Sarah Arnold

July 17, 2022

Tax-payer funded National Public News (NPR) is being widely criticized for launching its own “disinformation” reporting team ahead of the midterm elections. 

The left-wing news publication announced it has formed its own team aimed at debunking and flagging news they deem as “misinformation,” despite being notoriously known for its long history of suppressing information it does not want the public to know. 

One example of this is NPR’s quick dismissal of the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020, which suggested that then-Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden had lied about his links to his son’s corrupt foreign business deals.

In defense, the liberal media outlet said that they did not want to “waste reader’s time, despite the infamous laptop story having been since confirmed. 

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2 thought on “NPR At Height of Hypocrisy With New ‘Disinformation Reporting Team’”
  1. Thanks for posting this. Not surprising at all! I used to listen to NPR, mostly for background noise, but since I’ve become more aware of their absolutely diabolical level of propaganda I never listen.
    NPR is one of the big media sites that can be classified as “Enemy War Transmission” media. Dave Scorpio over at uses that phrase… it’s about the best one I’ve heard.
    Thanks again for the great efforts here- this kind of critical thinking, independent media is hugely important!

    1. You’re welcome.

      I was a listener for close to twenty years, beginning in the early 1990s, at my desk as a working stiff. Used to be a very good talk show on San Francisco’s affiliate broadcast every weekday morning hosted by a SF State professor, Michael Krasny, which was great. Back when things were more sane. I still listen on occasion if the only medium is terrestrial radio, or if an important news event is going down. Today with the professional Left more strident than ever NPR is likewise more partisan than ever.

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