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October 10, 2021

Good morning. I’m still reporting on the coup!

So the coup has now moved on to vaccination as the primary tool of repression. If you don’t get your vax and keep up with the boosters, will you even be able to hold a job, or buy food at the grocery store?

Surprisingly, Australians have had to face some of the most severe repression in the world due to COVID restrictions. However at midnight, after 106 long days of being trapped inside their homes, millions of residents of Sydney, were freed from COVID lockdown restrictions this morning thanks to an unexpected change in government and some damaging anti-vax testimony in a high profile court case.

This week, in New South Wales, the most populated of Australia’s 6 states, attorneys for the Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, had to admit at an ongoing case in the New South Wales Supreme Court that the government is not forcing key workers to get the otherwise mandatory vaccinations.

However, to the public, Hazzard – the Aussie version of America’s Dr. Anthony Fauci – and his media cheer squad have kept up the drumbeat that the government is making vaccines mandatory.

According to a report in Cairns News in the adjoining state of Queensland:

“… that is one big con and one big lie. No, they are ‘not forcing mandatory vaccinations’ because they can’t. They don’t have any such lawful right, except in the most extreme, individual circumstances.”

“What Hazzard’s lawyer told the court is a defacto admission that our right at common law to informed consent to medical treatment prevails over the so-called “orders” and “directions” of chief health officers over the general population.”

According to attorney Mike Palmer, of “Know Your Rights”:

“…in Australian state law such orders lawfully only apply when a health officer identifies an individual deemed to be a threat to public health who is issued with a court-approved quarantine or treatment order.”

“The admission has exposed the fact that Hazzard and his so-called health minister colleagues … in other states have been using unlawful coercion and bullying of the general population to push the mass vaccination experiment.”

“The stunning court developments have been ignored by all but one mainstream media channel, the online Daily Mail UK.”

At the root of this remarkable turn-around in Australia is a fast-moving corruption scandal that is apparently bringing all of this to light.

On Oct. 1 2021 – just 9 days ago, the Premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, suddenly resigned after corruption allegations surfaced concerning what the British newspaper the Independent is calling “her undisclosed personal relationship with former government colleague Daryl Maguire.”

As a result, an Independent Commission Against Corruption, or ICAC, was formed to investigate her to determine whether a “breach of public trust” had occurred.

Berejiklian will be investigated over government grants awarded or promised to community groups in Maguire’s electorate and perhaps her role in locking down New South Wales in June, then pursuing outrageous enforcement policies that have made headlines around the world.

However, last Tuesday, Oct. 5, a new premier was appointed to serve out Berejiklian’s term. He is a conservative Catholic, Dominic Perrottet, and he is taking NSW in a new direction. He is already pushing hard against his Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, to end the tyranny and return to a program of economic recovery, similar to that pursued by U.S. President Donald Trump throughout his 4 years in the White House.

According to Cairns News:

“Perrottet is … pushing economic recovery to fix Hazzard’s and Berejikilian’s trail of destruction – which includes the lives of those maimed or killed by the experimental mRNA and other COVID vaccines.”

The case before the New South Wales Supreme Court was brought by 10 complainants, including a teacher, a health care worker and a mechanic, who are challenging the government’s ability to order people to get vaccinated in order to work.

Teachers and care workers have been told they must be vaccinated by Nov. 8th or they won’t be allowed to return to their jobs.

Closing arguments were heard last Wednesday, the reverberations of which could be felt around the world.

I’m still reporting from just outside the soon-to-be-restored citadel of world freedom. Good day.

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