Pro-Abortion Biden Admin Wants Your Guns

Every day there are over 2,300 children killed by abortion in the United States. This is A-OK with the President and Vice President. Kamala Harris enthusiastically supports such killing. But she wants to prevent children from being killed by mass shootings by taking your firearms. The number of mass shootings goes up dramatically when a Democratic administration is in charge of federal government agencies.

According to research conducted by the Los Angeles Times and the American Enterprise Institute (here) there have been 52 violent “mass shooting” incidents since 1966. 

These figures do not include occasions when an automobile backfires while driving past a school, which the Dems and gun control crusaders like Michael Bloomberg would classify under “mass shootings.” With this in mind, data gathering projects such as Mass Shooting Tracker have a much broader criteria for what constitutes a mass shooting that differs from the FBI’s.

The highest number of such events (24) took place under the rabidly pro-gun control Obama administration–a figure that equals all of the previous five presidential administrations combined going back to the first domestic incident classified as a mass shooting under the Lyndon Johnson administration–the University of Texas tower sniper event in Austin.

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