October 18, 2021

A conservative grassroots organization is calling on U.S. lawmakers to address the Chinese Communist Party’s forced organ harvesting atrocities. NTD’s Cynthia Cai spoke with the president of its Solano County chapter to hear why he believes the U.S. needs to hold the CCP accountable.

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2 thought on “US Congress and CCP Organ Harvesting”
  1. Official statement in China Daily 2020-09-11
    The “organ harvesting” rumors are aimed at defaming the Chinese government. In fact, they have been proven false by multiple parties, including organ transplant experts, foreign government departments, human rights groups and media outlets, on many occasions. However, these rumors still are being promoted and spread by anti-China forces to mislead people in other countries and stain China’s global image.

    China introduced its voluntary organ donation system in 2010 and banned the use of organs from executed prisoners on Jan 1, 2015, making voluntary donation the only legitimate source for organ transplants.

    “All the organs transplanted after 2015 are from voluntary donors, and we have zero tolerance for violations,” said Huang Jiefu, director of the China National Organ Donation and Transplantation Committee, in 2016 — one year after the ban.

    1. Lol ! And the propaganda continues. We at the alphabet agencies of the Federal government have no intentions of misleading or forcing the American public to be vaccinated against their personal or religious choice.

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