Indiana priest Fr. Vincent Lampert explained on Tucker Carlson Today how sin can lead to demonic possession, why demons speak the way they do, and what ‘perfect possession’ is.

Raymond Wolfe
LifeSite News

June 11, 2022

(LifeSiteNews) – In a recent episode of “Tucker Carlson Today,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Father Vincent Lampert, a designated exorcist of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, about the Catholic Church’s ministry to people suffering from demonic possession.

In the wide-ranging interview, Fr. Lampert, an exorcist of more than 15 years, explained how people open their lives to the demonic, the different levels and intensities of possession, the Church’s rite of exorcism, and the power of God over evil spirits.

Appointed by Archbishop Daniel Buechlein of Indianapolis in 2005, Fr. Lampert trained as an exorcist in Rome, where he sat in on 40 exorcisms. Possessed people would often gather in the courtyard of the Italian church where he trained and “manifest,” he said.

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The first exorcism Fr. Lampert witnessed is still “carved is my mind,” the Indiana priest told Carlson.

“So, I’m in this small little room talking to this elderly Italian lady and her husband. She’s explaining to me why she’s possessed,” he recalled. “And I’m talking to her thinking, ‘Well, this doesn’t seem to be so bad.’”

But then the priest training Fr. Lampert blessed the woman with holy water.

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