Yes, And Some of Them Are

Carolyn Twersky
Leah Campano

January 7, 2022

As the vaccine rollout gained momentum last spring, colleges and universities nationwide put a number of safety measures in place for students returning in the fall. After over a year of Zoom lectures, staying inside, and contact tracing, some sense of normalcy was paramount. In order to ensure that fate, a number of administrations enforced a vaccine mandate, which required their students be fully immunized before stepping back on campus. In turn, the Fall 2021 semester was a promising one for most schools. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Becomes Mandatory for Students in US Colleges • FRANCE 24 English
Aug 3, 2021

But the surge of the latest, highly-transmissible COVID variant, Omicron, has once again threatened to disrupt the return of in-person classes and events. Some schools, such as the University of California system, Harvard University, and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, have already made the decision to start the spring semester online. Others have implemented strict restrictions; at Princeton University, students are prohibited from leaving the school’s county until mid-February. But in most cases, administrations are continuing to require that students receive the COVID vaccine — and at some schools, the booster too — for the spring semester.

Want to know more about this mandate and how it will affect you? Read on to find out everything you need to know about colleges requiring the COVID-19 vaccines.

Which colleges/universities are requiring students be vaccinated in the spring? 

Here is the current list of schools requiring vaccinations for Spring 2022:

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2 thought on “Can Colleges Require the Covid-19 Vaccine and Booster?”
  1. One of the very first universities to mandate the death-shots was St John’s University in Queens, NY. Coincidentally (NOT), they have an enormous pharmacy school which is funded to the tune of $millions annually by Guess Who? I’ll give you a hint, their name starts with Pf…
    So long as our health-care related university programs are being funded by these satanists, we’ll keep seeing new healthcare workers who are brainwashed by Big Pharma into thinking that they KNOW their drugs work. That’s because university profs in healthcare programs are forced (willingly or unwillingly) to act like intellectual prostitutes, and tow their donors’ party line in exchange for cash!

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