Sarah Westall
October 28, 2021

Retired Federal Agent Victor Avila joins the program to share what is coming at the border. As a specialist in human trafficking and Mexican cartels, he is uniquely qualified to explain how China gained control of the cartels and are using them to infiltrate Mexico and the United States. He states that the system will be overwhelmed on purpose with thousands and thousands more migrants coming on multiple fronts across the border at the same time.

We have seen nothing yet; the Department of Homeland Security and the border towns will not have the necessary support to handle the shear magnitude of the situation. Incompetent and corrupt government employees need to be removed immediately to address the very real situation developing. You can learn more about Agent Victor Avila at

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7 thought on “Cartel Governance – Federal Agent Victor Avila”
  1. Agent Avila, you’re not fooling us. We know you are shilling for billions of petrodollars for one boondoggle of a border wall.

    Why am I so sure? We lived in Douglas, Arizona right next to the border for years, neighbors to Douglas Cochise College satellite campus to Fort Huachuca, which is actually a front for Northrup Gruman et al. We endured the torments of your vast petrodollar pork barrel rollover R&D orgy developing every species of nano-particulate torture dust, tazers, plasma experiments, and ungodly devices fostering the weaponized, ionized atmosphere (climate change, you lie to the public about) to destroy life on earth and litter the heavens with drones. That’s where the DOD extravaganza money goes.

    In fact it is painfully obvious you don’t even believe your own hyperbole.

    Why would I say this? Sure they’ve built a shiny,
    12 foot high iron and steel border wall wherever the US public can see. But anyone – all of Mexico – traveling on Mexico’s Highway 2 which parallels the international border on the Mexican side at a mile or less from the US border – out of the US public view – can see what a laughingstock the project really is. The! Great! International! Jack fence! is visible for much of the roughly 45 miles where the border crosses the Animas Mountains – the most dangerous drug-running corridor according to many. There are no Border Patrol vehicles along the great international jack fence – a low, spindly affair any fat guy could jump. Because you all don’t give a hoot about stemming drug cartel traffic, do you? This, along the Animas Mountains where Mexicans are afraid to even stop to take a leak for fear of cartels. There is an open, sweeping high desert panorama where any child can see what’s going on. No jeopardy of ambush, but you don’t do anything about it, do you? It lies within mere moments of helicopter support form Douglas, AZ, where Border Patrol operates an arsenal of support systems, and there is no reason you can’t stage agents on the most dangerous passage for fear of ambush because most of it is all WIDE OPEN. The Great International Jack Fence is a spectacle for all who transit Highway 2. NOBODY on the Mexican side has reason to believe you are sincere.

    Furthermore I know you know what EVERY border patrol agent can tell us: that the vast majority of illegals enter at ports of entry with false papers. None of them wants to shinny through hectares of jumping cholla or risk bite by a gila monster. They want their vehicles, their luggage, their Coca-Cola, their air conditioning and their boom box. The only people scrabbling through the desert brush are poor Central and South Americans dumped there by the “coyotes.” They are clueless, which is why they are out there. Probably 99% of the illegals are crossing on phony documents in comfort. If you doubt this – oh, how could you be that removed – call Border Patrol and US Customs. They all can confirm this. They can also inform you that there are plenty of tunnels operated by your own deep state, who are totally in bed with your putative Chinese menace.

    You could build the stinking wall 700 feet high and nothing would chnge.

    Agent Avila, you likely even know the true motive for the demonization of the southern US border – it is to illicitly finance the national security applied physics dragnet that is the chain around the neck of the US people: the cybernetic police state. Together with the weaponization of the atmosphere falsely called “Climate Change.”

    1. Well thank you HorseGirl. And I’m glad to see you stayed with Prof. Tracy after his hiatus from his original site. Thanks for providing that on the ground context and research on what’s happening in southwest Arizona and calling out Agent Avila. The closest I’ve been to your neck of the woods was on I10 from Tucson to Las Cruces. I had a ole Air Force buddy at Hollomans AFB.
      “Together with the weaponization of the atmosphere falsely called “Climate Change.” Say HorseGirl.
      And the truth you have spoken. There is another rabbit hole to go down that juxtapose to your research of the suppose immigration crisis on the border and that is of the recent influx of Haitians. I’ll provide three articles from two propaganda fronts that sells the predictive programming nature of our government and a correlation to geo-engineering a earthquake and possibly a hurricane and the sordid history of the Clintons involvement.
      And this video connects some more dots.

      1. Hi old friend,

        Thanks for the feedback. Was expecting to get hoofprints on my keyboard, but I’m glad there are others who see through the ruse.

        I had asked the good professor to eliminate my comments. Crazy – entire sentences were disappearing as I typed. The structure of my argument deteriorated, I got madder as I typed, and in the end I felt I had been unduly harsh to an agent who seems to be in some kind of mind control protocol. Because he and his partner were harmed and murdered, respectively, in what appears to have been a foreign kidnap operation on a cartel member. I am so totally grateful for the work of the general Border Patrol, who are the only standing army the US even has. But ICE – for whom the agent worked – is another issue. The way I see it, the US people would not look kindly on foreign agents abducting people within US borders. Likewise how can we insist on sovereignty while not respecting Mexican sovereignty? So as much as the ICE agent may have felt justified in interrupting cartel activity, solid minds have perfectly demonstrated that the proverbial agency has been running all things drug cartel planetwide for the duration of their tenure.

        Still it is good to be gentle, and I was a bit terse with Agent Avila. Presuming, because if ICE agents are the MK Ultra stock I think they are, there is no point in hurling invective. The guy seems to be lost on an island. Having lived in Border Patrol country, without naming friends or acquaintances, quotidian agents tend to be highly intelligent, reflective critics of affairs. They tend to be a ray of hope if for no other effect than to shepherd the US people out of harm’s way… as in anywhere but a front row seat for the great international crisis eagerly afoot. If this isn’t judgment day it will never happen, IMO.

        1. Thanks for the reply and you’re quite right that we as HUMANS sometimes can be harsh on our fellow humans, and in these crazy times I have came to the realization that my fellows Americans may be brainwashed and clueless they are are still humans.
          And that’s what the satanist hates is when we behave humanly to each other. Officer Avila is sadly just another casualty of the controlled opposition of our society.

      2. Very grim.
        Someone – can’t remember where/when this info came forth – said that black youths’ blood is the favored type for the adrenachrome market. If some lizard named Clinton had anything to do with the place, the dots are too easy to connect.

  2. Dear Agent Avila,
    I am writing to clarify my thoughts towards you. Specifically I now realize you may be living and working under illusions. I say that because I have just spent the afternoon calling all kinds of Border Patrol offices and administrators, asking them if they could explain why the allegedly most dangerous corridor for cartels only maintains a jackfence (low, crudely built, a child could get over it) over the Animas Mountains where the US public has no view. Not one person had any idea of the situation. I apologize to you, because you may be just like them, and perhaps you entertain no false motives. It is clear, however, at the top of the DHS food chain, that there is no concern about protecting the absolute most dangerous part of the border. Not to mention the public relations snafu of letting the Mexican public watch this situation for decades on end. The jack fence was probably originally chosen to allow wildlife easy safe access to cross. However in the hype of recent times, this neglect of safety belies the total falsehood behind demonization of the border wall. As I said, the game is to frighten the US public into allowing the deep state to ransack billions of taxpayer dollars in the false name of national security – this is now the funding source for things like Musk’s satellite/drone systems. Oh, he bought it, someone will say. These vampires’ idea of finance is “OPM” – other people’s money. Namely the taxpayer. The wall project is an illicit revenue source whereby the US public is conned into paying for the very cybernetic incarceration system that now destroys health and freedom. Mark my words.
    Agent Avila, I feel very sad for you if you did not know this.

  3. Listening to this agent’s testimony, the ironies and lies are beyond number. Kudos to him for any lives he saved, but in the final analysis he is a foreign mercenary. He can screech about Mexican cartels all he wants but there are no more vicious cartels than those behind the smiley face of the normal US government. What a pity Agent Avila couldn’t have dedicated his vigor to ending the genocidal careers of Gates, Epstein, and Fauci et al.
    He says with fear that 50,000 migrants will overwhelm border crossings. This panders to gross US ignorance about the nature of international relations. I called Border Patrol to verify that easily more a million people enter the US southern border every day (having a hard time getting search engines to cooperate). These include perhaps millions of Mexican-based workers cross the border every day – LEGALLY – to perform work and commerce in the US. People think the US exists on an impermeable island, and what trickle of Mexicans venture forth come riding on donkeys, I guess. Based on this farce, people pony up support for border protection.
    His conversation with the interviewer – slaking rabid public vengeance against Mexicans who are NOT the cause of US’ economic deterioration (please hear Catherine Austin Fitts: – provokes nausea.

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