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November 7. 2021

The spiritual war is REAL and it manifested itself in the world we see on Friday night, November 5th in Houston Texas.

To listen to the full interview with Dr. Len Horowitz, click here:

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One thought on “Travis Scott’s Concert in Hell: The Devil’s Frequency (Video)”
  1. I’ve just read the “Musical Cult Control” article which Dr. Horowitz references, and WOW.
    Have you seen the dark comedy film “Kingsmen: The Secret Service”? It involves a wealthy so-called “philanthropist” who gives away free cell phones to everyone on earth who wants one. The world thanks him, and he laughs at their stupidity because he’s a eugenicist who’s using frequency to try to destroy most of the population.
    I’ve always thought that there was an obvious message of Their intent in this film, hiding right there in plain sight. That was before the arrival of graphene oxide-filled death-shots, and before 5G…

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