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Trump’s 1776 Commission to Reassemble, Tackle Critical Race Theory in History Education

GQ Pan
The Epoch Times

May 23, 2021

Members of the 1776 Commission, which President Joe Biden disbanded on his first day in White House, are reportedly set to meet again with a renewed focus on combating the teaching of U.S. history based on the Marxist critical race theory.

The advisory commission was established by the Trump administration in November 2020 to celebrate and promote the principles enshrined in the nation’s founding documents. It is commonly seen as a response to The New York Times’ controversial 1619 Project, which argues that the United States was founded as, and remains today, a racist nation.

Nearly four months after its dissolution, the commission regained attention when a leading member spoke against a Biden administration’s proposal to prioritize funding education programs that promote the 1619 Project and critical race theory, an ideology rooted in Marxist class struggle but with an emphasis on race, with the goal of dismantling all institutions of American society, which it deems as tools of racial oppression.

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Return of ‘Operation Choke Point’ Targets Alt Media Site Gab.com

In February 2021 RealClearPolitics reports:

In one of the last executive actions of the Trump administration, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency published an important final “Fair Access to Financial Services” rule requiring that large banks and federal savings associations make lending decisions based upon “individualized, quantitative risk-based analysis and management of customer risk.” Translation: The lenders are not to make such decisions on the basis of the political unpopularity (among leftists) of certain businesses, obvious examples of which are producers of fossil fuels or firearms, operators of for-profit colleges or private prisons, and payday lenders, and perhaps others engaged in entirely legal business activities.

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Pompeo at CPAC urges crowd to keep fighting for America-first diplomacy championed by Trump

Joseph Weber
Just the News

February 28, 2021

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday made his case for the country returning to an American-first policy like that led by former President Trump.

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Judge Blocks Enforcement of Biden’s Moratorium on Most Deportations

Zachary Steiber
Epoch Times

February 24, 2021

President Joe Biden’s administration cannot enforce a pause on most deportations until further notice, a federal judge ruled late Tuesday.

U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton, a Trump appointee, agreed to issue a preliminary injunction that was requested by the state of Texas.

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Statement on the Continuing Political Persecution of President Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump
US President in Exile

February 22, 2021

This investigation is a continuation of the greatest political Witch Hunt in the history of our Country, whether it was the never ending $32 million Mueller hoax, which already investigated everything that could possibly be investigated, “Russia Russia Russia,” where there was a finding of “No Collusion,” or two ridiculous “Crazy Nancy” inspired impeachment attempts where I was found NOT GUILTY. It just never ends!

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Lin Wood doubles down on attacking Pence, Roberts

Claims to possess explosive incriminating evidence

Josh Gerstein

February 9, 2021

“I have credible evidence to support the truth of my description of Former Vice-President Pence as a traitor,” Wood declared in the declaration signed under oath on Sunday.

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1776 Commission Upholds Founding Ideas

NTD News
January 31, 2021

One of President Biden’s recent actions was abolishing the previous administration’s 1776 Commission. But what was the 1776 Commission? The person who spearheaded the project spoke with The Epoch Times’ American Thought Leaders program about the commission and why it was created.

The 1776 Commission Report is available here.

CCP Attempts to Control Global Narrative

Biden Admin Poses No Resistance to Chinese Communist Conquest

War Room
January 27, 2021

Washington Times national security correspondent and author Bill Gertz explains the origins of the Chinese coronavirus epidemic from early 2020 and how he was censored by Facebook “fact checkers” for reporting on the “gain of function” research behind the pandemic.

He also assesses Xi Jinping’s Davos address and points to the CCP’s Cold War waged against the US for decades that was only seriously challenged by the Trump administration.

Gab CEO Restores Tweets President Trump Posted Before Twitter Deleted Them

Krizzia Paolyn Reyes
Christianity Daily

January 13, 2021

In what seemed as an impossible feat, Gab CEO Andrew Torba restored in their platform all the contents deleted from President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

The Gab founder saved a backup file of all the contents from the President’s Twitter account before it got fully deleted from the social media’s platform. He then put up the re-created version of the President’s previous Twitter posts on Gab’s platform. All comments, nasty or not, were also part of the restoration.

“What’s even more impressive is he did this while traffic was up 700% and under attack from leftists. Gab is currently having servers upgraded to handle the large influx in traffic but we’re told it should stabilize soon,” reports 100% Fed Up, as per the Gateway Pundit.

“The traffic just keeps growing. Hang tight, even more servers on the way today,” Gab CEO Andrew Torba announced on their site.