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The Imitation of Christ, Chapter II




Of thinking humbly of oneself

There is naturally in every man a desire to know, but what profiteth knowledge without the fear of God? Better of a surety is a lowly peasant who serveth God, than a proud philosopher who watcheth the stars and neglecteth the knowledge of himself. He who knoweth himself well is vile in his own sight; neither regardeth he the praises of men. If I knew all the things that are in the world, and were not in charity, what should it help me before God, who is to judge me according to my deeds?

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‘By and For the People’

Interview with Jim Pugh

Bards of War FM
January 19, 2021

Author Jim Pugh has produced a theologically-grounded political history of the United States that seeks to explain the true history of US constitutionalism and corporatism.

The interview with Pugh provides an overview of this multi-volume history and how it relates to the Trump presidency, FEMA’s authority established in March 2020 and formalized on July 4, 2020, the November 3, 2020 US Presidential Election, what this means for the recent inauguration, and why the DC federal capitol grounds have been so heavily guarded since mid-January.

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