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September 21, 2021

 It appears that we have a bona fide revolution unfolding in the city of Melbourne, Australia!

Australia currently leads the world in medical tyranny as they have descended into a total medical police state in the past several weeks, with authorities desperately trying to keep the COVID narrative alive by trying to track every single movement of their citizens, force them to stay in their homes unless the government gives them permission to leave and go outside, and mandatory COVID-19 shots are being implemented for everyone to participate in society.

Led by construction workers but also joined by other trade unions, people took to the streets of Melbourne en masse Tuesday, shutting down the busiest freeway in all of Australia for a while.

The protesters say this will go on every day now, until the government meets their demands.

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One thought on “REVOLUTION! Protesters in Melbourne Shut Down Major Freeways Over COVID Tyranny and Mandatory Shots”
  1. It looks like they are making headway, but I’m still a proponent of automatic pill dispensers, set on fully automatic. The police remind me of ducks at the carnival, all lined up and making perfect targets. These people need to regain their automatic pill dispensers.

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