong to any organized group. Employees seeking a religious waiver had to submit an essay on how their religious beliefs prevent them from getting a flu shot. BTW, stating that vax are unsafe ISN”T the approach to use. To THEM they are safe and if that’s your only defense- it won’t fly. You would then be called in to HR to ‘discuss’ your request with 2 HR bureaucrats and a hospital chaplin. I had to ‘develop’ my own religious philosophy which was about 6-7 sentences total. In the interim I consulted with Atty. Alan Phillips from North Carolina- an expert in vaccine law and waivers for some pointers on how to handle this ‘meeting’. I looked up the EEOC guidelines regarding the limits set by law the hospital had to follow as far as questioning ones’ religious beliefs.

      To make a LONG story short, during the interview they broke every law in the EEOC handbook, ie asking me what major religion my beliefs would fall under, why I would reject vax when I would seek regular medical care, trying to convince me repeatedly that vaccines are safe, wouldn’t I feel bad being a flu ‘spreader’–LOL, etc. It was pretty much a ‘soft’ bully session. They ultimately denied my waiver because it ‘didn’t’ meet their criteria. Instead of responding to my 3 requests asking for their critera and clarity on their decision, they ignored that part and kept stating to hand in any additional info for them to reconsider. I figured out that if they told me why my waiver was denied it would prove they were judging the validity of my beliefs.

      The further info was a 10 page letter from Atty. Phillips sent to the panel, the chief hospital counsel and hospital medical director. This document explained how my beliefs met the criteria set forth by the EEOC and that they were violating my civil rights by engaging in religious discrimination. Among other things he said that if they don’t reconsider my case then I would be filing a complaint with the EEOC and going to the news media about religious discrimination in the workplace. That sort of got their attention. NOW they just wanted to meet with me again ‘to be sure’ they really ‘understood’ my position! They DON’T give up. I stated that’s what the 1st meeting was for and since they’d already violated my civil rights and my atty. was from out of state it would be unwise to do that. A week later my waiver was approved.

      The next part was fighting the hospital policy that mandated exempted employees wear a face mask your entire shift the duration of the flu season. That was clearly discriminatory as it was like wearing the scarlet letter A. I informed the PTB of that fact in addition to the CDC”s own guidelines that state mask wearing by unvaccinated employees has negligable effect on transmission. I also told them that my research proves the huge push for mandatory employee vax is related to the amount of Medicaid reimbursement the hospital will get from the feds. A week later the revised policy came out stating exempted employees no longer need to wear masks. This was big because it had to go all the way to the top.

      Nation wide I know employees did get fired rather than take the shot. It seems like it never even occurred to some of them to fight for their rights. Or, the intimidation factor was so high they lost their nerve. My hospital had no qualms about being the bully and ignoring people’s civil rights. I know for a fact that only a few employees received religious waivers. And the practice continues to this day.

      This is also the same hospital that had an ACTIVE SHOOTER ‘incident’ in 2013 that I’m convinced was a hoax but portrayed by ALL to be a real event. But that’s a story for another day.

      1. This is a wonderful story. I congratulate you, Danabelle, and stand in awe of your courage and persistence. Would that this country were made up of people like you! We’d not be facing our current nightmare. You are what free-born citizens are made of.

      2. BRAVA, DanaBelle. I am in awe of your fortitude in this matter and will keep it in mind when they make vaccinations mandatory for the entire adult population of the United States. A whole lotta shakin’ will be going on when that happens…

      3. BRAVO, Danabelle! My husband also was affected by the mandatory flu vaccine policy at the hospital he worked at, and wore a mask for two flu seasons. During that time he researched the issue extensively and ended up writing an ebook to help educate other healthcare workers, administrators, and policy makers. Our research was incredibly eye opening regarding the brokenness and corruption pervasive throughout the entire healthcare industry and ultimately led us to form an “exit plan” that would allow us to earn our livelihoods in a way that sits better with our conscience. Here is a link to the ebook, The Man Behind the Mask: Why I Choose to Not Receive the Flu Shot, by David Boman, OTR/L, MBA, if anyone is interested:

        1. Thank you Jill. I too work in healthcare and we have Mandatory flu shots for the last three years. The first year I didn’t get the shot. wearing the mask felt like I was branded. The next year I got the shot and had to call off sick three times due to respiratory illness. (I have had a total of five sick days in 15 years). So this year I did not get a flu shot and I have had no respiratory issues. I am wearing a mask everywhere but in the cafeteria. It sure feels crazy to be wearing a mask for not getting a flu shot when you see visitors, sales reps and patients who haven’t had the flu shot walking around without a mask!

          I think I am actually better protected wearing the mask this year than those people who got the flu shot considering the 23-25% effectiveness of this years flu shot!

          Thank you for you and your husband’s research.

  3. Who you gonna call when the diligent injectors come knocking to inject and make sure you are complying with the injection schedule.???

    9:)/11 or maybe the state pole-ese? Good luck with that! 🙂

    1. Yesterday, I was listening to a reporter from the ‘New York Times’ pontificate on this Affordable Health Care Act thingy. She was not up to speed, as you might expect from a professional journalist from the paper of record. She was sympathic to the patient’s confusion re the ACA, as she herself seemed to be a bit flommoxed on the issue. Doctors and hospitals are opting out of plans (that must cut into their profit sharing) mid-treatment, leaving the poor patient to find help elsewhere (mid-treatment).

      She kept simpering wbout how unfair of the medicos to drop the ball and how cruel the Bysantine program was as written.

      Let us call Nancy Pelosi onto the carpet…have you read it yet, Nancy–the bill you passed, and with a giggle, admitted it was too long and complex to deal with and too convoluted to debate in Congress?

      Stand and delivery, Congresswoman, Pelosi–and bring its architect, Jonathon Gruber, to ‘splain his statement that lack of tranparency is a great boon in politics..,.

      1. At one time the New York Times’ banner stated “All the News That’s Fit to Print”. I haven’t bought that rag in decades but around here we not-so-fondly refer to the NYT as “All that the joos see fit to print”

    2. I’m gonna call Ole Bessie down from over the fireplace. No telling what will be in those needles, and we all might drop dead in a month from what it is. These people are SICK in the cabesa, and cannot be trusted. They are totalitarian Bolshevik Communists with a ZioNazi bent. And they can all go to hell !

  4. This is a Google translation which always ends up a bit kooky. The article reveals how a government health care system works. It’s from my old country where adults receive a yearly summons to show up for mandatory health exams and needles – dead or alive. Give the link a second or two to start up.

  5. This may be another Hegelian plan in the works. Propose the outlandish, let there be an outcry, and then bring in the “solution”: compulsory vaccinations for adults who work with or are around children — parents, teachers, health-care and hospital workers, etc. The ultimate goal: Separate children from adults altogether, as it is the state’s obligation to protect them (see All children become the property of the state, and will be put in special state homes, with visitation by vaccinated adults only. Now the open gateway to abuse/pedophilia …

    1. In Washington state there is a new requirement for foster parents caring for foster children 2 and under to have their entire families get the flu shot. 7% of foster families have dropped out, or changed their status to no longer accept the youngest children, in protest. Lawmakers seem unswayed by the defection, and determined to stay the course, for the sake of the children. The comments on the article in the Seattle Times were incredibly hostile to those refusing vaccination, and this was just the flu shot! Most people commenting seemed to feel those people rejecting the vaccine were not fit to be near children. They probably just weeded some of the best, most caring parents out of the foster system.

      1. I’m sure they don’t give a rat’s hind end that the best of the foster system have dropped out. Those kids who are in temporary shelters or housing will be forced to have the shots anyway. Like ex-attorney general Janet (bring in the tanks) Reno used to state in her halting Parkinson’s way, “It’s for the children.”

    2. Yes. “We’re going to barbecue all the babies”. “What?……you can’t do that!”. Well, ….we’ll barbecue HALF the baies”. “That’s better, I feel so relieved!”.

      This technique has been used many times. They introduce something that nobody wants. Then they act like they “compromised”. These are subhuman animals.

  6. I would say the vast majority of Americans are under mind control if they believe ANYTHING the TV/print corporate media say. It has been proven time and time again the media lie about everything. And why wouldn’t they as they are the STATE propaganda tool. They are complicit in ALL the public shock event hoaxes which is criminal. The fabricated news stories/scripts even at the local level are so ridiculous and couldn’t possibly be true to a rational mind yet people fall for them. The cognitive dissonance factor is so paralyzing it prevents any and all critical thinking. Most people need to have ‘big daddy’ government as their source of security even if ‘daddy’ betrays them every day.

    Politicians and officials use proven mind control techniques to keep people in a trance to achieve their agenda. They know what language and process to use to make a mountain out of a mole hill (measles) and use fraudulent data to boot. When an awakened individual realizes the scope of deception and corruption the PTB are willing to go AND to shove it in your face it is beyond evil.

    Americans are purposely ignorant and too damn lazy to do their own research unless it affects them personally. We are living in a created illusion much like a movie. How much predictive programming and evidence does one need to see to get the picture? Plus it is handed to us on a silver platter by OTHERS who took the time and interest to do the hard work. We have come to be a nation of people who self medicate reality by recreational shopping, TV, drinking, sports, over doing the social media with trivia, buying bigger than needed houses, cars, over booking their kids in endless sports activities, etc. Who has time and the emotional strength to look up the depressing stuff our OVERLORDS are planning to do to us when there are more fun things to distract us.

    When the officials come knocking on your door is too late. For people to believe America is still a free country is mind boggling. They seem to be unaware of government interfering in every part of our lives, increasing internet censorship, continuous erosion of civil rights, the all encompassing surveillance state, more wars, the incremental creep by legislation to nationalize ALL pensions so we can ‘all’ be equal-yeah- look it up. Legislation in the recently passed BUDGET allows underfunded pension plans the right to start reducing benefit amounts at their discretion before the plan is even close to being insolvent. Only those 80yr and older will be exempt! Then the G20 wants to use YOUR savings deposits (bail ins) instead of taxpayer bailouts to recapitalize their failed banks and issue you ‘Certificates’– look up ‘bail ins’. There is no lack of important issues to be concerned about. We are at a tipping point.

    And just for fun, those who haven’t seen how the psychopath/Satanists at the top work their ‘occultic’ magic– check out you tube video of IMF President Christine LaGard Occult message. It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. I kept saying to myself W** is this some sort of joke. Sorry, forgot the link.

    1. I am finding it more and more difficult to interact beyond a superficial level with most people, due to all you just so eloquently laid out. It’s funny at times how I’m the nut… the quest for truth and real life experiences, apparently, is now the new crazy.
      My son and I are blessed to live a simple quiet, mountain life (or rural I suppose as rural=farm in my mind lol) yet the state capitol is only 15 min. away ( no traffic, ever) I home-school, as well. This gives me the ability to live life a bit different. I just wish I was better at convincing others to pay attention, educate themselves, something!!! (& to stop playing candy crush or talking on facebook for a while)

    2. Speaking of ‘fraudulent data’ or suppressed data; check out something called “Second Opinion” about the suppression of Laetrile (since the 1970s!) as a proven cancer fighter at Memorial Sloane Kettering Hospital in NYC. (BUT, remember, there are NO conspiracies!)

  7. Just wait until we’re all issued arm tags – or tattoos – for those who have either BEEN vaccinated or those who have NOT been vaccinated. Going to the grocery store? To the mall? To the theater? Well, then – which arm tag do you have to have to get in? Further separation of our society, “protecting” us from each other. Or, hmmmm, maybe the unvaccinated refusniks will simply be carted of to FEMA camps. I mean, it’s for _the public good_. Just wait until all of this kicks in, folks. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

  8. You know, just a crazy thought…

    I’ve always said “If I had one wish I’d buy an island”
    And actually, they can be affordable, considering….
    But, personally starting your own country would be much better than fighting this mess.

    With all the crazy crowdfunding ideas out there, if everyone pitched in it could work.

    Mandatory *sunset toasts* daily and the bad guys get sent out to sea on a raft to fend for themselves. Simple lol

  9. This is all part of the program to “evolve” humanity. You will do it quietly, or kicking and screaming. It would be nice if we could demand the vaccinations begin with the President, and his children, and continue down the line. The same should be required for combat positions in all wars. Let a little of the rich and powerful blood be spilt first.

    As for vaccinations, this autism side effect is perplexing. It reminds me of the TV series “firefly”, which was followed up by the film “Serenity”. In both, the girl River is portrayed as being almost autistic. In the film she is transformed into a perfect killing machine after being exposed to a strange video message by accident. Mighty indeed. The film has a lot to say about where we are headed today, and the people who don’t want to go along for the ride. I won’t say anymore lest I spoil it for you.

    1. No, not Chopper Bob!

      Hope he does not fall from grace as Ms. Bruce Jenner did in Newtown:
      ~In 1997, school officials asked Jenner for help with making $400,000 worth of improvements to the stadium, but they did not hear back from Jenner. “We were looking for both financial and moral support,” former Newtown High School principal William Manfredonia told The News-Times three years later.~

  10. Well said Patrick! This is the first time I’ve heard anyone speculate about vaccines possibly causing gender confusion. Add the push by society and it makes it all seem normal.

    I have a 30 year old niece who grew up her entire life dating boys/men. Was engaged for over a year once. Then all of a sudden she’s gay. She was a big fan of Sex & The City (I’m ashamed I used to be as well, but now ick, ick lol) and I do believe the character Samantha had some influence on her decision to go down the other aisle. As a woman, I just don’t know how you can go from dating men to all of a sudden women. I can kind of get past the personality issue (guys are pigs, etc), but the sex would always stop me in my tracks.

    I too am beside myself at the speed at which they are pushing this transhumanism agenda. Sometimes I think it’s just my perception, but no, I have been a news junkie since 9/11 and I definitely would have recognized such a push thru the years since 2001.

  11. I am shocked at the amount of “educated” people who will not even consider that vaccines can do harm . They love to say “measles, mumps, ri well , smallpox ” have been virtually eradicated . Butt why never want to discuss they rise in autism ( epic!) , intestinal issues , allergies etc.

    1. You are right, Meme, yes, some contagious diseases have been wiped out and a host of new problems have been created. Something is very very wrong with giving up 49 vaccinations to children under six. SAY NO to forced vaccines, too many too young and totally unnecessary ones. Ask that the ingredients be changed to have poisons removed.

  12. I have a great idea for a political cartoon. It can be labeled the What’s Next Dept. Show a medical facility with a row of doors and people standing in line. The first door is where you sign up for Obama care, “or else”. The second door is for Mandatory Vaccines, “weather you need them or not”. The third door, and this is what’s next, is mandatory enemas, “to stamp out colon cancer”. Have a picture of nurse Pelosi holding the enema bag with a big grin on her face, wearing a nurses hat with Big Pharmacy on it. Next to her is male nurse Gruber with a tube of KY in one hand and a jar of Petro Jelly in the other. He has a sign around his neck that says “No, you don’t get a choice so don’t ask”. Next to him is Nurse Cratchett from One Flew Over the KooKoos Nest, with a clipboard that says “attitude recorder”. In the line of patients waiting for their enemas would be characters from that old movie, with A caricature of Jack Nicholsonmaking his famous hand motions from that movie , and pointing at Gruber and Pelosi. Feel free to draw it up.

  13. The science behind these vaccines is constantly changing. The FDA has removed several medications from the market for adverse affects, these same drugs were originally approved by the FDA as safe. All drugs and medical procedures come with some risk – how can our government make it mandatory for us to take that risk? To have to give informed consent regarding procedures done to our own bodies should be a fundamental basic human right.

    1. Informed Consent regarding medical procedure done to our bodies is a fundamental basic human right. Mandatory vaccination removes that fundamental right.

      It is also difficult to rely on information supplied by parties who benefit from vaccination. Governments and profit-driven entities such as vaccine manufacturers have been known to lie to meet their objectives.

  14. The plan promotes fast-tracking new technologies, as well. Who’s to say it won’t involve nano-bits or tiny machines or chips? The plan makes clear their goal is especially expanded to include pregnant women. It is not right to experiment on the population.

  15. […] Despite religious and philosophical exemptions from vaccines offered in almost every state, not to mention the abundant side effects–including possible carcinogenesis–associated with such substances, roughly 95% of American families subject their children to the federally-mandated immunization schedule. Under the NAIP, government bureaucrats and the vaccine industry are now poised to foist a similarly intensive yet scientifically dubious program on the entire US population.  […]

  16. There is extreme cruelty involved to procure fetal bovine serum used in the measles vaccine manufacture:

    “Some cows brought to slaughter are pregnant. After being slaughtered, their fetus – still alive – is extracted from the uterus by incision. A needle is then plunged deep into the heart, whose beats can draw blood without effort … This intracardiac puncture, deemed extremely painful and causes a slow death by asphyxiation. But studies have shown that a fetus of 3 months had physiological predispositions to feel pain. Some critics argue the fact that the fetus is not conscious at the time of puncture. When removed from the mother, lack of oxygen the fetus can dive into a state of unconsciousness. They forget that the majority of fetuses have taken 6 to 9 months, and are therefore able to breathe by themselves when the oxygen runs out … then they are fully aware and fully feel the pain in their slow agony. Do not forget the distress they feel after being torn from their mother’s remains.”

  17. This is a perfect time for all Amerians to stand uyp and tell the Feds to shove their vaccination planwhere thesun don’t shine. OBAMA STARTED THE MEASLES EPIDEMIC BY LETTING DISEASED CENTRAL AMERCIAN KIDS COME INTOP THE US UNCHECKED MEDICALLY AS REQUIRED BY LAW.

    Then, these kids were busxed around the country and dumped off at addresses written on their underwear!

    The deadly measles epidedemic began in Southern California and the PhD CDC epidemiologists “can’t figure out how it got started?” DUH?

    SoCal is Grand Central for illegal aliens to salsa across the border. Only this time, they were coming in by the trainload – literally.

    There is no way the people of Americva should let the government force you to take shots that are inbtended to kill you as part of Obama’s plan to repopulate the US with nonwhite illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central Ameria and fly in Middle Eastern Muslims by the hundreds of thousands.

    The plan has been on the books for years – to intern anyone who refuses to be vaccinated, aka “quaranteen” the unsuspecting, low-information citizens and corporatists who put this black Fascist into office.

    When forced vaccinations become a reality, so, too, will be a 2nd revolution because then it will be as matter of life or death. And there are a lot of Americans who won’t go quietly into the night.

    1. Measles in most cases is not deadly. The media has overblown the impact of this common childhood disease to feed the fears of massess, create division and set the state for the “Vaccinate the stuffing out of everybody” program.

      Vaccine manufacturing is very profitable. In a depressed global economy, it is a bright spot of profits and cash flow.

  18. This is outrageous!! (Whether you are pro or anti vaxx!! If this crazy-hype bill gets passed, anyone that had anything to do with it should line up first! Measles?? I will take my chances since there have been NO deaths in the U.S., but have been over 100 (?) deaths from the vaccine itself… What’s next, the few hundred vaccines in the making? Where does it stop?? My body, my choice—isn’t that what liberals say??

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