(Does this mean we’ll be able to post our humble Twitter feed on MHB again?)

Tucker Carlson

April 25, 2022

Left declares war after prospect free speech may return to platform …

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4 thought on “Elon Musk to Buy Twitter?”
  1. I smell a Muskrat ! Elon has alway been a fraud and just another new face on the technocratic reset of the world. I have an ole friend who went to University of Pennsylvania with him and he was just another spoil trust baby just like the last two selected puppets in charge.
    Freedom of speech is God given not something you can buy and claim ownership of. But that’s what he does, just ask the guys at Pay Pal and Tesla.

    1. It would certainly be unreasonable to paint a halo over his head, but at the same time he does seem to be working with Our Guys in the great war that is currently being fought between Good and Evil. Maybe he’s had a personal awakening of his own and is now One Of Us; maybe he’s working with Our Guys solely because they’ve got a gun to his head (literally or metaphorically), who knows? But this can’t be a coincidence, the timing is just too perfect!

  2. Here a little more research on Twatter new savior Elon Musk family tree. His grandfather was a senior member of a political party in Canada called the ‘Social Credit League’ and nope I didn’t make that one up…
    And a leader in the Technocracy movement in Canada and they ever had their own snazzy uniform with the yin and Yang logo.
    Here is the new boss… same as the old boss..

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