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March 20, 2022

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.

The two most important elements of the coup against President Trump in particular, and the overall health of the United States in general, was first of all, hyping the severity of the COVID pandemic, and secondly, the massive election fraud which took place in election 2020, which ousted President Trump.

Now as real scientists are starting to regain their rightful place in the medical community, those who hyped the fear of COVID with bogus numbers, and pushed experimental vaccines on an unwary public, are running cover.

The direct results of this malfeasance, bordering on outright fraud, will linger for decades to come. But the most surprising uptick in negative outcomes has been among Millennials, who are experiencing record-setting increases in mortality due to the COVID vaccination experiments.

The latest data from the CDC shows that U.S. millennials, aged 25 to 44, showed an 84% increase in excess mortality during the final 4 months of 2021. More recent data has not yet had time to mature.

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