‘You are punished for being Catholic.’

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July 7, 2022

We are honored to publish herewith an open letter to Father Jesusmary Missigbètò, written by His Grace Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, honoring this African priest for his loyal defense of the truth of the Catholic Faith.

Father Jesusmary – a pen name of Abbé Janvier Gbénou – had started to speak up publicly against some of the scandalous statements of Pope Francis, after the Pope had publicly supported civil same-sex unions in October of 2020. The African priest was expelled by Opus Dei and suspended as a priest for exactly that charitable and kindly expressed criticism of the Pope, and in June of this year Pope Francis himself endorsed these harsh sanctions.

Father Jesusmary is disallowed from practicing his priestly ministry, and is only to celebrate Holy Mass in private if he abstains from further public criticism of Pope Francis.

In light of this punishment for a most humble and kind priest, it is a great joy and relief for us to have Archbishop Viganò come to his defense. The Italian prelate rightly points out that Father Jesusmary has done the right thing and that is to be honored for his Catholic witness.

Please see here Archbishop Viganò’s Open Letter to Father Jesusmary:

Amen dico vobis: tolerabilius erit terræ Sodomorum et Gomorræorum in die judicii, quam illi civitati.

Amen I say to you: it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha on the day of judgment than for that city. Mt 10:15

Reverend Father Janvier, dear Father Jesusmary Missigbètò,

I learned from the press (here) about the news of your suspension a divinis and your expulsion from Opus Dei, which was imposed on you by the Congregation of Bishops as a canonical sanction for failing to show “respect and obedience to the Supreme Pontiff.”

Permit me to express my spiritual closeness to you at a moment of great trial for you: as a baptized Catholic and as a Minister of God, it must be painful for you to be accused by the same person who, with the mercy that distinguishes his every act, receives notorious abortionists, those who are publicly cohabiting, transvestites, sodomites, rebellious clerics, heretics, usurers, and those who starve their people.

I imagine that it is very disheartening to be reproached for what in other times would have merited praise – if not even the glory of the altars – for the saints who did not hesitate to scold, even harshly, the corruption of the papal Court. A Saint Peter Damian or a Saint Catherine of Siena would today be scandalized by the duplicity of the one who never misses any occasion to denigrate good Catholics and please the enemies of Christ and His Church.

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