April 6, 2022

(Aldo Maria Valli) – Editor’s note: The following is a reprint of an interview conducted by Italian Vatican journalist, Aldo Maria Valli, with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

AMV: Your excellency, here in Italy it is more and more apparent that there is a political vacuum. A growing number of Italians do not feel that they are represented by the current political parties. On the other hand, there are political movements that are gearing up in different ways to fill this void. This question also concerns Catholics, perhaps more than anyone else, as was apparent during the first public meeting of the Comitato Liberi in Veritate [Free in the Truth Committee], which was formed in response to the anti-globalist appeal that you issued, beginning with the consideration that for two years now we have been living with all the effects of a global coup. There are two questions in this regard. First: Do you think that there is room for political action by those who intend to oppose the dominant aligned thought and fight for the liberty of man as God has created him? Second: is it still useful to invest in a national commitment when it has now been demonstrated that the biggest decisions are being made at the supra-national level by powerful people who are able to influence and direct the choices of individual nations?

Archbishop Viganò: Catholics, as citizens, have the right and duty to influence society by their civic and political involvement. To sit back and let others participate in the political life of the nation, especially at a moment when the principles of the natural law and morality are ignored or openly opposed, would be irresponsible. It is true that the democratic system has its weak points, because it gives the power of governance to the numerical majority rather than to what is right and good. However, we ought to recognize that first with the pandemic farce and now with the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, we now understand that the will of the majority, despite all the manipulations of the mainstream media, is less and less convinced of the official narrative. This shows that there is a split between the ruling political class and citizens, who are realizing that a coup has been carried out against them by a mafia of bureaucrats and political leaders who are enslaved to the globalist elite. 

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As soon as people understand that a silent coup is happening, they will have to react and oppose the dictatorship before they are deprived of other fundamental rights. 

AMV: In your Appeal for an anti-globalist alliance, you have called rulers, political and religious leaders, intellectuals, and people of good will to unite, inviting all of them to join together in issuing an anti-globalist manifesto. Can you update us on the latest developments with this initiative in Italy and elsewhere?

Archbishop Viganò: issued an Appeal in order to respond to the globalist tyranny, and I see that interest and support for it is growing from many different quarters in various nations. I believe however that the evidence of who is responsible for the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, and the folly of insisting on provocations rather than seeking peace, will make many people understand the danger to which they are exposed if they do not organize in order to firmly resist the deep state’s coup. 

I know that in the United States the initiative has found a warm reception not only among Republicans but also among many Democrat voters who are disgusted by the scandals and corruption of Obama, the Clintons, and the Bidens.

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