August 27, 2022

Billionaire and 2020 election manipulator Mark Zuckerberg asserts the FBI is a “legitimate institution in this country” and constitutes “very professional law enforcement.”

How many other stories have been suppressed because of such intervention?

“Vaccines.” Parody derived from Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine”


“The Jewish Question in Europe,” La Civilta Cattolica, 1890.

Bella Dodd’s story is of a poorly formed Catholic who became unwittingly Judaized in academe and through the American Communist Party. The communists excommunicated her after she realized it was effectively an international criminal syndicate.

“Step by step, I retreated from God and went forth to meet the world, the flesh, and the devil. . . . I’d join the devil himself. . . . There is no doubt that I traveled with him at my side and that he extorted a great price for his company.”

Progressive-left cartoons and memes are not very funny or provocative. But perhaps it’s just me …

Leftist professors are circulating similarly unfunny memes using Christian themes to defend the Biden administration’s policy on student loan forgiveness. College administrators were demographically among the largest supporters of the 2020 Biden-Harris presidential bid.

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