February 24, 2022

“He who knows only his own side of the case knows little of that.”-John Stuart Mill

Editor’s Note: Vladimir Putin’s February 24, 2022 speech should be required viewing for the citizenry of all Western countries, in part because the hour-long address viewed in its entirety illustrates the deceptive propaganda techniques of US and European governments and news media that proceeded to reduce the talk to “Putin’s threat to nuke the West.” Moreover, even if Putin’s remarks on the history of Russia and recent geopolitical history are but partially accurate, they nevertheless lay bare NATO’s aggressive, antagonistic “brawn over brains” role in geopolitics–evident in the destruction of former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria–that has now brought us to the present impasse.

28 minute expurgated version via Rumble

Vladimir Putin’s Speech and US Foreign Policy and NATO

Address by President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation on the Military Intervention in Ukraine; a Critique of U.S. – led foreign policy in Yugoslavia/Serbia, Libya, Syria, and Iraq; and the goals of the Russian Federation in Ukraine

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3 thought on “Vladimir Putin’s Speech on US Foreign Policy and NATO, ENG Subtitles”
  1. The only thing the western media says about his “side” is that he is evil. They also say day after day, after day after day is that “he is killing women and children.” It’s like a mantra. It’s ridiculous. But it worked with Hitler.

    1. Imagine a leader who backs up his remarks with geopolitical and historical context and analysis. Of course, he must be condemned and vilified because this is exactly what his Western accusers routinely fail to provide.

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