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Sen Lindsey Graham Surrounded, Shouted Down By Angry Mob

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was berated by a group of irate supporters of President Trump, upset over Graham’s failure to contest the 2020 Election’s electoral votes.


Lindsey Graham: “Do Not Accept the Media’s Declaration of Biden (as US President-Elect). Fight Back!” (Video)

“We can’t let the media run America.”

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, appearing on FoxNews November 9th, explains how “mail-in voting” is a disaster especially for the Republican Party, where the US Post Office becomes the new election center and ballot arbiter.

“There’s so much to be looked at, and I’m hell-bent on looking at it. Do not accept the media’s declaration of Biden (as US President-elect). Fight back!” “If Republicans don’t fight back in 2020 we’re never going to win again presidentially. A lot’s at stake here.”

“We can’t let the media run America.”