Dr. Lyell Asher
June 10, 2022

All families, and in particular those planning on spending tens or hundreds of thousands for their children’s “higher” education, should watch this. The presenter is on the mark, explaining the historical antecedents of how US colleges and universities have effectively become secular-leftist yeshivahs.-Ed.

To watch the individual videos in this series, check out this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

Resources mentioned in this video:

Ed Schools http://www.edschools.org

National Council on Teacher Quality http://www.nctq.org/ Nation’s Report Card http://www.nationsreportcard.gov/

Parents Unite http://www.parentsunite.org

Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism http://www.fairforall.org

Alumni Free Speech Alliance https://alumnifreespeechalliance.com/

American Council of Trustees and Alumni https://www.goacta.org/

Ralston College https://www.ralston.ac/

University of Austin https://www.uaustin.org/

Connect with Dr. Peter Boghossian: https://linktr.ee/peterboghossian

Credits: Series written and presented by Lyell Asher Produced by Peter Boghossian Script Edited by Peter Boghossian

H/t David Martin

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