Information Liberation
September 5, 2022

MSNBC is once again pushing for a civil war and encouraging libtards to prepare to fight their neighbors.

In July, MSNBC host Zerlina Maxwell had US intelligence asset Malcolm Nance on to warn that around 30% of the country are white extremists and they’re part of an “insurgency” that “we may have to fight.” 

On Saturday, MSNBC host Tiffany Cross had talk show host Roland Martin on to hype up the threat of a “civil war” with “evil” Trump voters. 

“We are at war with these people,” Martin declared. “These folks are evil!”

“They have allowed evil into their house with Donald Trump!” Martin continued. “He has now dominated the party. This evil is spreading. And when you are in a war footing, you have to respond accordingly. When the enemy is coming at you you, can’t fall down, you can’t break down. This means war!”

“Obviously Republicans are, I think, the biggest threat to democracy,” Cross declared during the same show. “We don’t separate right-wing extremists and Republican Party anymore.”

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