Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
(From Demonic Abortion: A Sobering Commentary on the Satanic Nature of the Modern Abortion Industry, 9-10.)

Pope John Paul II popularized the term “culture of death” in his 1995 encyclical entitled, Evangelium Vitae, that is, The Gospel of Life. The term “culture of death refers to any society, region or nation where killing innocent human beings has been legalized and institutionalized. This killing can be legalized through actual legalization, government policies, or through court action to decriminalize the procedure. In many cases, the laws or policies are even rewritten in such a way as to legally define these persons as non-citizens or even non-humans, to further justify the act of killing. In such a case, the killing of innocent children receives not only the sanction of law but also the general agreement of the populace, which signifies its acceptance through active cooperation, apathy or simply silence. Abortion also becomes an economic force in society, since it is fundamentally a lucrative business that benefits an elite few and provides political power to those who promote it.

There are many expressions of the culture of death, varying from society to society, but everywhere it is found, it becomes a devastating force of death. In all cases, the abortion culture kills babies and then, in its wake, kills souls and societies as well. For example, atheistic Communism aimed to systematically destroy the family and used abortion as its instrument to accomplish this purpose. Soviet Russia legalized abortion as early as 1920 and imported it on all the Soviet bloc countries in the 1950s. Russia is now in a catastrophic demographic free fall, losing more than 800,000 people from its overall population every year, due precisely to the long-term ravages of abortion. Vladimir Putin has referred to this situation as a “national crisis,” and although the Russian Duma (parliament) has in recent years restricted the circumstances for getting abortions, these measures are hardly going to effective in reversing the decline in population after ninety years of baby-killing.

Japan legalized abortion during the tenure of American General Douglas MacArthur after the Second World War, and even at that time it was possible to obtain an abortion through the seventh month of pregnancy. It was considered a “pragmatic” means of reducing population growth. In fact, it was so effective in winnowing several generations of Japanese, that Japan is now the oldest nation on earth, with the number of born children declining for twenty-six consecutive years. In the past decade, more than 2,000 Japanese primary and secondary school have closed, and 60,000 Japanese teachers have lost their jobs due to the absence of children.

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