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“You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About” – Frazzled Fauci Erupts After Latest Rand Paul Grilling

July 20, 2021

To borrow a phrase popularized by millennials, Sen. Rand Paul has found “the receipts” apparently proving that Dr. Fauci lied about the NIH financing “gain of function” research for bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institue of Virology.

While there’s apparently room for interpretation, the NIH’s own experts – whom Dr. Fauci said earlier had unanimously rejected the idea that this constituted ‘gain of function’ research – actually agreed that the opposite was the case.

It’s just a reminder that Dr. Fauci and other senior public health officials are prioritizing the protection of “the narrative” over “the science”.

As for Dr. Fauci’s insistence that a slew of scientists sided with his view that the research to which Paul is referring didn’t constitute “gain of function”, Jack Posobiec raises an interesting point.

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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Interview of Dr. David E. Martin (Video)

July 9, 2021

Dr. Martin is Chairman of M-CAM International Innovation Risk Management, the world’s largest underwriter of intangible assets used in finance, in 168 countries.

From Martin’s introductory remarks:

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Is Graphene Oxide Causing What Is Falsely Being Referred to as ‘Covid-19?’

Via Lew Rockwell
July 6 2021

“Today, La Quinta Columna has made an urgent announcement that they hope will reach as many people as possible, especially those involved in health and legal services, as biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and the team of researchers and professors with whom they have been conducting their research have confirmed the presence of graphene oxide nanoparticles in vaccination vials.”

Translated by Orwell City

Since no such thing as Covid-19 has ever been separated, isolated, or identified, and not one attempt to satisfy Koch’s Postulates to determine if a novel ‘virus’ even exists has been attempted, what is really happening and why have governments worldwide shut down their countries and declared war on their citizenry? What is the real plot, and how many will die due to this fraudulent pandemic scam?

Frank from the Quite Frankly show invited me on for a chat about the madness of Biden’s door-to-door vax push – and I share some breaking news from Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby about what’s IN the Pfizer experimental kill shot.
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‘We’ll Go Door-To-Door’: Biden Launching Campaign To Compel Unvaccinated Americans To Get Jab

July 6, 2021

The Biden administration is organizing a door-to-door campaign to encourage unvaccinated Americans to take the jab, after failing to achieve their 4th of July vaccination targets.

The US government and global drug cartel are running out of individuals who will voluntarily partake in what is the largest pharmaceutical trial in world history.

While laying out the Biden administration’s plan to boost vaccines, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said they would focus on “targeted community door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated by ensuring they get the information they need on how both safe and accessible the vaccine is.

So, they’ve got a list?

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No Masks, No Vax, Just Healthy, Happy Kids!

SGT Report
June 23, 2021

Leila Centner, owner of Centner Academy in Miami Florida doesn’t want her students to wear masks, or get the vax – she doesn’t want her teachers to get the experimental biological mRNA vax either, and that has made her a punching bag for the local and national mainstream whore media which is in the pocket of big pharma.

Secret Docs Reveal Moderna Sent Coronavirus Vaccine To North Carolina University Weeks Before Pandemic

Great Game India
June 20, 2021

A confidentiality agreement shows potential coronavirus vaccine candidates were transferred from Moderna to the University of North Carolina in 2019, nineteen days prior to the official emergence of Covid-19 pandemic.

The confidentially agreement (read below) states that providers ‘Moderna’ alongside the ‘National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ (NIAID) agreed to tranfer ‘mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates’ developed and jointly-owned by NIAID and Moderna to recipients ‘The Universisty of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’ on the 12th December 2019.

Found on page 105 of the agreement

The material transfer agreement was signed the December 12th 2019 by Ralph Baric, PhD, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and then signed by Jacqueline Quay, Director of Licensing and Innovation Support at the University of North Carolina on December 16th 2019.

The agreement was also signed by two representatives of the NIAID, one of whom was Amy F. Petrik PhD, a technology transfer specialist who signed the agreement on December 12th 2019 at 8:05 am.

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CRITICALLY THINKING w DrT and DrP – The 5 Doctors Discuss COVID Shots and Infertility

Melanie Williams
Millions Against Medical Mandates

May 22, 2021

On Sunday, May 16, The Five Doctors gathered to continue the discussion regarding the transmission of “something” from an injected (vaccinated) person to those who have not been injected (unvaccinated). 

Join Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and Dr. Lee Merritt as we discuss the long-standing plan for infertility vaccines and the deeply troubling approval of the Pfizer shot for 12- to 15-year-old children.

(Dr. Carrie Madej was unable to join due to a last-minute family emergency.) 

Don’t miss the first interview in this series. Watch “Could THEIR Shot Be Harming YOU”

Help us collect information on how the COVID shot is affecting women’s menstrual cycles. Visit MyCycleStory.com to share your story.

NY Teachers For Choice Partners with Health Freedom Defense Fund

Public ed workers are now having to sue their employers and withhold dues to their treacherous unions in order to avoid being involved in medical experimentation, i.e. COVID testing and ‘vaccination.’ Ever thought you’d see the day? (In a certain way, ‘Yes.’)-Ed.

(Press Release)
April 19, 2021

Creating a fund to fight medical mandates to maintain employment in New York
SANDPOINT, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — New York Teachers for Choice (NYTC) and Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) have just announced a joint effort to raise funds for litigation to protect New York educators from forced medical mandates to keep their jobs. One of the main focuses of the partnership is opposition to mandatory COVID vaccination for educators and students in New York. NYTC has a petition against forced COVID vaccination of educators with over 21,000 signatures.

“I am extremely excited to be working with HFDF. They are a trail-blazing legal powerhouse fighting for our civil liberties!” said Michael Kane, founding member of NYTC. “Each time we go to court we have had to utilize online crowd-funding mechanisms to make it happen. Now we are planning ahead with HFDF.” 

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Crazy Joe: ‘Rule Is Simple” – Get Vaccinated Or Wear A Mask

May 13, 2021

Building on the White House and CDC announcement, President Biden tweeted on Thursday that “The new rule is simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.”

The choice is yours.”

In other words, if you’re wearing a mask in public you’re now an anti-vaxxer who Biden has told his followers to ‘treat with kindness and respect.’

Shortly after AP reported that fully vaccinated people can shed their masks indoors with a ton of exceptions, the White House announced that “If you’re fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask – indoors or outdoors, in most settings.”

As businesses and states resort to bribing people to take the COVID-19 vaccine, the benevolent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in their ever-scientific wisdom is dangling yet another ‘freedom‘ carrot above our heads; those who are fully vaccinated will be able to combat pro-mask Karens by officially easing indoor mask-wearing guidance – just two weeks after they said the exact opposite.

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The Greatest Reset Trailer – Banned By YouTube!

The Greatest Movie
May 13, 2021

This is a promotional trailer of a documentary now being produced by Vero Beach Florida-based TruNews addressing The World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ from a Christian perspective. Like the entire daily TruNews broadcast, the trailer was recently banned by YouTube.

In 2020 TruNews produced Sacrificing Liberty, a groundbreaking four-hour documentary on the June 8, 1967 Israeli attack of the USS Liberty, an event that has been covered up by the US government and military for over 50 years.

“We have almost forgotten that we are in a great mortal combat. The battle of the forces of good and the forces of evil.” Bishop Fulton Sheen

Miami Private School Warns Teachers, Staff on COVID-19 Vaccine (Video)

Major media claim school officials are relying on ‘de-bunked theory’–that COVID19 ‘vaccine’ is experimental (which it in fact is)

CBS Miami
April 27, 2021

The Miami Herald’s April 26 report echoes the New York Times story claiming Center Academy co-founder is ‘spreading misinformation about the potential risks of vaccination.’

Spreading misinformation about COVID vaccines without citing scientific evidence or even quoting a medical expert can diminish much of the messaging behind the measures that public health officials have taken to try and control the spread of the virus, said Dr. Aileen Marty, a physician and infectious disease specialist with Florida International University’s Wertheim College of Medicine.

Marty said she read the email to parents and found it “very sad.” Because it was written by the school’s co-founder, Marty said, parents might assume the statements are supported by science when there is no evidence that individuals who receive a COVID vaccine pose a risk of “transmitting something from their bodies” that would harm others.

“It gives the illusion that she’s basing it on facts,” Marty said of the letter, “but there’s not one citation, there’s not one physician or scientist whose name is spelled out in there. There’s no references. There’s nothing. There is no scientific evidence provided. Rumor is the only thing that’s there, and if you look at the reality, there’s zero, zero science behind those allegations.”

Marty added that unfounded statements such as those circulated in the letter can create a ripple effect of ignorance with the potential to undo much of the work that public health officials are doing to control the spread of the virus.

“If they believe it, and they then share this big lie, it has a horrific impact on our entire community,” she said.

New AFLDS Issue Brief Uncovers Major Concerns Among COVID-Vaccinated Patients

America’s Frontline Doctors
April 26, 2021

Los Angeles, CA – America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) today released their latest Issue Brief, “Identifying Post-Vaccination Complications & Their Causes: An Analysis Of Covid-19 Patient Data,” which delves into reports of side effects and post-injection health complications related to the experimental COVID-19 vaccines mostly ignored by mainstream-media outlets. The Issue Brief is available here.

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Whistleblower doctor speaks out after First Nations patients experience serious vaccine side effects

Drea Humphrey
Rebel News

April 24, 2021

Dr. Charles Hoffe, a family doctor from Lytton, British Columbia, is no longer willing to be silent about his concerns regarding the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

After just 900 people in Lytton were vaccinated with the shot, Dr. Hoffe observed numerous concerning allergic reactions and neurological side effects from the vaccine, with the most concerning reactions occurring in First Nations patients.

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