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February 21, 2022

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup in Canada.

Well, tonight is the dawn is of a new, brighter chapter in the world of social media. Donald Trump’s new “Truth Social” site is now open – for sure to users of the Android operating system, and for sure tomorrow to Mac users.

However, our fearless tech team has found a work around for you to jump onto the site tonight. It seems their search function is fully operative and my channel name is: BillStill – run together. All you have to do is to put “BillStill” in the search box and up we will pop.

We have big plans for this site which we will start to unroll soon, and trust me, there will be no holds barred from here on.

Well, the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy has broken up and gone home after some very mysterious storm troopers suddenly popped up in Ottawa to do the beatings as they were arresting folks.

But it may well be that these were not Canadian police of any stripe, but U.N. Special Forces trained to fly in and disrupt locals fighting for their freedom.

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