In contrast to conservative Republicans, left-leaning Dems overwhelmingly approve of mandatory jabs

Paul Joseph Watson
Summit News

September 17, 2021

Quinnipiac poll has found that almost half of Americans (48%) believe that Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates “go too far,” and that a slight majority are in opposition to it.

Quinnipiac noted that a “slight majority of Americans (51 – 48 percent) disapprove of President Biden’s plan to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for millions of Americans in the public and private sectors. Republicans disapprove 84 – 13 percent, independents disapprove 56 – 44 percent, and Democrats approve 89 – 10 percent.”

The survey found that 10 percent think the mandate does not go far enough, while 39 percent think it’s about right.

Obviously, however, this means that around half of Americans are fully on board with the mandates.

As we noted earlier this week, a OnePoll survey found that vaccinated Americans are far more likely to permanently sever relationships with friends over their opinion on the COVID-19 jab than those who haven’t been vaccinated.

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2 thought on “Poll: Almost Half Of Americans Disapprove Of Biden Vaccine Mandates”
  1. Here’s a survey/poll for you: 100% of Americans know that in 2016, ALL the polls were flat out WRONG about the presidential election. They weren’t even remotely close to being accurate.
    So WHY are we paying attention to polls?

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