(Several additional photos of the finish line bombing aftermath have been added to the latter portion of the essay.-JT, 4/27/13)

“For the most part we do not first see, and then define,” Walter Lippmann observed in 1921, “we define first and then see. In the great blooming, buzzing confusion of the outer world we pick out what our culture has already defined for us, and we tend to perceive that which we have picked out in the form stereotyped for us by our culture.”[1]

A founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Lippmann looked with suspicion to the potential dangers the hopelessly uninformed public posed in the unfolding “Great Society.”

Along these lines, a veteran hypnotherapist and mind control expert interviewed in 2001 by investigative journalist Jon Rappoport observes,

The media gives you the illusion that you are seeing something. That’s the billion‐dollar key to mind control … 90% of all the mind control in the world is done by the media, and it is all based on the viewer or the reader never seeing anything really beyond the surface of what is presented.”[2]

What exactly took place on April 15 at the Boston Marathon is unclear, yet what is now evident is a stark divergence between the narrative description of excessive carnage meted out as a result of the explosive devices and at least a portion of the video and photographic documentation of the bombing itself.

The corporate media proceeded in lockstep with dutifully propagating the authorized narrative of a combat-like environment at the marathon finish line. “Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said Monday night that the death toll had risen to three,” CNN told its viewers.

Scores were injured at the scene. One of the dead was an 8-year-old boy, according to a state law enforcement source. Hospitals reported at least 144 people are being treated, with at least 17 of them in critical condition and 25 in serious condition. At least eight of the patients are children. At least 10 people injured had limbs amputated, according to a terrorism expert briefed on the investigation. Several of the patients treated at Massachusetts General Hospital suffered injuries to lower limbs that will require “serial operations” in the coming days, trauma surgeon Peter Fagenholz said Monday night. Some injuries were so severe amputations were necessary, Fagenholz added.[3]

Much like the 24-hour cable news coverage, more prestigious venues such as the New York Times provided a graphic account alongside disturbing images of the aftermath, under the April 16 headline, “BLASTS AT BOSTON MARATHON KILL 3 AND INJURE 100.”

“These runners just finished and they don’t have legs now,” said Roupen Bastajian, 35, a Rhode Island state trooper and former Marine. “So many of them. there are so many people without legs. It’s all blood. There’s blood everywhere. You got bones, fragments. It’s disgusting … We put tournquets on,” Mr. Bastajian said. “I tied at least five, six legs with tourniquets.”[4]

Testimony in the newspaper of record from another eyewitness relates similarly gory details.

Deidre Hatfield, 27, was steps away from the finish line when she heard a blast. She saw bodies flying out into the street. She saw a couple of children who appeared lifeless. She saw people without legs. “When the bodies landed around me I thought: Am I burning? Maybe I’m burning and I don’t feel it,” Ms. Hatfield said … She looked inside a Starbucks to her left, where she thought a blast might have occurred. “What was so eerie, you looked in you knew there had to be 100 people in there, but there was no sign of movement.”[5]

The country’s commander-in-chief then publicly confirmed how the federal government would avenge the violence and bloodshed.

President Obama, speaking at the White House, vowed to bring those responsible for the blast to justice. “We will get to the bottom of this,” the president said. “We will find who did this, and we will find out why they did this. Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice.”[6]

Does a compelling description of a terrorist attack replete with “eyewitness accounts” of the terrifying scene and official pronouncements constitute an actual event? The available video evidence reveals an explosion occurring at 2:50PM across Boylston Street from the finish line bleachers, the exact point where the national media’s camera lenses were transfixed. The abundant media presence alongside personal cellphone cameras have provided abundant footage of the event and its immediate aftermath.


As with previous terrorist bombings, one must ask whether the ordnance described by police is in fact capable of wreaking the havoc that it purportedly caused. In 9/11 and Oklahoma City, for example, subsequent investigation indicated that jet engine fuel and a sizable ANFO bomb by themselves could not have caused the structural damage to the World Trade Center Towers and Murrah Federal Building respectively.

Available video of the first bomb detonating at the Marathon finish line suggests a direct upward discharge rather than the horizontal dispersion that would have wreaked the havoc to lower limbs so widely reported in physicians’ statements.

Moreover, the fact that whole pieces of the pressure cookers were produced by police further points to a more channeled dispersal of the bombs’ force–indeed, one that may not have involved a broad lateral distribution of shrapnel.[7]

A piece of one of the Boston Marathon 2013 bombs, believed to be a pressure cooker, that was discovered the day after the April 15, 2013 explosion.

Along these lines, despite the seemingly formidable explosions very few bodies and no severed limbs are observable on the ground, even though there are indeed several people exhibiting bewilderment and apparent injuries.

In short, the event closely resembles a mass-casualty drill, which for training purposes are designed to be as lifelike as possible. Since it is mediated, however, and primarily experienced from afar through the careful assemblage of words, images, and the official pronouncements and commentary of celebrity journalists, it has the semblance of being for all practical purposes “real.”

Below is footage of a “mass casualty exercise” conducted at the Community College of Aurora in Colorado that includes explanation and commentary from emergency drill and response experts coordinating the event.


Here is another video of a similar drill shot at Bagram military base in Afghanistan produced by US Army personnel .


Still another produced by North Florida Community College’s Public Safety Academy simulates an accident involving a two-vehicle accident resulting in an overturned school bus and injured occupants.


This brief news report profiles “Strategic Operations,” a private military training company offering “hyper-realistic” combat simulation complete with amputee actors.


Reports arising in the Boston bombing’s aftermath suggest how local authorities in possible coordination with the Department of Homeland Security were in the process of carrying out such drills, complete with the announcement of bombs being detonated and bomb-sniffing dogs present at the start and finish lines.

For example, University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, found it unusual how there were bomb sniffing dogs at the event’s start and finish lines. “They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it’s just a training exercise,” Stevenson remarked.[8]

Alternative news media have also pointed to the presence of what appear to be private military contractors in matching civilian apparel operating in coordination with an unmarked SUV close to the Marathon finish line. Identically-dressed men are observable before the bomb blasts in the immediate proximity of where the first bomb exploded and across the street thereafter.[9]

With the above in mind, photographic evidence of the event suggests the possibility of play actors getting into position after the detonation of what may in fact have been a smoke bomb or similarly benign explosive. The photo album from which the following photos are taken is available here. Additional photos may be found at cryptome.org.

Viewing at the immediate bomb blast from the following angle, one can see a dearth of people where the explosive is set off, suggesting how the immediate area may have been cleared before detonation.

Further, there is whispy smoke with no sign of any shrapnel piercing the smoke, the race sideline fabric, or anything outside of the sidewalk perimeter.

If this is the case the highly-circulated photo showing an orange-hued “fireball” explosion may have been embellished.


‘The first two photos taken from a surveillance camera and published on cryptome.org show the fist moments following the initial blast at the finish line.

[Two photo images removed on 9/20/14 at the request of photographer Ben Thorndike.]
The photo below shows what appears to be either a man with his legs blown off or an amputee with his stump curled around the head of a woman. A man in a “hoodie” jacket is also sitting upright behind the woman. The injured man or amputee, later identified in major media outlets as Jeff Bauman Jr.[10] who also participated in helping the FBI identify the alleged bombers,[11] appears preoccupied with something in his hands that are close to his face. This is unusual behavior for a man who has just sustained a severely traumatic and mortal injury.


The fourth and fifth photos show the man wearing the hoodie garment apparently helping the injured man/amputee with his right leg. Could he be removing this man’s prosthetic?


blast 7

In the above photos and succession below, the black woman appears to be looking at and signalling with her left hand to someone off-camera. Momentarily this woman will be wholly unconscious and transported out on a gurney.

In the subsequent photos Bauman joins the woman, making an identical gesture with his right hand in unison.


The next two photos are especially unusual given the apparent sequence of events: the amputee is lying on the ground still unattended after the less-severely wounded black woman is taken away by emergency response workers on a gurney. Others, such as the man sporting the hoodie, having likewise sustained far less serious injuries, appear to be among the first to be carted away to receive medical attention.


amputee 3

The use of a wheelchair to aid and transport an individual with such severe injuries–who amazingly is still conscious and discharging little-if-any blood–runs counter to common emergency medical procedure.


Much is still unknown about the tragic bombing to draw any concrete conclusions. However, much like 9/11, Oklahoma City, Aurora, and Newtown, an official storyline complete with the execution and/or capture of bad-guy culprits has been forged and vigorously drummed into the public mind.

In the law enforcement panic that followed martial law was declared and militarized police were unleashed in a paradoxical attempt to reestablish the order that was disrupted through their own incompetence or coordinated intent, another startling flash of the police state’s sharp fangs.

The upshot will be a continued program of more intensified repression at taxpayer expense alongside a corresponding erosion of civil liberties. All the while, future terror-inducing events magnified through the corporate news media’s falsifying prism reinforce our cursed tendency to welcome the illusion—to define first, and then see.


[1] Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, New York: New Press, 1979 (1922).

[2] Jon Rappoport, “Jon Rappoport Interviews Jack True (alias),” March 23, 2001. In Jon Rappoport, The Matrix Revealed Vol. 1 (CD), 2012, http://nomorefakenews.com/

[3] Josh Levs and Monti Plott, “Boy, 8, One of Three Killed in Bombings at Boston Marathon,” CNN.com, April 18, 2013.

[4] Tim Rohan, “War Zone at Mile 26; ‘So Many People Without Legs,'” New York Times, April 16, 2013.

[5] Ibid.

[6] John Eligon and Michael Cooper, “Blasts at Boston Marathon Kill 3 and Injure 100,” New York Times, April 16, 2013.

[7] Jon Rappoport, “Is the Boston Pressure Cooker Bomb a Lie and a Hoax?Jon Rappoport’s Blog, April 17, 2013.

[8] John Dzenitis, “UM Coach: Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Spotters on Roof Before Explosion,” NBC Local15, April 15, 2013.

[9] Tony Cartalucci, “Contractors at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation,” Infowars.com, April 19, 2013.

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[11] Katherine Bindley, “Jeff Bauman, Double Amputee, May have Helped FBI With Boston Marathon Bombing Investigation,” Huffington Post, April 19, 2013.

-James F. Tracy
-Andrew Whooley contributed ideas and research for this article. Mr. Whooley is an independent researcher originally from New Zealand who resides in Perth, WA, Australia.

Republished at GlobalResearch.ca on April 22, 2013.

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365 thought on “Witnessing Boston’s Mass Casualty Event”
  1. I never did like the phrase “perception is reality”

    hey, don’t some of those runners about to cross the finish line look kind of “fresh”?
    not much sweat
    some don’t seem to have any ID numbers…

    the race was pretty much over, were there really that many runners finishing at that time, and still looking so chipper after running 26 miles?

    1. It is amazing how much acting talent can be found in this great country. Tuscon, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston marathon, so many venues for these talented individuals to use their amazing skills. Where are all these liars for hire with no conscience and vapid minds coming from? These people are as sociopathic as the Joker regime that employs them.

  2. “The dog that didn’t bark” expression is taken from a Sherlock Holmes short story entitled, “The Silver Blaze.”

    The criminal in the mystery was, in fact, the supposed victim. His own dog of course didn’t bark at the intruder because there was no intruder.

    The award-winning journalists at CNN never expressed outrage at the abhorrent incompetence of moving the traumatically injured Jeff Bauman, Jr. in a wheelchair, an immediate death sentence for anyone in his condition.

    I hope Anderson tries to call you out again Dr. Tracy. This was a major mistake on their part, the dog that didn’t bark per se.

    1. I could be wrong, so feel free to set me straight. In the bare MINIMUM amount of research that I performed into the Boston explosions, someone supposedly connected the leg-less victim to an Iraqi (or Afghanistan) vet who had his legs explosively “removed” during his tour of duty.

      This isn’t to say that he may not have been injured in Boston, but that the legs may have been missing prior to the marathon. The pictures that show him being wheeled away in a wheel-chair with a bloody “stick” sticking out of a stump of a leg… well, if the victim is the leg-less vet, then the “stick” was part of his artificial leg, no?

      But hey. The lies are thick and getting thicker with each false-flag. Maybe I was duped by the leg-less Iraqi vet angle.


  3. A mindblowing article. Incredible. Bauman seems to be lying down in a wheelchair BEFORE he is removed from the scene in a wheelchair. With no blood spurting from the severed arteries of the leg stumps. And Bauman is conscious and calm.

    This may be a reason for Sandy Hook before the marathon bombing, to see if the crisis actors would play effectively to the American population.

    But how can they get away with this flagrant deception? They must have something else in mind. Or have they just gone bonkers. Or some combination of the two. That they would perpetuate this kind of fraud on the American people, indeed on the people of the world, is positively scary. What are they thinking of?

  4. I just keep thinking that they want us to know it’s a hoax. I just don’t know why. That doesn’t make sense. The only thing I can think of is if they do something that is real, they can put in a few photo shopped crazy pictures, we will think it’s a hoax, too.

    1. Either that or the structure is that of the endless webbing of multinational corporations. Everyone is in the dark about what everyone else is doing because everyone is atomized, pulled along by one bit of “policy” or guideline; people often don’t know who they work for or even what they do in these predicaments. Herein the possibility of personal blunders increases. A small group of actors is asked to stage injuries from a bombing. Their production will come not from expertise or experience, but from television shows, some amazing Hollywood rescues. They are not scripting out what is possible but what is entertaining.

    2. I don’ think we should give them too much credit. Psychopaths are often crass and unsubtle liars. These people may be powerful, but not necessarily either very bright or very imaginitive.

    3. I think the intention is to keep the citizens arguing…keep everyone divided. Now that the left/right dem/republican lines have been blurred, there has to be another reason to make sure everyone ‘takes a side’.

      What kind of creeps me is that Drudge seems to be feeding it – especially the ridiculous muslim/islam hysteria. I’m an old white broad who has always leaned toward ‘traditional’ values, but I’m really appalled by the comments I see people posting…it’s like we’re right back to the post 9-11 bs.

      divide divide divide – it’s an old strategy, but it seems to work every time. very sad.

    1. I did see that. Do you think they would have let someone in the area taking pictures if they didn’t want us to know it was a hoax?

      That’s the joke: they want us to know it’s a hoax!

      1. It’s more clear here: http://cryptome.org/2013-info/04/boston-1st-secs/boston-1st-secs.htm

        that the photos from a window above the blast, not from someone meandering into the chaos with a camera. Bottom line: those pictures were not meant to be taken. It was an oversight.

        However, I have little faith these actors will face any consequences because:

        1. Understanding the hoax requires a minimal amount of medical understanding outside of a cartoon world. Most people can’t grasp the concepts. The overall reaction of 90% of people I approach is that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you believe it.

        2. People view their nationality as a collection of stories. If you try to discredit a story that is part of their national identity, they feel insulted that you are trying to destroy their country by destroying the story.

  5. Keep thinking like that, Violeta. Follow the implications. Is ti they want us to know or they don’t care if we know. How could they do this stuff over and over and get away with it. And the question is, get away with what? They obviously want to impose a police state but it is a very different kind than, say, a nazi police state. What are they thinking? we can’t fight it effectively until we know.

    Why aren’t they concerned when people finding out how they have been duped. All this stuff is on film, and they can’t memory-hole all of it. Do they think they can fool-intimidate people forever? They must know they can’t; so is ti just long enough for their time? I don’t get it; think, Violeta, think. This area, an Orwellian police state,and has not yet been explored or explained historically. And, God knows, it isn’t going to be explained in the authorized truth institutions.

    1. My sense is they want to create a direct confrontation and are baiting the public.

      I do not know if it is a fait accompli, but Israel is deep in the heart of U.S. Politics at the highest levels… to the point the U.S. is either already/or is going to be imprisoned.

      We spend billions for Israel to supply us with “Homeland Security” knowledge born out of its experience living under siege. Funny thing, the more the U.S. is under siege… the more we need Israel’s super-special sauce.

      Michael Chertoff, the “security” contracts to Israel, dual-citizens in our Congress,… it goes from there.

      Side note: There was legislation passed after Sandy Hook that ensured the FBI would be the on-scene commander in events requiring their expertise. I will locate when it was passed/get a link.

      1. I tend to agree – but I thought the same thing after Sandy Hook, and we see where that’s led.

        “events requiring their expertise” – haha – aptly put 😉

      2. You seem to have come to the conclusion that this is a Jewish / Israeli conspiracy to take over our nation and / or to profit from an American police state?

        Do Brother Nathaneal videos, and the supporting material he includes in them, convince you that there is a Jewish “hidden hand” behind all this propaganda and mind control?

      3. I’m unable to find a link to the legislation regarding the appointment of the FBI as the lead investigator of mass-casualty incidents.

        I did, however, find an interesting article, “Reality is a Psyop” on Jon Rappaport which relates to the question, “It’s like they want us to know [it is not real] or they don’t care if we know.”

        The article discusses how when faced with conflicting information or story lines the public’s “consensus reality would begin to disintegrate.”

        The reports and images from Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombing are distressing because they conflict with the official narrative of what had occurred. Could it be that images and video challenging the official narrative are being released in an intentional effort to destabilize confidence in our neighbors, media and government?

        If so, why would someone(s) wish to do this? Who benefits if the American public’s “consensus reality” disintegrates??

        Another portion of the article states, a true psyop “depends on selling one centralized story and a centralized story is the key for long-standing institutions to thrive.” Thus, the U.S. Government has a vested interest in the official narrative being widely accepted.

        And, “Obviously, a very significant proportion of the public wants the centralized story; otherwise, we wouldn’t have it.” This explains those who view images or video that contradict the official narrative and are able to dismiss irregularities and continue to believe the official narrative.

        Link: http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2013/04/21/reality-is-a-psyop/

        (Article gets a bit rambling mid-way through.

      4. Benjamin,

        Mine is an exercise in “follow the money,”… and asking, “Who benefits?”

        I see this: Homeland Security has outsourced contracts to Israel and Israel’s economy is essentially dependent on sustaining the U.S. “War on Terror” and our continued financial and military support.

        The larger picture is that the greater stranglehold Israel gains over the U.S. population—the more secure Israel can be that U.S. objectives will align with her own.

        If Sweden had her hands this far into U.S. security affairs, I would be scrutinizing that country.

        Following is an excerpt from Naomi Klein’s article, “Labratory for a Fortressed World.”

        “Israel now sends $1.2 billion in “defense” products to the United States–up dramatically from $270 million in 1999. In 2006 Israel exported $3.4 billion in defense products–well over a billion more than it received in US military aid. Much of this growth has been in the so-called “homeland security” sector. Before 9/11 homeland security barely existed as an industry.

        By the end of this year, Israeli exports in the sector will reach $1.2 billion–an increase of 20 percent. The key products and services are high-tech fences, unmanned drones, biometric IDs, video and audio surveillance gear, air passenger profiling and prisoner interrogation systems–precisely the tools and technologies Israel has used to lock in the occupied territories.”


  6. I can’t imagine there were no injuries and death, I see the oddities but could it be they put a few actors in there to make us walk down that road again? Just thinking out loud.

  7. and don’t forget – Jeff Bauman IDd the culprits! “Bag, saw the guy, looked right at me”. pretty definitive, eh?
    on another front, another story falls apart:

    OXFORD, Miss. (AP) — Investigators haven’t found any ricin in the house of a Mississippi man accused of mailing poisoned letters to President Barack Obama, a U.S. senator and a local judge, according to testimony Monday from an FBI agent.

    Agent Brandon Grant said that a search of Paul Kevin Curtis’ vehicle and house in Corinth, Miss., on Friday did not turn up ricin, ingredients for the poison, or devices used to make it. A search of Curtis’ computers has found no evidence so far that he researched making ricin.

    Defense lawyers for Curtis say investigators’ failure to find any ricin means the government should release their client. That lack of physical evidence could loom large as a detention and preliminary hearing continues Tuesday morning. U.S. Magistrate Judge J. Allan Alexander ended the hearing after lunch Monday, citing a personal schedule conflict.

    Through his lawyer, Curtis has denied involvement in letters sent to Obama, Mississippi Republican Sen. Roger Wicker, and a Lee County, Miss., judge. The first of the letters was found April 15.

    “There was no apparent ricin, castor beans or any material there that could be used for the manufacturing, like a blender or something,” Grant testified. He speculated that Curtis could have thrown away the processor. Grant said computer technicians are now doing a “deep dive” on the suspect’s computers after initially finding no “dirty words” indicating Curtis had searched for information on ricin.

    Christi McCoy, who is leading the defense for Curtis, said the government doesn’t have probable cause to hold her client and his history of problems related to bipolar disorder are not enough to keep him in jail.

    “The searches are concluded, not one single shred of evidence was found to indicate Kevin could have done this,” McCoy told reporters after the hearing.

    1. and don’t forget – Jeff Bauman IDd the culprits! “Bag, saw the guy, looked right at me”. pretty definitive, eh?

      Jeff Bauman’s character is based on Daniel Biddle in the London 7/7 bombings, both lost both legs, both were helped by civilian strangers, both had their arteries pinched by the stranger to stem the blood loss, both were the only injured surviviors to ID the bombers.

      1. just to clarify, I should have put a /sarc after that comment 😉

        It was announced today that everyone (every victim) who entered the hospital survived – aside from the three mentioned – so we now have the potential of 170ish people telling their Story. Then again, there was a survivor in Sandy Hook as well, right? Was that person ever ID’d – did we ever hear any more from/about them?

        Thanks for that info, andrew – I don’t know much about 7/7 other than the concurrent “drill”

        1. I saw that, too.
          The “170” will all survive, but…
          My question is: what 170?
          Do you see anywhere near 170 injured in any of these pictures?

  8. I don’t think the theory that the bombing victims are actors in the above photos holds water. Is is possible? Well, I suppose anything is possible, but likely? I don’t see it.

    What are the timestamps on these shots?. Were they shot seconds or minutes apart? Just by judging the movements of other people in the photos, it is likely just milliseconds apart. How much time would it take to perform such a task? Could this be done in just a couple of seconds with a woman blocking the procedure? That theory defies common sense.

    After examination, all I see in these photos are people who were forced together by a blast, tangled, and trying to separate themselves while also trying to cope with the magnitude of the situation.

    1. This photo essay which is based on many of the above photos shows it was long enough to clear the stands and street, and clear all the fencing and scaffolding, before there was a fake mad rush to get the double amputee out of there improperly using a wheelchair.


      This next photo essay makes a mockery of the cowboy hero who was reported to have jumped the fence and rushed to aid the double amputee. In reality he helped remove all the fencing and scaffolding before he got to play his starring role


      I believe it was shot over a long period with the actors holding their positions as good as possible, the photos back up this hypothesis. There is only one video that I am aware of showing any sort of timeline and it points up and away from the carnage a lot of the time and has evidence of being cut.

      There should be clear uncut video providing a timeline because there were so many cameras at the finish line, but I have yet to see such a video (although I admit my crap computer makes searching difficult).

      1. Thank you for your reply. If there is a timeframe, I haven’t been able to find it. I don’t know anything about the cowboy, I am concentrating on the contention that these are fake limbs placed on a person in the seconds following the blast. There are not enough facts to follow a clear timeline to even see if this is even physically possible to pull off.

      2. Those are good photo essays, Andrew.
        Some of the people look like they are photoshopped in. There is one lady in particular next to the fence who looks as though she is screaming. You can see her face but I can’t figure out where the rest of her body is. Also, the smoke clears from the area but not from that group of victims.

        I haven’t seen any comments yet on the surgical glove. Gee, do you think that was photo shopped into the picture? Do you think they highlighted it with blue to make it more obvious, or do surgical gloves come outlined in blue?

    2. I have to say that from a medical POV this “bombing” is more implausible even than Sandy Hook. The handling of the injured and the nature of many of the alleged injuries all militate against a reasonable possibility it was real.

      The human body has specific limitations. A man with two severed limbs will bleed out and die in minutes. This is just a fact.

      Jeff Bauman was left lying on the ground for at least six minutes before being rescued, and yet was not only alive but fully conscious in the iconic wheelchair photo. His legs were not even bleeding as he was wheeled down the street. His rescuers had virtually no blood on them. He had virtually no blood on him.

      That is a series of medical improbabilities so extreme as to make them collectively impossible.

      BTW – prof Tracy, congratulations on an excellent, balanced and rational summary.

      1. “The human body has specific limitations. A man with two severed limbs will bleed out and die in minutes. This is just a fact. ”

        Then how did do servicemen overseas suffer loss of both limbs and survive?

        1. If you get your limb blown off, you need medical attention within seconds to 1) apply tourniquet 2) get the would elevated above the heart to reduce bleeding.

          Jeff had NEITHER. He was laying on the ground with his legs below him with a bandage, not a tourniquet.

    3. There may of been one real bomb and this was clearly a fake bomb. Lucky for you, you apparently have never seen real blood, it is not this color or consistency. When major arteries are severed, the blood squirts out like a water hose and all those in the vicinity would be splattered. the experts say you have 1-2 minutes to survive without intervention. The fact that the most severely injured was tended to last and carted off in a wheel chair and still conscience holding his leg is totally implausible. Not to mention the fact that he is the only witness to identify the already convicted suspects. All while, there is the officer who sustained a single gunshot to the thigh who almost died due to blood loss and his heart stopping, they managed to get it pumping after 45 minutes, but he still can only communicate by squeezing his wife/s hand. Praise the Lord he had the top notch medical care available at the scene!…

      1. Regarding the “color of blood”, arterial flow is red, and I am not relying on my own knowledge; I talked directly with professionals who work in the ER and witness casualties on a daily basis.
        Apparently, you have never seen photography “boosted” to create brighter, more vivid colors. When a photo is brightened, the color red is especially susceptible to over-processing.
        Also, If it is so implausible for someone to lose limbs and not bleed to death, they how are so many servicemen coming home without limbs? How did they survive the IED blast and not bleed out?

        But back to my original contention which you failed to address, where is the timestamp on the photos? How long is the time frame of the photos vs a realistic time frame for applying fake limbs to a person? I haven’t seen that information supplies.
        And If this even a workable scenario, then where are his legs?

        This is a person whose father has a verified FB account dating back for years…with photos of his son, before the blast, who clearly has legs.

    4. What’s not possible is the picture of the guy in the wheelchair. The officials’ explanation of that photo is not possible. If you don’t want to deal with theories, don’t. The facts are far more disturbing anyway.

      1. I agree the facts are disturbing. Unfortunately, verifiable facts are hard to come by these days. Within the media blast of disinformation, finding real facts is an arduous task, at best.

  9. Can someone in Boston follow up on some of these victims? Find Jeff Bauman and others that were injured in pictures. I read all these blogs but need definitive proof – visit Boston, visit Newtown – talk to as many people as you can. How can all the residents of Newtown be in cahoots? Was Sandy Hook elementary school a real school? I don’t understand how there could be 600 students and a town and all the alternative news sites say it is a hoax. Can anyone go to the town and talk to people to find out what’s going on? Are there really 200 injured people from marathon? What are people saying that work in the hospitals? There should be some real “investigative” reporters for all these events and not all “talk” on all these websites.

    1. “How can all the residents of Newtown be in cahoots?”

      This is jumping waaaay ahead. There are stages to uncovering a mystery. We are tempted to jump ahead and read the last chapter to find out whodunit, but that’s not helpful.

      The first two steps are these:
      1) Did an event actually happen? and 2) If so, what actually happened?

      In the case of 911, we know something actually happened, because the buildings are no longer there. The next question we need to ask is not who did it or why they did it or how they did it or how could a vast number of people all keep their mouths shut. Those questions all come later, after we determine what actually happened.

      So calm down, and leave the later questions for later.

      In the case of Sandy Hook, it increasingly looks like nothing actually happened. There is no “crime scene” evidence for the public to peruse. No photos, no video. A blockade imposed by the authorities on every forensic “fact” they claim to have. All we have is what we are told by obvious liars.

      In the case of Boston, it’s clear that SOMETHING happened, but increasingly, it looks like WHAT happened was a big play-act with a noisy, smokey explosion and a bunch of staged chaos afterwards.

      Admittedly, we’re watching steps 1 & 2 being dealt with simultaneously here, which muddles things up a bit, but this blog entry we’re commenting on helps examine both at the same time as well as can be done.

      This is all to say that if the official story is impossible, if the facts prove that it’s impossible, it makes no difference who did it, why they did it, or how they manage to keep all the participants quiet; if we have not yet established the answers to those questions, that’s no reason to abandon the facts and revert back to accepting the official story.

      Sure, not knowing the who or why and how the scheme is maintained is uncomfortable. We WANT to know the answers to these questions. But if no event happened, or if it was a giant play-act, and the whole country has been hoodwinked, and we can prove that is the case, the other discomfort will have to be lived with until (if) we find out more about the perpetrators and their techniques. That comes later.

      1. Two American citizens were convicted of a horrible crime based on the testimony of a false witness and a spoken description of a conclusive video that we have not seen. Even the Governor admitted, when asked, he had not seen the video. There is one still picture that puts them at the scene that does not convince me, the only video released is the men with backpacks. The result of this meyham was military takeover of a major city, with innocent people being swatted for the good of all.

  10. Mark said: “Why aren’t they concerned when people finding out how they have been duped?”

    Maybe because they know there is nothing we can do about it except get ulcers.

    That’s the only question that you asked that I can even think of a possible answer. I just don’t get it.

  11. Steve found some great pictures and his explanation is likely, that they were not meant to be taken. There is no blood in the initial pictures when there is in a following picture a large splotch of it with a paper cup in the center of it, which may have initially held blood or simulated blood.. The loud blast, with everyone holding their ears, obviously disoriented everyone. But if this was just a very loud fake bomb, the woman couldn’t have died.

    The question is crucial because it was Bauman who was the Hero who fingered the media Terrorists. In the reality-based truth, of course, the brothers were known to the FBI who interviewed at least one of the brothers in previous years. So the pictures subvert the media story. As of course does James originally pointing it out.

    But I still don’t understand how they can prevent this from seeping into the mainstream truth. You can memory-hole one conspiracy theory but if you do the same thing again and again, it would seem that people would eventually catch on. Maybe the perps figure that they’ll be gone by that time so it won’t matter to them. Or maybe there is some kind of Orwellian thing that we don’t know.

    But the only way they can possibly put that kid on trial is by rigging his defense lawyers. As they did with the Sirhan and the King patsy trials.
    And the kid either cooperates or dies.

    So it isn’t so much a matter of covering it up, but of not legitimating the reality- based truth that conflicts with the media truth. And since people prefer power to truth, they will tend to go with the media truth as well as the incompatibale reasonable truth, even if they believe it. Leading to Orwell’s DOUBLETHINK, the ability to hold two incompatible truths in one’s head at the same time, and believe both of them.

    That may be the Orwellian psychological mechanism that they are relying on.

  12. I don’t this this is the use of crisis actors. It appears to be what it is. And I think you are being overly skeptical. The blood and blood splatter patterns match a real bomb blast, which was horizontal as well as vertical. The Jeff Bauman photo in the wheelchair seems to show the cowboy hat gut holding an artery to keep it pinched-off. The first rule of first aid is to stop the bleeding… you don’t just transport people and watch them bleed-out… you stop the bleeding first, then transport

    I think you’re grasping at straws here.

    Sandy hook had no blood and no photos of victims. This had blood and victims and you still doubt.

    It doesn’t seem you’re satisfied either way, which should concern you.

    Includes two photos of Krystle Campbell – in blue top and blue jeans – dead. One photo before fence and scaffolding was moved and one photo after

    Photos – http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=072_1366065507

    Photos – http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/first-photos-from-the-scene-of-the-boston-marathon-explosion

    1. I’m not sure if that is supposed to be Krystle Campbell or not, it looks like a young girl to me but I could be mistaken.

      Either way, your link shows three photos of the female in question.


      One where she is against the fence and getting no attention, then once they remove the fence and scaffolding for the second stage of the photo shoot, there are two photos of her getting her pulse checked by a medic (photos 3 and 12) who seems more interested in the boy who she is also tending to.

      These two photos are not the same because in one, the heads of the ‘injured’ boy and girl are together, but in the other they are apart, yet the medic is maintaining exactly the same position in relation to both ‘victims’ in both photos??

      This is what is seen time and time again in the photos, people are just maintaining the same positions throughout the photo shoot; even when things change and time obviously elapses they try and remain in the same positions.

      The attendants certainly seem more interested in maintaining positions for the camera than saving lives.

    2. I think you may have taken all the straws. I would also think you don’t just transport people in a wheelchair that had that sort of injury. I mean, you have to look at what’s possible and impossible in that photo. Clearly, there are some plausible explanations but they don’t explain what’s impossible in the photo.

  13. The next stage of the deception will be the effort to undermine sceptics such as us. If I was them I would go for guilt first. A dying baby/how dare you question the official narrative. Then I would wheel out an amputee actor to debate a gun obsessed conspiracy theorist to seal the narrative. This is what happened in the UK when a power elite paedophile was outed. They shut the social media chatter down with a press release threatening to sue. Of course he never did sue.

  14. Many have touched on the crux of the problem…diversion. The tactic that diverts attention from the true caper unfolding at higher levels. What is the big-picture agenda? Qui bono? Follow the money. Those are all cliches, but they apply on the macrolevel of international intrigue.

    Just musing outloud.

  15. So the headlines read on 4-22:Mayor Bloomberg says Interpretation of Constitution “will have to change” after Boston bombing.
    And….yesterday the Boston PD Commissioner Davis slips up and calls the two suspect brothers- “actors”!

    1. Yes—that’s world warlord language too. “The theater of war,” all that. They actually have the world divided into theaters. All the world [is literally] made into a stage. From their perspective, it’s always live theater in at least one sense.

    2. Too bad for more than one reason that all the videos of Davis contain just a still shot. It would be more convincing to actually see him say it, and it would be interesting to watch his eyes to see if he was reading a script.

      1. I should mention that the first time I watched the video MOX.TV came up on the screen of the still, but they must have cleaned it up… it’s no longer there. Notice how they flip screens. The upper screen has FOX NEWS visible, so you think the clip of from FOX NEWS, but the focus is shifted to the lower screen. We don’t really know if the audio is from FOX NEWS or not.

    3. The term “actor” or “actors” is commonplace in the LE community, I truly think you people are reaching here… Do I buy every word out of the national media or the White House? Absolutely not! Was a friend of mine injured in this event? Yes, yes she was. Funny, she hasn’t mentioned being part of an emergency drill, even while she was gorked on pain meds for injuries suffered as a spectator. This is beyond far fetched, and it is utterly offensive as well. And Professor, I have read the article and the comments, so please, don’t encourage me to read them. If you choose to respond to this, respond with more than a pat response please.

  16. I’ve been following you since you wrote about your experience with geoengineering on global research. Thanks for being a voice in the dark.

    The event itself as well as the investigation, also known as police state, were filmed, photographed, broadcast, twittered, Facebooked, tracked step by step. Compare this to the pictorial and video evidence the media presented regarding Sandy Hook and Christopher Dorner. There was nothing, and in the case of Dorner, media was ordered to cut the feed.

    I think another question to be asked here is why the Boston event was easy to pick apart. There is misinformation and disinformation, yes, but there is also providing blatant *clues* regarding the event that force more people to begin asking questions. It is easy to control the media. So why the slip ups NOW? Are they actual slip ups or calculated diversions?

    In the day or two after the bombing there were headlines on major websites suggesting many people were claiming it was a false flag operation. Almost immediately, the media acknowledged the dissension in acceptance of the “official story.”

    This begs a few questions: Why was the public allowed to see this event unfold? Why was the false flag viewpoint allowed to be reported? Is it to discredit or is it used to incite?

  17. Avoiding the ‘did die and did not die’ argument because I was not there and did not see or observe anything, I just wanted to comment on the Cryptome enlarged pictures Steve dropped a link to.

    A young lady is continually pointed out by the fence. In #2 she is wearing a dark blue top and what seems beige or light brown pants or shorts (if that is a part of her attire.) In the first #9 she seems to be wearing a white top and darker pants or shorts. In the second #9 she seems to be wearing a lighter multi-blue top. In the final picture #10 she is wearing quite dark blue top and what seems blue jean shorts or possibly jeans that are torn.

    I’m not a photographer and certainly don’t understand light angles and such things but to me this does seem very odd and confusing. Could anyone who is photo smart explain the differences in color and tone??

  18. James Tracy has clearly not taken Lippman’s advice. He has already defined this as some sort of massive conspiracy, and this has completely affected what he sees.

    The fact he doesn’t see this irony himself defines the level of his “analytical skill”.

    1. Everyone has defined it as a conspiracy. No one has said something just exploded and no one know why or how. Put a little thought work in next try.

    2. Analytical skill is marked by linguistic flexibility, comparing, contrasting and mediating information together. I clearly see all this in the article. I think out of respect for the Professor’s continued steadfastness to difficult and challenging issues, it might not hurt to return and re-read the article with these noted skills in mind.

  19. Some people are arguing that everyone would have stopped bleeding after the blast because of shock. Shock would restrict blood flow. Would a guy with his legs ripped off stop bleeding because of shock?

    1. People bleed to death because of blasts often, anyone who gets two legs blown off requires immediate help.

      Whether he would have died or not is only one question, another is why do they leave him rolling around on the ground unattended while others are getting attended to? Answer: so they get clear photos of him and the script calls for him to be rushed out by the cowboy hat hero.

      Why is the hooded guy seen helping him set up but then leaves him alone for the photoshoot?

      It is a lie that the cowboy hat hero jumped the fence and rushed to rescue Jeff Bauman, the photographic images show that the cowboy hat hero jumped the fence, and then set about setting the scene for his starring role by removing the fencing, then the scaffolding…


      …this photo essay, apart from showing the media story about the cowboy hat hero rushing to help the double amputee is false, also shows that the army was there to help remove the scaffolding but then retreated away from the injured for the photo shoot which shows the cowboy rescuing the amputee.

  20. Mind control is considered brain washing in the definitions of it in two different dictionaries. Here are the definitions.

    “brain·wash·ing (brnwshng, -wôshng)
    1. Intensive, forcible indoctrination, usually political or religious, aimed at destroying a person’s basic convictions and attitudes and replacing them with an alternative set of fixed beliefs.
    2. The application of a concentrated means of persuasion, such as an advertising campaign or repeated suggestion, in order to develop a specific belief or motivation.


    [Translation of Chinese (Mandarin) x no : x, to wash + no, brain.]

    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

    brain•wash•ing (ˈbreɪnˌwɒʃ ɪŋ, -ˌwɔ ʃɪŋ)

    1. a method for systematically changing attitudes or altering beliefs, esp. through the use of torture, drugs, or psychological-stress techniques.
    2. any method of controlled systematic indoctrination

    If the current events we are discussing are a form of mass mind control, it would be through the psychological-stress technique.
    What would be the alternative set of fixed beliefs that they are trying to replace our beliefs with?

    Also, do you see anything happenning real time outside of the events that is the alternative set of beliefs that they are trying to indoctrinate us with?

    If the perpetrators of the events (known as “they”) are putting out a lot of obvious clues that the events are simply hoaxes, those who believe the scenarios to be “real” and those who believe the scenarios to be hoaxes would most likely both be targets of the mind control.

    1. I would contend that in the case of false flag events the main target is the critical mass, who once convinced of an official narrative based on limited evidence, official pronouncements, and their own weak reasoning will become its most zealous defenders. There is also tremendous social pressure to accept the event at face value. Anything running counter to the official narrative is too complex and discomforting. The interest in understanding and detecting potential false flag events is a phenomenon that has become increasingly commonplace, mainly due to the research possibilities offered via the internet and alternative media that have significantly aided the ability to ferret out and exchange information. Imagine, for example, what an intellect such as Mae Brussell’s might be able to do with today’s technology versus her modest radio talk show and newsletter.

      1. I agree. ALL the media attention is focused on the critical mass, or the lowest common denominator. They can ignore 99% of the questions from those that show critical thinking.

    2. In one on one mind control, the controller would introduce the new belief to the victim. But I just realized that in mass mind control, the psychological stress can be inflicted by the media/event and the new belief can be introduced by our friends and acquaintances. Has anyone ever responded to you only minutes after an event, “Wow, this can happen anywhere, you can’t be safe anywhere!”. Or how about this one, “It’s a crazy world, what are you going to do? YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! ” My husband always says the last one to me when I fill him in on a newly exposed hoax.

      I suppose fear is a useful tool in the hands of the evil, too. Keeping as many people in a state of fear of as many things as possible can go a long way.

      Paranoia can be an effective weapon, too.

      James said: There is also tremendous social pressure to accept the event at face value.
      Yes, to the point of being called crazy if you don’t accept it at face value. So there you have another new belief being thrown at you; you are crazy.

      1. I strongly recommend Kurt Vonnegut’s story, “Harrison Bergeron,” in his short story collection Welcome to the Monkey House. The future is now.

  21. Is anyone going to step up and provide Dzhokhar Tsarnaev legal council? It looks like he may get a public defender.

    Is there any way we can inform his lawyer on the issues discussed in this article?

    Tsarnaev’s lawyer could EASILY find some medical experts to testify in court on the injury hoaxes.

  22. I understand your motives as someone who wants attention as badly as the two brothers. You are entitled to your speculations, but not your own facts. And facts are missing from your analysis. My grandmother was involved in a train bombing during WW II. She laid with a tourniquet for 2 hours before being hospitalized and losing her leg. This is a fact. But you have never been in a war, of that I am sure. On a German website a writer spoke of all the sad conspiracy theories that would emerge, but instead of conspiracy the writer used the word constipation. I think that indeed might be your problem. The world will not see my comment as you will censor it. I am not calling for your firing as I respect academic freedom. But academic freedom does not give you the right to say things you know not to be true.

    1. Respectfully, if James is off about some facts and wrong assuming various things medically, even if that be true, his overall analysis and writing style is solid. It would unwise of him to say things he knows are not true as Anderson Cooper has already grilled him on national TV. No one is perfect but this is about as good a shot as anyone has taken in the alternative media realm as far as writing style and higher levels of education. Additionally, why are you not holding the media’s feet to the fire for their catering and pandering of those in power?

    2. Why the ad hominem attack Ginger? If I have read your post correctly you seem to be saying Prof. Tracy is an attention-starved liar, a coward who never went to war, (mentally?) constipated, a self-serving censor and a questionable academic. Did I miss anything?
      How sanctimonious of you for “not calling for (Tracy’s) firing”. Maybe you should just enlighten us all with “the facts” so we can all get back to our golf games, considering that apparently your version of “academic freedom” doesn’t include the freedom to ask difficult questions.

    3. If you’re going to use your Grandma’s experience to corroborate Jeff Bauman’s story then we need to at least establish if their injuries were the same or even remotely similiar. As you’ve noted, facts are important. Did your Grandmother lose both of her legs and sever both of her femoral arteries on impact? Thanks.

    4. Hi Ginger, I truly wanted to tell you that I’m sorry your grandmother had to pass through such an experience and thank you for bringing some crumbles of truth about her experience to the blog here because we are seeking truth and every small bit of information adds to a bigger picture. I also would just like to comment on your references to conspiracy.

      The use of the words ‘conspiracy theory’ has greatly elevated since December and two seemingly back to back incidents that have tended to deeply shock society. The use of the term has almost reached the level of psychic driving which is a psychiatric procedure that involves constant repetition.

      The term ‘conspiracy theorist’ needs to be dismantled into an understanding of a critical thinker who has developed a level of consciousness to perceive social, political and economic contradictions which hold oppressive elements against a person’s own awareness of reality.

      Could there be any validation that this level of consciousness exists?

      David J. Chalmers, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of California in his published book, ‘The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory,’ discusses the world and consciousness from aspects of low- level processes and high-level processes where he comments that the actual world does seem to allow, that sense can generally be made even of complex processes. He does comment that it may be the case that some domains such as those of sociology (the study of society) and economics (the cultural life of the people) are far removed from the simplicity of low-level processes. [pg. 49]

      Prof. Chalmers second chapter titled ‘Supervenience and Explanation’ is a framework to understand consciousness in the natural order where supervenience is the concept that explains a relationship between things. Now of course I am not under any stipulation to take the Professor’s study word by word; I can break it down and take away my own understanding of his study, which is exactly what I did because his comment impressed upon me that there really is, and really does exist ‘high-level processes’ in consciousness.

      Now to condense a tremendous amount of deciphering that I carried out on this particular concept I will quite frankly tell you that accusations of ‘conspiracy, conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists’ are really misunderstandings of any individuals conscious relationship and engagement with his/her own mind and any individuals conscious relationship and engagement with the society and world one lives in and is a part of.

      Quite frankly if we want to consider low-level processes we could definitely equate those states to a consciousness that is conditioned in and a social conscience that is conditioned in as opposed to a higher-level functioning mind which consciously creates a personal conscience, as one struggles with their own fragility, limitations and the accepted complexities they meet and deal with in life.

      I would humbly ask you to reflect upon these statements the next time you meet the accusations of ‘conspiracy.’

    5. Anyone who has a tourniquet on for two hours is going to lose the limb, this does not answer why a man with two legs blown off is left unattended while others get attention.

      And then after leaving him rolling around on the ground for one photoshoot, they then have another photoshoot which shows a fake mad rush to get him to help.

      BTW, there is no way that is a tourniquet on his leg, it is just a loose bandage, tourniquets have to be extremely tight to work, here is the standard method for making a makeshift tourniquet.


    6. “She laid with a tourniquet for 2 hours before being hospitalized and losing her leg.”

      Someone knew not to move your grandmother until she could be taken to a hospital.

      No such luck for our friend Jeff Bauman in the photos, huh? Who on earth would move a traumatically injured double amputee victim in a wheelchair? No one. Unless they’re acting out a ridiculous scene for CNN.

  23. oboy – time to ramp up the division tactics!
    “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev admitted to authorities Sunday that he and his brother were behind the Marathon bombings, according to a senior law enforcement official.

    Tsarnaev made his admissions to FBI agents who interviewed him at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he is being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. He had not yet been given a Miranda warning.”


  24. lovely analysis*(speculation) based on photo imagery.

    1. Severed limbs are generally transported with the patient IF POSSIBLE.
    2. How DOES a mortally wounded person act? I had a freind that was highway patrol that responded to a car accident where the female passenger had both legs severed. She kept trying to get her seatbelt off until she died of her wounds. She wanted to know where her phone was so she could tell her mom she was all right.

    I will say that it is telling that 3 days after the bombing, they publish video surveillance of the Boston bombers but fully 4 months later, no picture of Adam Lanza or anyone else entering Sandy Hook Elementary with an ‘assault rifle’.

    In addition, the LID on a pressure cooker is air tight and clamped on. Therefore, the explosive energy would eject from the edges of the device. One reason the lid was found intact. This explains the lack of vertical debris or damage. Please engage an explosive expert prior to speculation.

  25. I’ve been looking through photo archive at:

    The photos collectively are absurd. It’s absurd how few people are seen with visible injuries instead of simply being splattered with blood. But what is most absurd of all are the nature of the injuries. There are many people with torn clothes, but there are no cuts or scratches underneath the torn clothes. The best example is here (I don’t know his name):


    He’s got lots of blood on him, but none of the blood appears to have come from him. You can’t see scratches on his face, even though it looks as if someone squirted blood in his face.

    1. So the people with blown off legs, they are actors? Or were the legs photoshopped out for our general consumption?

      People have walked out a burning crashed jet liner unscathed and covered in soot. Keep staring at the pictures on the computer, you might learn something, if you don’t let reality interrupt you 🙂

      How would you feel if you were that guy and found this blog?

  26. Someone may have already floated this, but I missed it:

    So the Commissioner says in the press interview that ‘they’ had no ”specific” knowledge that something was going to happen, right? Then in another interview with Fox, he calls them ”actors”.and refers to them carrying out this mission. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHdNLzD6KWM )

    I find it odd that he would say ‘carrying out this missions’.

    Could it be that the two were somehow integrated (as actors) into this drill by someone, but then given real bombs unbeknownst to explode?

  27. So there were quite a few medical doctors that saw these victims. You are saying the emergency personal, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff were either all in on this or were all duped by fake injuries? For instance you can Google Doctor George Velmahos MD of Mass. General. He has made public statements about his treatment of the victims. You are saying the chief of trauma and emergency surgery could not discern the fake injuries, or was he in on the entire charade?

    1. Bob,
      The all-knowing all-seeing ‘bob’, knows it is within the realm of ‘totality of suspension of disbelief’ to misbelieve these statements….fnord. An unreal discernment of fake replications of fact have led us to our tentative conclusions….fnord.
      Fortran…fnord. Alien…fnord. Medical Television…..fnord_)(*_)(*_)(*(*(*&^%^%^$^%#^%%&*()_(*&^%$#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#@$$%^&*()_(*&^%$#%^&*()_(*&^%$#%^&*()*&^%$^#%$##&^^&)()%W%Q&^^)+^*$W^$()(*()()(R&$@^$%(*(*(*_(%*&%@^%%)(+_(*_&^$E$%^%^$%&

    1. those are great pictures.
      One of the things I noticed about the “double amputee” is that you can see what looks like the “plug in” or whatever it’s call up near his butt

      save some of these pics before they disappear!

      also, the glass seems to have blown out from the restaurant, or whatever that building is, so can we get a few pics from inside that building?

  28. My experience, alas, is the same as James. People just don’t want to accept the evidence of the fake injuries or how the bombing occurred if they conflict with the media account. They have internalized at least part of the medoa account and know I have my ‘Theories.’ They are preconditioned to argue against the evidence without having seen it or knowing what it is. Once they internalize the government-media truth, they have to be strongly shocked in some way to emerge from a media perspective. And even then, there is a tendency to return to it.

    We don’t yet have a theory of how to get people out of what Rappport calls their ‘trance.’ We need one.

    1. There is another group of people that formulate speculation based on photographic imagery and the preconception that every act of violence and injury must fit within thier scale of belief. Those people need to take a trip out from in front of thier computer before drawing conclusions.

      To call a horrific event, witnessed by THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, a drill without any facts is irresponsible. To claim that the victims dont exist is an insult to every Amerian (it should be). If there is a disinformation campaign going on I would posit that Prof. Tracy is part of it. In my opinion, and with all due respect.

      “It has been rumored that we have fired scud missiles into Kuwait. I am here now to tell you, we do not have any scud missiles and I don’t know why they were fired into Kuwait.”
      – Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka (Bagdad Bob)

  29. Regina, without bonafide documentation of the Tsarnaev admission, free of duress, with a healthy state of mind and blood chemistry I believe the reports by “senior law enforcement officials” is inadmissible in public debate regarding his guilt or innocence.

    1. I would agree – the article goes on to state that they have the “corroborating” fact that they supposedly told the person whose car they hijacked “we are the bombers”. Right.

      It’s all piecing together now – they ‘radicalized themselves’ via the internet…gee, whoda thunk that would be the next step. sheesh…

      To tell the truth, I’m not convinced that either of the “suspect” are injured at all – just as the “dead” Chip Tatum has suddenly turned up alive

    2. The theory that all of this was staged is, to say the least, worthy of relegation to the uttermost fringe. That notwithstanding, what I found disturbing–and what no one else seems to have mentioned–is that the media stayed in Boston for more than a week, drumming this into our heads, while the entire remanent news of our sizable globe went utterly ignored. THIS is more pernicious to me: being indoctrinated with some notion that “the nation stands together with Boston,” etc., when–frankly–I couldn’t give a damn. I don’t live there. This is nothing new. People in Europe have lived like this for decades. It’s time to grow up. As Q said to Capt. Picard (paraphrasing), “It’s dangerous out there. If you’re going to cry over a bloody nose [= several dead crewmen], then you shouldn’t be gallivanting around out here. There are wonders in the universe, but they’re not for the faint of heart.”

  30. Pepe Escobar’s thoughtful challenges to the “official” Boston narrative can be read as being highly supportive of James’ framing and analyses:

    The FBI Boston-Chechnya charade
    By Pepe Escobar

    Orwell does America
    By Pepe Escobar

    To “Ginger Pedersen” re: facts: Those of us possessing good will (most people?) seek more unembellished, transparent, verifiable facts. My own personal search for this elusive commodity (facts) leaves me deeply grateful for James’ courageous efforts to elucidate the ways in which the corporate media treats with contempt those clear-seeing individuals who demand incontestable facts.

    As a starting point for “common ground” with regard to facts, Ginger, will you join me in demanding from The Boston Globe a thorough explanation as to a) why it reported via two tweets on its own website that a “controlled explosion” (drill) would occur precisely where an (apparently?) “lethal” explosion subsequently occurred, and b) why this astonishing, damning (apparent?) fact has been “memory-holed” in all subsequent “official” reporting? (NOTE: The first of the tweets is still here: https://twitter.com/BostonGlobe/status/323886879453892609

    FINALLY: Have any readers to this blog seen any photos of the “second” explosion and the alleged resulting carnage? Additionally, has anyone seen a corporate media summary or graphic comparing the alleged injury/casualty figures from the first and second explosions? (In all the media coverage I have seen, I have seen ~only~ the perplexing video and still coverage from the “first” explosion closest to the Finish Line.)

  31. you people disgust me…disrespectful to all those injured or dead from those idiots. I wonder how you would feel if someone you loved were injured or worse. Get your facts straight…the bomb had multiple metal objects which came out sideways during the blast, and yes, the top would go up. Have you ever used a pressure cooker to make food?

    1. OK so digest this. The older brother, a devout muslim as he is, is at home babysitting while his wife works 80 hour weeks as a home care worker. So he babysits and makes bombs on the his free time. Sounds like a radicalized muslim to me.

      1. gosh! Where did you hear/read that??? I’m just sure that’s a totally factual account! /s

        Now the big deal is that they were on welfare- wasn’t the original story that they were here as political refugees? Doesn’t it make sense that as refugees they would need assistance?

        criminy – use a little discernment. It scares the heck out of me to hear people lap up this media pablum the minute it goes out, and then use it as Fact. Look at the history of the last week – did you notice the media “correcting” any facts? Any good reason you’re convinced this story is more Fact than the arrest reported by CNN last week?


    2. Well here’s something to think about. Watch the video of the people pulling down the fences and flags to get to the injured. You can see the blue banners from the fencing and the wooden snow fence has no shreds, no holes, no blood spatter. None of the flags are shredded or full of holes. In a bombing with supposed shrapnel and gross amputations of limbs (including major arteries), you’d expect to see spatter–a lot of it, and holes or shredding in all materials around the blast site. There’s none.

    3. I could not agree more. This article so lowers my expectation for basic humanity in times of tragedy, that I truly think our species is at its most morally bankrupt, ever. Total and complete bilge.

  32. Here are four images of the SAME MAN which should lean people more towards the HOAX explanation:

    1. Notice no cuts or lacerations, only blood which doesn’t look like his.


    2. No cuts under his leg either.


    3. Now in a wheelchair, with some odd stuff on his face.


    4. For the final close in look at his eye ‘injuries’


  33. ofps – next up:
    “Moments ago Kyodo reported that Japan’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that “about 1,000 officers of the nation’s Self-Defense Forces will participate in a U.S. drill to be held in California in June involving recapturing control of an isolated island.”

    Did we mention the drill would be held in California?

    It is quite clear what said “recaptured island” is supposed to represent. It is even clearer what the US backing and sponsorship of such a drill on US soil is supposed to telegraph to China, so we won’t go into any details.”

    Catalina, beware?


    1. @Benjamin Freedman: to answer your question about the professor identified as “Eric Polacheck”–his name was misspelled. It’s Eric Kolaczyk (not Polacheck). He’s listed as a Professor of Mathematics & Statistics on the BU faculty website. Easy to find, actually.

  34. I support your right to express your opinion, no matter how outrageous. But there is a certain point at which the boundaries of common sense and reason are crossed. And my friend, you are way past those boundaries.

    I would write a detailed response explaining why most of what is written here is demonstrably silly (for starters, the complexity of the conspiracy and manipulation alleged is both practically unmanageable and statistically impossible from a process control perspective), but as the comedian Ron White has often observed, “You can’t fix stupid.”

    The photos of the blast scene and related injuries shown above are a classic example of the fallacy of incomplete information: You have no way of knowing how much time has elapsed between the photos, so it is impossible to draw conclusions about variance between the photos.

    Things are not always as they seem, but they usually are. At the risk of deconstructing your worldview, you might consider looking into Occam’s Razor.

      1. Occam’s Razor does not provide a mechanism for developing explanations. The rule simply stipulates that the simple explanation is the most probable. That said, shutting down public and private transportation reduced the suspect’s mobility and options for escape, and keeping everybody indoors reduced the risk of additional casualties.

  35. Since it is pretty obvious that nobody, except perhaps for the alleged perpetrators of the hoax, got injured or killed, the most the younger Chechen brother can be framed for is attempted murder. But does he even have a real attorney representing him? It seems Barry’s rich Saudi friend (the one Michelle visited in the hospital) was hoping to cause some carnage at the Boston marathon. However, the FBI got to the explosives in time and ran the operation as a mass bombing drill instead. Then the FBI got the two Chechen boys. That was killing two birds with one stone – finding a guilty party so the Saudi could be let free AND doing Putin’s dirty job for him. Remember that Barry’s close friend (or is it blackmailer or boss?) Putin was very “concerned” about the two Chechen brothers for months. Wouldn’t this make a great 007 movie?

    1. Obvious that nobody got injured or killed? So the three funerals were a hoax too? Were the caskets empty? Or were they not real people? All the people who were treated at the hospital, were they real? How about the doctors, were they real?

      You need to stop listening to this crazy professor. He is a sick, twisted individual. You sound intelligent, so I do not understand why you would gladly accept a theory so full of holes and so easily disproven. Did you hear the press conference of the doctors? Do you really think they were lying? If so, why? If not, then that proves your statements to be completely false. Please, please, do your own research, and stop following crackpots like this guy.

  36. I’m operating more under the assumption that there were injuries and deaths. I still believe it was at first a drill, but then it went live. That would still fit the facts, at least as they appear right now.

    I’m reading that there will be no trial for years. If I was innocent I’d damn well make sure my trial was speedier than years down the road. Let’s see where that time frame ends up.

    My biggest concern in all of this is the police state tactics used in apprehending these guys. Also, given the FBI’s history with them, why did the public need to be involved in their capture? Why also did these authorities come out and more or less demand that only the pics that these authorities released were relevant to the investigation? Sorry but that makes no sense in the ubiquitous age of cameras everywhere.

    Hopefully there is a trial. That’s something that isn’t going to happen in Sandy Hook. At least from that perspective–a trial–there is a chance to get to the bottom of all this, which to a skeptic like myself is better than the alternative.

  37. My god, people can’t be this dumb. Because one lunatic professor thinks every event is “staged” or a “false flag” etc etc etc, people actually believe him? I feel for the simple minds who can’t accept the fact that a tragic event can be caused by one or two or a handful of hateful people. I know it would be much more “interesting” for it to all be a cover up, but this isn’t a movie.

    1. Good ad hominem attack. So basically you are saying the Prof is stupid. What if he said that you are stupid, you would probably come back and say ‘No, you’re stupid’.

    2. “My god, people can’t be this dumb.” I feel for the simple minds who disregard Operation Northwoods, the Reichstag fire, Operation Gladio, the “strategy of tension,” Building 7 and the concept of “false flags.” I feel for the simple minds that are fine with the destruction of Miranda rights, a hard-core marital law being declared in the city of Boston and who chant “USA! USA! USA!” when they are finally released from the lockdown declared by the authoritarians.

      Mostly,. however, I feel sorry for the people who are struggling against this tyranny, who are held back by the unthinking thumbsuckers who Believe Everything Their Government Tells them. Like Ryan.

    3. No Ryan, not because a professor thinks it–because it’s obvious. The pictures, the timeline, and the inspiring and heroic stories just don’t add up. As far as simple minds– some mirror time would seem to be in order.

    1. Folks like the professor here live in an echo chamber of mutual and self admiration, basking in being placed upon pedestals by naive students. IMO most wouldn’t survive in the real world, hold a real job or run a successful business, and probably know it. So they hide in the “elite” liberal academic bubble; offering nonsensical ideas and conspiracy theories, and posing as high-minded intellectuals who are simply “thinking out of the box”.

  38. This is very irresponsible. You are claiming to be an explosives expert, a photographic expert, and a medical expert in this article, none of which are true. You claim there are “fake” injuries, yet ignore multiple statements by the actual doctors who treated the actual wounds. Are you claiming that the 3 people who died really did not exist? Or that they are still alive?

    I read this entire article with an open mind, but found nothing in it to backup your claims. To think that you actually teach at a university is scary, given the amateurish and irresponsible claims, and the shoddy evidence (as well as completely ignoring all evidence which does not support your theory). Please go into blogging full time, and leave the teaching to responsible, sane people. Please!

    1. “Are you claiming that the 3 people who died really did not exist? Or that they are still alive?”

      Odd – I didn’t read that claim. Are you trying to re-direct the conversation?

      1. No, I am trying to point out obvious holes in the professor’s theory. If they were not really the types of bombs police described, then nobody would have died, right? So if nobody died, then who are the people they say died? Did they really die?

        But ok, let’s move to the bombs, and how the professor claims they would not have wreaked havoc to lower extremities. So all the eyewitnesses who said they saw severed limbs were lying? All the doctors were lying too?

        So let me ask you, would you really place more faith in a nutty professor 1,000 miles away, who has done very little research, or in hundreds of people who were actually there? He claims that the explosion went directly upwards, which is almost impossible in any explosion, especially one caused by amateurs. If he asked an explosives expert, which he did not do, he would learn he was incorrect here.

        1. Elementary. You apparently have not heard of the old trick of stuffing a buttload of money in someones pocket. What with the fed only stuffing 85 billion a month in our presidents pocket to keep the nation afloat, I’m sure the government could afford to pay off a few student loans and then some to get the good Doctors to go along for the ride. I don’t dislike Doctors, but I hear a lot of them sell themselves off to the highest bidding hospital to get those pesky student loans paid off. Ahh, indentured servitude. Just like the good old days.

    2. I actually find your comments irresponsible. This is very disturbing evidence and you’re asking us to enter a child like state and listen to the “experts.” It’s not too late to grow up, sir, and you need to.

  39. I don’t know if it’s the same guy or not, but twice on your blog a person who buys into the official theories has called upon “Occam’s Razor” to explain why he believes what the mass media has told him.

    Simply put, Occam’s Razor is that you should go with the simplest explanation.

    So here are some simple explanations:

    1) It was only a drill, there were no 170 casualties. This explanation gibes well with the pics, because I just don’t see 200 injured people.

    2) The naked guy in the video was the elder brother. He was taken into custody.

    3) help me out, here, people!

    So go ahead, continue to use Occam’s Razor to explain the Boston bombing

    1. OK, I will help you.

      1) 170 injured people, many of whom were treated and released for minor injuries. Most of them would not show up in any picture you see. From what I understand, there were not many pictures from the 2nd bomb site, so of course you will not have access to all the pictures you would need to see every injured person. And even then, someone could look perfectly fine in a picture, and yet, be taken to the hospital as a precaution, and they would be counted in the 170.

      2) I have no earthly idea what you are talking about here. There is video of the older brother being handcuffed 3 days later. There are records of him accessing his ATM after the bombing. There are eyewitnesses saying he went to the gym between the bombing and the shootout at MIT. There is an eyewitness who was carjacked by the brothers. So either you are correct in seeing what you think is the older brother in a video and naked for some reason, or the correct answer is the multiple eyewitness accounts and other records which show otherwise. Applying Occam’s Razor, it is obvious that whatever you saw in one video is not what you think you saw.

      3) Occam’s Razor is very simple to apply here. We have hundreds of witnesses who all say nearly the exact same thing. We have doctors treating wounds which match the weapon used. We have three dead bodies, three funerals, of actual people, with actual family members, with actual remembrances by friends and family. Either you believe the hundreds, maybe thousands of witnesses, or you believe one crackpot professor with absolutely no evidence. I think you know which way Occam’s Razor would point. I am glad I was able to help.

      1. We are still waiting for autopsies and death certificates from Newtown. So, yes, evidence in this instance alongside perhaps placing the medical practitioners under oath may be appropriate.

      2. Mr. Reasonable:
        “2) I have no earthly idea what you are talking about here.”

        Then why are you trying to answer my post?
        Go watch the video and see if you agree with me.
        I think Dr. Tracy already posted it, but here it is again.
        If it’s the suspect, then he died AFTER he was taken into custody.
        If it’s not the suspect, who is it?
        After watching the video, please give another try answering my post.

        So what if he used his ATM and went to the gym? People use ATMs every day.

  40. I just heard something interesting on NPR

    first, they did a piece on the Boston Bombing, then they did a piece about Newton, CT residents voting down a 5% budget increase, the extra money was to be slated for adding security in schools.

    The NPR correspondent was not sure what kind of message the Newton residents were trying to send…
    how about “no more taxes” or maybe “we don’t trust you”

  41. Great perception.. I agree 100% with your speculation about our corrupt government. May 1st-27th there will be mock training for a biological attack in Denver. That should be interesting.

  42. “Lunatic professor,” “this article disgusts me,” “irresponsible,” “morally bankrupt,” “complete bilge,” (bilge?)

    Ok, great name-calling guys. Good start. Now we’re ready for your rebuttal. You know, some convincing arguments against Dr. Tracy’s observations? Other than, “CNN reported this so it must be true.”

  43. I am not sure is anybody was injured that is an area that is very touchy BUT what I do know is those particular pictures at the marathon finish line are fake injuries and that this is a mass casualty drill.That is clearly clearly fake blood and injuries all the other details aside those are fake. who what when where why is not important I have not even thought that far because I am still reeling over the video and pictures. We are headed into very strange territory. Wake Up!

      1. Re: the “iconic image” of our cowboy hat hero–it doesn’t take a degree to know that if you have applied a tourniquet to an actively bleeding arterial wound (the kind you’re supposed to put a tourniquet on–Red Cross First Aid course), you’d most likely get a little blood on your shirt.

  44. This prof is an utter idiot. As a retired Full Professor, I am ashamed of this so called educator. A reprimand by FAU is a cowardly slap on the wrist. Speak from knowledge, not ignorance, said the Greek philosophers.

    1. right – Greek philosophers like Socrates?

      “The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being. ”

      “False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil”

      “As for me, all I know is that I know nothing”

      what sort of FULL Professor were you? Socialism in the Sixties?

      yeesh –

    2. Anyone can claim to be a Professor, put your name to it if you want to use your credentials to add credence to your post, Professor Tracy puts his name to his writings.

      You say you are a Professor and then ignore the evidence presented, and rather than give a measured and intelligent response you stoop to an ad hominem attack. Pathetic.

      1. Exactly,
        How many of these attacks are “ad hominem”? Most of us just want to have someone ask a few real questions to power. Prof. Tracy has done that…..
        We all need to start looking in the mirror to see what we have done…and how far we are willing to push ourselves in approaching the truth.

  45. NOTE WELL: This article is from 2008:

    Today thousands of runners and hundreds of thousands of spectators are unwittingly taking part in a planned disaster. Yet, they are not just safe from harm (except for the variety brought on by running 26.2 miles), they also are participants in an event that will make the citizens of Greater Boston safer in case of a natural catastrophe or terrorist attack. Massachusetts is better prepared for a real disaster because every Patriot’s Day and Fourth of July is treated as a “disaster.”

    Writer: Arnold Bogis, who is a research fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

    1. So every year they have a multi-agency drill in the city on Patriots day and this is fully disclosed to the public…why would terrorists choose that day to enact their plans? It would seem to increase their chances of getting caught. The only plausible explanation would be, I think, that by bombing a “drill” situation they could make it look like a false flag, right? How would that benefit the terrorists though? It’s like a lose/lose situation for them.
      However, if a party or parties involved in some way in the Drill decided to have it “go live”, they could use it really test their coordination of agencies, collaboration with Media, control of any back stories, Internet Kooks and push the next level of a drill….the “shelter-in-place” of a major city, paramilitary cops menacing civilians in their homes…ect.. Still, just a “live” drill, intended to keep us safe…right?

  46. I would like to ask the good Professor Tracy who likes to ask the hard questions a few of hard questions of my own….

    1. What exactly is the government’s (or whomever’s) goal in perpetrating this hoax?

    2. A classic question that is never answered: How is it possible to involve so many people in a conspiracy and not have at least one leaker? How do you incencivize them? A conspiracy like this calls for the involvement of dozens if not hundreds of people’s at the “need to know” level. Many of these people are respected professionals in their field with lucrative careers that would surely suffer ruin if their involvement in something like this became known. What would it take to convince the head of trauma surgery at Mass General to participate? Lots of money? Threats? Please theorize at will.

    3. What are you suggesting happened to the reported dead victims? Did these people actors and did not really die or were they killed as part of the conspiracy? If they were actors, were the funerals fake?

    As a fellow skeptic, Dr Tracy, I trust you will sympathize with my queries and indulge me with some answers.


    1. tell you what HardQ…we’ll keep working on those three questions and perhaps you can do a little follow-up on this one? Perhaps you know the secret to locating non-existent academic mentors?
      (thx Ben)

      Benjamin Freedman
      April 24, 2013 at 7:11 am

      CNN interviewed Lingzi Lu’s mentor and professor at BU, Eric Polacheck.

      There is no Eric Polacheck when you Google his name and when you search the BU directory. Did CNN misspell the guy’s name or are they this incompetent?

      1. Thank you, Sad – really. That’s all people are looking for…help with some answers.

        Not trying to start anything new here (as I really don’t know the answer to this, either) but is it common for somone who has been on sabbatical since 2011 to be a student’s mentor? Or does this just mean that he’s back this year but hasn’t updated the web page?

        From Kolaczyk’s Teaching page:
        Course Information for 2011/2012

        II am on sabbatical leave for the 2011-2012 academic year. If you need to get in touch with me, please send me email.

    2. More Qs:

      Are those who lost limbs going to “act” limbless for the rest of their lives?

      I was in the middle of Boylston at Hereford, facing east. Was that 30 foot round fireball I saw an illusion?

  47. The FBI/CIA have a documented history of sting operations gone wrong. The most notable was the 1993 WTC bombing. Another was the “underwear bomber” and the OWS bridge bombing attempt in Ohio a few years ago. The events in Boston seem to fit this MO as more facts about the attack becoming known.

    1. witnesses heard over the loud speakers stating the bomb sweep was “just a drill” – source google “boston marathon UM coach”

    2. the MA national guard CST team was delpoyed before and after the attack – source google “boston marathon national guard cst”

    3. the fbi was in contact with the confessed bombers over the last few years.

    1. awww – here’s a Professor you can be Proud of, Tom!

      Kathy Boudin, a 1960s radical and former Weather Underground member who participated in a robbery that left two police officers and a security guard dead, now has the prestige of academia behind her.

      The New York Post broke the story that Boudin, who spent 22 years in prison for driving the getaway car in the Brinks armed robbery, has been named the Sheinberg Scholar-in-Residence at NYU Law School, along with enjoying an adjunct professorship at Columbia University’s School of Social Work.

    2. Professors Tom and Wallace:

      If you are truly professors in academia, please share with us your names, university affiliations, and areas of study.

      My wife and I would hire a babysitter and pay up to $50 a ticket to see you two debate Professor Tracy on Boston and Newtown.

      I’m sure others on this board would do the same. You can donate your share of the proceeds to the “Jeffrey BaumanJr. Charity.” I’m sure there must be one set up by now. (Probably set up April 14th)

    3. Dear Professor Tom, it might help you to read ‘The Gourdification of Claudius’ by Seneca the Younger. You might also like to delve a little into the pervasive and prevalent social dis ease called ‘Cognitive Dissonance’. I think you suffer greatly from a lack of introspection, education ( NOT instituted ) and autonomy.

      You exemplify the egregious ignorance under which humanity struggles oppressively. I take that back. I see no signs of humanity struggling to remove this mantle of mental and spiritual oppression.

      I wish you good fortune in your re-education……without the indoctrination.

  48. So those three people aren’t really dead and all these people who I thought lost their legs really didn’t? Thank you. I feel much better now.

    1. Could it be that one of the bomb sites had the actors and the other had the real victims? It doesn’t appear that Prof Tracy is saying that there were no victims. He’s saying that the photos we’re looking at, etc, look faked.

      1. I had the same thought, Tom – in my generation it was very common to refer to someone as a ‘bad actor’, so I’m not inclined to give this flub too much weight.

        However, isn’t this the same person who said there was a shootout with the suspect in the boat? Anyone listening to the police scanner clearly heard them saying they were going to fire dummy bullets and throw flash bangs. This guy has some splainin’ to do –

        My belief all along has been that the BPD (officers), EMTs etc. were acting on what they believed to be a credible threat and genuine crisis.

      2. What a stttttrrrrrreeeeeeee….eeeetch……there, Tom P. Never in the annals of history have instigators of violent crimes been called “actors”. I read a great deal…..got my first library card at 8 ( the age one was legally allowed to possess a card in 1970 )…….and have never read an historical perspective on any crime wherein the perpetrator was called an “Actor”. Never.

        To defend this man’s interpretation to fit the event being reported is more than a stretch and I do not think this just a personal opinion.
        I would like to poll Dr. Tracy’s readers to see if they relate the word “actor” to “violent criminal” or even to ” alleged perpetrator”?

        It may not be apparent to you, Tom, but using inflammatory, insulting language is a sign of profound immaturity and insularity…..particularly when applying the negative adjectives to a group of people who do not adhere to or share social norms or beliefs….. I do hope that grow in all ways that are deeply rewarding for not only you but for those who must suffer your immediate environment.

  49. I suppose this whole thing can be solved if the 100’s of injured people with lost limbs come forth and share on a reputable news site. As a graphic artists I can’t help but question the visual evidence myself. If our Gov is staging these drills, they are doing it in effort to pass reforms and bills that take away the citizens of the US’s rights. Only a wicked ruler bent on much eviler devices would brilliantly come up with such tactics. If Hitler were alive today, I could see him doing the exact same thing. Master of deception and lies behind an evil like that. Playing upon the shear ignorance of the masses in effort to execute ones diabolical agendas is par for the course of such an evil minded one. While our Nation is swimming in Debt, would such a Gov Ruler take the citizens money and pour billions into “Terrorist Drills?” YES, HLS and FEMA are doing exactly that now! Why is our Gov pouring into FEMA billions of dollars? Could it be that the stage is being set and played out so that ignorant citizens will willingly line up for the next “staged national disaster?” Then, panicked citizens are then ushered into their nearest Gov funded FEMA (coffin equipped) concentration camps. Oh, wait a minute, that was the Holocaust wasn’t it? Silly me..

    1. Terrisa, I respect your thoughts on this matter. However, deceit and the duping of the citizenry of this country did not just hatch out in recent times. Propaganda and lies were spread to dupe this country into many a war. Even WWII. People, such as the Germans and her leader(s) were demonized leading up to and throughout WWII. (Even to this day) Much of what has been attributed to them perhaps is not clear facts, but deceit to dupe the world on what really was occurring at that time. I too grew up believing the history of WWII as told by the victors. I also used to use Hitler in expressing the epitome of evil, so I can’t fault you there too much. While seeking truth in this deceitful world one must research both sides of every story, and not assume that those who write history are truthful. The deceit that went on back then to influence the masses is directly tied to our world today. From what I understand, there was reports of a training exercise going on the day of the Boston Marathon. Also HLS contracted security out to an Israeli security organization. Check out the Justice4germans website to get an idea of the other side of the story of WWII history and perhaps come away with a new perspective on who the evil ones were.

  50. They don’t have any hard evidence against Dxhokhar. the carjack where the brothers explained to the owner of the Mercedes that they were the bombers and then left him off at the gas station, was countered by their picking up their own Mercedes which was being repaired at the gas station.

    The description that the older brother attacking the police with a gun and pressure cookers was countered by a witness who stated that it didn’t happen.

    James just destroyed the legitimacy of the assertion of the parapalegic that he saw the older brother put down his backpack right in front of him before he lost his legs, by the visual evidence implying that he was a crisis actor.

    So, 1. they have to rig up some new evidence, 2.get him to plead guilty, or 3.kill him. Or all three.

  51. I think there were certainly injuries and deaths but I also believe this was a set up to finger certain people. Perhaps it was unexpected to have live bombs?? What I find unusual is the media exposure on the only witness who says he “looked into the eyes” of the bomber and saw a bag, alternately given the FBI description as “backpack” and now “knapsack”, placed. Now Jeff Bauman was in explosion #1 at the finish line. Since the FBI has said the younger brother did the 2nd bombing at the restaurant and he was not photographed wearing sunglasses…we can say as per FBI, the older sunglasses wearing brother placed the 1st bomb. Did he remove his sunglasses and expose himself more to Jeff Bauman and look him in the eye?? Really?? Or did Bauman look into someone else’s eyes?? In any case, if Bauman was wrong saying that, his word cannot be accepted for anything he saw. JMHO.

  52. Appreciate the no doubt tedious task you have done in the past of screening out the trolls, this blog has many knowledgible, informed people. Maybe the trolls are the actors who do not appreciate a bad review, or the elite who cant stand being busted, or perhaps they are paid for every thing posted, Would hope you do not encourage them as clearly they have not read the article or the comments. Noticed on this and other boards, they just choose to insult and probably do so to intimidate. No where was it ever said, that a real bomb did not in fact injure and kill innocent people, only that the abundance of video provided and analyzed was clearly staged. The number just jumped to 264! Apparently, alot of people delayed seeking treatment. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/apr/23/boston-marathon-bomb-damage-worse-thought-264-seri/

  53. How about this? Where was the security at the finish line? The spectator area was barricaded off for a reason. That reason usually being to keep entry into such an area controlled. The entrances to which would most likely have security personel checking things like say… backpacks. This is the superbowl of the running world, can anyone just go sit at the 50 yard line? Once upon a time years ago I handled bomb sniffing dogs. I would think in todays world no one would have gotten that close to the finish line, bleachers, press boxes, without putting their bag, backpack etc. down for a little sniff. Just wondering about that based on how things were done way back when.

    1. Good point, it is also an area that is obviously going to be heavily photographed and videoed, yet the two suspects didn’t bother disguising themselves at all?

  54. I used a photo editor to go through the pictures the so called amputee’s flesh tone above the knee is different from the flesh tone below the knee, the part right above the bone reflects light like it is made of plastic or rubber also there was no fire so he should have been bleeding profusely .

  55. I see we’re starting to see the tired old “what makes you an expert?” posts

    I’ll quote Chaucer’s Wife of Bath:

    “Experience, though no authority
    Were in this world, were good enough for me…”

    There are many ways this idea of whether or not to trust in your own experience has been popularized in our culture:

    “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

    “take the red pill or the blue pill”

    “who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”

    but the bottom line is that most of us are NOT experts, but Dr. Tracy is a person who studies media and we are discussing what we saw in the media

    can non-experts have a friendly discussion?

    Get away from that curtain, Toto!

  56. Question for nonbelievers who would counter the obvious…

    Do you still believe 9/11 was not an inside job despite hundreds or more qualified pilots, physicists, construction engineers, architechs, demolition experts, et al., who came together to dispute the official government fiction?

    If so, it is easy to see your mind is closed to rational inquiry. Are you frightened that your reality zone is being torn to shreds and fear the next step might push you into a brain freeze? Hoist your glass; you seem to be in the majority. Perhaps that is why the Hollywood/Pentagon producers are enjoying their Oscars.

  57. Lu Lingzi was not photographed at the race, before or after the blasts. Her father in China confirmed her death to the media. The ONLY person that can place her at the race is her friend recovering in the hospital. If her friend disappears and we get no additional info, her identity as it stands is sketchy.

    Pepe Escobar writes that the car jack victim DOES NOT EXIST:

    The description of the car hijacked by the brothers, a Mercedes E350 SUV, matches the description of their car left at a service station in Cambridge for two weeks prior to the bombing. A mechanic in Cambridge said Dzhokhar, Tamerlan’s brother, picked up his “black Mercedes SUV” on Tuesday, the day after the marathon. The two cars may be one and the same; that blows up the whole official ”carjacking” narrative.
    Additionally, there’s a media blackout on the owner of the allegedly hijacked Mercedes, who in theory managed to escape and call the police, who maintains that the brothers went to three ATMs and withdrew US$800 from his account – not before telling him they were the ”marathon bombers and had killed an MIT police”. The driver said he was let off at a gas station on Memorial Drive in Cambridge. But some witnesses saw Dzhokhar at the station’s convenience store – without any driver.

    The deceased man as seen in the morgue photo is not being claimed by the family because the mother says it’s not him.

    The aunt is certain the naked man arrested is Tamerlan and the police REFUSE to identify the naked man.

    Pepe Escobar writes that Dzhokhar was UNARMED in the boat:

    The whole law enforcement apparatus insisted that there was a heavy exchange of gunfire with Dzokhar while he was hiding in a boat, before his arrest. That is false. He was unarmed, barely moving and the hail of bullets towards the boat came from the police.

    1. BTW, the police refuse to identify the naked man because of privacy issues, and they may eventually face a lawsuit from him. He may come forward, or he may not. However, IF they did release his name without his permission, that would certainly be the basis for a lawsuit!

      1. I find it odd that the body and build of the naked man, taken ALIVE during a gunfight with the brothers is identical to that of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. How could the cops mistake him for the man THEY WERE SHOOTING AT?

        It’s clear now the “1 hour shootout” with Dzhokhar was a lie, since no weapon was found (not even the M4/Ar-15 mentioned by a law enforcement official to the NYT reporters). They simply emptied hundreds if not thousands of rounds into the boat in an attempt to kill him.

        Its also interesting that the police detained a Saudi National, seen running from the bomb site, and that Abdul Rahman Ali Al Harbi (bin Ladens son) turns up as a victim and is visited by Michelle Obama. This despite the fact he was claimed to be killed at Abbottabad with his father, then is inexplicably granted a student visa (even though he is on a list of known terrorists intent on avenging his fathers death). That this guys visa was manipulated and he was quietly deported….

        1. here’s another event in the Boston terror week I found somewhat implausible:
          That the brothers “threw” a pressure cooker bomb down the street at the police during the standoff that ultimately resulted in the older brother’s death
          just how far can even a strong man “throw” a pressure cooker full of shrapnel?

          here’s an isolated part:

          here’s a longer CNN interview

        2. I am still waiting for an explanation to why didn’t they use dogs to find the kid? He disappeared into the night bleeding from his injuries and 9000 policemen + one dog couldn’t find him? In all the interviews they jump from he disappeared to he was found in the boat,where was he hiding for 24 hours??

        3. oh, that’s easy!
          they wanted to get the helicopter with heat detecting camera involved in the drill, to show the public another neat toy that no police department should be without

          open up those wallets people! your taxes are going up again for Homeland Security!

          The Chechens are coming! The Chechens are coming!

        4. 1) Because it’s theatre. The kid had to go home and sleep.
          2) Because it was necessary to create a lockdown for 6 towns to reinforce the story and also to test credulity and docility. As in – “Is this story working for us? Are they buying it?”
          3) I notice that conservative-leaning towns nearby were left out of the exercise. Too tricky so soon after the Sandy Hook story which made many of them go out and buy more guns. It would not have done for vigilante patrols in those towns to take over their streets, so they were left out of the drill.

    2. Officials: Suspect unarmed when arrested in boat

      WASHINGTON (AP) — Two U.S. officials say the surviving suspect in the Boston bombings was unarmed when police captured him hiding inside a boat in a neighborhood back yard.

      Authorities originally said they had exchanged gunfire with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (joh-KHAHR’ tsahr-NEYE’-ehv) for more than one hour Friday evening before they were able to subdue him.

      The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the ongoing investigation, say investigators recovered a 9 mm handgun believed to have been used by Tsarnaev’s brother, Tamerlan, from the site of a gun battle Thursday night, which injured a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officer. Dzhokhar was believed to have been shot before he escaped.

      The officials tell The Associated Press that no gun was found in the boat. Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said earlier that shots were fired from inside the boat.


    3. Excellent post, the lies are coming so thick and fast it’s nigh on impossible to keep up.

      That may be the reason behind the action movie type script of this fake event, if they keep the action and lies flowing then focusing on one fake aspect becomes difficult.

      Either that or the story is just spinning out of control.

  58. You have the courage to tell the truth. I used to think all these were real. Then google sandyhook actors.BAM ..They doing psyop on american public.

  59. I also never saw cops claim the younger brother was firing at them from the boat. They had no idea if he rigged himself with a bomb, and OF COURSE would assume that he did, and proceed with that assumption.

  60. Has anyone documented an emergency bomb drill for Boston on April 15, 2013 and, if so, where it was to be located? Supposedly the Boston Globe was tweeting about it. If this is true that one of those emergency drills was planned for Boston during the marathon, then it sure became live, didn’t it? Sheer coincidence or not?

    “The drills are intended to be strikingly lifelike. Urban Shield has worked with Strategic Operations, a Hollywood effects company that also helps prepare army medics for the battlefield. (Their disaster scenario staff, Baker says, include an amputee.)”

    With all the sophisticated technology and intense training with Boston’s Urban Shield it is very sad that it was not enough to keep people safe.

    1. C’mon, it all worked perfectly–everyone was kept serf.

      I mean kept slave.

      What a relief, though, that our tax dollars didn’t have to pay for it!

  61. Boston Is One of the Best Prepared U.S. Cities to Handle a Crisis


    “The drills are intended to be strikingly lifelike. Urban Shield has worked with Strategic Operations, a Hollywood effects company that also helps prepare army medics for the battlefield. (Their disaster scenario staff, Baker says, include an amputee.) With a generous helping of moulage, their drills aim to force officials to confront both the logistical and atmospheric challenges of a disaster.”

  62. I am still trying to get my mind around the possibility that this event was staged. However, I must admit that something seemed off from the get-go. The link below may not be anything, but I found it odd that the official final runner of the Boston Marathon crossed the finish line at 4:44, but claims that she crossed the line just as the first bomb went off. The timing doesn’t match.

    The article also states “Volunteers kept Shaw and other runners moving.

    “They didn’t panic. They didn’t flinch. They just said, ‘Keep walking.’ They kept handing us our things.”

    One even made sure that she got her medal.

    That’s just odd to me. I would imagine that there would be a major sense of panic….to the point that people would be scrambling everywhere not worried about finisher’s medals.

  63. So then if this is a drill, then how can you “fake” scores of people losing limbs? Do you really think people would voluntarily go to the hospital and let them take off their legs just to cover the back story? Do you really think that many medical personnel are in on it? I agree it all seems suspicious, and all the same issues can be applied to Aurora and Sandy Hook, but it seems like SOMEONE would be able to verify legitimate casualties versus people acting/faking.

    1. Troy,

      How would we “see” the “scores” of people losing limbs? The media who gave us these obviously problematic images? How do we know who the “medical personnel” are? Would you recognize the trauma surgeon at X hospital if he/she walked up and bit you? We only see what the media tells us, and if that happens to be inaccurate, we get an inaccurate picture, don’t we?

    2. You use amputees who have already lost limbs – just as they do in many documented scenarios. There are many photos available online showing amputees with their stumps dressed to look like new wounds, and most of them look a lot more realistic than the rather shoddy prepping in Boston.

      Any EMT will tell you that what went down in Boston is bizarre. Members of the public being allowed to triage victims. Victims who may have sustained serious injuries being rolled upright in wheelchairs. And the weirdest thing of all – victims being taken, not straight to ambulances, but to the medical tent! This is an insane way to treat people with major trauma. And it never ever happens in real situations.

      Sometimes we need to face facts, however painful or seemingly unbelievable they are. The simple fact is if Jeff had been a real double amputee then he would have died within two or three minutes on the sidewalk. He just would. The fact he is alive proves the lie.

      It’s hard to accept, but we have to do so.

    3. Troy, are there actually visual reports showing scores of people losing limbs? Again, I’m inclined to think there were actual victims at the 1st, less photographed location (while I suspect the widely covered Finish Line bomb may have been the “drill”) – but I don’t watch tv/the news so I’m not sure just what is being reported in terms of victim follow-up. Someone mentioned yesterday that the injured list had suddenly jumped by over 100.

      can’t help but think of the ‘lost opportunity’ aspect here – with everyone’s rapt attention, this would be an excellent time to also show the victims of int’l bombings, drone strikes, etc. so the public could get a better idea of what horrific tools of war are being employed every day.

      1. The site of the second bomb, Forum, if it shows any victims, shows a few off to the side. Nothing like the numbers you ever heard.

        When I ran this story past a relative, about no damage to the sidewalk poles at Forum, she had a great answer to settle it for herself (as she is sure we have a lax immigration policy): the press of hundreds of bodies when the bomb struck insulated all surrounding structures from harm. Those bodies took the injuries. So that is why the story of massive injuries had to be put out (and the Boston 1 fund set up to compensate them). In reality, there are no such photos of hundreds of people waiting at the end for stragglers to come over the finish line almost 2 hours after the winners. Only before the winning runners crossed is there a huge group. It contained a lot of black people, as might be expected, since Africans tend to win. Then the crowd broke up. We are supposed to believe that this crowd was replaced by another coming from Fenway Park after a baseball game. ‘Cause you know that’s where you head – to cheer on stragglers in the Boston Marathon – instead of to a bar somewhere. Forum is quite upscale. Not for people in t-shirts and sweats. I don’t buy it that there was a fresh mob there, and the pictures at the blast show no more than 40-60 people, who aren’t even at the center of the blast, but off to the side, as actors would be to keep them safe from the flash.

    1. He didn’t have a hand injury either. Hand was added to neck and leg along with head after he woke up chained to a hospital bed and they started demanding he confess.

      The people who set him up want him dead.

      The naked suspect may not be Tamalar but he is a body double or stunt man – The Watertown cops were not in on the plot and I’m surprised the feds didn’t tell them to “stand down” as all the EMS were told to do at Sandy Hook. It will be the Watertown and MBTA cops who blow the whistle on the lie. Boston police ocmissone

      1. I agree with you 100%, Peter…I think the local cops/fire/EMS/officials are going to come out of this as heroes in more ways than one. Hope I’m (we’re) right!

  64. Skepticism is good, and necessary… to a point. I do not think this was a staged event. I do think Sandy Hook was a staged event. I also think this, like Sandy Hook, was a false flag. But not a media production using crisis actors. The $64,000 question is “How can we know?” See: Media-based epistemology, faith, and skepticism – http://wp.me/pPnn7-2ej

  65. I am deeply saddened that you have felt the need to belittle the tragedy that occurred in Boston with your unsubstantiated and unproved accusations.
    In particular I would like you to try to think about the people who have lost loved ones due to this act of terror, and try to consider the impact your deluded commentary is causing them.

    I can think of only two reasons why you, and many of the posters here, would continue to deny that the event that occurred, (which was extremely well documented, and has many, many witnesses), was a real event and not staged.

    Either you, in some way, have a dislocation from reality that is causing you to believe this or, you have an overdeveloped sense of self-aggrandisement that is causing you to to be unable to consider the fact that you are wrong, no matter the (huge and compelling) mountain of evidence that disproves your theory completely.

    Whatever the reason for this, I hope that you decide to desist from continuing to post these commentaries because the only effect they have is to upset those who have had to suffer through this horrific event.

    1. “Yes, thank you Piers. Finally someone is sticking up for us victims.

      I’m lying here in my hospital bed reading this absolute garbage that this nutcase academic scumbag Tracy and his deluded posters are spewing.

      There should be a law against this or at least a fine, as that fine young man Cass Sunstein suggested.

      Tell junior detective “You’re a Dick’ Tracy to come and visit me in Beth Israel Hospital, 4th Floor Trauma, Room 41513 and tell me this shrapnel in my left buttocks isn’t real, that I got this from a freaking smoke bomb!

      C’mon James the Whackjob, I’ll introduce you to my team of doctors here who are probably going to cost me my house and retirement fund before this is all over. They probably still have all the crap those Muslims loaded into the pressure cooker.

      Or better yet, call me on (617) 555-xxxx or my cell (617) 555-yyyy and I’ll really tell you what I think about your little blog here.”

      Geez Piers, wouldn’t you expect this kind of comment from those who are upset and “who have had to suffer through this horrific event?”

      Where is it?

      1. So it looks like there will be a million dollar pay-out for each victim of the Marathon bombing. Are you on the list or is your injury not grave enough to merit such a transfer of wealth from the loyal people of Boston who were psychologically harmed by this event? Some will go overseas and get killed for this. But you’ll have your money. And of course, you can no longer be drafted with that kind of injury.

    2. Actually, I would re-direct all of your suggestions back at you. It’s deeply disturbing that false flags don’t concern you and that you want to make them go away with your delusions. You are upsetting and insulting all those suffering from this event and others, including those suffering from the austerity attacks, acts of war, and civil rights restrictions that multiply as this event and others of the sort create a massive distraction from everything else that is happening.

    3. No one is requiring anyone injured or affected by the event to come here, see or read anything. As for being “unable to consider the fact that you are wrong, no matter the (huge and compelling) mountain of evidence, you might provide some of that mountain, rather than just recycling the same worn-out “disrespectful to the dead” nonsense.

    4. That kind of response isn’t enough Piers. No one wishes anyone any harm, and if real people died then that is a tragedy. But at the same time, as thinking human beings we have to use our own judgement and comment on what we have seen with our own eyes.

      I and others have observed things that are simply incompatible with this event being entirely real, and to try and use emotionally manipulative arguments to persuade us we have no right to say this out loud is counter to all ideas of free thought, pursuit of truth and scientific open-mindedness.

    5. Mr. Troy asks the question:

      So then if this is a drill, then how can you “fake” scores of people losing limbs?

      Aaaah, errr… Substantiate “scores of people” please.

      In my ignorance and admitted lack of in-depth research, I know of only one victim supposedly losing limbs. Only thing is, he’s a pretty good double for an Army vet who had already lost his legs much closer to his hip, which would make it pretty convenient for a Hollywood-enhanced version of severed legs below the knee with a gnarely bone hanging out that would be clearly visible to photographers when they rescued him from the scene in a wheelchair.

      Mr. Piers Shaw demonstrates a lack of imagination in his malframed statement and ad hominem:

      I can think of only two reasons why you… would continue to deny that the event that occurred, (which was extremely well documented, and has many, many witnesses), was a real event and not staged. Either [1] dislocation from reality or [2] an overdeveloped sense of self-aggrandisement.

      Everyone agrees that “a real event occurred” and that real people were involved. The issue stems around how much of the event was contrived. The distinction gets blurred when real people without prior knowledge — from bystanders to first responders — react to contrived portions of the event. For them, it is all real.

      Let’s set aside for a moment thoughts that the bombs were more flash-bang-and-smoke than damaging payload and that some victims were acting. We are still left with contrived and incongruent aspects of the manhunt for the suspects, whose motivations and purposes are a bit weak, and scream of “Patsy!!!” The motivations and purposes for the powers-that-be setting up the Patsies is a bit clearer. “Let’s see if we can lockdown an entire city and prove to their residents that we can search their premises without no god-damn warrant.”

      Mr. Shaw concludes with a tried and true disinfo technique:

      Whatever the reason for this, I hope that you decide to desist from continuing to post these commentaries because the only effect they have is to upset those who have had to suffer through this horrific event.

      Rather than discussing pertinent anomalous details, Mr. Shaw prefers to distract the discussion into the personal and emotional. I’ll have you know that before the dust had even settled on the WTC destruction, this is exactly what the news media was doing. “Nevermind that the pulverization at free-fall speeds could look like a controlled demolition, we should pause and reflect on those heroic first responders who rushed into the burning towers to save lives and ultimately sacrificed their own.”


    6. Piers,

      I see, let’s just suspend those who are accused their constitutional protections and believe hook line and sinker everything the authorities tell us. In your one sided world there’s no need for a rigorous discovery process that is distilled through the legal process, which is enshrined in the notion of innocent before guilty. In your world it’s guilty, guilty, guilty because the cops said so. Their can be no legitimate skepticism outside the “official narrative” in your world. Given the world you desire we might as well revive the old Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and really do it right.

    7. How close are you to what happened, Piers? Are you in the area – were you able to follow this on local news or the police scanners as it went down? Just curious – I’ve noticed that in addition to the boston.com site, there are other media pockets around the U.S. who are reporting things with a slightly different take. I mentioned a couple days ago that Drudge seemed to be feeding the narrative – I STILL don’t see that he’s posted the fact that the suspect was not armed when captured in the boat.

      Seriously hoping that all is quiet at Bush’s library dedication today –

    8. To many liberals, every crisis is just a cheap opportunity. A very welcome and convenient opportunity to further their already established agendas, and paranoid delusions. Even before the bodies are cold they’re off to the races and “cashing in’, and showing zero sympathy for the victims. It happened after 9-11, and happens after every mass shooting in America, and now this bombing.

      James Tracy should be ashamed, but I don’t think his brand of narcissistic and self-absorbed liberal is capable of shame.

    9. why is asking questions belittling a tragedy? it must be nice to do exactly as your mommy told you and to know that you’ll be fed and put to bed. however, if you have life experience, you know that the incurious are nearly always superficially successful or not successful at all.

  66. Read a comment on another blog the other day which hypothesized that bomb 1 (lens crafters) was fake, but bomb 2 was real. I’d be interested to know where the injured people are claimed to have fallen.

    1. ah – thanks…I think I got that backwards earlier. Whichever way it goes, my hunch is that real people were hurt by a real explosion at the less photographed/documented site.

  67. (The key sentence got cut off in my previous attempt):

    Sarasota: Hospital to simulate hyperbaric chamber explosion

    “The exercise will include actors in make-up and Hollywood-like special effects, testing Sarasota County’s disaster response, evacuation procedures and triage and emergency care of multiple mock victims.”

    source — Hospital to simulate hyperbaric chamber explosion
    Disaster drill at Sarasota Memorial Hospital is scheduled for Friday [4/26/13] morning.

    1. Thanks Kathy for the link. I believe that analysis brings us much closer to solving this thing.

      Those photos strongly suggest that the second blast was REAL and two people died.

      All of the injured were QUICKLY rushed to the hospital, but there may have been actors brought in later. I don’t see pools of fake blood like at the finish line.

      1. Are they so dumb to think folks might not capture these images/video? That baffles me that in this technological age where the majority have smart phones they did it like this. Maybe they’re testing the psyche of the American people for future and larger events?

        1. Someone sent me this, also a must see: http://imgur.com/a/Nx8EU

          If you watch April 24th’s episode of the Colbert Report, the first 5 minutes shows how “someone” tweeted that the White House was bombed and Obama was injured and the stock market automatically crashed. Within 5 minutes a tweet went out to correct it, and the stock market immediately recovered.

          They said it was automatic and computer run.

          I’ll leave the implications of that “test” up to you…..

          On Demand, do you get that?

  68. Great post. I was wondering about the lack of injuries and limbs laying around, when so many witnesses claimed legs were flying right by their heads. I only saw one amputee anywhere, when they claimed there are over 10.

    How did they get so many pics of Bauman with cowboy hat/american flag guy, but not one of any of the other supposed amputees? Something is very wrong with the footage, it doesn’t match the descriptions of the event.

  69. Next to go viral – I have no idea if this is really Jeff or not:
    Published on Apr 24, 2013

    A tribute to double amputee victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing….a look back. You can lean on all of us Jeff. From all of us at the Amputee Actors Guild local 322. We salute you!

  70. one has to simply understand that while a conspiracy concerning this event is utterly absurd, we also have a narcissistic society which is utterly absurd. when you factor our stage of maturity in the US, then you realize that an event like this is not so far fetched. now take your lifesize poster of erin burnett and anderson cooper of the wall for a second and think about what we’ve been consuming. we have been consuming big macs thinking we’re eating organic vegetables!

  71. Breaking: Third Bomb Explodes in Boston

    “Oh, no…don’t say I tricked you with the title. This is a news bomb if there ever was one. The Saudi national that Glenn Beck has been making a big fuss over is…Osama bin Laden’s son, Al-Harbi.

    But this is just for openers. His nick name is the Crown Prince of Terror, and has been reported to have vowed revenge on the US for killing his father. While we don’t have confirmation of his nickname and threat, we do know he has 3-B status…terrorist.”

    continuous updates – oboy
    Wonder what Mueller is up to today in Boston? If this proves to be true, I think we can finally breathe a (small) sigh of relief at the indications of Someone wanting the story to get out. On the other hand, VD has been consistently blaming Mossad…this was a surprise

    1. For me the most compelling fact is the backpacks. The brothers carred a grey and white backpack. Yet both backpacks they believe carried the exposives were black.. Something isn’t right. I still don’t believe the whole thing was faked, that’s ridiculous. But the idea that the brothers were set up isn’t too far fetched to me.

    2. This story was walked back later in the day – same link.

      On another note, now that Glenn Beck has humiliated himself a post has gone up on the Blaze about “Professor’s Wild Claim” – deja vu all over again. I would say this is the wrong week for GB’s adoring throng to point fingers and chant “conspiracy nuts!” =)

  72. I don’t see anywhere near the amount of victims they report, over 100 ? It looks like there are no more than 25 or 30 people at the epicenter.

  73. Somebody is going to get rich off of this. I saw at Whole Foods today that they are asking for donations, suggesting $5 or $10. At the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, stickers are going to be passed out to everyone telling them how they can make a donation to help those most injured by the bombs.

    It’s fiction, the whole thing is fiction, but the cash will indeed be real.

      1. I just checked: They are up to $26 million now:
        NEW YORK (CNNMoney)

        Fundraising campaigns for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings have raised more than $26 million and the donations continue to grow.

        More than 50,000 people and roughly 60 corporate donors have pledged more than $23.8 million to The One Fund Boston, which was set up by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

  74. Found this on the comments section in a USAToday article that stated there was damming video evidence they placed the bombs at the scene and a few of us asked, where is the video? The most compelling zoom in on the scene was a discarded bottle of fake blood. Whoops! http://imgur.com/a/Nx8EU Not sure if you can trust the numbers, but the site indicates it was created 5 days ago and has over 5 million views!

  75. Lol well, I guess it doesn’t take much rigor to be a professor at FAU.

    Why don’t you try and get in touch with Bauman and ask him some questions?

    A good friend of mine in law school (where I am currently) grew up with him, and after the blast sent out some pictures and an e-mail about the “bucks for bauman” fund. I can assure you that Jeff Bauman used to have legs and now longer does.

    1. No one here has ever contested the fact that he used to have legs and now (sic) longer does.

      As for fundraising – let’s see how Newtown is doing a mere four months later: http://newtown.patch.com/articles/sandy-hook-donations-by-the-numbers

      I hope that article includes the ones who declined to “self-report”:

      Sure wish they’d answered Q2. About whether the funds would “be used solely for victims Sandy Hook tragedy”

      Well, we can always look at one that Did report…like the Sandy Hook School PTA/ CTPTSA/ Ryan Kraft/
      Sandy Hook Elementary Victims Relief Fund

      Q1 – How much have you received?
      Approximately $800,000 has been received to date.

      Q2 – How much have you spent?
      Approximately $5000 has been spent to date related to the Sandy Hook tragedy.

      Q6 – Do you provide direct support to individuals, families, businesses?
      The Sandy Hook PTA has not provided and it does not intend to provide direct financial assistance to individuals, families, or businesses for Sandy Hook relief.

      Q7 – Does your organization have a plan in place on how to use any surplus funds not spent forpurposes related to the Sandy Hook tragedy? If so, please describe that plan.
      Our organization does not expect to have surplus funds not spent for purposes related tothe Sandy Hook tragedy.

  76. I just saw a young woman on CNN who is probably going to lose her leg from injuries from the bomb blast. Her doctor at Brigham & Women’s Hospital spoke too. It’s amazing. The woman, her doctor, her nurses, her family – all actors! And, the conspirators have infiltrated Brigham & Women’s, its IT department and administration, faking the doctor’s credentials and putting this puppet in front of the cameras. They must be threatening hundreds of people at that hospital to keep quiet (for this one woman alone!), with such threats that no one NO ONE will speak the truth and be a whistleblower! And they all agree to participate as accessories to hundreds of federal crimes! And this is just for one woman, one “victim” among hundreds of purported “victims”. The mind boggles at the scope of this conspiracy and the incredible number of participants.

    Or is there some other explanation

    1. If I were an actor, that’s what I’d be getting paid for, right? To act the part – a role which includes standing up to conspiracy theorists, right? Because that’s part of what every public person has to put up with…being called a liar. So, when I’m “standing up to conspiracy theorists”, I’m doing my job well, right? It may have nothing to do with threats, or perceived whistleblowing…just putting in my eight straight –

      haha…I wonder if Crisis Actors unionized recently?

      Just sayin’… If I let someone control my emotions, I’m letting them control my daydreams. I’d rather not give them the airtime.

  77. Boston Marathon Bombing Drill Conspiracy Cowboy Hat Guy Legs Blown Off Guy – MUST SEE!


    Published on Apr 22, 2013

    This time lapse shows the legs blown off guy being wheeled out of the area, but they have to stop to put his phony legs back on as they start to fall off

    Boston Bombing – guy with legs blown off returns and is wheeled through scene again!

    Published on Apr 23, 2013

    The original video is “Bostom Bombing Finish Line Time Lapse” – this clearly shows around minute 3 legs-blown-off-guy being wheeled out, but his phony legs are falling off, so they wheel him through again…1 minute later, hoping to get a better shot..but the dude who pushes him goes WAY too fast so they have to use the original shot taken right after yellow vest guy puts legs-blown-off-guys blown off legs back on. whew! trying saying that fast 3 times! 🙂

    Later: I think the second guy getting wheeled out my be the guy in the ‘hood’ in this series of photos who was obviously helping the first blown off legs off guy in the very moments after the explosion. In the photos, you can see there is nothing wrong with him, but he is wearing a shirt (gray with black sleeves) that looks a lot like legs blown off guy. I still see more evidence supporting that this was a drill, except for the fact they have used some very realistic make-up. And dont forget, people with unlimited funds, access and power can pull off things that would make our heads’ spin..and they do…regularly.

  78. The most useful evidence to come to light is that Bauman was or was not an amputee before the bombing. If he wasn’t then we are wrong., I think that most unlikely. But if he was, than that is umistakable proof of fraud, including finnaical fraud, since hundreds of thousands of dollars are being raised for him. Either way, his previous life is of cruical importance.

    But the perps of this bombing must know this, so efforts must have been taken to ensure that his past life wa covered up. I would guess Bauman is not his real name, and he could be from any country. A fake biolography coud easily be inserted in the narrative. So getting the real biolgraphy might involve a lot of time and expense.

    But there is a chance that it might not. In which case Jame’s analysis becomes even more impoirtant, because if they fake the crucial evidence against the brothers, as Bauman reported, then the whole hous of cards crumbles.

    It’s like the shot coming from the front in the John Kennedy assassination; it proves that Oswald could not possibly be the Lone Assassin. If there is a picture of Bauman as an amputee before the bombing, or it is known how he really lost his legs, that fact plus James analysis would subvert the whole government-meidia narrative.

    Would this convince most Americans? I would tend to doubt it. Most people prefer power to truth, and would not want to confront the narrataive of American power. but it would be explosive enough to shock those who are honest but depoliticised to understand the bottomless decieit of American power. And it would protect James from futher harassment because this would emphasize the counter evidence.

  79. Boston is covered with CCTV cameras, so where’s the footage of the 2nd blast?

    All I’ve seen is footage taken from the first site, showing a puff of smoke 200′ away.

    Tsarnaev came down with Chronic Patsy Syndrome (CPS) which is only treatable by removing your larynx.

  80. Zero Hedge has this article today on false flag attacks, quoting from Plato and others:

    “This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.”
    – Plato

    “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”
    – U.S. President James Madison

    “Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death”.
    – Adolph Hitler

    “Why of course the people don’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
    – Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.

    “The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened”.
    – Josef Stalin


    However, I am with other contrarians like Gary North who dismiss most conspiracy theories as presenting almost supernatural powers to evil entities in government, contrary to Biblical mandates to honor those civil authorities who have charge over citizens not in an absolute sense, but as an alternative to anarchy. I would think powerful computer programs would be able to get to the truth on these issues establishing percentage liklihoods of various theories.

  81. So how exactly have they kept all the people working in the emergency rooms at multiple hospitals quiet about there being no real casualties. This seems to me to invalidate the weak arguments for this being faked.

    1. Either all the first responders were fake which I consider highly unlikely or maybe it is a mix of real and fake injuries and an obviously high over reporting of total injuries (around 150). But a mix of real and fake maybe?

    2. Just because you don’t understand, or know, how they managed one aspect of this operation does not invalidate all the other evidence.

      We have no ability to scrutinise the hospital or its staff, but we can scrutinise the images, video, and media portrayal of the event, and that is where an abundance of evidence is found that this was a staged event.

    3. How amazing these people could wait on one doctor for emergency surgery, and how all the amputees ended up at one hospital.

      Look at the stories behind the amputees, where they work, and what their religion is taking you ever so closer to the truth. Not to mention the fastest recovery of any amputees in the world.

      Who has openly admitted hatred for Muslims and who are they saying is responsible for the Boston bombing?

      Answer on the internet under who funded most of the world wars.

      “The legs came hanging on muscles and skin,” said Velmahos, who did three of the four initial amputations at Massachusetts General in the early hours after the bombing. A fifth patient at the hospital had to have an amputation Thursday. Doctors had judged there was a 5 per cent chance the woman’s leg could be saved, so they didn’t amputate right away.


    4. That is my biggest problem too. I can clearly see that at least some of the situation must have been faked, the blood and injury evidence makes that virtually beyond doubt. But I am not sure how the fake victims would interface with real hospitals. Maybe I’m just reluctant to believe members of the caring profession would take part in a mass deception, but I’m also slightly baffled how it could be pulled off in purely practical terms.

    1. Dude it’s just another staged photo, you keep posting it as though it proves something but you don’t say what it supposedly proves. Are you trying to solicit an emotional response because it is supposed to be a dead woman?

      You started posting this photo as one of a series of photos and I did respond to you then, NOTE: I am now satisfied that it is Krystle Campbell, here is my response to your first posting, Quote:

      “I’m not sure if that is supposed to be Krystle Campbell or not, it looks like a young girl to me but I could be mistaken.

      Either way, your link shows three photos of the female in question.


      One where she is against the fence and getting no attention, then once they remove the fence and scaffolding for the second stage of the photo shoot, there are two photos of her getting her pulse checked by a medic (photos 3 and 12) who seems more interested in the boy who she is also tending to.

      These two photos are not the same because in one, the heads of the ‘injured’ boy and girl are together, but in the other they are apart, yet the medic is maintaining exactly the same position in relation to both ‘victims’ in both photos??

      This is what is seen time and time again in the photos, people are just maintaining the same positions throughout the photo shoot; even when things change and time obviously elapses they try and remain in the same positions.

      The attendants certainly seem more interested in maintaining positions for the camera than saving lives.”

      BTW here is a photo which is supposed to be of her being removed and it appears as though they reattached and straightened her legs out for her.


    2. Three people with missing limbs and no blood!
      Did they think these photos of people who just had their limbs blown off and no blood spewing from veins that should have be severed?

      Anyone who cannot see where terrorist really are created and events staged to get an agenda across is truly a sheeple.

      Articles on how the Vietnam, Iraq, and Libyan invasions were based on lies and have all ended up with profits to big corporations continues with the Boston bombing.

      Next target for American drones will be Syria, possibly North Korea, with the end goal Iran. Suppression and destruction of world culture continues in the same fashion as it did when American Indians were removed from their land.

      Mayor Bloomberg’s family supposedly bought Manhattan from the Indians. Do you think that American Indians were paid for any of the land that they were removed from?

      There is only one country in the world and one religion that believes that it is their right to own, control, and dominate the people of the world and as they infiltrate every government system that has ever existed, are rushing to hurry the pace before their matrix completely collapsing.

      From Hitler to the throne of England to the shores of the US and around the world, wars were created for debt and control and now are owned by those who own the banking system.

  82. Tracy has put photos 3 & 4 in reverse sequence. Look at woman with black backpack. She is further away in what Tracy calls photo 3. Viewed in right order, looks like belt or strap is being tied to leg to stop bleeding. Also windows are blown out. Professor Tracy’s interpretation of these photos is wrong and tendentious. This means his comparison of Boston to drills with actors etc is very dubious. There are many other suspicious aspects of Boston bombing, but the suggestion that this bombing was fabricated will not withstand scrutiny and has potential to discredit other questioning.

    1. I appreciate Dr. deHaven-Smith’s observation and understand that one photo is indeed out of sequence. These are photos “4 & 5” of the overhead angle showing the bombing aftermath, as I have since added several images from the photo cache to fully round out the sequence and provide further nuance that may be further evidenced in the article.

      I regret that deHaven-Smith has taken this oversight to condemn the authors’ overall theory and analysis–each of which are offered as prospective rather than declarative and final. I agree with deHaven-Smith’s concern over exercising care so as to preserve the integrity of further independent investigation. I am uncertain of deHaven-Smith’s engagement with the Boston Marathon bombing news coverage and countervailing information in alternative media and don’t believe the assessment above is characteristic of his otherwise unique and astute scholarly contributions. With this in mind I hesitated to publish the comment until consulting the individual I collaborated with on the article.

      Andrew Whooley, with whom I worked with in December on research related to the Sandy Hook massacre, presented several of the photos in question to me one week ago and offered some ideas for an article that I was already developing. Thus I solicited Whooley’s response to Dr. deHaven-Smith’s brief critique, which follows.

      The photos are taken from the following: http://imgur.com/a/9MPLT#H6G1teu

      On close inspection it appears as though they aren’t in sequential order in the link with the one photo seeming out of sequence.

      Perhaps the only thing wrong with what was written is when the question was posed “Could he be removing this man’s prosthetic?”, but as it was posed as a question it is allowed some leniency as you are not assuring the reader what he is doing.

      Perhaps that question could have been “Could he be helping this man put on his fake bloodied prosthetic?” or even the more neutral “Could he be helping that man with his prosthetics?”.

      I have heard those on a few forums try to suggest he is putting on a tourniquet, but this is a ridiculous suggestion and is an argument of pure desperation to try to find an excuse for what the images show.

      To suggest someone could apply a tourniquet is the split seconds after a blast is ludicrous, and why would he then lie back and ignore the other leg? Why does nobody else mention or acknowledge this act in any of the stories about Jeff Bauman?

      A tourniquet is very difficult to apply without a proper medical one. Did the hoodie man just happen to have a medical tourniquet in his pocket? Tourniquets have to be extremely tight to work, and they inherently take time to apply, bandages and even belts are very difficult to apply tight enough to work as a tourniquet.

      Here is the standard way to apply a makeshift tourniquet; this method is a graphic example of how difficult a tourniquet is to get tight enough to work:


      The suggestion this guy just quickly slipped a tourniquet on one leg of a double amputee before the smoke had even dispersed, and then laid back and forgot about the double amputee is completely untenable.

      You have presented the images for people to see and make up their own minds, whether he is helping put something on or take something off is irrelevant to the “staged event” hypothesis. It is also irrelevant to the prosthetic hypothesis as Bauman may need assistance with either or even both to set up correctly. (Take off working prosthetics, put on bloodied tangled prosthetics)

      People can see the hoodie man is assisting the amputee with something in the first few seconds of the immediate aftermath, and they can see it is not to help save his life; the hoodie man clearly has no interest after the smoke has cleared.

      These actions also have to be put in context, it is not as though the only reason people think the event is staged is because of those few images, these images provide an insight into the setting up stage but they do not present the whole hypothesis.

      It is absolutely valid to present those images along with other information for people to make up their own mind as to what they are looking at, getting the order wrong is a very minor detail and won’t change people’s perception as to whether they are witnessing the hoodie man helping the amputee set up, or whether the hoodie man is a lightning fast lifesaver who happens to have a medical tourniquet in his pocket, applies it even before the smoke has cleared and then lies back and relaxes without bothering with the other leg.

  83. You don’t move people until you first stop the bleeding. Stop the bleeding is the first rule of first aid. You don’t let them bleed-out in the ambulance or in a wheelchair rolling down the street. You are way off on this one. There are NO reasons to suspect this is anything other than what it appears to have been: a bombing. This is the opposite of Sandy Hook. We have video of the explosion as well as video and photos of the victims, none of which we had for Sandy Hook. Why are you and others who decided beforehand this was a fake not talked about this photo of the dead and injured? I suggest you do: http://i.imgur.com/9QNBRUp.jpg

    1. Confusion reigns king over the Boston bombing, that we know for sure. The picture you referred us to at Imdur was posted in an album by someone who has the username “verenom.” MIGHT be the same person as the “verenom” who is active with Reddit’s photoshopbattles: http://www.reddit.com/user/Verenom

      I am NOT saying the photo you referred us to is photoshopped, or even from one of those very life-like disaster enactments, but knowing that these very expensive and elaborate disaster drills take place all over the country AND knowing that the Boston Marathon of 2008 did in fact have a disaster drill take place during the marathon, one has to at least ask (and hope) if some of the disaster was perhaps a staged drill.

      Thanks to men like Professor Tracy and other concerned people who are trying to investigate this event because we certainly are not getting consistent answers from the media and government.

    2. Dude, you don’t need to post this photo as proof. Did you watch the vids that show the training exercises? There they use real (fake) life injuries to simulate mass trauma and death. They can do it in training, and they can do it in Boston. Your photo proves nothing.

      1. What about those of us who were there? What about those of us who know people who lost legs, or had their hands “de-gloved” of all the skin? Do we prove anything?

        I can’t imagine what a sad life it must be to always be seeking the most non-sensical, least reasonable, most convoluted explanation for everything, and then trying to make it work. What an incredible waste of time and energy.

        There’s simply no way any rational, intelligent person could claim that ALL Bostonians and visitors to the marathon who were on Boylston Street that day, plus every victim, all the victims’ family and friends, including the families of the three people who died, plus all volunteers, runners, and bystanders, and the doctors and nurses and hospital staff are in this giant conspiracy together. It’s so silly. How are you not completely embarassed to post things like that? Hope that’s not your real name at least.


        A Bostonian who is saddened by so many of the posts here

      2. @A.M. > “There’s simply no way any rational, intelligent person could claim that ALL Bostonians and visitors to the marathon who were on Boylston Street that day, plus every victim, all the victims’ family and friends, including the families of the three people who died, plus all volunteers, runners, and bystanders, and the doctors and nurses and hospital staff are in this giant conspiracy together.”

        wow! .. did someone claim that!? .. do you have a reference?

  84. Something wicked this way comes. Lies and deception are used by a particular group to bring about wars. They particularly like to use religion in the mix. This time it is Muslim vs Christian. This event’s purpose is to incite fear and anger among the population of the US. (who are easily duped anyway) Who is this group who would like to influence public opinion to strike out at Islam or at perhaps an Islamic country? What group incited US public opinion 70 to 80 years ago that led to world war on Germany? I believe this is tied to the same cabal like group, who have shaped history to their advantage. Our government works for this groups interest, while in the guise of serving America’s interests.. History as it is being made can be a lie, just as written history can be a lie, told by the victors. There is another side to the whole story of history. Great people have been portrayed as evil enemy’s, and demonized, while the victors are all portrayed as good patriots, and worshiped and praised with accolades . What we’ve been told ain’t necessarily so. This event is an increment and an implement along the way for this group to achieve a larger goal. To find the truth you must dig deep and keep an open mind to allow yourself to accept a view of history that you have never been told. One could probably go back farther, but a good starting point would be 1914. Look at the example of Germany. Check out justice4germans.wordpress.com.

      1. Oh, what a fitting analogy, Violeta. Was it Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the candlestick? Mrs. White in the Ballroom with the wrench?!
        It is beginning to get a little slapstick/keystone cop…ish with one hoax right after the other being perpetrated upon the collective with the complicity of the “media”.

        In all honesty, there is something that is of utmost and extreme importance that has been completely concealed from humanity and it has nothing to do with “enemies” foreign or domestic…..and this is exactly why they continue to lead humanity around by the proverbial “nose” with all of these “events”. They keep us utterly distracted from what is truly important.

        All the same, I say it is Mr. Green, in the Library, with the mitre.

  85. perhaps we should compare with pics of the aftermath of an Israeli attack on Palestinians. Or pics of the aftermath of a drone attack in Pakistan or Afghanistan. Or pics of the aftermath of a CIA sponsored attack in Syria. Given that we’re so keen to create these kinds of events, it’s strange that we’re so unfamiliar with the reality of the them.

    1. While speaking of foreign affairs, this might not seem off topic. It seems as if Russia may have it’s own hoax system going on, too. This past Friday there was a fire in a psychiatric hospital outside of Moscow. It only took the fire department 1 hour to get there! But they saved the attached (?) building and a nearby pine tree! A good variety of pictures can be found on google.

  86. If you look at the photo before the series that shows runner 19418 crossing the finish line and the bomb having already exploded, you can see that the actors, er, security folks, are covering their ears to protect themselves from the noise of the bomb, but the people behind the barricade, who are even closer to the bomb, seem to be oblivious. So the inconsistency starts there, and until that is explained, the rest of the photos aren’t even necessary to show that something is going on that is fake. (But I still do find it interesting reading about the rest of the photos.)

  87. Hi,
    I’m from Japan. I wrote some articles on Boston Bombing Hoax in my own Japanese language blog. I was surprised to find tha my blog site received more 300,000 visits in only four days. And my pages have received more than a hundred comments. I happened to find this blog only yesterday. Now I’m translating Tracy’s essay on “American Hero” into Japanese “without permission.” Very few people know the truth behind that event in Japan. My blog site is in Japanese. I’m proud to be contributing Japanese people to come to know the truth. I use many pictures with diagrams to fascilitate the readers to understand. Please drop in for a change.

    BTW, my YouTube clip on Boston Hoax is: “Double” double amputees:


    Actually, I’m a “YouTube” singer. My most popular song is:
    “Brainwashing, Conspiracy, I’ve been manipulated”

    Best regards,

  88. http://nsnbc.me/2013/04/22/some-hard-lessons-from-the-boston-bombing-bombing-a-staged-event/


    Another couple of thought provoking articles.
    I would also like to congratulate Professor Tracy for writing this one as well.
    I have to admit after I’d heard about the bombings on the internet, I initially decided not to bother with any of the news coverage.
    When I did, however, watch the initial blast and the immediate video recording afterwards, the doubts crept in.
    I thought the explosion looked a bit ‘powder puff’ and after they tore the fencing down, I thought where is all the devastation, the shrapnel, the number of casualties, severed limbs and blood?
    Glad I went with my instinct.
    I’m from the UK and quite a lot of people here are in general agreement that this doesn’t add up, and that’s only the people I know.
    At one point though I added some comments to one of the Daily Mail reports on this ‘event’ and it received over a hundred negative votes and another didn’t even get added.
    So the masses have the wool pulled over their eyes yet again.
    The question is – now parts, (or all) of this event have been exposed for what they are, and ‘they’ know that we know, what happens next?
    You can’t say anything diversive toward the official narrative without being branded an outlandish conspiracy theorist, or a nut job.
    The powers that be will carefully wrap this up, and all traces of the lies and deceit and utterly disgusting behaviour will disappear into the memory hole.

  89. Some points to consider:

    1. Do United States public safety agencies conduct regular disaster preparedness drills? Do these drills ever include “crisis actors” and realistic maiming, death, blood and guts scenarios? YES.




    2. Has a such a disaster drill ever been conducted during the Boston Marathon? YES, in 2008 for sure.

    3. Was Boston preparing ahead of time for safety in 2013? YES.
    Although the running of the 2013 Boston Marathon does not take place until April, scores of local,
    state and federal agencies responsible for the health and safety of the 27,000 runners and hundreds
    of thousand spectators are taking the initial steps to prepare for the event. MEMA has already begun
    hosting these multi-jurisdictional meetings at the SEOC in Framingham. MEMA will again serve as
    the Multi-Agency Coordination Center (MACC) for the 117th running of the race on Patriots Day. As
    steps are being taken by the many state and local public safety, medical, transportation and volunteer
    agencies and organizations, there are no significant changes in this year’s event.

    On March 14th, the SEOC hosted the annual pre-Boston Marathon Tabletop Exercise. Scores of
    liaisons from the eight communities that host the race (Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick,
    Newton, Brookline and Boston), state, federal, private and volunteer public safety, health, 3
    communication, transportation agencies and organizations worked through a number of challenging
    scenarios. This event is always excellent preparation for those who are going to be part of the MultiAgency Coordination Center (MACC) at MEMA HQ, for this year’s 117th Boston Marathon.

    4. Was there a scheduled disaster drill during the 2013 Boston Marathon? IF SO, this could explain the confusion in regard to the many photos being shared all over the internet. Some may be real and others only drill photos.


    Dry Run Disaster Gone Live? http://lewrockwell.com/orig14/bowser1.1.1.html

    If there was a scheduled disaster drill during the 2013 Boston Marathon, what really happened?!

    Who planned and carried out the wicked bombing?

    If it was only planned and carried out by two “loners” then all the millions of dollars of sophisticated training and technology invested by government agencies to prevent a disaster at the Boston Marathon was a cruel and hideous failure.

    Thanks to everyone who is trying to figure out what really happened.

  90. She really dared to say this?!

    The Republican state rep from New Hampshire Stella Tremblay of New Hampshire said on April 19 that the Boston Marathon twin bombings and subsequent search for suspects was a plot by the US federal government.

    “The Boston Marathon was a Black Ops terrorist attack,” said Tremblay, calling the official account of the incident suspicious.


  91. I would never have considered looking at scene photos critically but numerous questions arise. For one, in the 2nd last photo of the piece (right hand side) can anyone tell me what that line taped to the person’s jeans is ?

  92. A few more observations and speculations:

    – The Daily Mail released photos supposedly showing the Tsarnaev brothers on the night of the carjacking, from security cameras in convenience stores/gas stations. The one supposedly showing Dzhokhar with the hijacking victim’s bank card clearly shows a young man in a yellow bicycle helmet (described as a “grey cap”): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2313489/Boston-bomber-Dzhokhar-Tsarnaev-seen-using-stolen-ATM-card-cash-new-surveillance-images.html

    – A search on PeopleSmart suggests that Sean Collier, the MIT Campus Police officer shot in his car, actually did not exist. There is a 26-year-old named Ryan Collier living in Massachusetts who also goes by the name of Sean, but he does not seem to be the same person – at least, his eyebrows look entirely different from those in the photos of the police officer.

    – I was struck by a press conference featuring a smiling, happy Heather Abbott, one of the amputees. She and her doctor, Eric Bluman, an Iraq war veteran, delivered what appeared to be an infomercial for her new artificial foot. A bit of searching reveals that the world’s top bionic prosthetic companies are: Germany’s Otto Bock, Iceland’s Ossur, and… iWalk – a company based in Bedford, Mass. (a town 20 miles from Boston), and led by an MIT professor. Their sole product is a bionic lower leg system: http://www.iwalk.com/iwalkstory.html. Is there a connection?

    1. Actually, a friend of mine pointed out to me that Sean Collier, aged 27 (not 26) is listed on PeopleSmart as living in Wilmington, MA and possibly related to Andrew and Jennifer Collier, who are named in news reports as siblings of the MIT police officer. So – I was wrong about Sean Collier not being listed on PeopleSmart.

      On the other hand, the Boston Globe’s childhood “family photo” of Sean with his siblings and stepsiblings (http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/04/22/sean-collier-family-share-their-stories/dtrqb0ajfZajr3SNuNzBKL/story.html) is clearly photoshopped. Notice how the shadows fall to the left on some faces (e.g. Andrew, bottom left) and to the right on others (e.g. Nicole, top left); Andrew’s face is overexposed, Jenn’s (bottom right) a bit underexposed. Based on their current ages (ranging from 25-32), Jenn should probably be about 8 years old in this picture; but look at the contrast between her face and her (much older-looking) body (notice that her arms are also a different colour from her face). Andrew also seems to have a shoulder as wide as his head. I don’t really have any hypotheses here – it could be as benign as that there was no family photo, and they wanted to create one – but it’s another one of those fictionalized details that seem to keep adding up.

      1. Don’t know if you’ll see this so many days later. But I wonder why two sisters in the same family are named “Jenn” and “Jennifer” (I assume surnames are their present names). Jennifer Lemmerman’s dress looks a little old-fashioned – more like 1970’s actually. In fact the girls don’t look like my kids’ generation but a much earlier one. They dress like my younger siblings did who are now in their 40’s and 50’s.

  93. So if this conspiracy theory were true, ten thousand actors, amateur and professional photographers, videographers and sports spectators would have to be involved faking the evidence. All of them would also have to be 100% loyal to the conspiracy with no defectors coming forth to tell the “truth.” The organizations involved would have to include the gamut of news organizations from the right wing FOX news to the left wing Boston Globe, and non-profits like NPR.

    This false colors crap is much less believable than the evidence that two lone wolf terrorists set off two bombs, and then got involved in shoot outs when they tried to escape a few days later. Occam’s Razor should warn you that the simpler explanation is more likely to be correct.

    I also happen to know one of the victims, James Costello, who is still in the hospital recovering from shrapnel wounds. He works for Harvard University in the Science Center mailroom. This attack was very real.

    1. Which attack? In other words, it would be helpful to know whether the acquaintance Mr. Costello was present at the site of the second bomb or the first. The distinction is significant since it appears that a number of violations of common EMT procedure took place at the first scene that make it suspect; there is limited photo or video documentation to confirm what took place at the second scene.

    2. > So if this conspiracy theory were true

      the FBI conspiracy theory is, without doubt, the wackiest, tinfoil hat, loon conspiracy theory of them all. Especially now we know they spewed out a stream of lies to support their crazed imaginings.

      > So if this conspiracy theory were true, ten thousand actors, amateur and professional photographers, videographers and sports spectators would have to be involved faking the evidence

      Really? Is that what you imagine? I guess when it comes to what you imagine and what hard evidence there is (FBI lies, police lies, photographs of bags not matching, bloodless ampuptations) then reality is wrong.

    3. I am the “supposed witness” to back up the gory details in the NYTimes. I at first was very angered by this blog because I am trying to heal from what happened and what I saw. If you don’t believe I am real, I am happy to provide all the proof in the world. Now that things have settled a little, I re-read this blog to try and keep an open perspective. As a player in your evidence that is was staged, I would at least appreciate the opportunity to be heard. I know what I saw. I can tell you the exact timeline of everything I saw and did. My coworker’s roommate was very good friends with Sean as well. So this network of conspiracists would really have to extend tremendously and count on nobody betraying it. If you told me that the govt planted them there and the bombs were real? Well, then we can talk. But I do know what I saw and heard.

  94. I am not sure how you think this is fake since I have family that was actually there and friends hurt in the explosion. THE VICTIMS ARE REAL!

    1. Dear Ms. Georgene,

      Interesting turn of phrase “in the explosion.” You see, there were supposedly two explosions.

      Seeing how they are family and friends, could you please do some subtle interrogating to find out ~which~ of the two supposed explosions they were injured at? How badly? How badly were people nearby hurt?

      The working theory is that one was real and one was a staged drill.


  95. It’s also odd how the most complete video of the first explosion, from the Boston Globe, steadfastly avoids looking at the blast site. It shows a lot of footage of the nearby (broken and unbroken) windows, the big Canadian flag on the wall off to the right, and then a bit of people taking down the fence. As soon as the site is visible, the camera focuses on the ground, and the video ends. If the Boston Globe isn’t in on it, wouldn’t the blast site and the people working to get to it naturally be the focus of attention?

  96. A new thought to ponder. These staged events seem to be coming thick and fast, replete with frightening details. The internet must be massively abuzz with people examining photos, videos, and police scanner audio; debating, arguing, making friends and enemies over them. What’s the result? We’re all safely parked in front of our computers instead of out on the streets demonstrating against political and economic injustice. Those mass demonstrations of a unified commitment to justice – not the careful observations of people sitting alone at their computers – are the real threat to the people who are manipulating our governments and media. It may be that the sharp critical intelligence of the people contributing to this site (myself included) is being intentionally diverted from more effective pursuits. Maybe, having convinced ourselves that something is amiss here, we need to tear ourselves away from the frightening scenes and try to find common ground again, between those who believe the official story, and those who don’t (I’m one of these) – and focus on what unites us, and what we can actually achieve.

    1. I highly agree with this comment. Let’s start a Facebook page for organizing the masses of those ready to peacefully protest anywhere in the USA. We can organize various cities through the page. Sound good?

      1. > Let’s start a Facebook page for organizing the masses of those ready to peacefully protest anywhere in the USA.

        if you’re going to organize anything with political significance, it would be best to stay away from Facebook.

        1. I agree. Facebook is a voluntary data mining arm of the police state. I urge people to cancel their accounts all the time.

      2. Here’s an interesting link about what’s going on in the real world: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/everything-is-rigged-the-biggest-financial-scandal-yet-20130425

        But quick everyone, look over there! Bombs going off!

        A Facebook page for peaceful protests is a good idea. And don’t forget to include the rest of the world – these American tragedies (and whatever they’re concealing) can have worldwide effects, as we have seen.

    2. Kyle Sainz > Let’s start a Facebook page for organizing the masses of those ready to peacefully protest anywhere in the USA.

      mijj > if you’re going to organize anything with political significance, it would be best to stay away from Facebook.

      Skeptical > Oops, yeah, mijj, you’re probably right about Facebook. Hmm. Got any better ideas?

      ummm .. unfortunately not.

      Maybe keep anything explicit off Facebook and instead refer to an external website for orgainization.

  97. It’s ironic that this is being blamed on a couple of “Russian” kids, because to us Russia specialists, this sort of disinformation-strategy is straight out of the USSR playbook. In my experience, visiting and talking with the people of that region of the world, what apparently kept Soviet citizens sane for 70 or so years was their conviction that whatever they heard on the news was the direct opposite of the truth! They learned, for example, that the USSR had invaded Afghanistan, because they were told by Pravda (i.e., govt-controlled media) that the Afghan govt had “invited the Soviet military to enter their country.” They simply nverted the report, and then they knew they had the real story.

    The tactics used by their then-commie overlords are exactly what I’m seeing in use in Boston today. The sooner we accept that the govt is working hand-in-glove with the media here, feeding us a line to support their broader agenda, the sooner we’ll be restored to sanity… otherwise, we’ll just keep feeling like we’re losing our minds.

    1. “Don’t believe anything until it’s been officially denied.” I’m inclined to say that most Americans are very far from having that degree of political sophistication.

      1. I tend to reserve my skepticism for real cover-ups, like Benghazi. Why was security denied, what was really going on there (gun running?), who made the call to not send in aid during the 8 hour attack, and who created the incorrect talking points that the attack was spontaneous, and all over a dumb youtube video?

        Repubs are about to bring this matter back front and center and it is not goling away, to the dismay of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. IMO impeachable offense occurred, and well as other crimes that could lead to prison time for certain lesser administration officials.

        1. “I tend to reserve my skepticism for real cover-ups, like Benghazi.”

          Are you therefore saying that there was no cover-up in the Boston Marathon? If that’s what you believe, then perhaps you should find a forum that is dealing with Benghazi and spend your time and effort there.

    2. Marie Weiss wrote ” They learned, for example, that the USSR had invaded Afghanistan, because they were told by Pravda (i.e., govt-controlled media) that the Afghan govt had “invited the Soviet military to enter their country.” They simply inverted the report, and then they knew they had the real story.”


      Not wanting to go off topic, but I believe that the Soviets were actually invited into Afghanistan by the recognised government of Afghanistan, which was pro-Soviet at the time.

      The Soviet Union, which was propping up half the world at the time, had a lot less reason to lie to its population about international policy than the current US government does.

    3. I always think of Russian propaganda as Propaganda 101, but that’s only because I don’t know when lying by governments started. I’m sure it started way before the cold war.
      Anyway, things are way too complicated to simply invert what is “revealed” by the MSM to come up with the truth. You can see that by simply changing the channel and hearing another version of the so called truth.
      Also, another complication is being added in, which I don’t have a name for. I didn’t watch the White House correspondents event, but my husband said that Obama made a “joke”. He said it’s been 5 years since he came into office and he considers himself a long ways from when they used to call him the “Muslim socialist”. What do you call that, and how does that start a big twist in what people believe or are being conditioned to believe or what people will accept?

    4. You are spot on. We are the tail the dog keeps wagging. Once you face up to the theatre whose fourth wall is always there – you are never going backstage, you are the audience, then you stand a chance of not being swayed by popular hatreds.

      I guess my idealism about America was always that we gave people a break when they came here and didn’t yield to easy prejudice. But that wasn’t the real world ever. Today the Chechens are singled out, yesterday it was “towel-heads”. The angry and uneducated can easily be sicced on anyone, and that’s how they are recruited to slit foreign throats. In that way, Americans are far more naive than Russians ever were. I’d say we’re naive the way the Germans were, and that is worrying. Our very privileged lifestyle has made us unaware that in the long run our survival depends on seeing things clearly. When the Germans bought the theatre, they bought a lot of death for themselves, as payback for their rash attacks. We need to learn from both nations how not to make the same mistakes.

  98. The complete absence of blood on the white shirt front of the African American woman next to the amputee is very striking. She also has no blood on her face in Ben Thorndike’s series of photos, though her forehead is covered in blood once she’s on the gurney.

    It’s also notable how many people are holding their hands over their ears. For example, in the full sequence, we can see that there are two men covering their ears who start off near the left edge of the scene. One gradually moves down towards the bottom of the frame, still covering one or both ears, while the other one moves over to help a woman get up. Other people can be seen holding their hands over one or both ears as well, longer than perhaps one might expect. Are they getting remote instructions?

    Another intriguing detail is a man in the lower right corner of the frame in most of the middle sequence of photos, wearing a grey shirt and blue jeans, with grey hair in a ponytail and black wraparound sunglasses on his forehead. At one point he seems to notice the photographer. He looks entirely unconcerned throughout, and early in the sequence, he appears to be having a friendly chat with the young girl who appears to be with him.

    1. People are covering their ears because their eardrums burst from the concussion wave s from the explosions. Several people had severe hearing damage.

      Remember these photos are from only 5 seconds of video.

      1. I’m looking at the full set of 26 photos, which appear to have been taken at least a second apart each. So it’s at least 27 seconds after the explosion, assuming that the first photo was taken 1 second after the blast. And only a few people are holding their ears, and which people are doing so is not related to how close they were to the explosion.

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