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“The USS Liberty was repeatedly attacked while in international waters by Israeli air and naval forces on June 8, 1967. 
The horrific result of this unprovoked attack by the Jewish state was that 34 Americans were murdered, and 174 were wounded. 
Then there was a complete cover-up of this premeditated mass murder, and for the first time in our history, 
there wasn’t any retaliation against Israel for committing this act of war. 
And people naively still think we aren’t owned by these deadly parasites.”

Mark R. Elsis

USS Liberty Archive

USS Liberty
by Mark R. Elsis

Operation Cyanide, LBJ’s Jewish Handlers, And How USSR Saved The USS Liberty (Audio 57:25)
Deanna Spingola Interviews John Bruce Campbell, Saturday, June 9, 2012.
The Most Diabolical Secret In Washington Is That America Sent The USS Liberty To Be Sunk. 

Twenty Years Of USS Liberty Reporting
In The Washington Report On Middle East Affairs 

ACH (359) 50th Anniversary Of The USS Liberty Attack, With Dave Gahary And Phil Tourney (Audio 1:45:39)
This show was originally broadcast on June 8, 2017. I was joined by Dave Gahary And Phil Tourney to mark the 50th Anniversary Of Israel’s Attack On America, when on June 8, 1967, Israel attacked the USS Liberty. In preparation for this show I read Dave and Phil’s definitive book on the attack which is entitled, “Erasing The Liberty,” in its entirety. During the show I covered 20 pages from 12 sections of the book, then I handed over to both Dave and Phil to offer their comments on each section. Dave is an accomplished freelance journalist. Phil served on the U.S.S. Liberty and miraculously survived the attack in which 34 of his shipmates were killed and 174 were wounded.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock 

USS Liberty Memorial 

The Loss Of Liberty: The Truth About The Attack On The USS Liberty by Tito Howard (52:09) 

USS Liberty: Cover Up 
by James Bamford 

Deanna Spingola Interviews Phillip Tourney, Survivor Of The USS Liberty (Audio 2:00:44)
June 8, 2014. Deanna’s guest today was Phillip Tourney, a survivor from the USS Liberty and author of What I Saw That Day Israel’s June 8, 1967, Holocaust of US Servicemen Aboard the USS Liberty and its Aftermath. 

Remember The Liberty
by James Perloff 

Dave Gahary Subs For Deanna Spingola (Audio 2:32:07)
He talks about the attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967; their film Erasing the Liberty 

Erasing The Liberty (Book) 

Erasing The Liberty (Film) 

Grave Consequences: Operation Cyanide And Poisonous Secret Of The Attack On The USS Liberty (19:59)
by Iona Miller and Charles Stone 

The USS Liberty Timeline
by Americans for Middle East Understanding 

Operation Cyanide
The Attack On USS Liberty Was A Failed Provocateur Action And Pretext For US Invasion Of Egypt For Israel
Just finished reading Peter Hounam’s Operation Cyanide, which I got from Amazon for about four dollars.  What a great book, much tougher than the watered-down BBC program, Dead in the Water. The operation was a US/Israeli plot for a pretext for the US to invade Egypt, after nuking Cairo. The A-4 Skyhawks got within three minutes of dropping their nukes on Cairo when they were stopped. They couldn’t go back to the America and land with nuclear weapons on board and had to find an airport to land.  The bombing was called off when the Liberty got the jury-rigged antenna and radio going and transmitted an SOS.  The whole operation depended on radio silence from the Liberty based on all antennae being destroyed in the first pass. The insane Americans wanted to start WWIII and nuke Russia, the overall goal of Cyanide.  The nuclear sub, Andrew Jackson, was under the Liberty for the last half of its trip across the Med to Sinai and it was nearby during the attack. (Walt Rostow recommended to LBJ that the ship be sunk on the way to Malta after the attack.) Cyanide is the biggest, dirtiest secret in DC, right behind Pearl Harbor. People are still afraid to talk about it. 

Operation Cyanide: How the Bombing Of The USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War Three (Book)
The USS Liberty was attacked by unmarked planes and torpedo boats in international waters during the Six Day War between Israel and the Arab States. The attack on the surveillance ship lasted 75 minutes — 34 men died and 172 were injured. Initially it was thought that either Egypt or the U.S.S.R. was responsible, but astonishingly Israel, the U.S.’s closest ally, said that the planes and boats belonged to them, and that they mistook the ship for an Egyptian vessel — despite the prominently displayed Stars and Stripes.
by Peter Hounam 

USS Liberty Dead In The Water by Christopher Mitchell (1:08:31) 

What I Saw That Day (Book)
Israel’s June 8, 1967, Holocaust of Us Servicemen Aboard the USS Liberty and its Aftermath
An eyewitness report by Phillip Tourney, a US Navy officer, of Israel’s attack on his ship, the USS Liberty, and his views on the actions by the US government that followed.
by Phillip Tourney 

Israel’s ‘Knife In The Back’ Attack Against America 
by Phillip Tourney 

Remembering The U.S.S. Liberty
The Power Of The Israel Lobby
by Philip Giraldi 

Israel’s War Crimes Have Killed Americans: 
Remembering Israel’s Attack On The U.S.S. Liberty.
by Philip Giraldi 

The Day Israel Attacked America by Al Jazeera (48:59) 

The Day Israel Attacked America
Al Jazeera Investigates The Shocking Truth Behind A Deadly Israeli Attack On A US Naval Vessel. 

Leaving The USS Liberty Crew Behind
Justifying The Swap Of Taliban Prisoners For Sgt. Bergdahl, President Obama Cited A Principle Of Never Leaving U.S. Soldiers Behind, 
But That Rule Was Violated In The Shabby Treatment Of The USS Liberty Crew, Attacked 47 Years Ago By Israeli Warplanes
by Ray McGovern 

Aid And Comfort To The Enemy
American Legion Honchos Betray Liberty Veterans
by Alison Weir 

Ernie Gallo: The U.S.S. Liberty: What Really Happened? (17:10) 

50 Years Later: Will The Crew Of The USS Liberty Ever Receive Justice?
by Ernest A. Gallo 

‘The USS Liberty’: America’s Most Shameful Secret
by Eric S. Margolis 

Evidence Conclusive: The 1967 False Flag Attack On The USS Liberty By Israel And U.S. Aimed At Egypt
The USS Liberty: A Failed Israeli False Flag Attack Against the United States – Israel Murdered U.S. Sailors and Tried to Sink Their Ship
by The Millennium Report 

Israel’s Attack On The USS Liberty: A Half-Century Later, Still No Justice
by Jeffrey St. Clair 

Israel’s Deadly Attack On USS Liberty Emerges From The Past by RT (5:12) 

Blood In The Water: How The US And Israel Conspired To Ambush The USS Liberty (Book)
by Joan Mellen 

Attack On The USS Liberty 

Aid And Comfort To The Enemy
American Legion Honchos Betray Liberty Veterans
by Alison Weir 

Jim Morrison and His Father Rear Admiral G.S. Morrison, And The USS Liberty Attack

Was Jim Morrison Murdered Because His Father Proposed Attacking Israel?
The editors of Wikipedia have once again edited the article on Admiral Morrison. Among the changes is their removal of information that shows his anger over the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, during which Israeli fighter jets and torpedo boats spent more than an hour killing 34 sailors and wounding 171, while the American military was ordered to stand by and ignore it. For example, they removed the remark about his proposal for an “immediate and swift economic and military response against Israel for the attack.” Wikipedia does not want people to consider the possible connection between Admiral Morrison’s anger towards Israel for their attack on the USS Liberty, and the mysterious death of his son a few years later. Also, the Wikipedia article does not mention that Admiral Morrison was the Naval officer who personally launched American fighter jets from the USS America to engage the Israeli jets that were attacking the USS Liberty, and that a short time later that order was countermanded by Chief of US Naval Forces in Europe, Admiral John S. McCain Jr. They are censoring many important details about Admiral Morrison’s involvement with the attack on the USS Liberty. Rear Admiral G.S. Morrison, father of Jim Morrison, was head of a Naval Task Force closest to the USS Liberty. He immediately scrambled fighter jets from the USS America, which was only 15 minutes away, to engage the Israeli jets that were attacking the USS Liberty. The order was then countermanded by Chief of US Naval Forces in Europe, Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., who was the father of US Senator John S. McCain, III. Rear Admiral Morrison was the youngest person to reach such a position in the Navy, but he was never given another promotion after the USS Liberty incident. Many people believe that his Naval career effectively ended at that time because he wanted to protect the USS Liberty, attack Israel, and set up an embargo of Israel.
by Eric Hufschmid 

Was Jim Morrison Assassinated In Revenge For Rear Admiral G.S. Morrison Order To Bomb Israel? (7:50) 

The USS Liberty Attack On June 8, 1967
The cover-up was immediate and extensive – going all the way to the Johnson White House. Israel eventually paid 13 million USD in indemnities to the US Federal Government, the 174 wounded survivors of the attack, and the family members of the 34 men killed. Which means they simply returned some of America’s tax dollars. Interestingly, the rear admiral commanding the nearest US Navy carrier task force ordered American fighter planes, which were only fifteen minutes away, to fly to the defense of the Liberty; however, his order was countermanded by the commander of US Naval forces in Europe. The carrier admiral was George S. Morrison – the father of rock legend Jim Morrison. The admiral who countermanded the order was John S. McCain Jr. – the father of the 2008 Republican US Presidential candidate, John McCain III. Rear Admiral Morrison fiercely opposed the official report – which exonerated Israel of any wrongdoing; and, though he was at the time of the incident the youngest admiral in the US Navy, he never rose to higher rank.
by Silurian 

The Strange Death Of Jim Morrison
The official story is that Jim Morrison died at the age of 27 years old in the early morning hours of July 3, 1971, in his bathtub at his apartment in Paris where he was staying with his girlfriend Pamela Courson. The Doors’ manager, Bill Siddons, flew in from L.A. but did not see his body. Why not? The only people who apparently did were a few emergency medical personnel and Dr. Max Vassile, who is now deceased. He never gave any interviews only saying that Morrison died of “natural causes” specifically of heart failure which is why there was no autopsy. In this Daily Mail article, things have changed quite a bit. Supposedly, Jim Morrison died in the bathroom of a Paris night club and that a singer, Marianne Faithfull, was sworn to secrecy not to talk about the events that lead to his overdosing of heroin that he bought from dealers for his girlfriend, Pamela Courson. Jim Morrison never did heroin in the U.S.A. and he had an intense hatred for the drug and needles as well. What did Marianne Faithful see exactly?
by Eric Hufschmid 

Jim Morrison’s Father Rear Admiral Morrison Was Told Jim ‘Died In A Paris Hospital’ Not In Apartment (0:43) 

Jim And George Morrison And The USS Liberty
His father, George Stephen Morrison, was a navy admiral. He opposed the actions USA took after Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967. Where 34 US navy men were killed and 171 wounded. He was outspoken and wanted to see a swift military and economic reaction or sanction against Israel for that unprovoked attack. The admiral that stopped the orders of George Morrison to retaliate was admiral John S McCain, father of John McCain. Of course, US politics being as they are, George Morrison would never rise in the ranks again. Jim’s father wasn’t apparently a zionist and wanted to respond to the attack. A kind of natural patriotic instinct indeed. Something which the USA does all the time, you can’t even slap an American in the face without getting bombed. George Morrison actually held a speech at the decommissioning of his ship USS Bon Homme Richard on the 2nd of July – almost at the same time as his son would die in Paris. Even though Jim died on the 3rd of July it was early in the morning – so you can say both incidents happened within 12 hours.
by Sanjin Dumisic 

The Loss of Liberty

Why Did the U.S. Allow Israel To Attack Its Largest Spyship Killing 34 Americans and Wounding Over 170 Others? The USS Liberty was an electronic intelligence-gathering ship that was cruising international waters off the Egyptian coast on June 8, 1967. Israeli planes and torpedo boats opened fire on the Liberty in the midst of what became known as the Israeli-Arab Six-Day War. 34 Americans were killed and more than 170 were wounded in the attack. Israel and its supporters have long maintained that the attack was a “tragic case of misidentification,” an explanation that Lyndon Johnson’s administration did not formally challenge. Israel claimed its forces thought the ship was an Egyptian vessel and apologized to the United States.

After the attack, a Navy court of inquiry concluded there was insufficient information to make a judgment about why Israel attacked the ship, stopping short of assigning blame or determining whether it was an accident.A former top Navy attorney publicly said for the first time that President Lyndon Johnson and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara ordered the U.S. military investigation to conclude that the Israeli attack was an accident. The attorney, retired Captain Ward Boston, said the White House ordered investigators to “conclude that the attack was a case of ‘mistaken identity’ despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.” Boston was the senior legal counsel to the Navy’s 1967 review of the attack. He said he was prompted to come forward following the publication of the recent book “The Liberty Incident” which concluded the attack was an accident.

Admiral Thomas Moorer, retired four-star admiral who served as chief of Naval Operations and as a chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is the only American admiral to command both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets and chief of naval operations for two terms and chairman of the joint chiefs for two terms. He led a year-long independent commission investigating the bombing of the USS Liberty and is now calling for a full Congressional investigation.

“The Loss of Liberty”, excerpts from the independent documentary about the Liberty attack produced by Howard Films, written and directed by Tito Howard.

Love Is The Answer
Mark R. Elsis

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