From FEMA Homeland Security Emergency Exercise Evaluation Program Volume IV. 998_Actor (Word Doc)

FEMA Homeland Security Emergency Exercise and Evaluation Program April 2013 Overview and Guidebook (pdf)

Actor Information Sheet

The Actor Information Sheet should be distributed to actors before the exercise and should accompany the Actor Waiver Form. This information sheet is provided as an example only and should be modified to suit the jurisdiction’s needs as well as the exercise scope, type, and scenario. For example, if decontamination will not be part of the exercise, actors do not need to be instructed to wear bathing suits.

Please read and understand the following points; they will ensure that your participation in this exercise will be safe and enjoyable. If you have any questions, please contact [Actor POC].

1.     The day will be long and tiring.

You need to be at the site by [time], and you will probably not finish until after [time]. If you have any health concerns or medical conditions, please tell [Actor POC] before the start of the exercise. Health or medical concerns will not necessarily disqualify you from participating.

2.     You must be at least 18 years old and sign a waiver to participate.

If you are not 18 and are not in the military, parental permission is required to participate. The waiver form (included) must be turned in before the exercise to [Actor POC].

3.     Eat a good breakfast before arrival.

It is your responsibility to eat a well-balanced meal before arriving at the exercise, [just in case you miss some of the food provided.]

[Exercise officials are planning a snack and limited beverages before the exercise. Volunteers transported to hospitals will be given a snack before being returned to the exercise site. Volunteers who do not leave the exercise site will be released before lunch.]

4.     Transport yourself to and from the exercise site.

You are responsible to transport yourself to [exercise location]. A map is attached for your convenience. If you carpool with another volunteer, there is no guarantee that you will be returned to the exercise site at the same time.

5.     Be on time!

Please do not arrive late. It is difficult to begin the exercise if actors are not in place.

You will most likely be released by [time]. However, you may finish earlier or later. Volunteers transported to hospitals will be returned to the exercise site.

6.     Wear layers of old clothes and a bathing suit.

Wear clothes that can be removed and a bathing suit underneath. Wear clothes that you do not mind getting wet, dirty, stained, or torn. You will get wet.

7.     There will be no place to keep personal belongings.

Bring your driver’s license, keys, and a sense of humor. Do not bring cameras, jewelry, items you don’t want to get wet, large sums of money, or uninvited friends or volunteers.

8.     Don’t overact.

It is very important to play your assigned role the best you can, but this does not mean you should overact. Overacting can be dangerous for yourself and the emergency workers in the exercise. When you arrive at the exercise site, you will be assigned an injury or role and will be briefed about your roles and what will happen during the exercise. If you do not know how to play your role or have questions about the briefing, ask the volunteer coordinators. If you are assigned the role of a psychologically distressed person, please act upset, not out of control.

9.     If you get hurt or have a real problem, say “This is a real emergency.”

You must use the phrase “This is a real emergency” to tell exercise staff members that you have a real problem and are not just acting.

10.     You must check in and sign out.

When you arrive in the morning, you will sign in and be assigned an “injury.” A victim tag will be placed around your neck. This card must be returned at the checkout station. Do not remove or allow anyone to remove this victim tag during the exercise, even at the hospital. When the exercise is over, return your victim tag with the questions completed on the back.

Please be sure you understand all of these points. If you have any questions, please contact [Actor POC]. We would like to ensure your safety and preparedness for this exercise.

On behalf of [Agency/Jurisdiction] and all of the participants in the exercise, thank you for volunteering. It will be an interesting and enjoyable day and, as a result, our community will be better prepared to face real challenges in the future.

[Protective Marking]

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

                                                                                                                    [Full Exercise Name]

Actor Information Sheet                                                                    [Exercise Name Continued]

Figure 1. [Map Title]
[Insert map]
Figure 2. [Map Title]
[Insert map]

[Protective Marking]

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

                                                                                                                    [Full Exercise Name]

Actor Waiver Form                                                                            [Exercise Name Continued]

Actor Waiver Form

On behalf of [Jurisdiction], we thank you for volunteering to be a simulated casualty for our preparedness exercise. The event is scheduled for [date]. Actors should report to [location] at [time].

Exercise Overview

You will be participating as a mock victim of a [scenario]. You will be triaged and either directed or taken to an area where appropriate decontamination will occur, potentially including cutting of your clothing. You will be washed and reclothed. Alternative garments will be provided. Please wear a bathing suit, shorts, and T-shirt, and bring a change of clothes and towel. We would appreciate your wearing loose-fitting and easily removable shoes. It is recommended that you do not wear jewelry. Jewelry and personal items will be removed during the decontamination process, bagged, and given to you to carry as you go through the decontamination line.

Before the event, you will be given a complete orientation to the incident site, the type of injury or symptoms you should simulate, and what actions are expected of you.

Please eat a meal and drink plenty of liquids before you come. After the event, food and refreshments will be available for you. Restrooms also will be available for your convenience.

Please Print Name, Sign, and Date

I, _______________________________________, agree to participate in the [sponsor name]-sponsored exercise on [conduct date]. I agree to go through the decontamination process. I will hold harmless [Jurisdiction] and any other agency or its members participating in this exercise. I understand that all reasonable and customary safety measures will be performed to try to prevent injury or harm to me.



Signature of parent or guardian (if under 18):


[Section Title]                                                       1                                                 [Jurisdiction]

[Protective Marking]

[Protective Marking]

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68 thought on “HSEEP Actor Information Sheet and Waiver Form”
  1. It’s tragically comical to see crisis amputee actors with prosthetics on to shock us so we believes limbs were blown off in Boston. I mean the extent these sick people will go to is beyond imaginable. We need to brace ourselves for the final act that puts us all under Martial Law or worse. God bless you all.

  2. “Mock” Disaster & “Simulated” Casualty – allegedly coming to New England one more time…. this time it’s New Hampshire’s turn according to information released by ABC news, etc – links which are no longer available online:

    Feds Preparing for Major Terrorism Exercises in Three Cities

    April 27, 2013
    The federal government has begun preparing three U.S. cities for large-scale, 10-day terrorism-response exercises scheduled this month.
    Beginning sometime between May 7 and May 29, local, state and top level federal authorities will respond to simulated weapons of mass destruction attacks in three cities — Denver, Portsmouth, N.H., and the Washington, D.C.-area.
    Denver or Portsmouth will face either a simulated biological or a chemical weapons attack. The D.C. metropolitan area will respond to a radiological attack drill — which could range from simply an exposed container of radioactive material to a small nuclear detonation.
    Read more:

    This article was posted: Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 9:25 am

    Although you can’t access the ABC news article – I did find it on this link:

    Ten days of full filled drama – coming to a location near you!

    1. That was actually an article from 2003, and if you read the full text it makes more sense as the “officials” referred to are long out of post:
      “Mayors, city managers, state governors are expected to participate, as are some senior federal officials: Attorney General Janet Reno, Federal Emergency Management Agency Director James Lee Witt, and Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala.”

      Still, it’s odd that when it was first noted (early last week) there was no Year on the original date, just a month/day.

    2. Not to negate the significance of “drills”, but It’s best to do a few Google searches before perpetuating what could be a hoax story. The posted story was from May 2, 2004:

      The article begins:

      By David Ruppe
      May 2, 2004

      The federal government has begun preparing three U.S. cities for large-scale, 10-day terrorism-response exercises scheduled this month.

      Beginning sometime between May 7 and May 29, local, state and top level federal authorities will respond to simulated weapons of mass destruction attacks in three cities — Denver, Portsmouth, N.H., and the Washington, D.C.-area.

      Denver or Portsmouth will face either a simulated biological or a chemical weapons attack. The D.C. metropolitan area will respond to a radiological attack drill — which could range from simply an exposed container of radioactive material to a small nuclear detonation.

    3. Interesting- I live near Portsmouth, NH and had a robocall from the town Police- Sign up with us for Code Red- you will receive a call or email in the event of an emergency! I have not talked to anyone willing to submit their personal contact info.

  3. Sandy Hook had no photos of the victims, no video of the shooting event, no photos or video of 600 students evacuating the building, all of which would be evidence enough to fit the narrative, and without such evidence the narrative is, I think, reasonably suspect

    The Boston Bombing has the photo and video evidence necessary to fit the narrative.

    What reasons are there to reasonably doubt a bombing occurred in Boston?

    The fact that crisis actors exist cannot be said to be a valid reason to doubt the narrative.

    There is no photographic or video evidence to suggest a mass casualty drill has ever been staged to appear as realistic as the Boston bombing.

    It seems you are forcing the evidence to fit your presupposed notion, that the Boston bombing was a staged event, and that no amount of evidence could convince you otherwise.

    This seems unreasonable to me.

    1. After one visits your blog, he or she can see that you possess unusual intelligence, knowledge, and yes, wisdom.

      To say that I am perplexed by your stance on Boston is an understatement.

      The photo you provided – is it reasonable in your mind that a trained emergency response worker is checking to see if a victim has a pulse, with blue latex gloves on?

      Is it reasonable in your mind that no emergency vehicles have pulled up to the scene of the bombing, that victims with extremities blown off are sat upright in a wheelchair, to hasten the possibility of bleeding out and dying?

      Is it reasonable that these same victims who had to undergo horrific surgery, are up and smiling in their hospital rooms only a few days after?

      You can tell us – are their two people writing for ajmacdonaldjr?

      1. @Benjamin Freedman:

        People at many varying levels of discernment, ajmacdonaldjr included, still deal with the scope and immensity of the technologically aided and abetted, long-standing evil (the pure psychopath) that has now almost completely overcome and overwhelmed our world, with denial. It’s -uhhh- quite a load to bear, for anyone.

        Rather like a passenger hoping the Titanic isn’t actually sinking after all, even as the bow raises and an enormous tilt is noted, along with hideous creaking and groaning sounds.

        ‘I’m here in my bathtub, playing with my little duckie. If I can just get the faucet to give me a little more hot water….

        Everything is cool. Santa Claus is coming to town.

        And we’re going to Disneyworld.’

        We should all learn to be good actors (pay is good) or to play in the band (wonderful, wonderful music).

        Wouldn’t that be best?

        Ned Lud

    2. I have spent considerable time looking at both of these events with an open (but jaded) mind.I would have to agree with ajmacdonaldjr. I see many “investigators’ taking considerable leaps to present the “facts” of many scenarios which have other rational explanations. My own investigation has led me to believe that both of these events were indeed planned in advance, implying that the brothers were indeed set up…but I have not seen solid evidence of fakery here.

    3. You’re an elegant and philosophically minded writer, but you lack experience in theater. The split between abstraction and practical knowledge has plagued Western society since Plato and Aristotle.

      On another slightly different level, middle class bloggers usually don’t know about slaughtering animals (that is left in the hands of illegal aliens) so we simply don’t know anymore about how much blood comes out of what sized animal, nor what to do with the discarded body parts.

      Kevin Cullen, a Boston Globe reporter, seemed to realize this when he went to Ireland to relate the story to the locals (who still live close to the soil). He had to reach for some touchstone. He decided he would have Mr. Richard go chasing after his little daughter’s leg after it was blown off by the bomb, and have him not able to reach it. A lot of body parts disappeared that day, didn’t they?

      The average illiterate Mexican slaughterhouse worker understands our folly better than we do. But they’ll be polite, because we’ll never let them tell us.

  4. Interesting sign at the top of the story: MOCK DISASTER DRILL IN PROGRESS.

    A mock drill wouldn’t actually be a drill, would it? Isn’t a mock drill a kind of double negative, implying an event that’s a fake drill?

    Call it splitting hairs, but given recent events . . . .

    1. The photo I provided shows what appears to be the scene of an actual bombing.
      Therefore it is reasonable that a trained emergency response worker would be checking to see if a victim has a pulse with blue latex gloves on.

      Therefore it is reasonable that no emergency vehicles pulled up to the scene of the bombing, and that victims with extremities blown off were sat upright in a wheelchair.

      Therefore it is reasonable that these same victims who had to undergo surgery were up and smiling in their hospital rooms only a few days afterward.

      All police and emergency worker wear gloves; the street was filled with runners, because of the marathon, the ambulances were already parked next to the nearby medical tent, because of the marathon, as were the wheelchairs, because of the marathon.

      First aid require stopping the bleeding #1, and treating for shock #2.

      As with any vehicle or industrial accident victims with such injuries, which are legion, emergency workers don’t transport peoples without first stopping the bleeding. They don’t throw people into the backs of ambulances and allow them bleed out on the way to the hospital.

      The photographs and videos appear to show an actual bombing.

      It would have taken days to stage an event to look as real as the scene appears in the photos and videos.

      Granted, everything we see on the news could be staged, but I think that’s being overly skeptical. But how can we know unless we were there?

      Perhaps there is no war in Afghanistan. Perhaps there was no war in Iraq. How do we know? Since all participants may be actors who are lying?

      At some point we have to trust what we see in the media if what they present appears real. The Boston bombing evidence does appear real. Sandy Hook offered no evidence, and people are right to be skeptical, and should question the reality of the event.

      Perhaps you’re a fan of Well Aware One? Mr Dallas GoldBug? That all new consists of actors? Because to deny the abundance of evidence from the Boston bombing this is the road you’re traveling on.

      Wag the Dog?

      The photographs contain too much detail to be of a staged event, especially one staged in an instant of time, observed by many witnesses, and every moment of which was recorded on video.

      1. “Perhaps you’re a fan of Well Aware One? Mr Dallas GoldBug? That all new consists of actors? Because to deny the abundance of evidence from the Boston bombing this is the road you’re traveling on.”…

        Referencing Dallas Goldbug’s observations. He starts out with fairly plausible theses and then seems to run off the rails. Had a hard time seeing some of the ‘double’ look-alikes. Was especially skepitcal of the Casey/Kayle Anthony murder plot. Would require DNA evidence–which is impossible. First question is why the Greenbergs would throw that scenario into their very successful political agenda? The merging of madness and power is indeed disconcerting. Ever research Nero? He brought down an empire.

        Problem with many online blogs is the need to ramp up and sustain viewer interest. That is when we separate information from gratuitous entertainment.

  5. This…this is the “Brave New World Order”? A world in which humans conspire with their power structure to dupe their fellow citizens……causing mental, emotional and spiritual trauma? A world in which humans are encouraged to find “enjoyment” and “humor” in obfuscating truth, reality and moral decency?

    We have de-evolved into a state of utter irrelevancy…lacking in any redemptive qualities that might lead us out of this hellish nightmare.

    If anyone knows of such a family member or friend that is desirous of using his or her talent or energy in such a perfidious manner then please, be a mentor or guide to these lost souls and educate them.

  6. I would have expected to see a confidentiality or do not disclose confidential information clause. Maybe that is covered in the employment contract. What is the mechanism for preventing these actors from telling their story.

  7. My smile is one of disbelief. It’s official; we have been trapped in the bubble and can’t escape. Nothing is real or authentic…perception trumps reality.

    At least you have smoked out the villians in this scenario, Dr. Tracy.

    1. Regina, that is exactly what I am in the process of doing right now, looking at images of the public at the firehouse in Sandy Hook to see if men are wearing watches, women necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.

  8. Where are the experts on International and Constitutional Law that should be rallying behind all this horrifying evidence, including the above Actor’s Guidelines, and setting a class action into motion? The west I fear, is doomed.

    For the young, may I suggest leaving now for the orient and south? More freedom in so-called third world countries than here in North-Amerika.

    Keep drilling it home Professor!

  9. Also see

    The thin line between the 2D world (the story as it issues from the flat-screen and print-media world) and 3D reality (in which it did not take place as reported) is perhaps our biggest problem. The masses out there are content to accept the 2D reports, and they far outnumber those who do have questions — serious questions. We live among them, and the world is being increasingly tailored not for us, but for them. They will accept the ratcheting up of security, interrogation, examination of everyone’s motives/beliefs/inclinations/personality/character and ultimately, potential, which is the part that’s really scary. Storytelling has always had the power to transform, and now it has become bigger than life itself.

  10. AC: “…as if, like, I don’t even know how this would work. Like the media would somehow meet with government officials and then, somehow, hire crisis actors, who I never even heard of…”

    Dr. Tracy, could you forward this form to Anderson so that he knows what crisis actors are? Also, could you forward the nondisclosure form they have to sign (not posted here but other places on the web)?

    1. Don’t assume Cooper doesn’t know how this stuff works. I think it’s safe to say it’s what he does.

      Much of the “protest” in Libya purportedly took place on a sound-stage in Qatar (to make the illusion of a falling government, making the government fall). Cooper led the charge on that. And Cooper has been in front of his share of green screens too.

  11. This actor,s form may be useful in cutting through the power bullshit that American power uses to dupe the American people. I am using the simple American concept of ‘bullshit’ here in a philosophical sense, guided by the learned droppings of Princeton professor H. G. Frankfort in his trenchant philosophical treatise ON BULLSHIIT. By ‘ power bullshit I mean that deceit, delusion, ideological repression, and irrationality that serves the interests of American power. Particularly neo-plucratic power that has seized control of the American power system in the War on Terrrorism, and is installing an Orwellian police state.

    The American people have been preconditioned to be duped by American power, so it is necessary to attack the preconditioning. This is what this form does. Most American still cannot accept that that American power conducts murderous false flag conspiracies to serve its power interests.

    But they can accept that American power institutions conduct mock drills to help prevent and lessen Terrorists attacks. If first The American people are infomred that these mock drills are common in the Terror War, as Perter Dale Scott has termed it, they can then entertain the notion that American power, as well, conducts the homicidal or Terrorist conspiracies using the same crisis actors. So this form would help cut through the Educated bullshit as well, left over from pre-War Terror years, which still maintains that American is ruled under Freedom&Democracy. It is an unfortunate historical tendency that people must view present day realiaty with the obsolete and delusive ideas of the past, and these ideas must be discredited in the eyes of the people.

    Of course American power, and the Educated classes that mostly support it, would respond, stating this is all done for the people’s benefit. But it would move the political truth struggle to a higher level, and perhaps blunt some of the more horrible attrocities that are gooing to be comitted in the neo-plut police state that is currently being installed. Plebian documents like this may transcend the usual Patriotic denial with which the American people evade realizing what is happening to us histoircally. This might mitigate some of the horrors of the comming neo-plut period, when the US population is being increasingly driven into destitution, while the mostroous inequality that the pluts have enjoyed increases.

    It may take a while for the implications of this form and these kind of documents to have an effect, but eventually they will have to transform the consciousness of the American people. The pluts know this as well, and know that the despotic power they are installing is merely temporay historically, hoping it will be strong enough to last their time. But an Orwellian despotism is not and can’t be a permanent condition, and it is essential to use documents like these to help wake the Ameerica people up, as they are beginning to do. Chiefly because of the effort of these kind of blogs.

  12. How do we stops this? I mean as Americans how do we actually take our contry back from our own government….i feel like all this talking about it isnt doing a damn thing! How do we get it back???

    1. One way is peaceful demonstrations – there’s strength in numbers. Someone in another thread suggested starting a Facebook page to organize these. That seems to me like a good idea.

  13. This is what I get when doing a Google search:

    “You attempted to reach, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as This may be caused by a misconfiguration on the server or by something more serious. An attacker on your network could be trying to get you to visit a fake (and potentially harmful) version of
    You should not proceed, especially if you have never seen this warning before for this site.”

  14. If this was a drill that went live, I’m sure at least one of the actors would have come forward, no? Do they only do these drill with only a few actors? Is there any evidence that a sign saying a drill was taking place was seen in Boston? I’m beginning to think this was a real event, but that the two suspects were somehow duped. I could be wrong about that too.

  15. Quote by former CIA Director Wm. Casey says it All… And the Book of Revelations written thousands of years ago! The Decline of American Civil Rights I have seen over the last 40 years is Very Real & Escalating. Not to mention the Horrors going on All Over The Globe, May God Have Mercy on Us All…

  16. Since the 200 rounds that were fired by police didn’t kill the brothers who kept saying on the released video “We didn’t do it and chill out” and Tamerlan was arrested and or shot and run over after the rounds were fired, were the police who were bad shots actors, too? Or were they mercenaries like Craft dressed as police? If they were local police, it would be worthwhile to know who they were. Names? Rank of officer? Firing range experience? They should certainly be fired for firing on unarmed men protesting their innocence and for being incompetent as marksmen. There should be an investigation.

  17. Maybe I’m confused but they seem to be using two different types of actors for these “mock” drills. The untrained, unpaid “volunteers” and the trained and paid (?) professionals of organizations such as Or is crisisactors an organization of volunteers as well?

    Does anyone here have experience applying for a paid position or volunteering to participate in one of these drills? Has anyone seen local advertisements for either paid or volunteer acting jobs?

    I note with interest that one of the upcoming drills is in Denver, home of the purportedly professional Crisis

    1. And if anybody ever comes up to you and says, “How would you like to serve your country by participating in a drill? Take this unmarked box over to that crowd, set it down and just walk away. You’ll be pretending to plant a real bomb, but don’t worry. It’s just a smoke bomb, a fake to make the drill seem more real,” then do not touch the box, but take that person’s picture. Then run like hell.

    2. It could be bigger than that. Not to feed the psychopaths (I wouldn’t passingly call trolls those who ceaselessly defend evil) who would make all this a simple joke, but those with the resources could be clearing out foster homes and training children for these exact purposes. I don’t suggest this for the fun of a brainstorm either. I would think this a serious possibility. A community or neighborhood could likewise be manufactured for an exact purpose. This does start to sound too much like several movies and too unlike America the free to have a serious discussion, I realize. I leave it at this then: a few people may be paid off (and silenced with threats or worse), but it could be bigger than that.

  18. So I am curious, the picture above shows there is a sign saying this is a mock drill and the participants are supposed to wear a name tag that they keep on during the drill. Would people really “play along” with a mock drill, if they knew it was being misinterpreted as a real event?

    Would they really keep their mouths shut in the name of “national security?” I can’t imagine any other reason ordinary folks would blindly go along with that level of deception unless they were told it was their patriotic duty, I could see ex-military being swayed that way.

    I am wondering, too wouldn’t these kinds of disclosures of past drills be subject to the Freedom of Information Act? You would think that anyone could look this stuff up and see who exactly participated, where and when?

    1. Bottom line: if the religious in the area were told to stand down, it must be that they were told it was a drill. Right now, it is their moral obligation to step forward and say so.

      If they didn’t go there, they should have, because all of Copley Square became a big shrine. Must have (if they believed the whole thing) made them feel they’d failed to do their job.

      But, I’m guessing they are in on it.

  19. There were people with name tags at the Sandy Hook drill. Has anybody seen a photo of a person wearing a name tag at the Boston drill?

  20. There is some interesting research on Let’s Roll:

    The man in the grey hoodie close to Jeff after the blast is now identified as Christian Williams. In the FundMe page set up for him,hich has already netted around $100,000 his girlfriend is described as being “Caroline Reinsch.”

    But a bit of digging has unearthed that Caroline Reinsch is also Caroline Patsavos married to Jon Patsavos former advisor to John Kerry.

    Patsavos’s twitter page talks of visiting “Caroline” in hospital, implying they are close and together, whereas Christian’s blog on his FundMe page also talks about him and “Caroline” being a couple.

    Are we supposed to think these two Carolines are different people? it’s not clear.

    A final touch of the bizarre is that Jon Patsavos an Christian Williams look so alike they could be brothers or twins.

    Really strange

  21. Quid Sapio argues that the man in the grey hoodie involved with Bauman-Vogts leg was an adivser to John Kerry. It is unlikely that hoodie would be involved in the drill without Kerry’s knowledge and consent.

    But Kerry is not in any way involved in domestic secruity arrangements. He was the chairman of the senate Foreign Relations committe and is currently Sec of State. But he is a force in the Dem party and part of the plutocracy, having married a Heinz.

    So it is reasonable to suppose that some of the pluts have been advised of what is happening in Boston, and approve. This is not good. What else have they approved of?

    They can’t leave the Boston scenario the way it is; there are too many loose ends, and too many truthers examining it. But there is no way to clean it up, they have to divert attention away from it, the way the Boston bombing diverted attention away from Sandy Hook.

    How are they going to do that? There is operation TOPOFF, initiated under Bush, which can be used to shut down other cities. But what would be the point of that unless they planned on initiating a Democratic form of martial law. To keep us Safe from Terrorism,, you know. That can be done while we still have Elections, which don’t really change anything. Initating a new historical form; Democratic fascism. With an Orwellian mass media.

    But they can’t do that without restricting the internet even more than it is now.

    But this is just speculation of course; maybe something like this won’t happen.

    1. When I heard Sen. Elizabeth Warren say “Collier Strong, Boston Strong” at the funeral I knew she was all in.

      Then there was Caroline Kennedy giving an award (after the Kennedy library fire which was either a shot over the bow or a pure accident) to Gabby Giffords after Giffords had visited with the wounded at Spaulding Rehab.

      I personally believe Giffords is as much a real victim of gun violence as were the Kennedy brothers (though their deaths were politically motivated and it isn’t clear whether her near-death was).

      I do not however believe the people at Spaulding Rehab who were amputees got their injuries at the Boston Marathon. I imagine they are coping with some other cause, and while it is appropriate for Giffords to visit with them (relating to them through her own experiences with being restored to health), she obviously did so because of the Marathon “bombing” and behaved as though they were its victims. I am not sure she is capable of functioning at her prior intellectual capacity either.

      Massachusetts is as much a Democratic state as NYC was Republican-controlled during 9/11, make of it what you will. The Democrats here seem content with the level of due process in this case, which is very worrying to someone who expected better after the Bush regime.

      I predict there will be no admission ever that this was just a drill. As someone pointed out, the FOIA request for the record could be made, but since there is some funny money involved in the fundraising for “charity” for the “victims” it will be in their interest never to let this get out. They will have traded it as a talking point in order to get legislation they want, shaming their opponents, making it all stick.

      That’s why those of us who may never have been their active opponents, and who disinterestedly, without hope of gain, question it, will be hounded and mistreated, called every name in the book. The sites we go to will sometimes be infested with bizarre or pro-Nazi stuff, the better to allow establishment critics of this process to dismiss us as a lunatic fringe or, worse, extremists bent on “hate.”

      This is one of the most objective sites, and it is well-maintained to prevent that sort of manipulation, so far as I can tell.

      I have modest hopes of coming to terms with this event. Someone with more leverage may be capable of making the whole thing crack, but that would seem miraculous to me if it happened.

  22. You can fool some of the People some of the time, but you can’t fool all the People, all the time. Great work exposing the false flag operation/ hoax Professor.

  23. Now, besides actors exposed in official capacity, the Feds are frying up a ridiculous bunch of charges to help their story line. You can read the charges against the two friends of Dzhokhar and FBI affidavit here. The kids did destroy evidence but obviously had nothing to do with anything important anyway. The FBI agent resorts to fiction when he writes both brothers had large backpacks – Dzhokhar’s was lightweight and gray and carried without any tugging on his shoulder. The agent is desperate for material when he writes Tamerlan APPARENTLY dropped his pack with the bomb in front of the restaurant – indicates there’s a video – well, so far there is no video of this.

  24. The whole false flag scenarios just remind me of the movie “Shooter” with Mark Wahlberg and how they got him to participate in a “mock drill” only to try to frame him for the murder of another country’s president. It sickens me how deep this goes. The thing is, people who don’t live in Boston, only get to see photos framed how the govt wants them to be seen. How would people know if it really happened if they didn’t live there, unless they knew someone who lived there?The media could air footage to whatever states they wanted to. I believe the boys in Boston were set up as well. Govts have been lying to their citizens for years in order to perpetuate fear in the public and take away our liberties. Look up Gladio if you haven’t heard of it. Now, what do WE do about it?

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