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July 7, 2022

There’s an interesting history of what we have traditionally known as the Liberal World Order online at the Army War College. It traces the rise of leftist progressive values from Woodrow Wilson to Clinton and Bush – all dressed up as classically liberal values. Here’s the gist of it. 

“The rise of the liberal world order is connected to the rise of the United States in the international system. This development occurred in three phases. The first phase occurred between 1917 and 1945, during which the United States emerged as a world power. The second phase from 1945 to 1991 occurred as the United States stood as one of two superpowers. The third phase began in 1991 and continues to today, where the United States stands as the world’s sole superpower and supporter of the liberal world order. In each phase, the historical environment and policymakers’ desires directly shaped the emerging world order; as the system changed, and the order was challenged, policymakers were forced to respond to buttress it. Creating and maintaining the liberal world order was an active project.”

Looking at each phase, it is possible to trace the rising status of the United States internationally and its promotion of policies and institutions that created the liberal world order. During phase one, President Woodrow Wilson’s efforts during World War I promoted collective security, democratic self-determination, free and open trade; meanwhile international institutions introduced liberal internationalist ideas into the system...

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