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Dem Congress Members Consider Speech Restrictions Based on Political Views

Claim they are battling “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories”

Thomas More
The Hill

February 23, 2021

House lawmakers on Wednesday will examine the role misinformation on cable news played in the Jan. 6 insurrection in a hearing that will test the boundaries between congressional oversight, regulation and issues of censorship.

Representatives of Fox News have already complained about the premise, saying it “sets a terrible precedent” when members of Congress “highlight political speech they do not like.” Newsmax also decried the hearing as “an attack on free speech and basic First Amendment rights,” adding that the event “should send chills down the spines of all Americans.”

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Newsmax Host Cuts Off Mike Lindell and Walks Off Set

Fake Newsmax
February 2, 2021

In a clear example that all news media are walking in a propaganda lockstep to uphold the fraudulent 2020 US Presidential Election, a Newsmax host talks over Mike Lindell and then gets upset and walks off set when Lindell brings up election fraud.

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Former Head of Facebook Security Demands Deplatforming of OAN and Newsmax

Eric Lendrum
American Greatness

January 18, 2021

The former Chief Security Officer of the tech giant Facebook called for major cable companies to silence conservative television networks over what he claims to be misinformation, according to The Daily Caller.

Former Facebook official Alex Stamos made the statements in an appearance on CNN, after host Brian Stelter falsely claimed that questioning the results of the 2020 election had led to a “crisis,” partially fueled by platforms such as Facebook.

Stamos responded by singling out the cable news networks One America News (OAN) and Newsmax, claiming that these networks have been “trying now to outflank Fox on the right” after Fox “introduced any kind of realism into their reporting,” so that some viewers could “put themselves in a sealed ecosystem.” Stamos even compared the networks to the radical Islamist terrorist organization ISIS, suggesting that Big Tech companies should “collaborate” and “make it impossible for them to use the internet” just as they did with ISIS.

After calling on Big Tech to censor such networks, Stamos then turned to the cable providers of such channels, saying that “I’m not sure we need Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and such to be bringing them into tens of millions of homes.”

Both channels, which had long been seen as more conservative alternatives to Fox News, saw an increased amount of attention following the 2020 election, where Fox was heavily criticized for calling Arizona for Joe Biden long before any other network did so. Of the two, Newsmax in particular has seen a massive influx of viewers who left Fox for the alternative channel. The exodus has been so great that Newsmax has even scored several ratings wins over Fox in at least one hourly bloc, while Fox as a whole has dropped behind several of its left-wing competitors, including CNN and MSNBC, for the first time in 20 years.