Brandon Smith

March 4, 2022

In early 2021 at the height of media generated covid fear the World Economic Forum released a series of panel discussions and white papers outlining a “pandemic” of a completely different nature; what they referred to as an impending “cyber-attack with covid like characteristics.” The program agenda at the WEF was titled “Cyber Polygon” and headed with unsettling zeal by globalist Klaus Schwab.

The WEF and Schwab are best known for two things:

1) Their involvement in a war game called Event 201 which simulated the global spread of a coronavirus pandemic. This simulation was held two months BEFORE the real thing happened in early 2020 and a majority of the measures played out in the game were in fact implemented almost immediately following the outbreak.

2) Klaus Schwab’s excited announcement that the pandemic was the perfect “opportunity” to institute what he calls the “Great Reset” of the global economy along with the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is the complete centralization of world trade and governance into a global socialist empire where you will “own nothing, have no privacy, and like it.”

The fact that the WEF was so prescient when it came to the covid pandemic was quite a miracle. It was almost as if they knew it was going to happen, and their political friends in various nations wasted no time carrying out their draconian mandate policies around the world. But something happened that seemed to throw a monkey wrench into the plan – Event 201 predicted an initial death toll of around 65 million people, but this didn’t happen. In fact, the median Infection Fatality Rate of covid was only 0.27%. Covid wasn’t killing enough people, and the public was starting to question the efficacy of the lockdowns, the useless mask rules and the need to take an experimental mRNA vaccine with no long term testing to prove its safety.

In the US specifically, conservative states began to rise up and block the covid agenda. Today, the CDC and the Federal Government have declared the removal of most mandates and even leftist blue states are beginning to relent. However, most conservative red states have been without mandates for well over a year to a year-and-a-half. We’ve been without restrictions this whole time, and the government is acting as if they have just “allowed us” to be free again.

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2 thought on “A Large Scale False Flag Cyber-Attack Is Now Imminent”
  1. Good article but lacking in important details regarding the background of cyber polygon. I attended this symposium many years ago while working on my graduate research in Computer science. And all of those recent cyber attacks were all carried out by your favorite government the good ole USA. With foreign elements added for good measures.
    Long article but concise and a excellent deep dive into what coming very soon.
    Let keep in mind that this symposium was mostly funded by those pesky freedom hating Russians.
    And in closing I don’t think cashing out your 401K and investing in gold is smart and practical ? How are you going to buy food or fuel with gold bars, nuggets or raw minerals ? Unless you’re living off grid and then it doesn’t matter. Just saying !

  2. Thanks for the remarks and article links. I’m convinced as well that “gold bugs” envision a Mad Max world that will likely never materialize. And if it does, most people have been sufficiently indoctrinated to *not* recognize the historic intrinsic value of precious metals. There’s a video I believe Max Keiser produced years ago with a man walking around Harvard Square asking people whether they’d like a twenty dollar bill or a silver one ounce coin, or what the value of either is. Most people chose the $20; only one knew that the silver piece must be assayed to fully determine its value.

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