The news media’s readiness to accept official pronouncements and failure to more vigorously analyze and question government authorities in the wake of “domestic terrorist” incidents contributes to the American public’s already acute case of collective historical amnesia, while it further rationalizes the twenty-first century police state and continued demise of civil society.

Some may recall “Bugs Raplin” (Giancarlo Espisito), the resolute investigative journalist depicted in Tim Robbins’ 1992 political mockumentary Bob Roberts. After being framed as the culprit in a false flag assassination attempt by corrupt political huckster Bob Roberts (Robbins), Raplin delivers a perceptive soliloquy that among other things effectively describes the American public’s moribund civic condition and short-circuited democracy. “The reason Iran-Contra happened,” Raplin begins,

is because no one did anything substantial about Watergate. And the reason Watergate happened is because there were no consequences from the Bay of Pigs. They’re all the same operatives—the foot soldiers at the Bay of Pigs, the plumbers that got busted at Watergate, the gunrunners in Iran-Contra—all the same people, same faces. Now it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the connection here: A secret government beyond the control of the people and accountable to no one. And the closer we are to discovering the connection, the more Congress turns a blind eye to it. “We can’t talk about that in open session,” they say. “National security reasons.” The truth lies dormant in their laps and they stay blind out of choice. A conspiracy of silence.

Twenty years later amidst the vast outsourcing of intelligence and military operations many more events may arguably be added to such a shadow government’s achievements—the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1995 Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing, the September 11 terror attacks, the non-existent weapons of mass destruction prompting the occupation of Iraq, the July 7, 2005 London tube bombings, the shoe and underwear “bombings”—all of which have contributed to the official justification of imperial wars abroad and an ever-expanding police state at home.

Lacking meaningful contexts with which to understand such events in their totality the general public is incapable of recognizing the road it is being forced down. The most recent set of events that give pause are the horrific, military-style shootings in Aurora Colorado and Oak Creek Wisconsin that authorities maintain were carried out by “lone wolf” gunmen.

Operation Gladio in America?

A potential backdrop and precursor to the Colorado and Wisconsin events is the oft-forgotten Operation Gladio, a campaign involving US and British intelligence-backed paramilitaries anonymously carrying out mass shootings and bombings of civilian targets throughout Europe. Hundreds of such attacks took place between the late 1960s and early 1980s by “stay behind armies” of right wing and fascist saboteurs in an overall effort to terrorize populations, deploy a “strategy of tension,” and thereby maintain a centrist political status quo.[1] In the uncertain environment the petrified citizenry pled for stepped-up security and stood poised to part with personal freedoms. At the same time the maneuver allowed for political adversaries—in Gladio’s time socialist and communist groups—to be blamed for the attacks and thereby demonized in the public mind.

The string of still unresolved US political assassinations throughout the 1960s suggest how such practices were not restricted to foreign countries. Nor were they solely the terrain of intelligence agencies. Along lines similar to Gladio, in the early 1960s the US Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed Operation Northwoods, where terrorist attacks would be initiated against US civilians in American cities and the violence blamed on Cuban combatants to justify war against the island nation.[2] The Kennedy administration rejected the proposal. While Northwoods exhibited the capacity for government to conceive and propose such plans, Gladio was demonstrably carried out against Western civilian populations in multiple locations over many years.

Consideration of Gladio and Northwoods might be dismissed were it not for early eyewitness accounts following the Colorado and Wisconsin shootings contending how there were two or more killers present at each incident—testimonies contradicting official government narratives that have accordingly been suppressed in the public mind.[3]

As communications historian Christopher Simpson observes, “the tactics that created the [Gladio] stay behinds in the first place are still in place and continue to be used today. They are standard operating procedure.”[4] Such potential explanations will appear foreign to an American public that is systematically misinformed and easily distracted. And in times of crisis especially that very public is tacitly assured of its safe remove from such practices, looking instead to political authorities and experts to reestablish a stasis to the carefully constructed “reality” major media impose on the mass psyche.

In this alternate reality Gladio has effectively been “memory-holed.” A LexisNexis Academic search for “Operation Gladio” retrieves a mere 31 articles in English language news outlets—most in British newspapers. In fact, only four articles discussing Gladio ever appeared in US publications—three in the New York Times and one brief mention in the Tampa Bay Times. Barring a 2009 BBC documentary [5] no network or cable news broadcasts have ever referenced the maneuver.

Almost all of the articles related to Gladio appeared in 1990 when Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti publicly admitted Italy’s participation in the process. The New York Times downplayed any US involvement, misleadingly calling Gladio “an Italian creation” in a story buried on page A16.[6] In reality, former CIA director William Colby revealed in his memoirs that covert paramilitaries were a significant agency undertaking set up after World War II, including “the smallest possible coterie of the most reliable people, in Washington [and] NATO.”[7]

A Plausible Narrative / Conclusion

Gladio’s successful concealment for so many years demonstrates how mass atrocities can be carried out by a shadow network with complete impunity. Most incidents from the Gladio period remain unsolved by authorities. In the US, however, a plausible narrative appears to be required for public consumption. For example, just a few hours after the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officials swept in and wrested the case from Oak Creek authorities by classifying it as an act of “domestic terrorism.”[8]. Less than twenty four hours later one of the federal government’s foremost de facto propaganda and intelligence-gathering arms—the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)—developed a storyline that was unquestioningly lapped up by major news media.[9]

In an August 6 Democracy Now interview with SPLC spokesman Mark Potok and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Don Walker, Potok explained in unusual detail how the alleged killer was involved in “white supremacist groups,” “Nazi skinhead rock bands,” and that the SPLC had been “tracking” the groups he was in since 2000. Potok’s remarks, which dominate the exchange and steer clear of the suspect’s experience in psychological operations, contrasted sharply with Walker’s, who more cautiously pointed out that the suspect’s “work in [US Army] PsyOps is still a bit of a mystery to all of us … We talked to a psychiatrist who said that [being promoted to PsyOps is] like going from the lobby to the 20th floor very quickly.”[10]

Like the Aurora Colorado storyline of a crazed shooter who expertly booby-trapped his apartment with exotic explosives, such appealingly sensationalistic narratives serve to sideline the countervailing testimonies of eyewitnesses and are difficult to contest or dislodge once they are driven home by would-be experts through almost every major news outlet.

A similar scenario played out in the wake of the Oklahoma City federal building bombing when the ATF, FBI and SPLC together constructed the dominant frame of Timothy McVeigh as the lone bomber, an account that likewise diverged with the local authorities’ initial findings, early news reports of unexploded ordinance and a mysterious accomplice of McVeigh, and the overall conclusions of the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee’s Final Report.[11] The narrative nevertheless served to maintain the political status quo while securing the Clinton administration’s second term in office. To this day most Americans believe McVeigh was solely responsible for the bombing despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

For its time Raplin’s prognosis was an accurate description of America’s cascading socio-political nightmare. Elected officials abdicate their responsibility of oversight for personal gain and thus perpetuate “a conspiracy of silence.” Yet over the past two decades, the quickening pace of “terrorist” events suggests how shadow networks have grown in boldness and strength, while each attack has contributed to the steady erosion of civil society and constitutional rights.

With this in mind both the mainstream and “alternative” news media, through their overt censorial practices, their consistent failure to place events in meaningful historical contexts, and their overall deliberate obeisance to dubious and unaccountable authorities, compound this conspiracy by ensnaring the public in questionable realities from which it cannot readily escape.


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Republished at on August 10, 2012.

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13 thought on “False Flag Terror and Conspiracies of Silence”
  1. Thank you for this excellent article. Don’t forget to mention the mass killing in Norway. Not only was it meant to foment terror, but it was a direct revenge for the Norwegian government’s pull-back from the Libya escapade; and hence a warning to all NATO governments: “be part of our team or we will murder your children.”

  2. James F. Tracy,

    Thanks for that snappy, pithy and yet comprehensive article.

    Pointing out all the known, revealed and officially accepted crimes by U.S. administrations that continue to go unpunished – now extended with the flood of known financial crimes no one is getting punished for – obviously increase these crimes.

    As you quote: “[T]he closer we are to discovering the connection [to a][government beyond the control of the people and accountable to no one ], the more Congress turns a blind eye to it. “We can’t talk about that in open session,” they say. “National security reasons.” The truth lies dormant in their laps and they stay blind out of choice.” It’s rather incredible how corrupt and well-known these criminal acts are.

    RFK killed with 13 shots fired from an 8-bullet gun – that’s incredibly well done, Sirhan Sirhan – with emphasis on “incredibly”!

    Or the claim about Osama bin Laden dumped in the Indian Ocean by a V-22 Osprey helicopter with a range (1,011 mi) unable to fly the claimed distance Kabul to Indian Ocean and return (1,360 mi) without refueling (no refueling or auxciliary fuel tanks ever mentioned). – That’s a pilot unbelievably good at economizing fuel!

    Even the physical facts of the stories don’t add up – but that somehow doesn’t count. And the less it counts, the less of an evidence-based cultural reality we live in.

    Keep pointing to the facts, Tracy. – Like a financial bubble, the political bubble is bound to pop some time. Then maybe living can get real again.

    1. A cynic would likely conclude that the would-be perpetrators within the deep state have figured that the public is not capable of figuring out such incidents. In fact, the corporate news media that are ideally supposed to inform and represent public opinion consistently fail to do either.

  3. Hello Prof. Tracy,
    Ullern makes salient points about two blatant cases of media complicity in counterfactual propaganda. I wondered myself why bin Laden was summarily executed and dumped at sea. Seems as if the government’s #1 terrorist might have been the source of some useful intelligence. Or not, apparently.

    And, of course, the ‘lone nut gunman’ has been a modern contrivance at least since JFK. This ubiquitous narrative goes unchallenged in the msm. For instance, questions about the Aurora shooter’s sudden, unexplained proficiency with exotic weaponry and his sophisticated bomb making skills, not to mention the local tv interview with a witness who said that an accomplice answered a cell phone and opened the theater’s exit door, went unreported in the msm.

    It is no wonder that the internet has, by and large, replaced the msm as a source of information. Obviously, one must use discretion and, as Hemingway cautioned, develop a built-in bullshit detector, but a corporately owned mass media is not what Burke or Jefferson had in mind for a free press.(, see also “Orwell Rolls in His Grave”, a dvd that ought to be required viewing in any media literacy class)

    Given that false flag events are a historical fact and that western governments carry out nefarious black operations against their own citizens, it certainly leads one to wonder about the events of September 11th, and the London and Madrid bombings. Since your ‘blogroll’ includes sites that have raised the issue of these ‘terror’ attacks and examined them from perspectives other than the official narrative, I wonder if you have researched alternative explanations for these events, and what your take on them might be (apologies if you’ve already done so, this is my first time visiting).

    Glad to have found this site. As Thos. Jefferson said, “An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will.”

  4. Is THIS how the Colorado movie house shooter was brainwashed, made a mind-controlled patsy in a false-flag attack engineered by corporate-government fascists pursuing a hidden agenda to justify huge Homeland Security outlays and suppression of civil liberties?



    Lockheed Martin, under USG contract, keeps up debilitating, harmful precision-targeted extrajudicial microwave radio frequency attacks camouflaged as surveillance; home intrusions; privacy-invading surveillance; vandalism; financial sabotage; community “policing” vigilante stalking. Persecuted citizens slandered as dissidents, suspected criminals, mentally ill. Elected officials may be targets of electromagnetic attacks that can induce ear-ringing pain, forced sleep, mood changes, induction of impairment, disease, slow-kill homicide. THIS JOURNALIST HELD HOSTAGE IN HIS OWN HOME TO HOME INTRUDERS, VANDALS, STALKERS — LOCAL POLICE IN BUCKS COUNTY, PA REFUSE TO INVESTIGATE COMPLAINTS OF THE UNJUSTLY PERSECUTED.

    See “U.S. Silently Tortures” and “Thugocracy” at

    1. Mr. Livingston,

      Such is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility, as you suggest.

      It might be helpful to obtain the appropriate RF measurement devices to record and substantiate your claims, which to the layperson (and apparently your local law enforcement officers) seem somewhat far-fetched.
      As for false flags, there are a variety of effective ways to induce and position a patsy as well. My article attempts to grapple with the idea that much of the American public and its news media are unaware of and/or resistant to considering and examining such tactics.-JT

      1. This technology delivers triangulated, precision-targeted energy at the speed of light. It is not constant, and no layman could ever obtain a device that could detect such an attack. As for law enforcement, you’d be surprised what police chiefs may know but for reasons of alleged “national security” cannot discuss publicly.

        1. My understanding is that scalar weaponry has been available and used militarily for some time. The patent also distinguishes between military and non-military use. If this is triangulated energy delivery, how does the targeting mechanism work?

  5. When I first heard of the Colorado shooting my first thought was of Gladio.

    Plus I find it more than oddly coincidental that the alleged Colorado shooter was a neuroscience student and the Wisconsin shooter worked in military psyops. MkDelta & MkUltra come to mind. (Indeed, the vacant, drugged expression of the Colorado shooter as he sat in the courtroom are suggestive.) The Parallax View also comes to mind.

    Thank you very much for this important article. It’s good to know there are still people out there trying to see the wizard behind the curtain.

  6. This is one powerful article. I plan on sharing from my web site – facebook, etc. “False Flag Terror and Conspiracies of Silence” ties up so many loose ends showing the fabric is woven into a web of deceit and fear-manipulation. I recently put together a film compilation drawing connections regarding Obama-cover-up, 9-11 in Chile and U.S., Wellstone, President John F. Kennedy’s assassination (coup d’etat), Federal Reserve, and Apollo lunar deceptions. I hope you will check it out. I signed on to follow writings from this blog. Thank you Prof. James F. Tracy.

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