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The Most Tyrannical Climate Ever

Donald Jeffries
January 30, 2021

We are in the most tyrannical climate that perhaps any country has ever seen. Especially any country that boasts of its greatness, while its huge military continues to intervene around the world, inflicting “freedom” by force. We don’t really know what life in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union was like.

Now, with the Social Justice Warriors in full charge of the government, the media, and the culture, their masks are being lowered. Not their face masks, of course. Those are apparently never coming off. There is no longer a pretense that those they disagree with have freedom of speech. Or the right to work, if someone objects strongly enough to something they’ve said or written. And now their thoughts may very well be prosecuted, as Orwell envisioned in “1984.”

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The CIA and the Media: Historical Fact #74

CIA influence over news media likely plays a crucial role in “sourcing” news stories in an effort to establish narratives favorable to Agency interests. One such story involves the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of former Phoenix Program director and DCI William Colby.

In the years before his death Colby became increasingly critical of certain deep state maneuvers. He encouraged his friend, for example, Nebraska lawyer John DeCamp, to write The Franklin Coverup, centering on the child sex scandal in that state. DeCamp was one of Colby’s confidantes, and as DeCamp explains in the video below he has immense reason to question the official narrative of Colby’s death.

Author Christopher Ruddy, who conducted important research on the alleged suicide of Clinton aide and White House counsel Vince Foster, examined Colby’s 1996 drowning death that mainstream news media incorrectly attributed to a heart attack or stroke. Ruddy unearthed an early Associated Press story detailing Colby’s demise, claiming the spy was “missing and presumed drowned.” The article quotes an assumed source close to Colby’s wife “as saying he’d told her that day he wasn’t feeling well ‘but was going canoeing anyway.’”

Former DCI William Colby. Image Credit: New York Times

One week later, however, “Colby’s wife assured the Washington Times that her husband had been well and had not mentioned canoeing.” Police who surveyed the spymaster’s home found dishes at the table and appliances left on, as if no canoeing excursion was even in the offing. And, in contrast to the coroner and media’s conclusion attributing Colby’s death to drowning caused by a heart attack or stroke, the autopsy found no evidence of either.

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