Catholic News Agency
February 25, 2022

Recent weeks witnessed acts of vandalism at Catholic churches and cemeteries across the U.S. While some of the alleged perpetrators were young boys or possibly mentally ill men, police are still investigating several cases of serious damage, including arson at a Catholic school in Ohio.

Early on Feb. 24, police in the Norristown, Pa. area found vandalism at three Catholic cemeteries. They were called to St. Benedict Cemetery in Plymouth Township due to vandalism, specifically swastikas painted on headstones. They found more swastikas painted on headstones at Old St. Matthew Cemetery in Conshohocken and at St. Matthew Cemetery in Whitemarsh Township. The same paint appeared to have been used in all three incidents, the Associated Press reports.

In addition, many U.S. flags were trampled and flag holders were broken. Most of the graves hold the remains of veterans. There are also graves of Polish immigrants, many of whom fled the Nazis during the Second World War.

Last week in Framingham, Mass., a small city west of Boston, vandals knocked down seven headstones at St. Stephen Cemetery. Police received a report of the vandalism the morning of Feb. 20.

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