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April 7, 2022

(Natural News) Americans are paying some of the highest gas prices ever, and the Biden administration has been quick to blame the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukraine invasion for the price spike. The White House has even mounted a propaganda campaign using social media influencers to convince the younger generation the gas prices have nothing to do with Biden and everything to do with Putin.

However, the truth is the gas prices in the U.S. had been soaring long before Russia invaded Ukraine, and this effect is largely down to Biden’s war on fossil fuels. On the campaign trail last year, he made headlines by promising to end the use of fossil fuels. Many hoped this would be just another empty promise, but he has made several moves toward keeping it since taking office, and as many economists predicted, these moves have been causing gas prices to climb steadily. Now, however, Biden is trying to take advantage of the war to blame Putin for something that he set in motion.

To be fair, fighting between Russia and Ukraine has indeed contributed to some of the more recent price increases we have seen, but gas prices have been rising throughout Biden’s presidency. A recent analysis carried out by the Republican Study Committee of the actions Biden has taken against energy during the first 15 months of his presidency compared to the average price per gallon of gas during the week of each of these actions shows the effect that he has had on the prices that American families are paying for gas.

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