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Biden Defense Sec “Vows to Root Out Enemies Who ‘Lie Within Our Own Ranks'”

In a heretofore unheard of move in the United States, President-Selection Joe Biden’s Defense Secretary nominee, General Lloyd Austin, is obsessed with “politically incorrect” soldiers and wants to vet US military servicemen to determine whether they’re on board with the Biden-Harris far-left agenda.

CBS News reports:

Austin said Tuesday that he has “confidence” in the National Guard soldiers deployed to Washington, D.C., after two were removed from inauguration duty due to possible ties to extremism. Another 10 were removed due to red flags in their background checks that were unrelated to national security.

He was questioned on the topic by Senator Richard Blumenthal, who has called for an investigation into white supremacy and extremism in the military. Austin related a personal story from his time in the 82nd Airborne Division, recalling that “extremist elements” had been found in its ranks.

“We discovered that the signs for that activity were there all along, but we just didn’t know what to look for or what to pay attention to, but we learned from that,” Austin said.

When they refer to “white supremacy and extremism,” what Blumenthal and Lloyd are really targeting are Christianity and fidelity to the US Constitution–thereby proposing ideological cleansing and loyalty oaths as prerequisites to serving in the taxpayer-funded military ranks.