‘Turn your thoughts to the Holy Family, turned away from the inn and forced to find shelter in a cave. May their blessed poverty and their apparent segregation be a consolation for all of you.’

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December 23, 2021

“Come, O Wisdom, who orders earthly events; come to teach the way of prudence and of glory.” 

These words are taken from a very ancient hymn for Advent which dates to the eighth century. In them the Christian soul invokes the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Wisdom of the Father, so that he may show us how to pass through this valley of tears unharmed – the via prudentiæ – and attain eternal beatitude in heaven – la via gloriæ

I address all of you, dear brothers and sisters, who during these twenty-one months of medical madness have courageously resisted the blackmails of a civil authority everywhere enslaved to globalist power, in the betrayal of the natural law and of God, and in the violation of the laws of nations. A planetary coup d’etat that seeks to make possible the Great Reset which will be used to establish the hateful tyranny of the New World Order. 

I address first of all you who are mothers and fathers of families, who in this hour of resurgence of the absurd repressions of fundamental liberties find yourselves having to pay for your decision not to subject yourselves to the so-called vaccination with the segregation and discrimination of you and your children. Their fragile psycho-physical equilibrium has already been crudely compromised by months of distance-learning, the imposition of masks, and hammering from their teachers.

The authorization of the gene serum for children, which today is presented as an indispensable and safe method for containing a virus that does not represent even a minimal threat to them and which instead puts their immune system and their health at irreversible risk, is the latest wicked decision made by people who are corrupt in soul and misguided in mind, for whom the innocent life of a child can be sacrificed on the altar of the health Moloch.

Be intrepid defenders of your little ones, for whom you are responsible before God both for their physical health and for the salvation of their souls. Place them under the protective mantle of the Most Holy Virgin, consecrating them to the one who along with Saint Joseph succeeded in stealing away from the fury of Herod “the threatened life of the little baby Jesus,” fleeing to Egypt. Do not forget, dear parents, that the Lord looks at children with a special love, and he will not fail to assure them and you of His Holy protection.

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