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Flynn Warns, CDC Vax Admission, Max Money Printing (Video)

‘Weekly News Wrap-up’

Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

June 25, 2021

Greg Hunter is a trailblazing independent journalist who fled the likes of CNN and ABC News to forge his own path. His immensely popular reports and interviews are well known in the alternative media sphere.

Despite his professional record and talent his YouTube channel was abruptly “cancelled” a short while ago.

Powell Files 104 Page Lawsuit in Georgia; Trump taking action in Pennsylvania

Beyond the Noise
November 26, 2020

Sidney Powell promised and she delivered. Two extensive lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia. Is this the Kraken she was talking about? More than that, The lawsuits entail more than just basic evidences, it is a comprehensive detailing of the voter fraud that took place in these states. General Michael Flynn has received a full pardon from President Trump. Will he be able to hold public position again?