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Gesara/Nesara Quantum Finance

Interview with Simon Parkes

Doug Billings
February 18, 2021

 1. Gesara / Nesara and the Quantum Financial System
2. Gaslighting and the Radical Left Cancel Culture
3. Australia and Facebook: Big Tech Cancels Access to News
4. World Leaders: Not Calling Administrator Biden: They are Calling Trump

What Could Happen in February (If Not Sooner) (Video)

Robert David Steele
Sasha Stone
Charlie Ward
Simon Parkes

February 3, 2021

Four of the top voices on positive Earth change come together to provide concise summaries of where they see us today.

Simon Parkes https://www.simonparkes.org/
Charlie Ward https://drcharlieward.com/
Sacha Stone https://sachastone.com/
Robert Steele https://robertdavidsteele.com

A “Fake inauguration”?

Simon Parkes
January 19, 2021

Political analyst Simon Parkes, who is among a handful of individuals pointing to an acute US political crisis that comes to a head on January 20, suggests how America may in fact have a formal military government installed over the next several days in lieu of a crime-hindered Biden regime incapable of fostering the allegiance of America’s military or law enforcement.