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The Imitation of Christ, Chapter VI



Of inordinate affections

Whensoever a man desireth aught above measure, immediately he becometh restless. The proud and the avaricious man are never at rest; while the poor and lowly of heart abide in the multitude of peace. The man who is not yet wholly dead to self, is soon tempted, and is overcome in small and trifling matters. It is hard for him who is weak in spirit, and still in part carnal and inclined to the pleasures of sense, to withdraw himself altogether from earthly desires. And therefore, when he withdraweth

himself from these, he is often sad, and easily angered too if any oppose his will.

2. But if, on the other hand, he yield to his inclination, immediately he is weighed down by the condemnation of his conscience; for that he hath followed his own desire, and yet in no way attained the peace which he hoped for. For true peace of heart is to be found in resisting passion, not in yielding to it. And therefore there is no peace in the heart of a man who is carnal, nor in him who is given up to the things that are without him, but only in him who is fervent towards God and living the life of the Spirit.

Catholic bishops oppose ‘Equality Act’ ahead of vote, Catholic politicians Biden, Pelosi support it

Just the News
February 25, 2021

Ahead of the Democratic-led House’s scheduled “Equality Act” vote Thursday, the U.S. Conference of Catholics Bishops publicly criticized the bill while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Biden, both Catholic politicians, support the legislation.

Five USCCB chairmen wrote a letter to lawmakers in opposition to the bill.

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A Harvard Professor’s Conversion to Catholicism

Shalom World
November 2019

Meet Roy Schoeman, a former Professor at Harvard Business School, as he speaks about his acceptance of atheism when he went to university and how it dragged him into a pit of hopelessness. He shares how God personally intervened in his life in a miraculous way. Now working as a catholic speaker and inspiring thousands of believers and nonbelievers with his story, he has found the true meaning of life and the overflowing ocean of God’s Love.

The Imitation of Christ, Chapter V



Of the reading of Holy Scriptures

It is Truth which we must look for in Holy Writ, not cunning of words. All Scripture ought to be read in the spirit in which it was written. We must rather seek for what is profitable in Scripture, than for what ministereth to subtlety in discourse. Therefore we ought to read books which are devotional and simple, as well as those which are deep and difficult. And let not the weight of the writer be a stumbling-block to thee, whether he be of little or much learning, but let the love of the pure Truth draw thee to read. Ask not, who hath said this or that, but look to what he says.

2. Men pass away, but the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Without respect of persons God speaketh to us in divers manners. Our own curiosity often hindereth us in the reading of holy writings, when we seek to understand and discuss, where we should pass simply on. If thou wouldst profit by thy reading, read humbly, simply, honestly, and not desiring to win a character for learning. Ask freely, and hear in silence the words of holy men; nor be displeased at the hard sayings of older men than thou, for they are not uttered without cause.

‘A Terrifying Abyss’

February 14, 2021

Super Bowl 55 Half Time Show, February 7, 2021

“Then everything vanished: the grass, the mountains, the city of light. I was now floating on top of a terrifying abyss, above what appeared to be an ocean of fog. I began to sink into it, and as I descended, I noticed it wasn’t fog at all. Every particle was a condemned soul, a demonized person. Each horrifying figure still possessed traces of being human; I could see the resemblance of an arm, the piece of a face. But every being was totally deformed by sin, and I was perfectly aware of exactly what type of sin had inflected what type of deformity. At the same time I also knew and felt the origin of every one of my own terrifying deformities.

As I looked deeper into this frightening abyss in the bowels of the earth, I saw that it became increasingly complicated because there were infinite levels of condemnation, and all of the condemned human souls were connected to demonic hierarchies far below. Those hierarchies were formed by fallen angels. Each hierarchy was ruling a different territory of sin, and I could see how the souls were eternally enslaved to the hierarchies of demons that correspond with their sins. It was as if the souls were wired to them, too. Why sins were perfectly connected to millions of evil spirits in different dimensions of the abyss. All at once, I saw the horrifying faces of the demons I fornicated with and committed adultery with–I saw the evil, twisted faces of my violence, my dishonesty, my greed, my gluttony.”

Marino Restrepo, “A Saint Paul for Our Century,” in The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of The Illumination of Conscience, Christine Watkins, ed., Sacramento, CA: Queen of Peace Media, 2019.

Marx and Satan


This work started as a small brochure containing only hints about possible connections between Marxism and the Satanist church.

No one had ventured to write about this before. Therefore I was cautious, even timid. But in the course of time more and more evidence I hope will convince you of the spiritual danger part and parcel of communism.

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The Imitation of Christ, Chapter iV




Of prudence in action

We must not trust every word of others or feeling within ourselves, but cautiously and patiently try the matter, whether it be of God. Unhappily we are so weak that we find it easier to believe and speak evil of others, rather than good. But they that are perfect, do not give ready heed to every news-bearer, for they know man’s weakness that it is prone to evil and unstable in words.

2. This is great wisdom, not to be hasty in action, or stubborn in our own opinions. A part of this wisdom also is not to believe every word we hear, nor to tell others all that we hear, even though we believe it. Take counsel with a man who is wise and of a good conscience; and seek to be instructed by one better than thyself, rather than to follow thine own inventions. A good life maketh a man wise toward God, and giveth him experience in many things. The more humble a man is in himself, and the more obedient towards God, the wiser will he be in all things, and the more shall his soul be at peace.

The Imitation of Christ, Chapter III




Of the knowledge of truth

Happy is the man whom Truth by itself doth teach, not by figures and transient words, but as it is in itself.(1) Our own judgment and feelings often deceive us, and we discern but little of the truth. What doth it profit to argue about hidden and dark things, concerning which we shall not be even reproved in the judgment, because we knew them not? Oh, grievous folly, to neglect the things which are profitable and necessary, and to give our minds to things which are curious and hurtful! Having eyes, we see not.

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Divided Supreme Court blocks California from banning indoor church services

John Solomon
Just the News

February 6, 2021

A divided Supreme Court late Friday night blocked California from imposing an outright ban on indoor church services during the pandemic, but the justices kept in place for the time being capacity limits and a ban on singing and chanting. 

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Aquinas on Charitable or Favorable Judgment

Summa Theologiae II-II, 60:4

Whether doubtful matters should always be interpreted in the more favorable way

It seems that doubtful matters should not always be interpreted in the more favorable way.

Thomas Aquinas

1. For judgment seems to be more about that which happens for the most part. But for the most part it happens that people act badly, since “the number of fools is infinite,” as is said in Ecclesiastes 1:15 (Vulgate); for “the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth,” as is said in Gen 8:21. Therefore we should interpret doubtful things rather on the side of the bad than on the side of the good.

2. Further, Augustine says that he lives piously and righteously who is an honest judger of things, turning to neither side. But he who interprets favorably that which is doubtful, turns to one side. Therefore one should not do this.

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British MP Kicked Out of Labor Party Over Religious Beliefs

Catholic News Agency
(November 22, 2019)

London, England, Nov 22, 2019 / 01:00 pm (CNA).- A former member of parliament has spoken out after being deselected as a candidate for the U.K.’s Liberal Democrat Party because of his Catholic faith and views on same-sex marriage and abortion. 

Image credit: Rob Flello

Robert Flello sat as a Labour Party MP in the House of Commons for over a decade, representing Stoke-on-Trent from 2005 until 2017. In 2019, he switched parties to the Liberal Democrats and was selected as their candidate for his former constituency. Flello, a practicing Catholic, was informed on Nov. 12–just 36 hours after his selection as a candidate–that he had been de-selected and would not be permitted to represent the Lib Dems in the election. 

Flello is now calling for the Catholic Church in the United Kingdom to “start speaking out” and defend its social teaching, and for Catholics in the U.K. to question their local candidates about their thoughts on religious freedom. 

Robert Fell speaks on redefining traditional marriage in 2013. Earlier this month he was deselected as a candidate for the U.K.’s Liberal Democrat Party because of his religious beliefs.

“However they try to dress it up, the simple fact is that you can’t be a practicing Catholic and a Lib Dem Candidate,” wrote Flello in an op-ed published on Nov. 20 in the Catholic Herald magazine. He said that “someone, somewhere” objected to him within the party and officials “got worried and pulled the plug.”